GNWC Chat 5/21/03

Chatman - Whaddaya say I type an intro and we have Bernie in the hot seat?
Stuart Smally - I say go for it!
Chatman - a fast 1/2-hour GNWC update?
SUPERTROLLER - Sounds good Ralph!
Mteye - Tell us more.
Chatman - Well, without further delay, let's officially make this a GNWC Update chat with Bernie Berringer!
Swede - Good evening all!
Fish_on - I could give everyone a basic update. We're averaging just under 30 teams per tournament, but we have 56 for Lake Okoboji this weekend.
SUPERTROLLER - Well, that's a nice turn out. 
Fish_on - We have 83 teams signed up for the national championship. It looks like we are going to be able to pay close to $20,000 for first at the national.
Rippin_eyes - That's a very nice pay out!
Fish_on - The TV show is the big news, we are going to start filming in about two weeks.
SUPERTROLLER - Where are you filming?
RoyGPA - Tell us about the fishing show, Bernie.
Fish_on - The show will be 13 weeks with two segments per week. Several of the segments will be GNWC tournament coverage and about 3/4 of them will be walleye fishing how-to. It's all walleyes all the time. The first TV show dedicated totally to walleye fishing!
Rippin_eyes - What station is it going to be on?
SUPERTROLLER - Good idea Bernie!
RoyGPA - Will I be able to see it in Pittsburgh, PA Bernie?
Chatman - Where will the show air Bernie?
Fish_on - It will be on the Sportsman Channel for sure, and we are now negotiating with the Fox Sports networks too.
Rippin_eyes - Cool!
Ristorapper - *Cool))) -
SUPERTROLLER - That will get you some good exposure! 
Chatman - It would be great to get it on Fox! More people can see it then as Fox is part of just about everyone's basic cable where as the Sportsman Channel is not.
Fish_on - Starts in October and runs through January.
Chatman - I can't wait to see it!
Rippin_eyes - Where are you going to do most of the filming?
SUPERTROLLER - We've got OLN and their programming doesn't match up to what they say will be on at that time slot.
Fish_on - We will be doing the filming in Iowa, Minnesota, SD, and some in WI. I am planning to do at least one Erie show, but maybe not until the second season.
Swede - Is it possible to buy shows for the VCR?
Driftr - Bernie, will the GNWC ever expand east?
Fish_on - We will be packaging the shows on videotape too.
MTeye - OLN is kind of famous for that..but I wonder if it is them or regional affiliates dropping the ball?
Swede - Great! 
Rippin_eyes - You should get to Chamberlain right now as the fishing there is HOT!
Fish_on - Yes driftr we will be in Ohio and Michigan in '04.
Driftr - Good deal!
SUPERTROLLER - They had motorcycle racing today instead of In-fisherman.
Driftr - We need it bad out here!
Fish_on - I'm getting a lot of calls from people in Ohio.
Driftr - I am 25 minutes from Ohio.
Chatman - Ohio and PA are chompin' at the bit for some real competition Bernie.
Fish_on - Someday we will have an eastern division including western PA and western NY.
Driftr - We have some real fine walleye waters here too!
SUPERTROLLER - There are a lot of tournaments in MI already, you better announce your dates early so people can plan their schedules!
Chatman - It sounds as if the circuit is received by the anglers, as good or better than you had hoped for? Am I correct Bernie?
Fish_on - I have researched a lot of the water in eastern Ohio, western PA and western NY and there's some good stuff for tournaments, just need to get the anglers in line so we can make it fly.
Fish_on - Most of it is about on par with what we expected, a couple disappointments.
Driftr - Bernie, we have small low payout tourneys here that pull 80 - 100 teams.
Fish_on - We hope to announce the dates at the National Championship in October.
SUPERTROLLER - The earlier the better I think.
Chatman - At this point in the season, are you looking towards any changes next year?
SUPERTROLLER - Will you know the PWT and RCL schedules that early?
Chatman - Things you have addressed from this season?
Fish_on - Just the additions of the Ohio, MI and a Great Plains division, which includes KS and NE.
Chatman - Or is it too premature yet?
Fish_on - It all depends on if we make any money on the TV show. If we sell all the ads, we'll expand even faster. Lot of ifs!!!!!!!
