Tommy Skarlis - and Chip Leer - Chat 12/03/03

ebijack - howdy tom! 
Tommy Skarlis - - Yo ebi! 
Tommy Skarlis - What does your "handle" stand for? 
ebijack - i got a call tonight...guess i'll be running the chat..if i can keep from getting booted :) 
ebijack - like old times! :) 
Tommy Skarlis - cool 
Tommy Skarlis - !!!!!!!!! 
ebijack - ebi is my last name..."jack" is from when "lowjack" car recovery started a few years ago... 
ebijack - i chased after a few guys that stole my can and caught them...i was call "ebijack - " at work...100 % car recovery 
ebijack - van... 
Tommy Skarlis - So "lowjack" has had one opportuntiy and is perfect in business 
ebijack - you have lowjack in iowa? 
ebijack - howyd gronny 
Tommy Skarlis - Dun nuh dun nuh dun dund udnud dudndu its groony! 
ebijack - groony 
Groony lol.....wutup boyz! 
Groony i got my mag's today, Tommy........ 
Tommy Skarlis - I do not know if we have lowjack - tonight the first time ive heard of it 
Tommy Skarlis - Cool - did you like them? 
Groony Thought I'd place 'em in Bob's for ya, or did u have summin else in mind? 
Groony Ya mon, they look good! 
ebijack - it's a car recovery system installed in cars so the police can trace your car by satilite 
ebijack - howdy guest 
Guest - hello all 
ebijack - let's start it off.. 
Tommy Skarlis - Hi guest 
Groony - u got it 
ebijack - please welcome Tommy Skarlis - !!!! 
ebijack - clap clap clap!! 
Groony -  welcome big guy 
ebijack - tom...what's the big news for you and chip on your "on ice tour"? 
Tommy Skarlis - Thank you!!! Chip Leer - should be along shortly - he is setting up for the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show 
Chip Leer - hi everyone, good to see some friends. oh yea you too tommy. 
Groony -  Are u boys ice fishing, yet? 
Tommy Skarlis - Chip is in the twin cities (I think he was ice fishing) 
20:03:23 EST ebijack - :) 
Chip Leer - you bet, lots of ice in the northwoods. 
Tommy Skarlis - All of our small lakes have a ton of ice on them 
Chip Leer - finally got a dsl line in my otter fish house. 
ebijack - you can keep that ice there! i still got some erie open water to do yet :) 
ebijack - howdy bounty 
Groony -  Well, when you get twelve inches of ice, over four feet of water, let me know - maybe I'll join ya! 
bountyhunter -  hi guys 
Tommy Skarlis - Ebi, you ever fished those erie eyes through the ice - their a blast 
Chip Leer - has anyone been fishin for walleyes through the ice yet? 
Tommy Skarlis - Groony - have you been out 
ebijack - last year erie had ice, but it's been at least 6 yrs since erie had ice... 
Groony -  still unsafe ice in these parts - i just put away the boat Monday 
Tommy Skarlis - I've heard that a lot of people have been "sneaking" out around the islands off and on for the last 5 years 
ebijack - my ice fishing equipment has dust on it :) i hope to fish open water till at least the end of dec 
Tommy Skarlis - In erie that is 
ebijack - is ice fishing your favorite way to fish tommy and chip? 
Tommy Skarlis - I am ready to Ice Fish and really do not care if I open water fish for at least two months 
Tommy Skarlis - Ice fishing is definitely in my top two 
bountyhunter -  the islands get some iffy ice every year ,thats not my cup of tea. 
Tommy Skarlis - So is open water fishing 
Chip Leer - it's mine for sure,,,,,,I catch more and bigger fish through a 8" hole than in the summer 
ebijack - you probably have to get your new boat rigged for 2004 tommy 
Groony -  Whan do you jig as opposed to spoon, Tommy and/or Chip? 
Groony -  or rig? 
ebijack - tell us what the "on ice tour" is all about tommy and chip 
Tommy Skarlis - Groony - you were talking about big water - there has got to be small hard water opportunities? 
