Kristine Houtman (MWC) Chat 5/7/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Kristine Houtman of the Masters Walleye Circuit!
Driftr - Welcome Kristine!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!
Swede - Clap, clap, clap!
Warren MN - Clap, clap, clap!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Kristine - Thank you very much! 
Rippin_eyes - Hello! 
dale - Welcome Kristine!
Swede - Všlkommen, Kristine!
Chatman - Well Kristine, the season is well underway and one tourney is in the record books, how are things shaping up for Big Stone?
Kristine - We are a little disappointed at the size of the field for the Big Stone Tourney. It is a little smaller than we would have liked. 
Kristine - We're ready with everything we need to have ready, but we can't help be a little disappointed that there are not over 150 teams. We had hoped for a sell out of 200.
dale - It's a great place, any idea why the small turnout?
Chatman - I agree Dale. Big Stone is one of my favorite places I have ever fished. Great water, great fishing and great people. I plan to travel there again to fish for other fish than walleyes as well. I have caught some dandy perch and largemouth there while fishing eyes!
Kristine - I sent an email to some of the anglers that fished Spring Valley but have not signed up for Big Stone Lake. Most of them just had scheduling problems, whether it was life, like getting married, or other tournaments.
dale - Oh, ok.
Rippin_eyes - Who gets married during fishing season?!?!
Kristine - Most still liked the location, so there weren't any negative comments on the fishery. But it is a busy time and sometimes, (for some) it is too many miles to cover.
Kristine - Yes, one of our Mowers is getting married on tournament dates. Can you believe it!
Rippin_eyes - Wow!
dale - Who could be that silly?
Rippin_eyes - That must be some fiancť!
Chatman - I actually married my wife on Wisconsin's opening day of the fishing season, 14 years ago! I then, one-upped that by competing in the MWC, Dubuque qualifier the following year. Brought my wife to that tourney as it was our one-year anniversary!
Stuart Smally - Must be one heck of a wife!
Eyeangler1 - No doubt! LOL!!
Chatman - She is an incredible woman, for sure!
Chatman - I was going to ask if the travel distance was a factor.
Kristine - I do think travel to the far west side of Minnesota is awfully far for the Yoopers, the eastern Wisconsin anglers and Illinois anglers that turned out for Spring Valley.
Chatman - I know it was a concern for me, I took an extra day before and after the pre-fishing time and event just to get there and return home.
Rippin_eyes - Kristine, how many miles do you put on in a year, doing tourneys?
Kristine - Not as many as the anglers do, they often travel to the site (and sometimes back home again) in order to pre-fish on the weekends, etc. Usually for me it's just once or twice for the tournament. 
dale - We did 7000 miles in 1998 Rippin_eyes!
Newby - Kristine, how much weight do you put on doing a tournament? ;-)
Kristine - Now Newby...what are you doing asking a girl about her weight? ;-)
Rippin_eyes - That's it Dale? I figured it to be more!
Biff - Kristine, How many team entries for Big Stone? 
dale - Kristine have you been to Big Stone/Ortonville for a tourney?
Chatman - Kristine, there has been some discussion lately regarding the cut off date, especially that Big Stone is not full. Why was the cut off established?
Guest - Is there anything new on next year, or new sites?
Kristine - We established two weeks ahead of the tourney so that we could have time for all the logistics.
Kristine - There are a lot of details to cover, and we need time. However, we've also listened to the anglers and decided to extend the entry deadline to midnight Thursday night. And to that point, all late entries will be imposed a $25 late entry fee.
Biff - Kristine, wouldn't you always want to plan for a full field as far as logistics go?
Newby - How many boats do you average?
Kristine - We won't go past this second deadline though, as it is way too frustrating for the circuit anglers when local teams wait to decide whether they are on fish right before the tourney or not. So at LEAST one week is necessary.
Kristine - We have to have the big check ready, the money moved over to the right bank account for the payout, the info passed on to Walleye Central for the leader board & on & on...
Biff - I think one week is reasonable.
Kristine - It would be so great if we could get over 150 teams with just today and tomorrow, but I think we'll only add 3 to 5 teams. 
Rippin_eyes - Do you ever fish any really congested lakes during your tourneys? Lakes like Minnetonka or any other party type lakes?
