Chat with Dave Storm (Ka-Boom Baits) - 5/14/03

Driftr - Ladies & Gentleman, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Dave Storm & Ron Smart of Kaboom Lures!!!!!
HotNtot - Glad you're making lures again!!
Driftr - Clap clap clap !!!!
HotNtot - Wooo hooo!!! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!!!
HotNtot - Saw the post on message board, had to stop in and say Hi!
David Storm and Ron Smart - Thanks, HotNtot! We're glad to have something that fishermen will like - and catch a lot of fish on!
HotNtot - I really have to go, but I had to stop in and say thanks and wish me luck in the Merc national, I'll have a few new baits by then! Thanks.
Driftr - Well fellows, tell us a bit on how this came about, Kaboom Lures.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Good luck HotNtot! You may have to change your name to Winning Streak! LOL
Denied(Oh) - OK I'll bite, what's new in the bait business?
David Storm and Ron Smart - I (Dave) have been in the Fishing lure business nearly all of my life, and as most anglers know, the Storm family lure business was sold in 1999. I have since started my own lure company called Dave's KA-BOOM! Baits.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Dave, how's the world treating you since the Baumler Show?
David Storm and Ron Smart - The Winning Streak is my first lure. There'll be more. 
Denied(Oh) - Have you developed a dive cure?
Driftr - Is this close to what the original Hot N Tot was in looks & performance?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Jim - we recognized your name when you signed on...Things are going great - hired a bunch of lure assembly people to help us catch up!
David Storm and Ron Smart - Mark Romanack is testing the 1/4 oz Winning Streak and should have all that finalized in his new book. 
Tom O - Hi Dave and Ron. Will you be putting out a new bait comparable to the old Thunderstick and deep Thunderstick Jrs?
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Great, glad for you. Keep it up.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Similar diving depth.
Denied(Oh) - It would be good if you included the curve with each bait.
David Storm and Ron Smart - We have new products in the works as we speak. We think you'll like 'em.
David Storm and Ron Smart - With the Winning Streak packaging, including a dive curve sheet would be difficult. 
grind - Where can we get them?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Grind, where are you located? You can check our web site,, for a list of dealers we know of that have ordered Winning Streaks.
grind - Upstate NY.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Are you near the new Gander store? Also, Dick's is going to be getting the Winning Streak.
grind - Ya, I'm at Dick's weekly.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Also, on line at Cabela's, Franks Great Outdoors, Play'n Posm, etc. Many retailers now have them on line.
grind - Great!
grind - Sounds like you are off to a good start.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Hello, Alan, RoyGPA, etc....Have you guys found Winning Streaks (Dave's KA-BOOM Baits) at your dealers?
Driftr - I haven't seen any at the local retailers here yet.
Driftr - I am sure they will be soon.
grind - Haven't really looked.
Driftr - Is Wal-Mart going to have them?
David Storm and Ron Smart - grind, we're working at getting Dave's Lures going - this first bait seems to have hit the target!
RoyGPA - Hi Dave and Ron...nope, haven't found them yet... Dick's Sporting Goods in Washington PA doesn't have them yet.
RoyGPA - When I find some... I'll be buying them!
Driftr - Are they easy to tune?
ALAN - Are they a crankbait?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Alan, where to you live? Have you asked your tackle shop if they're getting some in? That really helps us out
RoyGPA - The old style Hot n Tot lure is the "go to" lure on Pymatuning.. a couple hours north of me.
ALAN - I live in Iowa.
RoyGPA - I'd imagine these new ones will "clean up" at Pymtuning.
Driftr - Roy, I cleaned house on crappie today with them off of Off Shore boards.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Yeah, the Winning Streak is a hard plastic, metal lipped crank bait. It has an erratic searching action. It has #4 Eagle Claw round bend short shank hooks. And, a line connector, which makes it very easy to tune if needed. 36 great colors!