Chip Leer - when not jigging spoons for eyes in the winter, my first choice when looking for fish is a swimmng lure. like the airplane jigs. 
Tommy Skarlis - I like to use Techni Glo Frostees, Fat Boys and Rattl'r spoons 
Tommy Skarlis - the Frostee is a vertical lure - the fat boy horiz. etc. 
Groony -  Yes, there is - some of the die-hards (or die easies, as the case may be) have been out on the smaller waters 
ebijack - chip and tommy, what water depths are the best producers for the most part 
Tommy Skarlis - You tough guy 
ebijack - howdy capt. dan 
Capt: Dan. -  Heres the motly crew. 
ebijack - howdy steve 
Chip Leer - As a rule we will rig one rod with an aggressive lure that swims, then back it up with either a "dead rod" tipped with a plain hook or a smaller fire-eye jig little motion 
Chip Leer - welcome guys. 
Tommy Skarlis - This time of year - the deep weed edge (outside) where the weeds are still green - 8 to 16 feet 
ebijack - tommy or you use a flasher and a camera for your ice fishing? 
ebijack - howdy sounder 
Chip Leer - welcome! anyone of the newcomers have any fishing reports through the ice! 
bountyhunter what state you guts fishing in? 
Tommy Skarlis - Mostly a flasher 
Tommy Skarlis - MN 
Tommy Skarlis - But we also fish all over the MidWest 
Chip Leer - whatever state we are currently other words mostly mn our home, but do lots of traveling' 
Tommy Skarlis - And even into PA NY maybe this year 
Chip Leer - oh, yea lets get some good ice on erie!! 
ebijack - tommy or chip, what's your preferred rod length for your ice fishing 
Tommy Skarlis - Have alot of friends in CO and MT begging for us to get out there too 
Tommy Skarlis - It depends on the species 
steve - who can give me info on sag.river fishing 
Chip Leer - mine is 26-30" with a good backbone for most walleye applications 
bountyhunter -  I"m in n/e ohio only got a little ice on the pond ,erie is still wide open 
Tommy Skarlis - For Walleye - Berkley makes a sweet 26" and A 30" 
ebijack - were talking walleye aren't we? 
Chip Leer - is there another fish? 
steve -  yes 
Tommy Skarlis - For Bluegills the 24 inch lightning rod and crappies the 28" 
Chip Leer - true , we just don't talk about it do we ha, ha. 
Tommy Skarlis - Sauger! 
ebijack - tommy or chip, do you use braided line for your ice fishing? 
Chip Leer - hi 
ebijack - howdy fishin 
Tommy Skarlis - If we use superlines - it is usually Fireline Micro Ice 
Fishnmagician -  hi ebi 
ebijack - "if" means you usually don't? 
Tommy Skarlis - Most of the Time I use Trilene Micro Ice and I believe Chip does also\\ 
Tommy Skarlis - Fireline is used in specific situations 
Fishnmagician -  good evening, tommy and chip 
Chip Leer - The way this winter is shaping up with weather, we look to have good ice across the I am excited to get things going. 
ebijack - tommy or chip, what jigging action do you usually start off with 
Chip Leer - good evening finshinmagician. 
Tommy Skarlis - Like Pike, Lake trout or Deep water pans and Walleyes 
Capt: Dan. -  Tommy. I do ice charters on Saginaw Bay in the winter. Last 2 years I started using the larger Genzs Worm baited with a 3 inch shiner on a dead rod next to my jigging spoon. The spoon draws them in most of the time, but more times than 
not they turn away from the spoon and hit the Genzs and minnow offering. Yet, I'll set out a tip up baited with a Genz maybe 10 feet away and it never gets a hit. What you think? 
steve -  looking for info on walleye fishing in bay city 
Tommy Skarlis - You aren't moving the tipup 
ebijack - steve...capt. dan is the guy 
Capt: Dan. I'm not moving the genzs in the shanty either, 
Tommy Skarlis - Capt dan - you have a website for steve 
ebijack - howdy kent 
Chip Leer - capt. dan, have you tried a dropper rig under your spoon? 
