Gary Gray Chat 1/22/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome for Gary Gray!!!
Driftr - Welcome Gary Gray!!!!!!!
Snowman - Yay!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap clap!!!!
Mapguy - Hey Gary!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, welcome back Gary!
Gary Gray - Aw shoot......
Eyeman (IN) - Welcome Gary!
walleyeken - Hello Gary and all in the room!! 
Snowman - Gary, are there any new changes to your Yarcraft this year?
Gary Gray - Hello to everyone, and thanks for having me!
Chatman - Well Gary, where do you want to go tonight?
Gary Gray - Yes Snowman, there will be a surprise in 3 weeks.
Chatman - A surprise?? Any hints??
Gary Gray - Wherever they want to go Chatman!
Stacker - A surprise?
Mapguy - C'mon, spill it!!
Snowman - Ooh, I love surprises!
Dan(oh) - Hello Gary!!
Gary Gray - Hi Dan!
wyo''eyes'' - Gary, your my hero!!! What's your favorite rod?
Gary Gray - Favorite rod for what type of fishing wyo"eyes"?
Gary Gray - I use all Quantum rods.
wyo''eyes'' - Your favorite rod for jigging?
wa_walleye - Gary what do you think of jiggin Raps by comparision to other jigging techiques?
Gary Gray - I use a 6 foot, medium action for vertical jigging and a 7 ft med-light action for pitching jigs.
Mapguy - Any hard water tips?
Gary Gray - I have used the jigging raps since they were invented, and they have caught fish for me from the start!
unioneyezed - Gary , which minnow baits do you prefer when hand or pole lining?
Gary Gray - Hard water tips? Don't forget the fish that are 2 arm's length under the ice!
Chatman - Speaking of hard baits Gary, let's talk a bit about Renosky's line of lures for walleye.
Gary Gray - I like to use Storm DJ's, and the New Renosky's in hand or pole lining.
unioneyezed - Hmmm. Please elaborate on the Renosky's as I have not seen them.
Gary Gray - There are 2 sizes, 3" and 5", they come in the shallow, and in the deep diver action.
Chatman - You have done well with the Renosky Lures on Lake Erie, but how about on Winnebago and other places Gary?
Mapguy - The same presentation as similar lures?
Gary Gray - I first came in contact with Renosky's at Dunkirk, and I have never seen one lure dominate a body of water as they did.
Mapguy - Now, was it a strong bite or was it the lure?
Gary Gray - I did no get the 3" deep divers done, in time for the tournaments on Winnebago last year. They were not finished till July, which missed the proving ground so to speak.
unioneyezed - Gary, do you think the fireglow Renosky's would work well on the Detroit River?
Gary Gray - I think it was both Mike, a strong bite and the lure!
walleyeken - Gary, I just received some of the 5-inch deep diver glows, how deep will they run?
wyo''eyes'' - Gary, what's your opinion on lines in general? Do you use monofilament or fire line?
Gary Gray - Yes, any place you fish dirty water, the FireGlow will put you in touch just a little better. The Glow, lasts up to 4 hours in certain situations!
Chatman - Wow!
Gary Gray - The 5-inch deep diver will run 21-23 feet deep.
walleyeken - Thanks!
Chatman - Sunlight activates the glow as well as a strong light would, correct?
Gary Gray - I use strictly monofilament line.
walleyeken - Did you use the deep divers, this past year, on Lake Erie?
Eyeman (IN) - Can you regulate the amount of glow Gary ?
Gary Gray - Sunlight, will last longer Ralph. If you let them absorb light for about 10-20 minutes, they really last!
Gary Gray - Yes, I used them on Lake Erie, with great results! I took 3rd place!
Mapguy - How many sport shows are you up for, Gary?
Gary Gray - No, once you light them up, they are lit, you cannot control the amount of glow.
unioneyezed - That's great Gary, I'm gonna have to give em' a try this year!
Gary Gray - I am not doing as many shows this year, still dealing with my Daughter at Children's Hospital.
Stacker - What trolling speed do you like when you pull the deep divers Gary.
Mapguy - Hope all's well!
walleyeken - I can't wait to throw them over the side of the boat this spring!
Gary Gray - 1-1.5, but they will pull as fast as you can troll. The 5", I pulled for a test, at 10 mph!! They still ran true!! No other bait will do that!!!!!
Chatman - Can you give us a recap on your daughter Gary?
Todd_NE - What's the scoop with Merc's Gary, I hear that the Opti Max's will be offered maybe down to a 75 hp and the four stroke line will be filled clear thru 250 later this year.
Gary Gray - Things are going better for her, I just made her a promise, Dad will be there at every appointment, no matter what!
Mapguy - Good for you! We'll be there in spirit with you...
walleyeken - Gary, what's the best way to fish the Whammys?
Gary Gray - Your hearing right. I know the 115 four stoke is going to be a sweet engine, as well as the rest of the line.
Chatman - You never get back missed time with your children Gary, that's great and I am sure it is a real comfort for her too!
wyo''eyes'' - Gary, what's your opinion on fish finders?
Gary Gray - I wouldn't miss her doings for nothing! SHE HAS been at my side since I won my first event on the MWC, she was 2 then.
