Chip Leer Chat 4/23/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm Walleye Central welcome for Chip Leer!
Driftr - Welcome Chip Leer!!!!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap. 
Swede - Welcome Chip! 
Swede - Into the nuthouse...
Chip Leer - So very happy to be here, as I love to chat, yet it is spring and I bet the fish are biting right now!
Chip Leer - Kevfish, you said it was trying. Yep, Leech can be a challenge as each day is a new bite sometimes it seems. Do you fish Leech often?
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!
kevfish - The jig thing is just not my cup of tea-what type of live bait rig do you find that works the best?
Chatman - It is going to be fun talking with you about something other than ice fishing!! LOL!!
Chip Leer - Hey easy on the ice thing, they are still ice fishing in Ontario, just talk to someone today!
kevfish - I just donate to the tournament every year but it is fun.
Warren MN - Every body is just getting done with supper I bet.
Swede - Late supper here, LOL.
Swede - Hi Roy & wa_wa
Warren MN - Yeah, I bet. Late midnight snack for you even.
Swede - 2:12 am
Chip Leer - The Walleye Classic has been won on live bait rigs, Bottom Bouncer and Spinners, jigs's really the year that dictates the best bite.
Chatman - Oh, I'm not slamming ice fishing.... It is just that all of the chats you and Tommy have done have related mostly to the on ice tour. This will be a refreshing change.
wa_walleye - Hello.
Chip Leer - Chatman, don't be defensive, I am just having fun. 
kevfish - Last year I heard rumors that chubs were the ticket- have you found that there are times that chubs are the answer?
Chatman - Oh me too..
Chip Leer - Chubs can be awesome on Leech and yes, the winners were using chubs. Yet last year with the weather change from day one to day two, they switched from spinners to live bait rigs to catch fish Sunday.
kevfish - I was the one that wrote you the letter this winter with some concerns- thanks for your response.
Chip Leer - Larger chubs also played a role in the PWT last spring on Leech, and a side note that many guides of the Leech Lake Guide Coalition use 'em exclusively
Chip Leer - Happy to help you out. I love Leech Lake and this tournament, funny how the PWT has been here three times and have yet to get the weights the Walleye Classic does.
Chatman - Are there any special tips or tricks you can offer for an angler using big chubs?
Chatman - Rigging, hook set, etc?
Chip Leer - If you use a larger 4-6" chub on a jig (I like to use a Northland Fireball Jig with a stinger hook towards the back of the minnow), the trick is to bury the stinger hook and cut off exposed single treble side as so not to get caught in the weeds/grass. As for live bait rigs, larger hooks and fish very light allowing the fish plenty of time to chew.
kevfish - What would you recommend this year with the early June start date?
Chip Leer - Actually it's the same weekend as last two years, first weekend after Memorial day. The lake is opening on schedule. I would look to the rock piles on the main lake first if the fish show up by tournament time they will be large. Look to the sides and edges at 25 plus feet if they are not on top yet.
Swede - What do you consider as a big bait, Chip?
Chip Leer - The deeper water is key here close to structure, which is where bottom bouncers and a power crawler work so well. Many times the fish are scattered and not yet schooled as they are on the tops of those piles.
Chip Leer - A big bait, live bait is a minnow over 4" in length.
kevfish - Are there times you would recommend a power crawler over a live crawler?
Swede - OK, at times we use live bait up to 7-8 inches for our zander over here.
Chip Leer - One thing about the Evinrude Walleye Classic is that if anyone knows of female walleye anglers that want to fish it, at this point only one all female team has registered for that division.
Chip Leer - Swede, yes chubs up to that length work here too, the angler must just be very patient when our fish eat the bait. There are so many baitfish in Leech lake that the fish are usually not overly aggressive.
Swede - Allowed to use bait from the ocean?
Chip Leer - Has anyone else besides kevfish fished the Evinrude Walleye Classic?
Chatman - With large chubs, do you recommend using a beefier rod and heavier line?
Warren MN - Not here, I stick to mapping.
Swede - I'm in Sweden, Chip.
kevfish - Looks like I am the only donator.
wa_walleye - I am in Washington.
Swede - Would love to try your tours though & try some stuff we use over here.
Chip Leer - Chatman, my jig rod is a 7"0 MH action HMG Fenwick and my live bait rod is another 7'0" M Fenwick both spooled with 8 lb for the chubs.
kevfish - If the guy from Sweden would fish it, he would win the prize for coming the farthest to fish.