Tommy Skarlis - Maybe they are mouthing the Tip up and never taking it enough to pull the flag 
Capt: Dan. -  Ya. Go to this site and click on ice fishing. 
Chip Leer - hello kend and reelman 
ebijack - howdy reelman 
Kent -  Hey ebijack - How are you tonight 
REELMAN hello all 
Tommy Skarlis - Also on saginaw bay - Check with Franks Great Outdoors 
Chip Leer - hello perchjerker welcome all 
ebijack - howdy perch 
Fishnmagician -  hello, PJ 
Tommy Skarlis - What up PJ? 
perchjerker -  hey guys..dont let me interrupt 
perchjerker -  Hi Tom 
ebijack - i hear perchjerker is going to be the "new" chatman 
Chip Leer - we will talk amungnst ourselves. 
perchjerker -  yea thats what they tell me lol 
Tommy Skarlis - You unzipped the Otter PJ - Come on in and get to fishin 
perchjerker -  sounds great 
Capt: Dan. -  Hey perch. remember post don't get counted on the chat board. 
ebijack - howdy tmnwi 
perchjerker -  hey remember I am slowng down it the post dept 
TMnWI -  Hello All 
Tommy Skarlis - Youre working more now PJ 
perchjerker -  Hi TM 
Tommy Skarlis - Hi TMnWI 
perchjerker -  Yea thats true Tommy 
Chip Leer - hi and welcome 
ebijack - tommy or chip, do you have a line of ice fishing baits you sell? 
Tommy Skarlis - No - but we do get to help design them 
ebijack - tommy or chip, when baiting your spoons, do you use one or more minnows? 
Kent - Hey chip Tommy what have you guys design? 
Capt: Dan. -  So, Tommy. Where on the body do you hook your dead rod minnows? I've discovered that hooking them just under the skin between the tail and the dorsal fin makes them shimmy versus actually swim and it seems to make a difference. 
Tommy Skarlis - Sometimes we use Four minnows - other times - no minnows at all - just Powerbait or Gulp 
Capt: Dan. -  On the dead rod? 
Chip Leer - most of the time on a buck-shot rattlin spoon i will use the head only as for a taste of meat only when i swithc that same spoon to a dropper with a single hook instead of a treble will i hook a whole minnow, and on occasion use multiple heads. 
ebijack - how does the gulp's action hold up in the cold water conditions? 
Groony -  Good night, good luck with the "On Ice Tour" , gentlemen 
ebijack - c ya groony 
Tommy Skarlis - Sometimes on the dead rod - I'll hook the minnow through a small piece of skin right behind the head - awesome hooking percentage 
perchjerker -  bye groony 
Tommy Skarlis - See ya my friend 
Capt: Dan. -  Seems our dead rod rigs onlt work with live minnows on them. 
Chip Leer - Gulp is awesome, no better thing EVER created for ice fishing, it creates that oozing goo you want from a bait 
Capt: Dan. -  And using a tip-up on the saginaw Bay get yoou nothing at all for some reason. 
Tommy Skarlis - I have caught fish with powerbait on dead rods, but sometinmes a squashed minnow rocks too 
ebijack - now you've done it chip...i'll have to add that to the many many soft plastics i have to carry :) 
Kent -  What is you favorite, of the Gulp Baits for ice walleyes (CHIP TOMMY) 
REELMAN  - got to get to the Berkley outlet store and get a little of that Gulp to try. 
Chip Leer - well, you will not be sorry. something to remember it is water based so keep on inside pocket 
ebijack - so.....don't ver leave on the floor of a boat in a rain storm? :) 
Tommy Skarlis - I like the Gulp maggots the best - they are small and can add as many as you need 
Tommy Skarlis - Kent - we did get a chance to help design Frostee Jigs for Lindy 
ebijack - tommy or chip, do you guys use 4 wheelers loaded to the hilt? for your ice fishing 
Chip Leer - Kent, we had much input in the entire line of the new Northland Ice Tackle, particularly the new Buck Shot Dropper rigs, Buck Shot spoons and the new Airplane jigs. 
