Boats.Net Chat 9/10/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Tom, Bobby and Adam from Boats.Net!!
Stuart Smally - Hello! Clap, clap, clap!!! Tom - We're happy to be here, hope we can help your guests...
Chatman - I am sure more will turn up as we progress... Tom - Whenever you're ready, we're ready!
fish for fun - I have a question? Tom - Okay, shoot.
fish for fun - How many locations do you have? Tom - One.
fish for fun - I am very impressed with your website. Tom - Thanks, we've spent a ton of money on it... Tom - Have you purchased from us before?
Chatman - Lets start with a wee bit if background Tom.
ETT - That'd be good. Tom - In reference to what?
fish for fun - Do you manage it in house or do you have a webmaster control?
Chatman - Is there a dealership behind Boats.Net and how long have you been a dealership etc... Tom - The actual company name is Central Florida Yamaha, and we've been here since l999.
Stuart Smally - I've looked at the site too, I saw the new ad today and went there again. The online parts sales is new?
fish for fun - Who controls your site? Do you have a web builder or is it in house?
Chatman - And how long has Boats.Net been a website? Tom - Yes Stuart, that's only a month ago we went live with the online parts ordering and it has been a smashing success! Tom - We have a full time web master.
fish for fun - It must be a lot to maintain the site. Tom - It is, it takes constant, daily maintenance.
ETT - So how many lines do you carry? Tom - Outboard motors are Honda and Yamaha, we also handle 8 boat lines.
Stuart Smally - At first I thought I would miss out on the parts, but then I saw you handle Mercury parts as well. So if my motor ever breaks, I have a good place to maybe save some cash. Thanks.
ETT - Do you mind naming the Boat Lines?
fish for fun - So if I wanted a Yamaha motor, all I need to do is call up and order? Can you ship it to me directly and allow me to install it? Tom - Yes we also handle parts for Mercury. The boat lines are SeaFox, Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser, Polar, Hurricane, Key West, Stratos and Sweetwater boats. We also have Zodiac Inflatable boats from Genmar.
Erieye - Some of those offshore boats make great Lake Erie boats. Tom - Yamaha portable motors can be shipped directly to you however, remote motors must go to a dealer.
perchjerker - Sorry if I missed it, but is the parts system up and running now?
Chatman - FYI the banner is on the Boats and Motors section of Walleye Central, one click in. Tom - Yes it is up and running
Stuart Smally - One click in?? Tom - We are trying to upgrade the system now but it is presently working.
perchjerker - Tom, do you handle Volvo Penta?
Chatman - Yes, if you go to Boats and Motors, and click on a post to read it, Boats.Net is atop the page that opens up. It is one mouse click in from the Main Boats and Motors page. Tom - No, we do not handle Volvo.
BOATS.NET ADAM - We offer up to a 50% discount off MSRP pricing on parts. Any orders over $500.00 get free shipping too!!!!
perchjerker - Do you have a system like a microfiche? Tom - No, our system is strictly automated.
Stuart Smally - Thanks Chatman, sorry to distract from the chat.
BOATS.NET ADAM - We do offer you a way to look up your parts on-line.
Chatman - 50% off on parts? WOW! 
Chatman - Tom - some parts are up to 80% off retail! 
perchjerker - So, say I need a reed plate gasket for my 1978 thingamabob, how would I find it? Tom - Go for it Adam!
BOATS.NET ADAM - Well, if you follow the links on our parts page, it will take you to a site where you call pull up all the information about your motor. All you need is the year or the model and go from there. It is the same exact look up system we use at the dealership.
Chatman - Cool!
perchjerker - Ok, so it will pretty much guide you through the process, then?
Stuart Smally - What types of parts can I expect to find? Internal, electrical or props etc?
BOATS.NET ADAM - You can even print off a pick list then go back to our site and type in what you are looking for.
perchjerker - That sounds neat. Tom - We handle every type of part.
BOATS.NET ADAM - You can find every single part for your motor. 
perchjerker - I will have to check it out!
BOATS.NET ADAM - Check us out.
fish blaster - So I can do like Johnny Cash and order my next motor "One Piece At A Time?"
fish for fun - About how many motors a year do you sell?