ALAN - The only ones I got in my tackle store is Rapala, Wally Divers and Storm.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Pymtuning - Kelly's Bait and Tackle should have a bunch of Winning Streaks. They ordered early on from a huge distributor in Ohio. 
Driftr - That is in Ohio.
ALAN - Does Cabela's carry them?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Alan - Iowa has not jumped on board yet. Cabela's has 12 or 13 colors. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - We'd like to get them in Scheel's and some local independent Iowa dealers soon!
ALAN - I wouldn't mind trying one sometime.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Alan, contact me at and I'll try to help you find someone to get lures to you. 
ALAN - I live in Fort Dodge and all the tackle stores are south of me.
ALAN - OK, that will work. What is the price of them?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Got some names and I'll call them tomorrow. 
JeetDoc - David, it seems that the tackle business is ridiculously flooded with every type, color and style of lure and jigs. It seems it is a way for them to make a buck, just change the shape a little or the color and let a pro try and sell it as a fish catcher. Do you feel this is true to a sense?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Price varies from dealer to dealer --- Cabela's catalog has them at $5.29. Some dealers are lower, some higher. 
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Any feed back from the die hard Tot guys at Saginaw?
David Storm and Ron Smart - JeetDoc, I'm only building lures the way my family has for over 38 years --- and for the same reasons --- to provide quality, durable, fish-catching lures. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - ETT, we're starting to hear some real good news from Saginaw area. Lots of captains are getting the Winning Streak and liking it.
Andy Zimmerman - David, I just signed on, and I'm wondering if we'll see the famous Jr. T sticks again in the same fasion as before?
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Kind of early I know, but had to ask.
David Storm and Ron Smart - We've got some good stuff in the works. You'll like - can't tell you.
Driftr - They should do really well on Saginaw.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Oh yea!!
RoyGPA - You can tell us... we can keep a secret.... LOL!
JeetDoc - I understand that, but if you go to Cabela's and Bass Pro, it seems that the tackle industry is a racket, an easy way to make a buck. Just change the color scheme and style and let a pro say it catches fish and you have generated revenue. I am not referring to your business, the industry as a whole. How many of these actually catch fish? I have lures I've had over 25 yrs and I have never caught a single fish on.
ALAN - As soon has you find me a good deal on them lures, send me an email and we can go from there.
David Storm and Ron Smart - ETT...Some stores are having a hard time keeping enough on the shelf - selling them fast. 
ETT (Jim Stedke) - I think the fishing public is anxious to support smaller, more personal companies.
David Storm and Ron Smart - JeetDoc, we feel that there are a lot of good products on the market and still lots of room for something new.
David Storm and Ron Smart - ETT - Then Dave's Lures is the place for them!
David Storm and Ron Smart - No, just a fisherman. By the way, Bass Pro Shops don't have our stuff .. yet. Nor does Wal-Mart. We're not that big...yet...
ALAN - What would be the best line for trolling crankbaits for walleyes fireline or mono with a planer board?
David Storm and Ron Smart - We hope to grow Dave's Lures with good products that fisherman will use because they can count on them to catch fish and to last.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Where Alan?
ALAN - I live in Iowa was just wondering what line is the best - fireline or mono? 
JeetDoc - David, what lure do you recommend for your line that is a proven fish catcher? I would like to go out and give it a shot. And is it a bass or walleye lure?
ALAN - Or should I have 2 poles rigged up?
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Mono is much easier, especially for someone starting out.
Driftr - Will you eventually be having a Pro staff or VIP sponsor offering?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Alan, mono gives a little, so you don't yank the lips off the fish ---my experience.
ALAN - I've been trolling for a while and used fireline all last year and the board kept on slipping off.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Correct - you need the snapper releases.
David Storm and Ron Smart - JeetDoc - the only lure Dave's Lures makes today is the KA-BOOM Baits Winning Streak - which is a great walleye trolling bait. Guys do use it for bass, smallies like it.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Driftr - Yes, Dave's will have a pro staff, a field staff, captain's program. Watch the website - - for that announcement. But, it won't be until we have some inventory that is not already committed to dealers.
