John Kolinski Chat 8/27/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for John Kolinski!!!
sevenmmm - Whistle, whistle, yay!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!! Welcome John, and thanks for coming!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Denied(Oh) - Me too!!
John Kolinski - Thanks, I'm glad to be here!
Juls - So how about a little re-cap of how your year went John? 
sevenmmm - How many tournaments have you fished this year John?
John Kolinski - I fished 10 tournaments this year, 4 RCL and 6 PWT.
Juls - You qualified for the PWT Championship and the RCL Championship, right?
sevenmmm - Do you have enough energy left to fish the championships?
John Kolinski - I'm heading up to Houghton next week for the PWT championship and later this month to Red Wing for the RCL championship.
Denied(Oh) - John what do you view as the most important thing you do to catch walleye?
Juls - He's just a fishing machine, he is! ;-)
John Kolinski - Cover a lot of water in pre-fishing, sometimes just eliminate water and sometimes to find fish.
JAM - How did you do in the angler of the year hunt?
John Kolinski - I finished 20th in the PWT and 8th in the RCL.
Juls - Did you win any tournaments this year? hmmmmmm???? ;-)
Chatman - That is a good question, you were angler of the year in 2002, correct?
Denied(Oh) - When you say find fish, do you mean catch or find electronically?
John Kolinski - You know Juls, Spring Valley!!!!!!!!!!!
Juls - Hehehe...
John Kolinski - Yes, I was Angler of the Year in 2002.
sevenmmm - How big of fish do you expect to catch up in Houghton?
John Kolinski - Find electronically first, then catch the fish Denied.
Juls - I know, but not everyone does. And this stuff gets archived don'tcha know. LOL!!
Denied(Oh) - :-)
John Kolinski - We fished there for one hours time and had 3 fish for better than a 5 lb average after spending a day looking around.
Denied(Oh) - John what are you using for a fish finder?
Juls - What are the dates for the PWT championship this year?
John Kolinski - I use Lowrance electronics.
Denied(Oh) - x-?
John Kolinski - The PWT Championship dates are Sept 11, 12 & 13th.
Driftr - Does anyone have a good anchor?
JAM - That's the same weekend as the MWC, isn't it?
JAM - I have a Richter anchor.
John Kolinski - It's the weekend after, I think.
sevenmmm - Hey John, what's you favorite walleye catching technique?
Chatman - Same weekend John, that is why I am doing the Live Leaderboard at Little Bay, so Dave can do the Live Leaderboard at the PWT Championship
John Kolinski - Probably, I would have to say jigging or casting cranks. That has made me the most money and I enjoy doing it
sevenmmm - Did you learn these at a young age?
John Kolinski - Yes, my dad brought us up catching walleyes.
sevenmmm - Did your Dad do tournaments?
Juls - Can you tell us who your sponsors are John? Do you have them listed on your page in the pro page section of Walleye Central?
John Balla - It may have been said, but congratulations at the Illinois last April. Well Done!!
Juls - Karen must be making him do all his own typing tonight, I'm just teasing John!
John Kolinski - My sponsors are, Triton Boats, Mercury Motors, Lowrance, Storm, MinnKota, Lindy, Flambeau, Tempress, Off-Shore, Berkley, Optima and Panther.
Chatman - That's quite a list!
John Kolinski - Oh, I forgot my biggest sponsor, my wife!
Juls - That's a great line up!
Juls - LOL!! ;-) True, true.
Chatman - You nearly forgot the most important one!
John Balla - You saved yourself on that one!
sevenmmm - Do you still get nervous at the start of a tournament?
John Kolinski - It took a long time to get these sponsors, but it has now paid off.
John Kolinski - You don't know how much I saved myself! LOL!!
John Kolinski - Yes, I still get nervous but love it.
sevenmmm - Do you stay nervous all day?
John Balla - John, how did the team do this year on the PWT? What makes a good team?