Kristine - I believe the MWC has had a tourney on Minnetonka, (I live on it by the way...) but we haven't done so since North American took over. It'd be great for me, I could have the rules meeting at my house! :-)
Rippin_eyes - Yeah!
Rippin_eyes - What part of the lake do you live on, I fish it quite a bit!
Kristine - We live on the North side of Jennings Bay.
Rippin_eyes - Ok.
Chatman - BASS went to Minnetonka, but I don't think the MWC ever did.
Biff - Kristine, as of today, how many teams are entered for Big Stone?
dale - Kristine, we'll be leaving home on Monday morning. Do you think you could just deliver the info packets at Ortonville? The late entries may really jam you up.
Kristine - Well, I think we had 3 teams that wanted to get in for sure, so they will have to commit to the $25 late entry fee. Those were entries that were "snail mailed" but we didn't get until yesterday or today. So we had 138 when I left, and will probably get a couple more tomorrow.
Kristine - The pre-tournament packets were mailed yesterday.
dale - Cool!
Kristine - We went ahead with what we had and we'll pass out updated payout at the rules meeting.
Dan(oh) - Can you tell us how the Eastern Division is looking for next year?
BigBassHole - I saw a post from a guy saying that his entry was never received, he said the MWC lost it. If that is the case, is there some recourse the guy can take to get in?
Biff - That's not bad considering all the tournament opportunities this year!
Kristine - As of 135 teams the payout was $65,250 with $18,000 for first place, $9000 for second place, $7000 for third on down to $650 for 23rd place.
Kristine - Yes, we hear that. "I sent it weeks ago," and then when we DO get it, the entry was post marked May 2nd, THE cut off date. 
Biff - Kristine, will the one week deadline extend to the rest of the tourneys this year? Will it become the new rule?
Kristine - We don't lose stuff, but it might take longer to get to us than people realize. We have a BIG (I mean HUGE) corporate mailroom that it has to go through before it gets to the Events Department desk.
BigBassHole - I kinda thought that might be part of it. But say it really did happen, that an entry was not received, the post office does goof up. What could an angler do?
Kristine - I'll talk to the Angler Advisory Panel about it, we'll see. For now this is just a Big Stone Lake decision.
Kristine - It's the anglers responsibility to check with us if they are not posted on the website as a team and they know they sent it in. We will always take an entry form via fax and confirm immediately that we got it and they are in.
Kristine - The problem is when people try to shave it to the last couple of days. 
Biff - I agree, that's the best way to enter, send in a fax with your Credit Card number and your in!
BigBassHole - Cool, I usually send my stuff and keep a photocopy of the check, the entry form and the receipt from the post office, just in case.
Kristine - If anyone wants to fax in an entry before tomorrow our fax number is 952-936-9755. Then call us at 1-877-893-7947 and confirm that we got it. No problem then.
dale - For those who haven't been there, Big Stone is a pretty neat place to fish.
walleyehog - Kristine, I had to leave for a few minutes. Are you accepting more entries for Big Stone?
Rippin_eyes - Just out of curiosity, what does it cost to enter one of your tourneys? I have just fished small events, put on by small clubs with a minimal entry fee.
Kristine - Dale & Ginny, what's your favorite technique on Big Stone Lake?
Stuart Smally - I live for casting the shallows!!
Kristine - There is the $600 entry fee per tournament, plus $25 per person (or $35 for family) for membership in the MWC.
Dan(oh) - Can you tell us how the eastern division is looking for next year Kristine?
Rippin_eyes - That is it?
dale - We'll tell you on the 18th! LOL!!
Stuart Smally - That's the only way to fish Big Stone Lake, and it's one of the few tourneys where a jigger or a crank chucker can still compete with the trollers!
Kristine - I've got the eastern schedule in to Cabela's and a conference call scheduled for later in May. We are looking at a couple of different sites, all at the $600 entry fee. The same identical format as any other MWC tourney. Don't really want to say the exact locations while we're still working on it, though.
Stuart Smally - That is a step up from the original proposed format for the eastern division.
Chatman - I agree Stuart. My best MWC finish was 6th place at Big Stone, tossing cranks and jigs and spinners. (Mepps)
Dan(oh) - Thanks, it is for sure next year?
Kristine - We're very excited about this eastern direction though. Got a phone call from a guy down in Kansas wanting us to do the expansion down there in KS/NE, too. We'll see where this goes.