JeetDoc - Great, I will give it a shot. I have heard of it but I mostly jig fish, throw some tubes and few Rapala's now and then. I am looking to try new tactics involving lures. I sure will try the KaBoom. Thanks for your time and answering my questions.
David Storm and Ron Smart - JeetDoc, we appreciate it. Let us know what you think of the Winning Streak.
Driftr - Great to hear, I will watch for it. I may also send a resume.
JeetDoc - Will do, if the weather ever clears and weekends get better I can get out fishing.
Driftr - Do you feel the dive curve will be close to the old Tots?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Yeah, we're asking for those interested in a field, pro, or captain program to send a resume. We're not set up to handle just yet. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - Driftr, our testing has shown the Winning Streak will dive similarly to other popular metal lip trolling baits.
RoyGPA - That red on the website sure is bright..... I think I see spots now.... LOL
Driftr - good to know :)
David Storm and Ron Smart - Roy, I was going to use yellow --- but...
RoyGPA - I like red better.
David Storm and Ron Smart - So do we!
David Storm and Ron Smart - Lots of steelheaders say they like the Winning Streak. 
Driftr - it should be a good multi species bait.
David Storm and Ron Smart - We've got 20 colors on metallic bodies and 16 gloss painted - total of 36. Anybody need a different color?
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Whose hooks are on the lure?
Driftr - You probably have it covered.
David Storm and Ron Smart - ETT - Winning Streaks have Eagle Claw #4 short shank round bend - to handle bigger, heavier fish. These hooks are larger than the size on other similar baits.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - There's no end to colors, check out Michigan Stinger's colors...hundreds literally. 
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Thanks, good hook.
Driftr - How many of them are really needed?
ETT (Jim Stedke) - As many as the fisherman thinks he needs.
David Storm and Ron Smart - My dad's company had 118 colors in the other company's product line.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - We remember.
Reels - What is new with Storm this year?
David Storm and Ron Smart - We've made about 3 or 4 special colors already - they may show up in the future in the selection.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Is there a minimum?
RoyGPA - Sure wish your family didn't sell the company.... but you gotta do what you gotta do.
David Storm and Ron Smart - David Storm has a new company!!!! Dave's KA-BOOM! Baits, makers of the fantastic new Winning Streak metal lipped trolling bait.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Roy, that created the opportunity for me (Dave) to start my own.
GWH - Can we expect any of the old design Deep Jr`s or are they under patent by Rapala?
Reels - Oh yeah? Got a web link were we can take a peak?]
RoyGPA - That's for sure!
David Storm and Ron Smart - Reels, look at
David Storm and Ron Smart - GWH, we've got some new things under development right now - can't say what yet.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Minimum on custom colors?
Reels - :-) Now we;re talking...
GWH - That works for me. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - Yes, 20 dozen. That's our program if you're looking for just one color. That's our best quantity for making an efficient production run.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Very reasonable.
RoyGPA - I'm sure ETT could sell any extras he bought :)
GWH - It`s hard to believe people are paying up to 30 dollars a piece on E-bay for them. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - ETT, most dealers can get this quantity especially if their distributor gets a couple of dealers together.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Silver Shad, now that brings up memories from the past (Dave says).
Reels - Do you know if they are at Dick's Sports in Davenport?
Driftr - I think that is one color I used today. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - My dad's first mega-hit lure, the ThinFin, started with a great selling color he called Silver Shad, the actual name of the lure then was the ThinFin SilverShad.
Reels - That was a great lure!
GWH - When it comes to the New Wining streak, do you have any favorite colors?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Reels, Dick's is on the list to receive the Winning Streak. You could ask the tackle manager when he expects to get them. Should be sometime soon!
David Storm and Ron Smart - I (Dave) personally like the 31, Blue Pirate (metallic silver, blue scale, red lip.
Driftr - Dave, do you sell from your site or does the Winning Streak have to be purchased from a dealer?
GWH - The Blue Pirate we have nicknamed The Money Bait. Obvious reason why.
