Gary Gray Chat 10/1/03

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Gary Gray!!!
Driftr - Welcome Gary Gray !!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
Swede - Všlkommen Gary!!
ETT - Clap, Clap, Clap!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!
JAM - Yahoooooooo!
Gary Gray - You lead, and I will follow.
Chatman - So Gary, is your fishing about done for the season?
Gary Gray - Yes it is, hunting is in the future.
Chairman - What are your plans for next year Gary?
ETT - Have you got the old scattergun oiled up??
Chatman - I am shining up the rifles and polishing the bullets, just counting the days up here. Though the salmon are in.
Gary Gray - You bet.
Chatman - Cacklers or Quakers or Honkers Gary?
Chatman - Pheasants, ducks or Geese that is..
Gary Gray - All of the above Ralph.
Chairman - It's too cold here, I stayed in.
Gary Gray - That's smart.
Gary Gray - So, where do we want to go tonight Ralph?
ETT - Did you guys see where Julia stands in the RCL?
JAM - Gary this has probably been whipped to death, but how did you and Pete Harsh become partners, you know working together at tourneys?
Chairman - Yep, she needs a good day tomorrow. 
Gary Gray - Pete and I have been friends for a long time, and last year at the Championship, Pete and I talked about working together while there, and it just built from that point on.
Chatman - I think one of the biggest misconceptions is a guy isn't a teammate with other sponsors or a different brand boat JAM.
Chatman - Did that make sense to any of you?
Gary Gray - Boat brands have nothing to do with friendships, or partners, it is trust and loyalty that makes a team.
Chatman - I agree.
JAM - Ya I getcha Gary, and Chatman.
ETT - You forgot honesty Gary
JAM - I guess it is the same all over, especially with the PWT, friends are friends and such regardless of sponsors.
Gary Gray - You bet ETT, but that falls under trust and loyalty.
ETT - Indeed it does.
JAM - Gary, how did you do in the PWT championship?
Gary Gray - 30th, I just made bad decisions.
Chatman - Don't be shy guys, feel free to join in.
Chairman - I heard the bite was good there earlier in the summer, before the cutoff.
Gary Gray - It was a tough year out there, more challenges than you can throw a stick at!
Swede - What's been the best bait during the season Gary?
Gary Gray - Yes it was Bruce.
Chatman - Houghton can be a tricky bite from summer into fall.
Gary Gray - Trolling patterns, suspended with the Off Shore boards, using smaller cranks this year, Renosky's, shad raps and hot'n tots.
Swede - Any deep diving Yozuris?
Gary Gray - I think if that tournament were held 3-4 weeks later, it would eliminate the fall turnover.
JAM - Metal Lipped tots or the newer stuff?
Gary Gray - I never used them Swede.
Gary Gray - The old style tot's.
Chairman - It seems like September is always tough. Locals say the same thing about Red Wing. Next week will be good! 
JAM - Have you tried the newer ones? And are you still with Storm?
Gary Gray - The new Dave's Kaboom lures, are actually the old style tots, because Dave is Dave Storm.
Gary Gray - No, I am no longer with Storm, not for 3 years now.
Chatman - Dave has done a chat with us, look for it in the chat archives if you missed it, it was earlier this year.
ETT - A nice guy, I hope he does well, and I expect he will.
JAM - OK, thanks Chatman and Gary.
Chatman - So you were using the Kaboom Baits?
Gary Gray - No, the old tot's.
Gary Gray - Not to change the subject, but last night DNR shocking on the shore lines of Winnebago, showed large numbers of walleyes.
Chatman - What size/year classes?
Gary Gray - All year class turned up.
sevenmmm - Large numbers = more than normal?
wa_walleye - Why do they shock this time of year?
ETT - There was a posting that a guy got 3 over 10 lbs. from shore on Lake Erie. Awfully early for that, but ...
Gary Gray - A lot more than normal anyway.
Mahumba - Most healthy right now????
Gary Gray - This was done to check the young of the year numbers, and year classes of walleye.
Gary Gray - Numbers of young saugers also showed up!
Chatman - Are they still shocking up a lot of bass too?
Gary Gray - Yes.
Gary Gray - Last night was the first night of several nights, as they will check all around the lake, and record their findings.
Chatman - I've had to abandon some of my favorite areas due to catching a bass on every cast at times...
Chatman - At least in tourney mode that is..
ETT - The young of the year numbers are in a range of 2x normal on Lake Erie this year. It may be best recruitment ever!
Gary Gray - Next year will be a challenge for the PWT, with Lake Winnebago in April!