Tommy Skarlis - It's advisable with all PowerBait and Gulp to keep the lid on the jar and the package sealed - otherwise fish will jump into the boat 
Tommy Skarlis - And they could injure you 
Tommy Skarlis - LOL 
ebijack - :) 
Capt: Dan. -  Tommy. Do you or chip think each body of water has it's own nitch as far as baits and tactics are concerned? Or that one technique that works on one body of water will work on all? 
Tommy Skarlis - Capt Dan - any Ice opportunities 
Tommy Skarlis - Definitely niches 
Chip Leer - yes, we do use atv and snowmobiles when we can and their is enough ice, of course, 
Tommy Skarlis - But also - Fish are fish wherever you go 
Capt: Dan. -  Not yet. But it won't be long. 
Chip Leer - absolutly, each lake is very uniqe in fact we are really seeing a preference to certain of the glow colors on lakes. 
ebijack - who goes out on point...chip or tommy :) 
Tommy Skarlis - You guys fish a cool spoon on Sag that has a bead on the hook! 
Chip Leer - i am skinnier 
Capt: Dan. -  I'd like to see other techniques work for us on the Bay. We have some finicky walleyes during the winter. 
ebijack - :) 
Tommy Skarlis - Chip makes me go first - I'm the fat one 
Capt: Dan. -  Ya, the Jack Hook. 
Chip Leer - Dan I know you do, yet you have big rewards there. 
Kent -  Chip I have recently purchased the new Skirted Airplane Jigs, they were killer on this early ice for jumbo pike 
TMnWI -  Tommy/Chip do you have any events scheduled in WI? 
Tommy Skarlis - Chip and I were talking about the Saginaw river the other day and a "secret" way to catch those fish 
Chip Leer - the pike are shallow now arn' 
ebijack - i know if dan gets me up to saginaw..he'll be out on point :) 
Capt: Dan. -  Last year was the best year since 1996 on the Bay. 
Chip Leer - point is good, you get to the fish first! 
Capt: Dan. -  Ebi. I'll take the fall. I did last year and I'm still here.LOL 
Kent -  I have been focusing on pretty shallow waters 
ebijack - :) 
Tommy Skarlis - Does anyone want to hear the secret technique that we used to Ice Saginaw River Fish 
Chip Leer - Good for you Kent many pike yet? 
ebijack - sure! 
Capt: Dan. -  Let us guess first. 
Kent -  and the fish are going nuts 
REELMAN - -REELMAN lets hear it 
Capt: Dan. -  Fire ball jigs. Jigging rapala with extended belly hook. 
Kent -  I had a hard time keeping a jig in the water 
Tommy Skarlis - We were fishing in 12 feet of water and the only way to catch the fish was to bring them up to three feet under the hole! 
Capt: Dan. -  How many years ago was this Tommy? 
Chip Leer - Someone asked about WI appearances, not at this point, yet we are in St. Paul MN this weekend for the Ice Show and at Bass Pro Shops Gurnee next, and of course you can always check out our website at too. 
Tommy Skarlis - 2001 or 2002 
Capt: Dan. -  I'm surprised as the river has cleared up like the Bay. 
Tommy Skarlis - We were there for the Shiver on the River - it could have been 2000 
Capt: Dan. -  Where on the river were you fishing? 
Tommy Skarlis - By Hooters 
Chip Leer - maybe 2000 tommy?,,,whew we best go back, too long away from that great fishery 
Capt: Dan. -  By the 2 shelves near the West shore? 
ebijack - hooters is a favorite 
Chip Leer - yep we screamed in buffalo wing orders. 
perchjerker -  hey eye 
ebijack - howdy eyeman scaletic 
Chip Leer - welcome! 
Eyeman (IN) -  Hi Eyeryone 
ScaleTic -  Hi all! 