Fish_on - I am hoping to make the championships 100% payback within two years.
Stuart Smally - That would be an awesome thing for an angler that wants to play in your arena! Might even draw a few more in!
Rippin_eyes - I see you have a few in SD. When do the entry forms have to be received in order for you to compete?
Fish_on - Get them in one week in advance to avoid the late fee.
Rippin_eyes - Say three weeks in advance or more.
Mteye - So how much does it cost to fish the GNWC?
Rippin_eyes - OK
Fish_on - That's this weekend for Kampeska, Rippin_eyes.
SUPERTROLLER - What are the fees again?
Fish_on - $210 per tournament
Mteye - Hey, that's not half bad! I can afford one or two of them, and I can fish with the little vacation time the slave masters give me!!! LOL!!!
Chatman - Slave masters?!?!?!?! LOL!
Bassman - Hahahahahaha! I thought I was the only one with a job like that!
Rippin_eyes - I was thinking the one on Thompson.
Fish_on - That's going to be our biggest SD event it looks like, lots of people want to fish that one.
Rippin_eyes - I should have entered the one on Francis Case.
Rippin_eyes - We out fished all the tourney anglers there.
Fish_on - Shoulda, coulda!
Rippin_eyes - But didn't haha.
Rippin_eyes - Oh well.
Fish_on - Lots of teams bailed out on the Chamberlain event due to bad weather that morning.
Fish_on - We would have had 35 teams if everyone stayed and got in.
SUPERTROLLER - How many fished?
Fish_on - 27.
Fish_on - The day turned out nice and we had lots of limits.
Fish_on - Looking for a great bite at Okoboji this weekend, with good weather too. Should see some nice limits.
Chatman - I think that is why some circuits are going to the practice of not allowing sign up for like a week before the tourney, to keep the shoulda coulda's in the event etc.
Fish_on - With 56 teams prepaid already it should be a great payout!
Chatman - It sounds like it Bernie.
Fish_on - Put 28,000 miles on my truck this year and it's what MAY!!!!
Bassman - I did that on the truck last year!!
SUPERTROLLER - You need a company truck!
Rippin' eyes - So you are saying you want a sponsor like Jiffy Lube.
Fish_on - It is a company truck. Problem is I'm the company!
Bassman - Hahahaha!
Stuart Smally - LOL!!
Fish_on - Jiffy Lube would be good. I should be getting a quantity discount already!
Rippin' eyes - I would think so, that is 14 oil changes in a month.
Rippin' eyes - haha
Fish_on - 14 since the beginning of the year. That includes doing sports shows in five states too of course.
SUPERTROLLER - Stops at noon for an oil change and a sandwich.
Rippin' eyes - The worst part about that is the gas for the truck and the boat!
Fish_on - Thank goodness it's a diesel. I pulled a 28-foot trailer for many of those miles.
SUPERTROLLER - Who's going to "star" in the TV show stuff?
Fish_on - No stars, just me.
Ristorapper - Yea, hosts/guests??
SUPERTROLLER - Any visitors planned to fish with you?
wa_walleye - Bernie, you going to wear a bikini for us?
SUPERTROLLER - I'd rather not see that!
Chatman - Me either!
Stuart Smally - I have seen your picture Bernie, pass on the bikini thing!
Rippin' eyes - Hahaha!
Bassman - Hahahaha Stuart! But I'd bet you and me would be as bad or worse!
Fish_on - And some pro guests. Bret Beebe and a RCL pro will be helping do a segment on handlining. Bill Leonard will be doing a couple segments, one on jigging and one on speed trolling.
Fish_on - That would really help the ratings, NOT!
Fish_on - I have put together a great list of topics and I am really open to suggestions so if you have something you would like to see, let me know!
SUPERTROLLER - Snap jigging... how and when?
wa_walleye - Is there such a thing as a great blade baiter?? 
Chatman - Crappies on Hot n tots! Hey Jim?
SUPERTROLLER - Heard about it and not sure what it is.
Chatman - LOL!!
Rippin' eyes - Planer boards, tricks shortcuts and stuff like that
wa_walleye - Lots of people still trying to figure it out.
Fish_on - Blade baiting is a great idea, I will put that down.
Fish_on - Yes, I have already got a great outline on the planer board one. 
