Chris Bahl NTC Chat 8/6/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm return welcome for Chris Bahl!!!!!
Driftr - Welcome Chris Bahl!!!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Chris Bahl - Thank You!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!
JAM - Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaa!
Chris Bahl - I appreciate the opportunity!!
Cooper - Clap, clap!!!
Chatman - Well Chris, where do we want to go tonight?
Chris Bahl - Whatever you want to talk about, I'm ready!
Driftr - How about a little background on yourself?
JAM - What does the NTC stand for that was listed with your chat tonight?
Chris Bahl - National Team Championship.
JAM - Oh, ok. Thanks!
Chatman - Well, lets talk about the 2003 National Team Championship.
Chris Bahl - That was a wonderful tournament and we received a tremendous response from it.
cbs - Hey Chris, what is the status of the Nebraska State Championship and the spots??
Chatman - So, you said it was a good event Chris? Can you give some quick highlights?
Chris Bahl - It doesn't sound as though the Nebraska State Championship is a go. There is a NWT championship this fall.
Shindig - Nebraska still gets spots, doesn't it Chris?
Chris Bahl - There was a tremendous crowd Chatman, the biggest I have seen in walleye fishing!! It was a very competitive field as well. The tournament had competitors from 28 states and two countries!!
Chris Bahl - Nebraska has 15 spots for the state Shindig.
Shindig - How many is the NWT actually going to end up with? I've heard different numbers.
Chris Bahl - I recently sent out a letter to all qualifying tournaments and associations outlining qualifying procedures for the 2004 NTC. The letter went to association presidents and tournament directors.
Chatman - Do you have a date set for 2004?
Chris Bahl - The date will be the second weekend in June 2004, I do not have the exact date in front of me.
routftr - That's June 11 and 12, isn't it?
Chris Bahl - We are going to try and make that date a tradition. However, some states have restrictions against tournaments in June. Yes, the 11th and 12th. The only thing that could change that date at this point is a state permit law.
Chatman - And it may be getting tougher in Wisconsin for June through September catch and release tournaments. Minnesota has always been tough on protecting the fish.
Dave Landahl - Chris, are you fishing the RCL Championship this October?
Chris Bahl - Yes, I will be at the championship. I have to put a nail in a very frustrating year on the water!! Oh well. 
Dave Landahl - Chris, I'll take you out for a little bass action to warm you up. LOL!!
Juls - Hi all! I just wanted to stop in to say hi to Chris and congratulate him on his successful championship tourney in Kansas. I've gotta go do a promotion in a few minutes, so I can't stay long.
Chris Bahl - Dave, I am in!! You are the real deal on that green carp action!!
Jigger - Chris, how will the Nebraska Slots be divided for next year NTC?
Chris Bahl - Hi Juls!! Thank You!! I hope all is well with you. 
Dave Landahl - Chris, what is in store for Team Cabela's anglers next season?
Chris Bahl - Nebraska's spots will be divided the same as the rest of the country. We will see what the NWT and the NWA submit, as they are the only qualifiers in the state. 
Jake Kraus - Chris, when you choose the teams from each state are you only looking at that states tournament circuit results?
Chris Bahl - Team Cabela's had a terrific year and we plan on expanding that program. Their next stop is the Cabela's 250 next week in Michigan. 
Juls - I'm sure you already said so, but will you be at Red Wing for the RCL Championship Chris?
Chris Bahl - We are looking at well-defined criteria you determine the best teams from each state. Tournament entries and competition will play into the selection. Basically the tournament director will pick the teams and then have to back up the selection with results. The bottom line is that we want the best teams.
Chris Bahl - I will be Red Wing and I can't wait!!! I have been waiting since Lake Erie to get back at it. 
Dave Landahl - What is the Michigan 250? Sounds like a NASCAR deal.
routftr - Chris, What do you mean expand the program? Is there a way to get involved?
<Chris Bahl - The Cabela's 250? It is a NASCAR race in Michigan. We will have several of our Team Cabela's boats there for promotional events at the track.