Gary Gray - Have I missed anyone?
Chatman - Is there a way a person can find out where Renosky's are sold, near them, Gary?
Stacker - What's the Whammy?
Gary Gray - Fish locators: WEll, I fish all Lowrance, and there is a reason for that, they help me find fish AND in my opinion, they are the best out there.
Mapguy - Gary, do you use the GPS mapping???
wyo''eyes'' - Gary what's your thoughts on dual frequency transducers?
Stacker - Whammy spinners?
Gary Gray - Fleet Farm stores have them, and will have a big array this spring. But you can call direct for info, 1-800-342-2803, ask for Denise, she is a sweethart, and will answer any questions.
wa_walleye - I thought the Whammy's were made by Mack's Lures?
wa_walleye - The Wedding Rig, with two hooks.
Gary Gray - I like single frequency better, but that's just my opinion.
Chatman - Thanks for the info on how to find a retailer Gary!
Swede - Gary, do you know if there is an importer to Sweden?
Gary Gray - Are you talking about the Mack's lure Whammy's?
walleyeken - Gary, what kind of program did you run last year on Lake Erie? Were you fishing deep mud flats or off the reefs?
wa_walleye - I thought so Gary....
Gary Gray - Every place that I fish, seems to have a different bite, and at the Soo, the Whammy was #1.
Stacker - Are Whammy's like a Smiley blade?
Gary Gray - I was fishing suspended fish, in the top ten feet of the water column.
Eyeman (IN) - I've got to run Thanks Gary !! You are doing fine like always, good luck with your Daughter !! Nite all !!!
walleyeken - Ok, thanks.
Mapguy - G'nite eye!
Gary Gray - Yes, they have a smile blade on them, with the wedding rings.
Gary Gray - See ya Eyeman!
Gary Gray - Have I missed anyone so far?
Mapguy - GPS mapping?
walleyeken - Gary do you think they should close walleye fishing in the rivers on Lake Erie in the spring?
Chatman - To run one in the top 10 feet Gary, how do you set up the rod?
Juls - Hey Gary, I know you run Off Shore boards, can you tell us what releases you use on yours?
Gary Gray - Yes, I think the rivers should be closed to fishing then. It's like deer hunting, you don't hunt them in May, except in Wisconsin.
wyo''eyes'' - I have a real tough time fishing suspended eyes, any pointers?
Swede - Gary do you know if there's an importer of the Renosky´s to Sweden?
Gary Gray - I ran them 20ft behind the Off Shore boards, which let me get the bait a long way away from the boat. That's important, when fishing clear water, and fishing fish up high. Use a board that will get you out there, and the only one that will do that is the Off Shore board.
Juls - What releases are you using on your boards Gary?
Gary Gray - I run the Snapper release, it works better for us old guys, easier to use, can do it with one hand.
unioneyezed - Gary, any tricks to rigging the boards?
Chatman - Did you use any weight, or just run the Whammys weightless?
Gary Gray - No Swede, but you could call direct, and talk to Joe, 1-800-342-2803.
walleyeken - Gary, with Lake Erie being almost completely frozen, would this kill alot of bait and should it be another great spring fishing season?
Mapguy - Gotta run, thanks Gary! 
Juls - Got to run, good luck this season Gary! 
Gary Gray - I set my boards up with the snapper, and take the snap release that comes with the board off. I use the back snap release, even on the boards I HAVE SET up with Tattle tail flag!
unioneyezed - Thanks.
Gary Gray - I won't say the freeze will kill bait, but I look forward to another good bite this spring!
Gary Gray - There are a lots of big fish there!
wyo''eyes'' - What's your favorite color of jig Gary?
walleyeken - Hey Gary, any comments on these carps coming up the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes?
walleyeken - Rumor has it they will eat everything!
Gary Gray - Are they a special type of carp?
walleyeken - They can get up too 100 pounds!!!
Gary Gray - I haven't heard about them yet.
walleyeken - Oh, ok.
Gary Gray - 100 pounds?? That's big!!
Driftr - The Chinese grass carp?
Gary Gray - Did I miss anyone so far?
walleyeken - Last year the PWT on Lake Erie was awesome!!!!!!! Gary is Lake Erie the best lake for walleyes?
Gary Gray - Yes, Erie has the best fishing we see all year!!!!!!!!!
dale - Have you got the sturgeon spears ready Gary?
Swede - Nite all.
Dan(oh) - Gary, what length bouncer rods do you like?
eyebanger(OH) - Nite swede!
Gary Gray - You bet, I just got done with another shack tonight Dale!
walleyeken - Would you rather fish Erie later in the season Gary?
Chatman - Good morning Sweede! 
Gary Gray - I use a 7 1/2 foot, Medium light rod for bouncers.
walleyeken - Hey Harsh!!
Swede - Good night Banger & Chatman!!
Gary Gray - No Walleyeken, April seems to be just right. Although, we will be at Dunkirk later in the year.
Gary Gray - Hi Pete!!
HARSH - Hello.
walleyeken - Speaking of Dunkirk Gary, will you run cranks with snap weights?