Chip Leer - Hi 
Tommy Skarlis - could have been - it was a flat that dropped into deeper water 
perchjerker -  hello jw and scale 
ebijack - howdy jw 
Tommy Skarlis - Hi 
JW (OH) hi 
Capt: Dan.  - I believe that. Both of them shelves come nearly to the surface at their tops. If you were positioned right they would come off the shelf straight into youor lures. 
ebijack - tommy or chip, do you guys believe in being mobile or do you wait a spot out for "x" amount of time 
Tommy Skarlis - No - they came off the bottom and chased it all the way to the ice 
Tommy Skarlis - If you stopped it anywhere and tried to let them take it they would leave 
Capt: Dan. You'd be hard pressed right now to get anything in the saginaw. For some reason they are staying out in the bay longer this season. 
Capt: Dan. -  I think they are still gorging on the goobies. 
Tommy Skarlis - They might be finicky due to the clear water - might want to switch to a Fluro like Vanish 
ebijack - so you dropped your lure to the bottom then reeeled it up to create a reaction bite? 
Tommy Skarlis - Slowly pulled it up in a teasing the cat fashion 
Chip Leer - actually, you enticed the fish to slowl y chase 
perchjerker -  hey dan 
Chip Leer - welcome cleepshaw 
ebijack - that was a jig or spoon? 
ebijack - howdy cleep! 
ScaleTic  - Hi Cleepshaw 
Cleepshaw - Hey guys 
Chip Leer - prototypes of the Northland Airplane jig. 
Fishnmagician -  hey, cleepshaw 
Eyeman (IN)  - got to run for now :-( !! Nite all !! 
Tommy Skarlis - I caught a couple on fat boys too 
ebijack - c ya eyeman 
perchjerker -  later eye 
Tommy Skarlis - See ya Eyeman 
Chip Leer - good night eyeman/ 
Fishnmagician -  nite eye 
perchjerker -  hey guys if you didn't answer this before, what is your favorite line for eyes thru the ice 
Tommy Skarlis - Captn Dan - Chip and I saw the "dropper hook" you talked about earlier 
ebijack - tommy or chip, how many holes do you guys usually drill in an area before starting to fish 
JW (OH) -  fireline 
Chip Leer - I love Berkley Micro Ice...moslty 6 lb unless 
Tommy Skarlis - My favorite line is Trilene Micro Ice 
ebijack - howdy dan and lonley 
Chip Leer - don't be lonly go fishin. 
Fishnmagician  - hello dan(oh) 
perchjerker -  hey dan and lonley 
Dan(oh) -  hello all 
Tommy Skarlis - We drill holes until Chip gets tired - then I drill a couple 
ebijack - :) great answer 
Chip Leer - true 
perchjerker -  what # test Tommy? 
ebijack - o.k. dan you have to drill most all the holes on saginaw :) 
Tommy Skarlis - We drill a lot of holes - sometimes 2 to 3 hundred 
Chip Leer - then he gives me a cookie 
ebijack - :) 
Tommy Skarlis - 3# for bluegills - #4 for crappies #6 to 8 for eyes 
perchjerker -  thanks 
Tommy Skarlis - with finicky fish - We'll drop a test lb or two or go to Vanish 
ebijack - tommy or chip, what gloves do you guys find the best 
Cleepshaw -  Do you guys find that the hole diameter makes much difference? My jiffy is an 8" 
ebijack - for keeping your hands warm etc 
Kent -  You guys must have some pretty efficient augers for cutting those holes 
Tommy Skarlis - Jerseys with deerskin mittens 
Kent -  What is you choice? 
ebijack - howdy gmerz 
ScaleTic -  Hi gmerz! 
Tommy Skarlis - For eyes the biggest I'll usually go for diameter is 8" Strikemaster Lazermag 
gmerz -  hey there.. 