Dave Landahl - Chris, is there any chance Cabela's will have a TV show dedicated to walleye fishing, or walleye tournament fishing?
wallofeyes - Chris how many slots will be awarded to the Nebraska State Championship Tournament? I hear it is opened up to all 328 teams that fished the NWT.
Chris Bahl - That's not a bad idea Dave. Something we are probably in the best position to pull off. I'll have to talk to our TV staff about the idea.
Jigger - Good question, Wallofeyes!
Dave Landahl - Chris, your Team Cabela's guys have provided plenty of copy for me at Walleye Central and ESPN this season. You sure have a good crew!
Jake Kraus - My deal is that we don't fish the Colorado Circuit, yet we are Colorado residents. We fish another circuit that is much more competitive in another state and have done well. I wanted to make sure that teams such as us will still be considered.
Chris Bahl - That is up to the NWT how many they submit for the tournament. They know that 15 are going to the state of Nebraska.
Chris Bahl - Thanks Dave!! I appreciate all that you have done!!!
Jigger - How will they be divided up between the NWA and NWT?
ETT - Will there be a posting as to locations and dates?
Chris Bahl - Where you are from has no bearing on where you qualify. That is one of the reasons we went to an "approval" process. The "open" spots were not always being awarded in the best interest of the NTC.
Stacker1 - Hi Chris! Just got here and wanted to say how much I enjoyed the program you ran in Kansas this year. As a participant, it was wonderful.
Driftr - Chris, can you tell us who your sponsors are?
Dave Landahl - Did you announce the location for the 2004 Championship? If not, where will it be. Awesome event this year!
Chris Bahl - Thanks Stacker!!! Jim, what dates you looking for?
Stacker1 - Yes, where do I go next year?
ETT - Ohio.
Chris Bahl - We will announce the 2004 site at the first of the year. Probably here on Walleye Central!
Chatman - Cool!
Stacker1 - Cool!
Jake Kraus - Our tournament director has told us that only Wyoming residents can qualify in the Wyoming walleye circuit.
Chris Bahl - I will have to check Jim and e-mail you.
ETT - Thank you.
Wallenation - Jake, your director is completely wrong. I suggest you have him read this or call Chris.
Dave Landahl - However, if you are able to qualify, do it if you can. The Cabela's Championship was one of the best I have ever been involved with and I have been involved with almost all of the biggest events.
Chris Bahl - Jake, I heard that out of Wyoming and that is false. The state allocation only has to do with where the tournament was held. If you are from Colorado, you can qualify anywhere in the country. 
Jake Kraus - I don't mean to jump on you I am, just a little confused. I think you are doing a great job!
Dave Landahl - So you can qualify in any eligible circuit without being from that state?
Chris Bahl - Thanks Dave! You are a National Champion yourself as you won the Corporate Partner National Championship bass event!!
Dave Landahl - Awe shucks, blush-blush.
ETT - Chris, Are the Ohio events on Lake Erie or inland waters or a combination?
Chatman - B-b-b-b-bass????? LOL!!
Paul Myrdahl - OK, what did I miss?
Chris Bahl - Dave that is correct. The state allocations are based on the number of tournaments and participants within that state. Anyone can earn those births by competing in that state. If I struck out here in Nebraska, I could go to Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming or South Dakota and try to qualify there. This could be in those tournament directors best interest if they marketed their circuits as qualifiers throughout a region.
routftr - What are your thoughts for the New Mexico and Oklahoma positions for 2004?
Chris Bahl - Jim, it is a combination of Lake Erie and inland waters. My people just told me that they thought Ohio was done for the year. I will check and get back to you.
wallofeyes - How can you market your circuit as a qualifier if you do not even know how many slots you will get until the end of the season? As in Nebraska this year. Those guys could not tell us during the season how many slot were available as the information was not available.
Chris Bahl - We are currently working with the folks in Oklahoma and New Mexico. I am waiting to see what the TWA submits. We still have time for qualifiers. I imagine if someone fired up a qualifier next month at Elephant Butte, New Mexico there would be a bunch of boats there. 
routftr - How about our tourney in October on Ute in New Mexico??