Swede - LOL
Chip Leer - If he wants to come from Sweden, I will create the award!
Swede - Biggest prize too kev.
kevfish - Is there still room for more boats?
Swede - Might take you up on that Chip! 
wa_walleye - Does Washington count?
Swede - Has to be as a non-boater though!
Chip Leer - The chub rods I use are heavier than my normal walleye rigs only as to drive the larger hook diameters home.
Chip Leer - Swede, come on over, we will come up with something! Now that Evinrude is sponsoring the event I know they love global marketing!
Chatman - That makes perfect sense.
Chatman - I got educated on using big bait for pike as well as using chubs for sauger on the Mississippi River in the fall....
Swede - What length on rods is allowed?
Swede - I got ancient 'Rude on my big boat.
Warren MN - Rude?
Chip Leer - Yes there is openings in this years event, registration is behind schedule for whatever reason. However, we look to see it filling up. Besides people are not yet aware of a few award surprises coming May 1st!
T-Mac - Hey all!
Warren MN - Hi Tmac!
T-Mac - ;-
Chip Leer - Welcome aboard! 
T-Mac - Thanks Chip... 
kevfish - Can you give us any hints?
Chip Leer - Nope, you will have to wait and see...however you'll like it.
kevfish - Maybe an award for the most years without being in the money?
T-Mac - Talking Merc tourney @ Leech?
Chip Leer - I like that idea kev. Have to work on that one.
Chip Leer - Actually were talking Evinrude tourney on Leech. Ha! It changed.
T-Mac - Oops! Lol
Chip Leer - Have you been here for the tournament?
T-Mac - You and Tommy running 'Rudes now?
T-Mac - No...but used to live at Bena.
Chip Leer - Yes, we both are proud to say we are running Evinrude Direct Injected Outboards,.
T-Mac - Ah Hah...!
Chip Leer - T-Mac, no one ever lived in Bena did they?
T-Mac - Naw, 6 miles out in boonies from Bena...LOL
Chip Leer - If you left Bena, the population dropped in half, ha.
T-Mac - Yep. 
T-Mac - BRB
Chip Leer - Wonderful, great lake and a great area, so happy to live here.
Chip Leer - Is anyone here going to Minnesota's walleye opener on Leech or Winni?
kevfish - Chip, last year the second day of the tournament we fished in Walker Bay and caught a lot of little walleyes-is it just too early to expect any bigger fish in the bay?
Chip Leer - Another thought is that if anyone is fishing the RCL League, the Walleye Classic does have some good clues and great fisherman in it to learn from!
Chip Leer - No way, there are plenty of big fish in Walker Bay that time of year. 3 of the last 7 years the biggest fish of the tournament have come within site of the stage.
Swede - You ever go for pelagic walleye, Chip?
Chip Leer - Is that a zander? Please excuse my ignorance there. Or is that mean native fish?
kevfish - That may have been where we were last year-only small ones though- I did catch a 7lb one ice fishing this year in the bay-I released it and told it to come back in June.
Swede - Pelagic means it's out in deep water with no humps, etc around. 
Chip Leer - Ice fishing does give great clues to Walker Bay.
Chip Leer - Ok sorry, should have stayed in college for a second week.
Chatman - LOL
Swede - LOL
wa_walleye - LOL
Swede - Might be my translation too.
Slapshot - Hello T mac and Chip and the rest
Swede - We often get heavy bites when we find schools of baitfish in deep water here.
Chip Leer - The lakes in this area have few walleyes that do suspend over the open water like that. However there is a population here, know it to be fact. I personally have not chased them, and at this point I am not aware of anyone except one group of guys who targets them in late summer.
Swede - OK, different circumstances, I guess.
Chip Leer - Welcome slapshot! How bout the Wild?
Slapshot - That was pretty cool!
Slapshot - No kidding, we are usually playing on Weds.
Chip Leer - I did get the opportunity last summer to fish a couple days with guys from the Minnesota Wild. Some fish well and are talking coming to Leech for the Evinrude Walleye Classic!
Chip Leer - Now we will need another award just for hockey players!
Swede - Retired hockey players too?
Slapshot - I have been invited to fish that as well this summer. The goalie, Roloson, won't fish it unless he is in my boat, I guess. 
T-Mac - "the NON_Toothy Critter Award"
Chatman - LOL
Chip Leer - LOL
Swede - LOL
T-Mac - Faux Toothy?