Guest1 - Need to see something on boards.
Driftr - Bring the cameras, I can do crappies on Tots.
Ristorapper - Ditto on boards!
Driftr - Off of the Off Shore boards too.
Chatman - I have the blade bait down for walleyes! My secret weapon for years!
Rippin' eyes - It is always nice to see how other people use that sort of stuff.
Fish_on - I have some neat tactics for attaching Fireline, etc.
Rippin' eyes - Yeah!
Fish_on - The show is called "Walleye Wisdom", not "Crappie Wisdom".
Driftr - LOL!
Chatman - LOL! Isn't crappie wisdom an oxymoron?
Fish_on - Although I would love to do a crappie show too.
wa_walleye - Well, the crappie invaded my last walleye tourney.
Bassman - Crappie wisdom would be an oxymoron of sorts if you spelled it "crappy"...... Hahahaha!
wa_walleye - They may invade the show.
Chatman - To follow that thought....a hot n tot is regarded as a walleye lure too!
RoyGPA - It's a good thing cause "crappie wisdom" doesn't sound too good.
Chatman - LOL
Ristorapper - Edit!!
Chatman - Nah, that was good! I'm leaving it in!!
Rippin' eyes - You should do one show with a take a kid fishing type deal and promote that.
Guest - What are the best tactics using Fireline with boards? How do you keep the line from slipping the clip?
Fish_on - We catch a lot of walleyes when we are crappie fishing on Upper Red.
Rippin' eyes - Double loop it!
Fish_on - I can double loop it in a split second, but I can't explain how, it's really easy to show how though.
SUPERTROLLER - Just twist the Fireline and clip on the twists.
Fish_on - Twist the Fireline on your fingers then put it in the clips. It's a lot faster that way.
Chatman - Unless you use the snapper release on Off shore boards...then no twist.
SUPERTROLLER - Yep, not needed then.
Fish_on - I have about a dozen boards and have not changed them all to the snappers. Might someday.
Chatman - I found them easier to release than the standard clips.
Rippin' eyes - What are the snappers called?
SUPERTROLLER - Church releases are cheaper and they will hold Fireline.
Chatman - Snappers.
Rippin' eyes - And where can you get them?
Ristorapper - Snappers?? OR-18's??
Rippin' eyes - The non double loopers.
Chatman - I'll check out the Offshore site and find it. The info may be buried...
Rippin' eyes - OK
Swede - Scotty's?
Chatman - Offshore, Swede.
Driftr - OR-18's & Snappers are the same thing.
Guest1 - Church's are ok but when they groove, they are shot.
Fish_on - If you want to know more about the GNWC just hit our website at
Swede - What's the price on releases over there?
Chatman - Thanks Driftr, ya saved me a trip!
Fish_on - We are working on a website for the show, it will be
Fish_on - All the results and everything are on there.
Rippin' eyes - You should post that on the message boards.
Chatman - It is in the live leaderboard standings isn't it Bernie?
Fish_on - I see some of the other circuits are starting to post their results and stuff on the message board. 
SUPERTROLLER - The snapper releases were about $9.50 (OR-18)
Fish_on - Several of them are on the live leaderboard but we are still waiting on new software from Scott to be able to do them all
Chatman - We are trying to keep a reign on circuits using the boards for free advertising.
Swede - About $2.50 here.
Merc guy - Good deal.
wa_walleye - Chatman what would be appropriate donation?
Chatman - It is not everyone that is abusing the boards, WA_Walleye. Just give Scott a call if you are worried at all.
Chatman - Well we are plumb out of hour here. A big round of applause and a hearty thank you to Bernie Berringer of the GNWC for stepping in at the last minute tonight!
wa_walleye - Thanks Bernie!
SUPERTROLLER - Thanks for chatting, Bernie!
Driftr - Thanks Bernie !!!!!!!
RoyGPA - Clap....clap....clap....clap....clap....clap....clap....clap....
Rippin' eyes - Thanks buddy
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap !!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Mteye - Clap, clap, clap! Yeee-haaa!
Fish_on - Thanks guys. See you at one of the events sometime
Swede - Clap clap
Chatman - Thanks again Bernie! It was a great chat and here is to continued success!
Ristorapper - Clap, clap, clap, clap!