Paul Myrdahl - Did we talk about Minnesota qualifiers yet?
Dave Landahl - Chris, who is on your National Walleye Team?
wa_walleye - Where is the list so I can check out numbers for Washington and Oregon?
Chris Bahl - Wallofeyes, the NWA and the NWT know they have 15 for the state. We were concerned about how some spots were going to "members only" and that played into a tight approval process as well.
Chris Bahl - The list was posted on Walleye Central and our website. Washington has 3 and Oregon has 3.
wa_walleye - Thanks!
routftr - Would you or Cabela's be interested in the tournament that the Texas Walleye Association has filed for permitting for in October?
Chris Bahl - We are still working on a points system for qualifying that rewards those who face the stiffest competition. We are also very much interested in growing the sport to all corners of the country. Walleye anglers in states that have not been represented yet have contacted us. States such as Georgia and North Carolina. 
Chris Bahl - There was talk of having a New Mexico qualifier on Meredith, Texas in October. I have not heard lately if that is a go or not?
Dave Landahl - Georgia and North Carolina? No kidding? 
Chris Bahl - Lakes Altoona and Lanier in Georgia. If you think about it, Altoona is south of Atlanta!!
Dave Landahl - Chris, is there any chance Cabela's will start their own circuit?
Dave Landahl - Walleyes in Lanier, hmmm, it is an awfully good spotted bass lake, that makes sense.
Chatman - Have you been talking to Kaczkowski again?? LOL!!
routftr - It has moved to Ute, New Mexico for the possible qualifier in October. The permits have been filed for and the TWA is awaiting approval from the New Mexico State Parks.
Jigger - Chris, are you fishing the NWT State Championship?
Chris Bahl - No Dave, we are really committed to the NTC. We are also the title sponsor of the MWC. I sure hope the "pro" circuits take a hard look at our setup in Kansas. That is what a "pro" tournament should probably look like if we have any chance of attracting "fans" and a following.
Dave Landahl - When will the 2004 NTC field be finalized?
Paul Myrdahl - Chris, can I get a link to the website for the WWC?
Chris Bahl - I am not fishing the NWT championship. I'm just too busy here at Cabela's!! I'm trying to get my work done so I can go to Red Wing.
Paul Myrdahl - The NTC?
Dave Landahl - Chris, you are right. That sure was a pro setup, many could learn from that event.
Warren MN - Chris, how are you set on lake maps there? The Corps of Engineers has a nice set.
Chris Bahl - We will have the 2004 field set by November, most circuits are done in October.
Chris Bahl - I always need maps with lots of markings!!
Warren MN - These are strong on the wing dams.
Chris Bahl - Nice, I will check them out. 
Dave Landahl - Just ask Mark Dorn or Sonny Reynolds, I am sure they would send you marked maps. LOL!!
Chris Bahl - Yeah right.
Warren MN - I'm not sure how much or if any I'll do, but I'm thinking about it!
Paul Myrdahl - Chris can you give me a link to the NTC web site?
Chris Bahl - It is under our "In the Field" section.
Dave Landahl - Groony is going to be the featured pro in the upcoming PWT preview on Bay de Noc for ESPN Outdoors, he is a good guy.
Chatman -
Warren MN -
Paul Myrdahl - Thanks! 
Warren MN - If any one wants them.
Chris Bahl - Groony was just here telling me how much of a good guy he is!!
Dave Landahl - LMAO!!!!!
fish4wally - Chris, do you know if the NWT championship is open to NWA members or to anyone. If you did not fish any tournaments during the year can you fish in it?
Chris Bahl - I do not know. I recommend calling Mark Foos here at Cabela's with that, (308) 254-5505, Mark is one of the tournament directors for the NWT.
Chris Bahl - Any other questions?
Warren MN - Maybe I'll see you on the water down there if you're pre-fishing next month.
Dave Landahl - See ya guys later. Going to spend some time with my little daughters.
Chris Bahl - I will be there. I wish I could be there all of September!!