Slapshot - lol
Slapshot - Chip, you have a few hockey players that live on Leech in the summers as well. They build houses that look like hotels
Slapshot - Is the ice coming off Leech yet?
Chip Leer - Yes, there are and they love to fish!
Chip Leer - Ice is coming off Leech on schedule and looks to be entirely open within 7 days on the outside.
Slapshot - Chip, did you guys do well on Devils this ice season?
Swede - Are you allowed to fish with battery run lures, Chip?
Chip Leer - Actually, neither Tommy or I made it there this winter, we spent most of our winter out east.
T-Mac - Tommy made 'er out to Montana though.
Slapshot - I see.
Competitor - Hey Chip, how can I get an on-line entry form?
Slapshot - How are you guys liking the Evinrudes so far?
Chip Leer - I do believe that battery operated lures are legal in MN. At least the lighted ones.
Chip Leer - Loving the Evinrude Direct Injected Motors. Cleaner, Meaner and a whole bunch faster, I love mine.
Slapshot - I heard they are fast!
Slapshot - I won't be a speed demon at all this season ;)
Slapshot - That is OK though, it is for good reason!
Chip Leer - Entries are available two ways for the Walleye Classic ...either at (download from there) or call our office at 218-547-4714 and we will send you a entry form. Thanks for asking.
Competitor - Are any of you guys fishing the Walleye Classic in Leech?
kevfish - Yes, I am.
T-Mac - Chip...what are the dates?
Guest - I will be up fishing that area that week and plan to check and see how things go, not fishing it though.
Competitor - Have you fished it before kevfish?
Chip Leer - There were some people looking for partners if anyone is interested. Check out the Angler News Page on the website or better yet just call us and we will hook you up.
kevfish - Yes, every year! 
Competitor - How is it? I heard it was a hoot!
Competitor - Hoot meaning it was a blast!
Guest - Guess I find the sheer size of leeches a bit daunting and have a wife with a severe fear of drowning...LOL.
kevfish - Never was in the money, but keep on trying!
Chip Leer - Note, we have moved the event to Walker City Park, so stop by and see all the fun! We are also broadcasting the weigh-in on local cable channel 4 so you can watch from your hotel room in the evenings.
Slapshot - It is a very well run tourney! I have fished it in the past and it is a blast! Fun lake, great people and lots of fish!
T-Mac - Chase on the Lake still a great place to eat?
Guest - that the park there on the east size of Walker where the marina is?
Chip Leer - Thank you slapshot, the fun is all of the anglers, and we have fun doing it.
Competitor - I'll be there too kevfish - probably not in the money though - more to learn the lake and have fun!
Slapshot - Except for the year they added the scores wrong and we missed the money by a spot! But they re-added and Chip came through and made sure we got our check! Couldn't help it Chip!
kevfish - Chip, what is the date that you draw for boat positions?
Chip Leer - Chase burned down a few years ago and they are working on getting open again. Bummer, great place.
Chatman - WOW! The hour is flying by!!! If Chip has missed any questions, now is the time to ask!
T-Mac - was awesome!
Competitor - You da man Chip - say hi to Enike!
Chip Leer - We will draw boat positions April 30 and post on website May 1.
Swede - Nice to have chatted with you, Chip.
T-Mac - It was fun chatting with someone who's heard of Bena, Chip!
T-Mac - LOL
Chip Leer - I will pass it along thanks....she wishes she could fish this event.
Chatman - I have found that both Chip and Tommy, together or separately could fill several chats and not run out of good information!!!
Guest - Chip, is there anywhere on Leech to fish to avoid the BIG chop? I've never fished it but would love to, many bays etc?
Guest - 17 ft boat and 60 horse limits me on the big lakes!
wa_walleye - LOL
Chip Leer - Thank you Chatman, and everyone who has joined in. Thank you Walleye Central for providing such a great place to talk walleye fishing and the Walleye Classic. Should anyone be interested in more information on the Classic, please call, as I am happy to help. or 218-547-4714. Thanks
kevfish - Thanks for the tips, Chip!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a hearty round of applause for Chip Leer!!!
Chip Leer - I really want you to remind me of this chat when I hand you a check June 1st!
Swede - Thanks Chip
T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Driftr - Thanks Chip!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
RoyGPA - Thank you Chip!
T-Mac - Thanks Chip!
RoyGPA - Great chat!
Chatman - As always Chip, this was fun!