David Storm and Ron Smart - The Metallic Blue Herringbone has been a big seller thus far.
RoyGPA - 31 looks like it would be a killer at Pymatuning... chrome with blue is great there.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Driftr, only selling to dealers/distributors right now.
David Storm and Ron Smart - That's a good name, the Money Bait. Works well with Winning Streak.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Roy, do you know Dolly Lewis at Kelly's B&T on Pymatuning?
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Dave, if I can come up with a couple Thin Fins, would you like to have them??
David Storm and Ron Smart - Their little shop sells a ton of lures!
GWH - I've got a buddy that nicknamed it that, a pro from Wisconsin. He`s done very well with it.
RoyGPA - Not yet, but I'll be sure to go there next time I am up that way.
Driftr - Roy, is Kelly's in Ohio?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Roy, tell Dolly I (Ron) said hi and hope all's well.
RoyGPA - Not sure Drift'r.
Reels - Take care guys, good luck with the new gig!
David Storm and Ron Smart - Jim - thanks. You should keep them. They will be collector's items soon.
RoyGPA - But I'll find the place :)
ETT (Jim Stedke) - I'm not going to throw them away.
Driftr - Ron, what is Kelly's address?
David Storm and Ron Smart - Yes, Kelly's is in Ohio near Pymatuning. - Andover??? Email me and I'll send it.
Driftr - OK, we know where it is then.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Email Ron at
Driftr - Pymatuning is a huge lake in 2 states. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - Yeah, just that I've known Kelly's for so long that I forget how big the lake is.
David Storm and Ron Smart - Hi, Cooper. We're talking about Dave's KA-BOOM! Baits new Winning Streak - metal lip hard plastic fantastic action walleye trolling bait. It just gets better as the night goes on!
Driftr - It is regulated 10 hp lake too, so we have to launch where we are fishing.
GWH - How does the Winning Streak compare to the old style?
Driftr - Dave, will there be any Winning Streaks in Glow colors?
David Storm and Ron Smart - The Winning Streak is a new unique body style with an action that walleye trollers like -- the metal lip is locked in, won't crack, break or pull out. The line connector link allows for easy tuning. The big #4 round bend hooks handle heavy fish. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - Glow colors -- could be at a later date - not this year. 
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Man!!! Which way is the lake???
Driftr - Well the hour has about passed us by, are there any more questions for our hosts tonight?
GWH - Thank you Dave, I Look forward to adding the Winning streak to my arsenal of cranks. I hope things go well for you with your new comings. 
David Storm and Ron Smart - Thanks GWH. We appreciate it! Keep in touch.
GWH - Although my wife may hate ya for it ...LOL
David Storm and Ron Smart - Stay away from the milk money!!! LOL
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Thanks guys, and best of luck. 
Driftr - Folks a round of applause for our host, David Storm & Ron Smart of KaBoom Baits !!!!
Driftr - Clap clap clap !!!!!!
RoyGPA - Thanks for your time Dave and Ron!
David Storm and Ron Smart - ETT - Keep us posted on what's happening in your area. Thanks for the chat.
Cooper - Yeahhhh whhaaahoo
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Clap, clap, clap
GWH - Have a nice evening boys!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Will do.
grind - Thanks guys!
Cooper - No problem!
David Storm and Ron Smart - Good fishing this season to all of you and thanks for being here. We appreciate your support, questions, and encouragement for Dave's Lures and Dave's KA-BOOM Baits
Driftr - Thanks fellows & good luck with the new company!
David Storm and Ron Smart - The web site --- --- check it for news from time to time. Send photos and we'll eventually post them.
Cooper - Okay, I'll try it some time.
GWH - Should be able to get a few in a couple of weeks, Heading to Erie ...
David Storm and Ron Smart - Take me fishin'!!! Let's get some 'eyes. I love walleye cheeks!
David Storm and Ron Smart - Thanks, Drift, good job. We appreciate your help and Walleye Central. You guys do a great job.