Chatman - We had Fred Snyder on last week, from the Ohio Sea Grant, and he said the walleye fishing ON lake Erie is getting better and better, but he was worried that the gobies might be wiping out the bass population.
ETT - Very, very few small smallmouth.
ETT - In early April Gary?
Gary Gray - Yes, the 3rd week.
ETT - When is usual ice off?
sevenmmm - That's early, I guess all the contestants will be in the river.
Gary Gray - It's been as late as 3rd week for ice off.
ETT - That's what I figured, WOW!
Gary Gray - It will be interesting to say the least.
ETT - Hmmm, 35 degree walleye trolling.
sevenmmm - We will need ice chisels.
Gary Gray - I'm just glad, because the first tourney is at home.
Chairman - That's a good place for the handliners.
sevenmmm - Do you handline Gary?
ETT - The holes will be crowded, I bet.
Gary Gray - LOL!!
sevenmmm - Over all the years of fishing, what technique has caught you the most walleyes?
Gary Gray - Trolling suspended fish, with jigging being second.
sevenmmm - What's your favorite technique?
Gary Gray - Both trolling and jigging.
sevenmmm - Come on, you can only pick one!
Gary Gray - Whatever way I can catch walleye's. There are a lot of ways, and those are the 2 that keep cashing checks for me.
sevenmmm - hmmm, all right then, what do you like better if you're just out fishing for fun?
Gary Gray - Jigging, trolling if I need to search for them.
Jess Keller - When working 2 rods jigging up front, what length rod do you prefer?
Gary Gray - 5'6", this way you have total control, and your arms don't get tired. 
sevenmmm - Ok, how old were you when you started catching walleyes?
Gary Gray - I was 5 years old, my dad was a good teacher.
sevenmmm - How did you catch walleyes when you were 5?
Gary Gray - On a jig, fished vertical, because my dad was patient, but not stupid, he did not want me casting and hooking anyone!
sevenmmm - Good idea! Was that in the river there, in Oshkosh?
Gary Gray - Yes it was. He took me every Saturday.
sevenmmm - How big of walleyes did you catch back then?
Gary Gray - There were more saugers then, and walleyes were only caught in the spring, usually around 2-3 lbs, and the saugers were about 1.5lbs.
sevenmmm - Cool, I didn't know about the saugers!
Gary Gray - Saugers used to be the mainstay of the Winnebago system, till about 10 years ago.
sevenmmm - It makes me wonder if they will ever come back like the old days.
Gary Gray - They are on their way back as we speak.
Gary Gray - I personally had the privilege to release 2 million this year!
sevenmmm - Great!
Shep - Ah, yes. Sand Pike! I hope the stocking you are involved with helps them return.
Chatman - I have run into some really good saugers off and on over the last 4 or 5 years, but since they are not legal I leave them alone when I find them.
ETT - Gary, any idea on how often a natural saugeye crossbreeding occurs?
Gary Gray - I have no idea ETT.
sevenmmm - Gary, where did you catch your heaviest walleye?
Gary Gray - In the Fox River, it weighed 13lbs 10 oz.
sevenmmm - In Oshkosh?
Gary Gray - Yes, 28 years ago.
sevenmmm - Holy cow! I would never have guessed that! What did you catch it on?
Gary Gray - On a fly, in the river, from shore, while taking my oldest son fishing, and we had no net. It was in April and full of spawn!
Wurm - Hmm... imagine that!
Slapshot - Gary, are you fishing all 6 PWT events next season?
Gary Gray - Yes, and then some!
Wurm - What do you do (job wise) besides fish?
Slapshot - What do you think about a couple of the waters in the west?
ETT - Are you booked heavy for seminars, Gary?
Jess Keller - Gary, why do you think there is a lack of really big fish today in the Winnebago system? 
Gary Gray - I'm retired Wurm.
Shep - Are you going to fish any of the RCL Leagues again. I learned a lot watching you this spring.
Gary Gray - They're all good if there are walleyes there.
Gary Gray - Not yet ETT.
sevenmmm - Sheesh, do you ever feel wore out fishing all these tournaments?
Gary Gray - They have been depleted by fishmongers.
Wurm - Where do you usually do most of your seminars?
Gary Gray - Yes, RCL Leagues are great, and I get to have fun with everyone.
wa_walleye - Ok, define west please?
Gary Gray - No, I love fishing Sevenmmm.
Gary Gray - I will do seminars all over.
Slapshot - I am not really excited about the Bull Shoals one. But who knows? The ones you figure you will struggle in you do good and the ones you think you will do good in you do bad?
ETT - The West division of the PWT.