Chip Leer - Yes, we love our Lazer StrikeMasters...makes cutting easy and fast. we usually drill 8" however are using that new 3 blade 9" more and more. 
perchjerker -  hi gmerz 
Tommy Skarlis - I really like to fish with 5" for pans - they cannot turn around if they come off of the hook and they swim up to the hole and into the fryin pan 
Kent -  Does the three blade 9" chew throught the ice pretty well 
ebijack - tommy or chip, how much have you used a gps out on the ice 
Chip Leer - If anyone wants to witness a great event, try the WORLD ICE AUGER DRILLING CHAMPIONSHIPS in Nisswa, MN ...this thing is a hoot. 
perchjerker -  hello joe 
ebijack - throw out an anchor dan 
Tommy Skarlis - Were not leaving home without a GPS 
tbomn -  Hey brian 
Fishnmagician  - hello, tbomn 
ScaleTic  - Hey Dan and tbomn 
ebijack - howdy tbomn 
Capt: Dan. -  I think Tommy pulled the plug on my P.C... My questions were getting to tough. 
tbomn  - good evening all 
perchjerker -  im just sitting back, keeping an eye on these guys in case it gets out of hand lol 
Tommy Skarlis - You seem to know your stuff Capt Dan 
Chip Leer - Oh, yea Someone asked about WI appearances....sorry, we are doing a whole tour with our On Ice Olympic Trials Tour at Mills stores, I can't recall the schedule, but will be posted on our website 
Tommy Skarlis - Hey TBOMN 
Capt: Dan. Only been ice fishing for about 45 years. 
gmerz Chip, when is that ice drillin' event 
tbomn tough crowd?? 
Tommy Skarlis - Awesome crowd 
Tommy Skarlis - !!!! 
perchjerker -  yes its been a good crowd tonight 
Chip Leer - 2nd weekend of January...believe we have a's great stock division, modified and hand...awesome. 
Tommy Skarlis - Capt dan - what did you do for the 45 before that 
Dan(oh) -  why talk about ice, we really don't get much on Erie and winter is not here yet 
ebijack - htey need to televise that ice drill event 
perchjerker -  i put up a post just now about it telling guys to come on in! 
Capt: Dan. -  Sucked my thumb. 
ebijack - good one tommy!! 
Chip Leer - I understand ESPN is going to do a the dog trails. 
Tommy Skarlis - Dan(oh) time to travel to the ice 
ebijack - howdy gomer 
perchjerker -  hi gomer 
ScaleTic -  Hey gomer 
gomer -  hello 
Chip Leer - hello gomer 
Tommy Skarlis - yo gomer 
Capt: Dan. -  Shazammmmm Gomer. 
gomer -  yoyoyo 
Tommy Skarlis - Capt Dan - if we come to saginaw - will you take us out? 
gmerz -  Question for Chip or Tommy, any expectation for an improvement in the Leech Lake situation next year ?? 
Dan(oh) -  i'm scared to go on the ice on Erie 
ebijack - a southern guy told me a "blue necker" is anyone who builds a house bigger than the one he lives in out on the ice 
Tommy Skarlis - Dan(oh) - You need to TRAVEL 
Capt: Dan. -  If I don't have a trip you can tag along. But just you two. Mark martin wanted to bring along some local competition. no go.  
ebijack - let me know capt dan...i'll be there!| 
Chip Leer - Leech Lake is definetly under the scope,,,looks as if there will be some sort of slot coming in the next couple years, however there still is a strong local belief that it's not because there are no walleyes. 
ebijack - howdy sf49 
Tommy Skarlis - We also appreciate the guide hiring option -a fella has got to make a livin! 
Chip Leer - weclome 
Tommy Skarlis - Hey stevie 
sf49 -  good evening all 
Dan(oh) what electronics do you run on your boat Tommy 
Tommy Skarlis - Capt Dan what are your rates? 
Tommy Skarlis - Lowrance 
Capt: Dan. -  If you get me as a guide. I supply everything. Food, shanty, heat, bait, the whole shebang. You guys just show up with a thermos of coffee and I do the rest. 
Chip Leer - dan I like to reel my own in!! 
Tommy Skarlis - Chip needs two thermos 
Dan(oh) -  where do you guys ice fish 
ebijack - you didn't mention the beverage capt dan.... :) 
Chip Leer - we like to fish anywhere we can, yet live in MN. 
Kent -  Where ever theres Ice Am I right 
Chip Leer - welcome 
Capt: Dan. -  POP only. NO booze. 