Juls - You would never know it, he always looks cool as a cucumber in the morning!
John Kolinski - That Depends how well the fish are biting. The last tournament I was under a lot of stress to guarantee a spot in the championship. 
sevenmmm - Oh yeah, that would do it!
JAM - Coming down to the last tourney to decide if you are in or not would drive me bananas!
Juls - I think he must practice that look to psych everyone else out!1 ;-)
John Kolinski - My wife was maybe more nervous than me, as she really enjoys going to the championships.
sevenmmm - Hey John, when you learned jigging as a kid, what techniques and type of bait did you use?
John Kolinski - I was taught to vertical jig and cast jigs to shallow water mostly with minnows or a half crawler.
prairiepillow - What are you favorite jigs, jig colors, weight, and why?
sevenmmm - Do you use those techniques often in tournaments?
Juls - What body of water did you grow up on, or fish as a kid John?
Chatman - Yikes! Let's give John a second to catch up!! LOL!!
John Kolinski - Favorite jigs are basically a bald headed jig. Colors usually chartreuse, orange/chartreuse or lime green.
John Kolinski - I grew up on Lake Petenwell, I still use the same techniques that my Dad taught me.
Juls - What technique were you fishing at Devil's Lake this year John?
John Kolinski - I was casting cranks to weed edges.
sevenmmm - How about at the Illinois River? 
John Kolinski - It went well in pre-fishing at Devils but died for me during the tournament.
sevenmmm - Where you won!
John Kolinski - I was vertical jigging hair jigs that my dad taught me how to tie when I was a kid, orange and green. 
Chairman - Unpainted jigs were good for years, why all the colors now? 
Chatman - Nice color contrast on the hair jig!
sevenmmm - Did your Dad fish tournaments?
John Kolinski - I think the colors I use has an attractant where an unpainted jig was just used to get the bait to the fish.
John Kolinski - Yes my dad did fish a few tournaments, a few years back.
sevenmmm - So who is the better fisherman???
Chairman - That's a loaded question, eh John?
John Kolinski - Me of course now that I have finally refined all of his techniques, but don't tell him I said that!!
sevenmmm - HEHE!
Chatman - LOL!! Too Late he will be able to read it in about a week!!
sevenmmm - I think he answered that quite well!
Driftr - Yes, very well.
sevenmmm - Can you tell me more about Houghton walleyes?
Chairman - John, what are your thoughts about the new PWT format?
John Kolinski - No, I have a tournament coming up but I will tell you that I expect it to be a good weigh-in with a lot of impressive fish. I do think it is a body of water that has been kept a secret a long time.
Juls - Cool, there's nothing like big fish to make it a great show!
John Kolinski - It will make for a good championship.
sevenmmm - Do you get tired fishing so many contests?
Chatman - I have been told about the fishing up there a few times, and always with the "if you hit it right" disclaimer after it.
Chatman - I know guys who go up there to fish for monster northern pike though.
John Kolinski - By the end of the year, I'm a little burnt out and look forward to some time off to do a little hunting, but after the 1st of the year, I'm all wound up to start all over again.
Juls - John. what's the deal with the million dollar fish? Do you have to use a certain brand to qualify for that money if you get the state record fish?
sevenmmm - How many years you been fishing tournaments?
Juls - Brand of bait, I meant to say.
John Kolinski - I think we'll hit it right, or some of us will.
John Kolinski - I'm not sure what the rules are on the million dollar fish yet, whether you have to be using a Quantum product or not.
John Kolinski - I started fishing tournaments in 1994
sevenmmm - How many have you won?
John Kolinski - An RCL and an MWC. I have been close a few other times.
Juls - Hey John, what are some tips on trolling leadcore? Do you use that technique often?
John Kolinski - My biggest tip is to practice it and use only a 10' lead between your leadcore and crankbait.
cbohn - Why only 10' John?
Driftr - John, do you segment your leadcore or run straight colors?