Jigger - Chris. Has any one been doing any good at Big Mac?
Chris Bahl - Thanks Dave!!! We'll stay in touch.
311 - I just want to let you know that you are doing an awesome job! The NTC in Kansas was top notch!!! We are all big fans!
Chris Bahl - I haven't been on Big Mac for a while, nor have I heard anything. The water level makes me sad!!
Jigger - Ya, only a couple of boat ramps left.
Chris Bahl - Thank you 311! 
Chatman - No water seems to be a common problem, with the Great Lakes and out on the Prairie lakes. 
Chris Bahl - They're not even ramps, just sand beach.
Chatman - 4 wheel drive time!
fish4wally - Or tractors!
Jigger - Bring your wallet in case you get stuck.
fish4wally - $$$$
Chris Bahl - No kidding. I have been spending a ton of time this summer on my dirt bike with my son!!
Paul Myrdahl - The list on your NTC page of qualifying tourneys is updated?
Chatman - Actually, I wish the DNR around here would take advantage of the low water and extend, redo some of the poor ramps while the water is so low.
fish4wally - Oahe is very low.
Chris Bahl - Paul, I will make sure. E-mail me at and I will make sure you have the latest.
fish4wally - Good bite though!
Paul Myrdahl - OK!
Chris Bahl - Fishing at Mac is incredible. However, we will pay later. Right now it is like fishing in a barrel.
Warren MN - Big Mac?
fish4wally - What organizations/tourneys in South Dakota are qualifiers for the NTC?
Chris Bahl - Lake Mc Conaughey in Nebraska
Chris Bahl - There are three in South Dakota. I do not know the exact names off the top of my head. 
Chatman - Is there a web site where a guy can get more info, Chris?
Chris Bahl - under "In The Field" 
Chris Bahl - For all of the letters and e-mails I have been getting this sure has been quiet? Whew!
Warren MN - Nice weather and every ones out in it!
Chatman - Not everyone. ;-)
ETT - Chris, are you at liberty to discuss the special edition catalog?
Chris Bahl - Maybe.
Chris Bahl - What do you have in mind?
Chatman - Thanks for the link Chris!
ETT - LOL, that's tentative. Do you have to qualify by buying over a certain amount or what?
Chris Bahl - Jim, did you get one?
fish4wally - I already got mine!
ETT - Yes.
Chris Bahl - Yes, that goes out to our very best customers. If you have one, thank you! I figured you did!! Those things are nice and in high demand.
ETT - I was just curious, as I don't always get one...
Chatman - If Chris has missed any questions, now is the time to ask.
Jigger - I heard Big Mac was tough with small fish and a very few pigs. I spend plenty every year at Cabela's, what is the criteria for the catalog?
Chris Bahl - This year's is only the second ever.
ETT - Oh, I thought it was an annual thing.
Chris Bahl - I hope all the big fish weren't taken out. I have seen some people filleting monsters!! I can handle seeing that at lake Erie, but at Big Mac it makes me cringe.
Jigger - I talked to a buddy scuba diver who says there are lots of pigs left in Big Mac.
Paul Myrdahl - Chris, can you tell me what the qualifiers in Minnesota are for the NTC?
Chris Bahl - I cannot Paul, I can find out though. I would hate to be wrong. 
Chatman - Well the hour has slipped away.
fish4wally - Thanks Chris!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Chris Bahl!!!!
Warren MN - Thanks Chris, if you see a boat with too many antennas, stop and say hi!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Driftr - Thanks Chris!!!
ETT - clap, clap, clap!!!
Warren MN - Clap, clap, clap!
Chris Bahl - Thanks Ralph!! It's always a pleasure. Next time lets talk sponsorships and tournament fishing. 
eyebanger(OH) - Good job Chris!
Chatman - It was enjoyable again Chris, I hope to see you on the road sometime!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
bob oh - Clap!
RoyGPA - Thanks Chris!!
Chris Bahl - Thank you everyone!! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions at 
Chatman - Can do!! Thanks again Chris, it has been fun, as always!