Tinker - That's cute Fishblaster!
Chatman - It seems like if a guy has any mechanical aptitude at all he can save a bundle by ordering on line. Tom - That's confidential but close to 1,000. Tom - Does anybody have a technical question for Bobby?
ETT - Sure, I do. Bobby, are the Yamaha 250 HPDI's good to go now? Bobby - Yes they are. The 250's are doing really well now.
ETT - I figured as much.
Stuart Smally - I have noticed chatter about the 115 Four Strokes making oil, any thoughts on this? Is this a problem that I should worry about if I go to a 4 Stroke?
Yamaha Man - I have to say to everyone here, Yamaha's are the best!!!!!!
ETT - Huh??? Is that the rep? (Yamaha man)
perchjerker - One more quick question, I was just at the site and clicked on Merc parts, all I get is a form to submit. Bobby - Stuart, you just have to pay attention to how much oil you have. Tilt the engine up and then back down to allow the oil to drain back down into the oil pan and then recheck the dip stick. Tom - That's why we carry them Yamaha Man. Tom - Our online ordering has not yet been set up for Mercury.
Stuart Smally - So readings can be false if not checked properly?
perchjerker - Ok, I see it works for Yamaha.
perchjerker - Thanks again. Bobby - Yes, that's correct Stuart.
Yamaha Man - Has anyone here run the new Z300 Motor yet?
Stuart Smally - So, forgive me for being long winded, the high oil is, or can be from guys adding too much from checking the oil wrong in the 1st place? Possibly? Tom - We've sold a few Z300's, but have not run them yet.
Chatman - Geez, a 300hp. Bobby - Yes.
Yamaha Man - How much more performance is noticed over the Z250 model which I am running? Tom - Bobby, you take this one..
Chatman - I can remember my first "big" boat was a 16.5 footer with a 50hp and everyone wanted to know why I needed such a big motor! LOL!! Bobby - Actually Yamaha says that is long as the oil level is between the hash marks on the dip sticks it is full of oil. 
Chatman - Can we assume this would translate similarly on Merc. or any 4 stroke motor? Bobby - Well it is 50 horse power difference between the two Yamaha man.
Yamaha Man - I have mine on back of a 201 Stratos and have it tuned to run at almost 80MPH!! Bobby - Yes, the Mercury 115 and the 200 would be the same procedure for oil fills. 
Chatman - Thanks.
Yamaha Man - Who owns Boats.Net? Tom - Central Florida Yamaha does.
Stuart Smally - Thanks Chatman and Bobby. That's good to know. I have been thinking ahead a few years and would like to put a 4 stroke on the next boat, I think.
Yamaha Man - Are you just the general manager of the store? Tom - When you're ready we're ready Stuart. Tom - No, I'm one of the owners. Bobby - You might as well get on board because the 4 stokes are the motor of the future.
Yamaha Man - How long has it taken to develop the business?
Stuart Smally - I am impressed with how much lighter the 4 strokes have become and the increasing range of HP's they come in. Tom - Yamaha Man, it has been 5 years in the making.
Stuart Smally - I might have missed this before Tom, but how long has Boats.Net been a website? As long as you have been a boat dealer? Bobby - Yes, the new Yamaha 4 stoke 150 is lighter than the Yamaha 2 stoke 150.
Stuart Smally - Unbelievable! Tom - The web site has been up for 4 years and the dealership is right at 5 years.
Guest1 - What's the name of the dealership? I'm sorry, I've never heard of you guys.
Stuart Smally - How about top end punch, holeshot etc. with a 4 stroke vs. a 2 stroke?
Stuart Smally - Thanks Tom!
Yamaha Man - Are you interested in selling the business or the name Boats.Net? Tom - The dealership is Central Florida Yamaha and it's not for sale. Tom - Stuart, I have no experience running one so I don't know.
ETT - Stuart, there's a big difference in the power curve.
Stuart Smally - Thanks anyway, I do not know what I want to upgrade to, or when. But I do try to keep abreast of current technology and such. Tom - The HPDI is a good alternative to the 4 stroke though.