Chip Leer - you got it Kent 
Tommy Skarlis - Good policy Capt 
ebijack - howdy cdog68 
Chip Leer - welcome 
Capt: Dan.  - Tommy. We could make a deal I think. 
ScaleTic Hi Cdog68 
Cdog68 hello 
Tommy Skarlis - Cool Capt 
Chip Leer - welcome all 
ebijack - tommy or chip, what drew you to ice fishing 
perchjerker  - hi cdog 
Cdog68 -  hi 
Tommy Skarlis - If any body would like to contact us - they can go to or 
Tommy Skarlis - Capt dan- We'll go to your site to get your contact info 
Dan(oh) -  where do you guys ice fish 
Chip Leer - I was originally almost forced into it to continue to figure out how to guide 12 months a year and keep fishin,,,since those early days the equipment is better, easier and I also catch a ton of fish! 
Tommy Skarlis - For me it is the thought of pulling something alive through a seemingly lifeless environment 
Capt: Dan. -  Tommy. You and I have to work out a link exchange. 
ebijack - chip, do you set up shanties that are used for your guided trips? 
Tommy Skarlis - Capt Dan - I'll have to check with Chip - but it should not be a problem 
Chip Leer - not just shanties, Otter Fish Houses...creating a nice comfortable enviroment to fish from. Besides they are tuff! 
ScaleTic -  How do you deceide what you need, and what is just extra baggage on the ice? 
ebijack - otter fish houses? 
perchjerker -  yea they are nice, when my fishtrap goes, I would like to get one 
Capt: Dan. -  Chip. Thats what I use is the Otter Skin Shanty. 
Chip Leer - good evening! 
ebijack - howdy strikemaster 
perchjerker -  hi strike 
StrikeMaster -  good evening every1!!! 
Fishnmagician hey, strikemaster 
Chip Leer - love your name strikemaster! 
StrikeMaster  - first ice today in PA 
Chip Leer - yooo hoo 
Capt: Dan. There’s my man Jimmy. 
Chip Leer - there is ice in PA! 
ebijack - as we wind down, are there anymore questions for tommy or chip? 
perchjerker -  hi Jim 
StrikeMaster -  yea 
ebijack - howdy jim 
StrikeMaster u from pa chip? 
ebijack - howdy iboat 
Chip Leer - no sir Minnesota 
perchjerker -  hi iboat 
Capt: Dan. -  Strikemaster. You don't have a brother named Jiffy do you? 
Capt: Dan. -  LOL 
ebijack - :P) 
Tommy Skarlis - If we are pulling by hand - we try to limit to four rods - a handfull of tackle and hand auger, safety stuff, with a snowmobile or atv - to pull the Otters with hitches, - I take more stuff than most guys 
StrikeMaster  - no sir capt 
iboat - hello 
Jim Ordway -  Are you guys winding down. I thought it started 8pm CST 
ebijack - howdy skis 
perchjerker -  dont tease strike. I was just going to ask him if he could give all of us in the room a discount on his augers 
ScaleTic -  Thanks for reply. 
Capt: Dan. -  Were just getting warmed up Jimmy. 
Tommy Skarlis - We got time for you Jim 
perchjerker -  I think we will be here for a while Jim 
ScaleTic  - Hi Skis 
Skis -  Hey, just happened to be at work and I've never been able to sit in on a chat!! Depends on how much Coffee Chip has 
perchjerker  - hi skis you snuck in on me 
Chip Leer - Seriously, Tommy and I along with theWildSide crew has developed another great annual magazine, please call us or log unto our website and we will send you a copy for FREE! Please feel free to send us any feedback on them as well, we become better fisherman by learning from each other! 
StrikeMaster  - does every1 here live in Minnesota? 
Tommy Skarlis - Welcome skis 
Tommy Skarlis - I do 
Skis -  Thanks Tommy! 