Biff - Dale and Ginny, I agree. Big Stone is a tourney Town like none other. And the fishing is pretty good too!
Kristine - It is for sure that we are going to have at least three tournaments in eastern Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania or New York. 
walleyehog - Kristine, has there been discussion in regards to the north boundary of Big Stone. The rules just say the North End. Would it be easier (please) to say where a boat can float on the north end?
Kristine - Yes, it's where your boat can float. So you can go into the river areas as far as you are able.
Chatman - It is too bad a guy cannot go down the river under the bridge at the south end of the lake, big fish there too.
walleyehog - I wish too! I suppose we can jump the dam!
Kristine - But hey, if you get stuck you're on your own to get out. 
Swede - Kristine, when trolling how many rods allowed?
walleyehog - We tried jumping the dam closing at the WWC last year, it didn't work! 
walleyehog - Going great. Looking forward to another well run MWC event!
Chatman - I am talking about from the south end oif the lake to above the dam. I don't want to wreck my boat, but that short piece of river down to the Dam has some pretty good-sized fish in it!
walleyehog - Minnesota rules. Two rods with one lure on each rod.
Chatman - 4 rods per team?
walleyehog - That is correct. 
Swede - Thanks Walleyehog!
Kristine - How many of you saw the TV show from the Spring Valley tourney?
dale - how's the bite there?
Kristine - We'll have some tapes of the show for sale at case anyone wants a copy. Personally, I didn't see it on cable and haven't had time at the office to just sit down and watch it. 
Dave Landahl - The show was good. I really enjoy the coverage on the Journal!
Chatman - It is nice to see a level of TV coverage for the MWC.
Chatman - LOL!
dale - LOL!!
Swede - Is it possible to buy the tapes online Kristine?
Rippin_eyes - If I ever enter are you going to put one on mine?
Rippin_eyes - I do a killer Al Linder impression!
Kristine - We also have MWC hats, shirts, decals, etc. Just e-mail us if you want something. Our website doesn't accommodate e-commerce for the small quantities we'd have, but we can handle it through e-mail.
Kristine - By the way, the MWC Ranger Boat 620 (from last year) is for sale. At a really good price, so check out our bulletin board on our website for details.
walleyehog - Kristine, are there any thing new in the works you can talk about for next years MWC?
Driftr - I want the MWC to come east :)
Driftr - There are lots of us chompin' at the bit!
Kristine - The biggest difference is the move to the east. We're going to have at least three tournaments in MI; OH; PA or NY. And we hope to draw at least 50 - 75 teams in the first season.
Dan(oh) - Just one more year Driftr!
Kristine - Of course, we'll still have the MN; WI; IL; MI type of schedule we're used to, too.
Driftr - Well, our first tourney on Mosquito this year had 82 teams!
Driftr - Kristine, you will draw 75 teams, easily!
walleyehog - You guys out East are in store for one heck of a well run circuit coming your way!
dale - I agree.
Driftr - We really need an opportunity like the MWC out here!
Driftr - The MWC isn't going to believe the turnout!
walleyehog - What is the new deadline for Big Stone?????
dale - The new deadline for entry is Thursday, at midnight.
dale - Well, I've got to run. Good Luck!
Kristine - Are there any other questions or anything? 
Chatman - Has Kristine missed any questions so far?
Kristine - I'd be happy to continue if there's anything else. Otherwise, the MN Wild are due soon! :-)
Chatman - Well, with your kind permission, I think we will wind this chat up for tonight.
Driftr - Thanks Kristine!
RoyGPA - Thank you Kristine!
Swede - Thanks Kristine! Clap, clap!!
Chatman - So if there are no further questions, lets have a hearty round of applause for Kristine Houtman!
Rippin_eyes - Well, it was fun chatting but I have to run!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!
Chatman - Kristine, it was great fun again! Let's do this again later in the summer!
Matt D - Thanks for the info Kristine!! 
walleyehog - Thanks Kristine. We will see you in Ortonville!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Biff - Kristine, thanks for the informative responses and listening to the anglers to extend the deadline. Got to go.
Kristine - Thanks all. I can't wait for the Big Stone Lake tournament! And if there's anything anyone specifically needs, you can reach us at  , or email to:  Or you can just call us toll free 1-877-893-7947.
Chatman - Thank's again Kristine! It's always a pleasure!