Gary Gray - Lets all have a big round of applause for Ranger Cup winner, Pete Harsh!!
walleyeken - Clap, clap!
walleyeken - Way to go Pete!!
RoyGPA - Way to go Pete!
dale - Way to go Pete!
Chatman - Yee Haaa!
Gary Gray - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
wyo''eyes'' - Cool!!!!!
eyebanger(OH) - Good show Pete!
HARSH - Starting out for 2003 Skunked again, just like everyone else!
walleyeken - Ha, ha!!
dale - LOL!
unioneyezed - I've gotta go, good luck to you this year Gary, and best wishes to your daughter and family! And nice job Pete!
Gary Gray - Pete is the best live bait rigger in the country, and now Mr. Tiller! And we are proud to have him on at Renosky Lures!
HARSH - Renosky lures used to be a secret Gary...
walleyeken - Gary, will you have to run leadcore or wire at Dunkirk?
Gary Gray - I know, but it's time to let them know!
walleyeken - Or will you use mono & snap-weights?
Gary Gray - I'll use both.
Gary Gray - Dipsy's come into play there too.
walleyeken - Gary, will you use the diamond crystal spoons from Renosky's?
Gary Gray - The new color chart is out for Renosky lures, and you can call the factory for a copy.
Gary Gray - Some of their rattle spoons and, of course, the Renosky Baits!
HARSH - Dunkirk is where Gary beat me in 2001 for PWT Angler of the Year. He didn't tell me about Renosky Lures until it was over. At least he told me then, But now he is telling everyone! 
Gary Gray - Have I missed anyone??????
walleyeken - I heard Sam Anderson bought out Beckman net corporation....
Gary Gray - Yeap, I heard the same.
HARSH - Yes he did.
walleyeken - I really think they are the best net out there.
Chatman - Thats great for Sam!
wyo''eyes'' - Gary, what is your favorite jig?
Gary Gray - Just a simple ball head jig, in chartruse/orange, and green/chartruse colors.
Chatman - Do you prefer to tip jigs Gary, and if so with what?
Gary Gray - How many here use Off shore boards?
wyo''eyes'' - We do a lot of jigging here in Wyoming, that seems to be the color.
Chatman - Me!
walleyeken - I do!
wyo''eyes'' - Chatman, tipped?
walleyeken - I love them Gary!
Chatman - Tipped as in Plastics and or live bait wyo"eyes"...
Gary Gray - Yes, in the spring, I use minnows. As it gets warmer, I use crawlers. I also use powerbait sometimes.
HARSH - Gary, as long as your in the hot seat what is your favorite color for the long stick Renoskys? And no fibbin!
wyo''eyes'' - I am looking into them now, just don't know how yet.
Chatman - I am kinda surprised Bruce (Chairman) is not here tonight. Must be a Red Wing game on the TV.... LOL!!!
walleyeken - I'm really looking forward to my new hook-hider trolling rods.
walleyeken - Chatman, Bruce is in Buffalo at a show.
Chatman - That is no excuse!!! LOL!! 
walleyeken - Ha, ha!!
Gary Gray - Blue/white/orange belly, Purple GLOW silver/orange belly, orange/silver are my favorite colors on the long stick.
Chatman - No Black back/Gold sides/orange belly Gary?
Gary Gray - I can't tell it all, now can I?
wyo''eyes'' - What's your all time biggest walleye Gary?
walleyeken - Gary, in your own opinion, what's the best circuit to fish, the PWT or the RCL? And why?
Gary Gray - My biggest are 13.10, on Winnebago, and last year at Erie, we had a 34 1/2" full of spawn, never weighed her, just let her go.
Chatman - Big fish!
HARSH - Orange belly keeps coming through on color selection doesn't it? Or shouldn't I said that?
wyo''eyes'' - Wow!!!!
Gary Gray - I think they are both great, we need them both, even though I can't fish the RCL I am glad it's there. WITHOUT it, we would have one circuit, and then there would be a monopoly. One compliments the other, and everyone is moving forward.
Gary Gray - Orange is always good, sometimes pink too!
Chatman - The hour has slipped away, any last questions or thoughts for Gary?
HARSH - Good comment on the PWT-RCL. Gary, have you seen your new Yar-Craft Yet?
Chatman - Yes we better end this chat before Pete and I give away all Gary's secrets..... LOL!! 
wyo''eyes'' - I have to go, there is know way I can thank you enough for your time!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
walleyeken - Good luck Gary & Pete! I'll see you in April at Lake Erie!
Gary Gray - I've seen part of it, I'm going to factory on Friday Pete.
Chatman - Cool!
HARSH - Good fishin' to all.
walleyeken - I'm bigfoot jr.
Gary Gray - Thank you's for having me, it's always great to come here with great folks like the people at Walleye Central!!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Gary Gray!!!
walleyeken - Clap, clap!! 
Carroll - Clap, clap!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
walleyeken - Good luck!
Gu - Clap, clap!!
RoyGPA - Thanks Gary!
Chatman - Thanks for filling in, in a pinch Gary!
Gary Gray - No problem!
walleyeken - My prayers to your family as well.
Gary Gray - Until next time, keep a tight line!