Chatman - BTW Stuart, I am about 99% sure I will have a 4 stroke 115 on the back of the new Patriot. I can't wait! No more choking on outboard exaust when backtrolling!
Yamaha Man - Does your offer any sponsor ships?
Chatman - C'mon guys, don't hold back. We have all the people here to answer just about any question you may have. Tom - No not right now.
Yamaha Man - Are you planning to? Tom - Not in the real near future Yamaha Man. Tom - Say, have you guys heard that Yamaha just came out with a 4 stroke 150?
Yamaha Man - Ok, have you given it any thought? A company as large as you are, I would think you would. Tom - Well, we spend a small fortune on advertising but so far we have not found it beneficial to sponsor anglers.
Yamaha Man - Have you given any thought to a fishing club or team? Tom - Talk to me. Bobby - I guess this is a good sign that nothing is broke down out there! Tom - Go Yamaha!
Yamaha Man - Yamaha's are the best they should never break!!!!!! Who needs a service department?!?!?
Chatman - I had heard about the 150 Four Stroke, but have not seen it yet. I was also surprised it is lighter than the HPDI. I did read that right didn't I Bobby? Tom - Cost wise they are about the same.
Yamaha Man - I have never had to have my motor in for service. I haven't even done any of the tech bulletins. I feel if it is running perfectly then why mess with it.
Yamaha Man - HPDI motors rule the water!!!!!! They will out run an Optimax in a heart beat! Tom - THAT'S WHY our service dept. can't make money cause of guys like you! Bobby - The HPDI 150 weighs 468 lb. the F150 weighs 466 lbs. Tom - LOL!!
ETT - Yamaha man, If you had a problem, and they asked you about the tech bulletin, and why you hadn't performed the work, how would you expect them to react?
Yamaha Man - Is your service department very busy?
Chatman - Did I see that you have to submit a form for a quote for Mercury Parts? Tom - Wour service dept. has to use a shoehorn to get the next boat in! Tom - Chatman, yes.
Yamaha Man - My Yamaha dealer said he would take care of me as long as the motor is still under warranty!
tbomn - What is the report on the F150?
Yamaha Man - I love a dealer who will stand behind the product.
Chatman - Can you look up Merc parts or Just Yamaha? I haven't taken much time to snoop around the site. Tom - Yamaha man, I was only kidding about not making money on guys like you! LOL
Yamaha Man - Not many out there anymore. Everyone now is out to make a fast buck or a few. Tom - Chatman, for right now you can only look up Yamaha parts.
Yamaha Man - How many of you out there own Yamaha motors?
Stuart Smally - I also have to spend some more time looking around the site, it is Huge Tom!
ETT - I have a 250 HPDI and a T-8.
tbomn - Is there a report on the new F150, performance, etc.
Yamaha Man - I have owned one since they were first introduced in September of 1983, of which I was one of the few to try them out! Tom - Stuart, we are adding to the site everyday and trying to make it even better.
Stuart Smally - I had a T8 on my little boat (14 ft aluminum)
Yamaha Man - I have owned about 20 motors by now. Bobby - They are working on some performance bulletins with different test boats.
Yamaha Man - Do you sell Stratos boats? Tom - Yes we do.
ETT - How about Tritons or Rangers?
Yamaha Man - What would a new 201XL run my pocket? Tom - No ETT, just Stratos.
tbomn - I work with a houseboat rental outfit, they have 42 Yamahas on houseboats, from the F50 to the F225, in 3 years they have not had to pull a powerhead, is the F150 going to be that good? Tom - Yamaha man, I'm not a salesman and don't have the number but you can call 1-877-41-BOATS.
Yamaha Man - I have been told that Triton is soon to be number one over Stratos. I have been thinking about getting a Triton. Are there any salesmen available right now? Bobby - I have no doubts about it TBO. Tom - No, they all left about 30 minutes ago.
Chatman - It is pushing 9pm there now isn't it Tom?
Yamaha Man - They must work long hours to keep up with your mass flow! Tom - We have different shifts.
Yamaha Man - Do they get paid overtime?