Gary Gray - Oahe, Sharpe, anyplace West of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Slapshot - LOL!
Chairman - I am going to Bull Shoals earlier, maybe I will get something for you.
wa_walleye - Out here (Washington) it depends on what stretch of river or lake.
Gary Gray - Neither am I Mike. I have fished the Arkansas tourneys, and it was not pretty!
Slapshot - That is what I keep hearing and it is tough enough going to new waters. Let alone ones with a small population of fish.
Wurm - Gary, what was your opinion of the fishing in Little Bay De Noc?
Gary Gray - I think it was a great challenge for anyway you wanted to catch fish.
Wurm - So, you're looking forward to it next year... EH?
Slapshot - Gary, did you like the RCL league events?
Shep - How do you feel about fishing tourneys on lakes with slot limits? 
Gary Gray - As always, God willing, and my wife still loves me, I will be there. It is Sponsors like Off Shore, that has made a lot possible, and opened many new ways to fish, so thanks Bruce!
sevenmmm - Is it true that you almost boated a record walleye at Little Bay De Noc this year?
Gary Gray - Yes, I liked it Wurm.
Driftr - Gary, who are your sponsors?
Slapshot - Cool, I will second that statement Gary! Bruce has been awesome!
Gary Gray - I like the slots, it makes people make decisions, and that is called strategy!
Chairman - Your very welcome Gary and Mike! Thank you for all the help.
Gary Gray - Yes, I believe it would have weighed close to 20 lbs!!
Shep - Tell us more about this fish?
sevenmmm - Huge!
Wurm - During the tourney, of during pre-fish?
Chatman - It didn't have scales the size of silver dollars and a mouth like a bugle did it?
Gary Gray - It was the biggest walleye I ever seen, and I almost got to net it. But a gill plate got the line, on a dive....
Gary Gray - It was during pre fishing.
Wurm - There have been plenty of twenty-pound eyes spotted spawning in the creeks around there.
sevenmmm - What did it bite on?
Gary Gray - NO, I saw the whole fish Ralph, and it had a large white tip on it's tail, about 40" long!
Chatman - That brings up a deep question Gary, did it hurt more not quite getting it in pre fishing or would it have been a bigger disappointment to have it bust ya off in the tourney?
Wurm - Inner bay, or outer bay?
Gary Gray - It bit a hot n tot.
Slapshot - Man that is big! I guess that is why that one is as big as it is. It finds ways to get back to the bottom. I bet you were just sick!
sevenmmm - They don't make Hot N Tots anymore!
Chatman - I was joking about the carp as I had a former partner that fought a large carp on Winnebago and insisted it was an eye till it got to the boat...;-)
Wurm - Oh quit whining about Hot-N-Tots! LOL!!
Gary Gray - Either way, it hurt, but the fish won. And, I know where he or she hangs out!!
sevenmmm - Whine!
Shep - Will fish that big hang together?
Chatman - That's half the battle, now you can go back there next season and see if she and her friends want to play...
Wurm - Losing fish... that's what makes us go back for more!
Shep - That is assuming there are more that size?
Gary Gray - I would like to find a school of big ones like that!
wa_walleye - Guys on The Columbia River fought one, but did not have a scale. Two guys near them did but when they put the net down to get the scale, the others had left assuming it was a carp. So the guys took picture and it may have been a record fish!!
Chatman - Well, the hour is slipping away, has Gary missed any questions so far?
sevenmmm - Give us another hour!
Chatman - That's up to Gary, if he wants to stay on a little longer.
Wurm - You can stay longer... if you want Gary!
Gary Gray - Thanks for having me, as always the guys and gals at Walleye Central are #1!! 
Gary Gray - I would love to, but last few days have been strange, right Bruce?
Shep - Thanks, Gary!
sevenmmm - Yep, thanks Gary!
Wurm - Well, night-night. Thanks for playing Gary.
Slapshot - Thanks a lot Gary! See you on the water again next summer!
ETT - Thanks Gary & good job!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Gary Gray!
Gary Gray - Thank all of you's for being here!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Swede - Clap, clap!! 
sevenmmm - Whistle!
EB (oh) - Good going Gary!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Chairman - Thanks Gary!
Gary Gray - No problem.
wa_walleye - Thanks Gary!
Gary Gray - Good night all.
Slapshot - OK guys, I gotta run but I will see you all here next week! Thanks again Gary and Bruce don't root too hard for those Red Wings! 
Swede - Good night Gary.
Slapshot - See you next week Chatman!
Chatman - Thanks again Gary, this was fun! And I'll see you next week Mike!