Jim Ordway -  Anyone want to comment on the fake walleye picts we have been beating around 
perchjerker -  no strike 
ebijack - mich 
iboat -  michigan 
Skis -  I live in Iowa! Go Hawks! 
perchjerker -  mich 
Chip Leer - i do ido....there is lots of ice hear 
Fishnmagician -  MN 
StrikeMaster -  ooooooooo 
ebijack - there fake jim :) 
Tommy Skarlis - I miss Iowa all the time 
ScaleTic  - SD has ice! 
perchjerker  - lol ebi 
eyebanger(oh) -  OhiO 
Chip Leer - tommy you sound like dorthy 
StrikeMaster  - brb in a sec guys 
Cleepshaw -  Meeshigan 
Skis -  I don't do any fishing in Iowa. All in SD or MN 
sf49  - Mille Lacs has only about 2-3 inches on the main lake 
Capt: Dan. -  Tommy. I'm going to a 10 pound propane this year. Getting tired of using/packing 6 to 8 one pounders. What do you guys use on a daily bases? 
Tommy Skarlis - Do you guys mean the pics where the guy says its a 10lber and everyone jumps down his throat and claims its a 7 lber 
Chip Leer - we use coleman one pound tanks,,,mu7ch lighteer 
Fishnmagician -  lol tommy 
Skis -  Any guesses on where the hot spots will be in MN for ice fishing this year? I have never ice fished in MN. 
Jim Ordway -  No, comments that numerous pros use the same fish for promos, even though they may not have caught them, with no disclaimer 
Capt: Dan. -  I still use the one pounders to cook the smoked brats for luch, but it seems the bigger tank put off better heat. 
ebijack - hey everyone...have a great one...perchjerker is taking over...i have to go!!! THANKS TOMMY AND CHIP!!!! 
Chip Leer - there is some great fishing here. Look to Lake of the Woods, right now...its going good, Rainy is a sleeper and Winni is good 
Skis -  The big fish thing! Who cares?!? I've never seen a 10# in person! 
TMnWI -  Good Luck to all on the Ice and be safe... Walleyes are done - time to eat. Bye 
perchjerker -  bye ebi 
Fishnmagician -  nite ebi 
Jim Ordway -  My thought is that the average guy assumes that the pict shows something actually caught by the angler 
Tommy Skarlis - Thanks ebijack - - you are the king (until PJ takes over) 
ScaleTic -  by ebijack -  
Cleepshaw -  later ebi 
perchjerker -  jim the subject here is ice fishing 
Capt: Dan. -  Go ebi. one with the fish.. 
Jim Ordway -  Okey dokey 
perchjerker -  well i guess he didnt like that lol 
Skis -  I have a friend that did the bus tour up to Lake of the Woods last year and had a blast. He wants me to go this year! 
Tommy Skarlis - LOW ROCKS!!!!!!! 
Chip Leer - Thanks everyone, all our best this winter, and please feel free to contact WildSide anytime...we always want to talk fishin...walleye central is a great place to exchange info...thanks for having us! 
Tommy Skarlis - You should take him up on the offer Skis 
ScaleTic -  So Skis where do you ice fish in SD? 
perchjerker -  its been our pleasure 
perchjerker -  make sure you send Scott the bill lol 
sf49 later ya'll 
Capt: Dan. -  Tight lines Chip. 
Skis -  I fish a lot of the lakes and sloughs around Watertown. So many bodies of water and so little time! 
ScaleTic  - Thanks Tommy and Chip 
Chip Leer - The eyes are biting on LOW right now...very good numbers guys,,,time to hop on the pony and ride north. 
Chip Leer - thanks dan, good to chat. 
perchjerker a big thanks to Tommy and Chip 
Tommy Skarlis - Thanks PerchJerker - as always its been a blast - walleye Central Rocks 
Fishnmagician  - clap clap clap 
Cleepshaw -  Gracias Seniors 
sf49 - clap 
Capt: Dan. -  Hoots Hollers. 
Skis -  Sorry I got in late, but I enjoyed this!! Thanks guys! 
perchjerker -  big clap 
perchjerker - hey you dont have to leave skis 
Capt: Dan. -  Cat calls. 
Tommy Skarlis - Bow Bow Thank you Thank you - good night all! 
Cleepshaw -  gotta go too fellas, thanx- 
Chip Leer - thanks crew...have fun fishing!