Chatman - Not trying to change gears, how are parts shipped? UPS? FedEx? Tom - Why, are you looking for a job?
Chatman - What about if a guy orders a power head?
Chatman - Or a boat??
Yamaha Man - No I was just curious.
Stuart Smally - I think the UPS man would have a heart attack if he had to deliver a 20-foot boat!! Tom - Yamaha man, they are well compensated based on their sales.
BOATS.NET ADAM - Power heads and the like are shipped out truck freight, free of charge.
BOATS.NET ADAM - Our boats are shipped by a private carrier. Tom - We are working on a plan to offer no payments, no interest for 6 months on parts orders over $l,000. 
Stuart Smally - I was just wondering how you handled the delivery and shipping. With my current boat I went to the dealership and the salesman spent 1/2 hour going through things with me. Tom - Over $3,000 no payments, no interest for one year.
Stuart Smally - On Parts? Tom - Yes. Tom - Stuart, sometimes it's better to deal with your local dealer.
Stuart Smally - Okay, cool! How long does it take to receive a shipped part? Tom - If you're looking for big discounts come to us, delivery depends upon availability.
Stuart Smally - I agree. I really like the personal service the dealership provides. And, no offense, but as far as boats go, I am probably looking for something different than what you sell. Tom - No problem!
ETT - Do you have to order a majority of the parts or are they on hand? Tom - That's mixed ETT.
BOATS.NET ADAM - It depends on what you are looking for It is hard to stock 300,000 parts!
Stuart Smally - But if I ever stuff most of my lower unit in a rock bar again, I know where to save money on the parts. I can do the nuts and bolts work myself.
ETT - Mixed, at about what percentage? Tom - Look for you online!
BOATS.NET ADAM - That's right! Tom - ETT, we carry most common parts.
ETT - That's about all you could possibly do.
Stuart Smally - I only would use my dealer for computer stuff and TSB's. These new motors, my Opti Max and the HPDI are not everything a backyard mechanic should handle. Props and lower units and impellers and such are no problem, but diagnosing a computer more powerful than the one I am on is a job for the boys down at the dealership I go to.
terroreyes - So what the heck do you guys sell? Accessories or factory parts or both?
Yamaha Man - You shouldn't ever need to buy parts for a Yamaha! Tom - Well, occasionally you will.
Stuart Smally - I did for my T8. You should see what a mess I made with a rock bar!!! Tom - All OEM.
terroreyes - Yamaha man, are you from Michigan?
ETT - Tom, you'd better hire him!
Chatman - LOL Stuart! I tore up a lower unit on a 9.9 once two. All it took was one rock to get wedged between the cavitation plate and the prop. Tom - How do you know he doesn't work for me already?
ETT - LOL! Really?
Chatman - Has Tom or any of the rest of Boats.Net's staff that is here missed any questions?
Yamaha Man - Is this chat over already?
Fish blaster - We've been here over an hour. You came late.
terroreyes - so I can get 2002 mercury parts cheaper than from mercury?
Chatman - Wow, the hour has gone quickly again! Tom - Great State!
BOATS.NET ADAM - Yes, you can. Tom - Yes, you can get Mercury parts cheaper from us!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for Tom, Adam and Bobby and the rest of Boats.Net!!! Tom - I'm going to say goodnight, and thank you.
Cool hand Luke - Clap, clap, clap, clap!! Bobby - Good Night Everybody!
Junior - Clap, clap, clap!
Guest 1 - This was fun. Clap, clap!
ETT - Thanks, nice job, and good luck
tbomn - Clap, clap, clap, clap!! Tom - Goodnight Yamaha man and thanks for being a good sport
Guest - Thanks!
Erieye - Great chat, nice setup you got there.
fish blaster - Good night, and thanks for giving me a way to save big bucks on parts!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!
Tinker - Clap, clap!! Thanks for the informative chat.
Chatman - Come back again Tom, this was very informative and entertaining!!
Bass Rube - Nice job! You sure brought enough help Tom!!
Stuart Smally - You guys sound like you have a good thing going! Thanks for the info!! Tom - Thanks for having us, Chatman!
Chatman - Anytime Tom!