John Kolinski - Because with a short lead you can tell the action of your crank bait better than a long lead. Sometimes Fireline is better for telling if your bait is running true or dragging on the bottom because of the lead.
John Kolinski - Both, I do segment my leadcore and also run straight leadcore if off of the back of the boat.
prairiepillow - John, what's a good line counter reel for lead core?
Chatman - Do you tie Fireline as your lead or as the main line with lead John?
John Kolinski - Diawa 47 holds a lot of lead core, up to 10 colors, 300'!
cbohn - The Diawa 27 only holds like 7 colors.
John Kolinski - I tie it as a lead Chatman.
Driftr - John, how do you do your segments?
sevenmmm - What knot do you use to fix lead and Fireline together?
John Kolinski - The 27 only holds 7 colors of 18' test lead core.
Tyee - John, Good Luck looks like the best of the best will be there, Who is gonna win the championship? Or should I say who is gonna get second?
John Kolinski - I use very small swivels between my mono and lead core or Fireline.
sevenmmm - Then you reel them through the guides?
Fizzle dink - Ball bearing swivels?
John Kolinski - The thing I like about Houghton is that I can fish it the way fish Winnebago so I feel I have a good chance!
Fizzle dink - Houghton Lake, or Houghton in the UP?
John Kolinski - Yes, a very small swivel, I do reel them though the guides, a ball bearing swivel is not necessary.
John Kolinski - Houghton in the UP.
Fizzle dink - Oh, OK.
Tyee - Winnebago? What do you prefer, trolling, hand linnning, slip bobber or vertical jigging?
Fizzle dink - Isn't that deep clear water vs. Winnebago's sort of clear shallow water?
Driftr - Is the main reason to segment leadcore the advantage of using it off boards?
John Kolinski - Lake Winnebago is a body of water that you can use any type of presentation.
John Kolinski - Right Driftr
John Kolinski - The biggest fish I caught was a 14'7"!
Juls - Sweet, was that on lake Erie John?
Driftr - John, that is a biggie!!
John Kolinski - Yes, Lake Erie.
sevenmmm - Pre-spawn?
sevenmmm - How long was that fish?
John Kolinski - No, not pre-spawn, and it was 34" long.
sevenmmm - How did you catch it?
John Kolinski - I was trolling.
Tyee - John, Have they announced next years schedule? Are they coming back to Winnebago?
sevenmmm - Holy smokes, that's close to 15 lbs! Did you have it mounted?
John Kolinski - They have not announced next years schedule but I've heard rumors that they will be coming back to Lake Winnebago.
JAM - Is the PWT going back to Little Bay De Noc?
John Kolinski - Yes, I did have it mounted.
John Kolinski - I think it's going back to Little Bay De Noc.
sevenmmm - What color is the fish?
John Kolinski - It looks like a walleye.
sevenmmm - DUH!
Juls - LOL!
Driftr - LOL!
prairiepillow - LOL! 
sevenmmm - LOL!
Tyee - Sounds good! Rick, congrats on your Little Bay De Noc trip. Sounds like you had a ball day 1, or was that not you?
John Kolinski - No, I will be pre-fishing for the RCL championship at Red Wing.
sevenmmm - Were you talking to me, Tyee?
Tyee - Yes.
sevenmmm - Yep it started well, I'll talk after John's chat is over.
sevenmmm - John, how did you finish at last years RCL Championship, and will you fish the same techniques this year?
Tyee - John, who's gonna be the best contender besides yourself of course.
Bigfoot - It looks like one of the toughest fields ever!
John Kolinski - Not well, the area I was fishing was too crowded. I have an idea of what I will be doing this year.
Chairman - Lots of Off Shore guys in it. 
Tyee - Is there a list yet as to who is going?
Chatman - So you're speculating a jigging bite then Bruce?
Chatman - LOL!
John Kolinski - Big Foot, I think it's going to be tight at the PWT championship. Mike Gofron is familiar of the area because of Mark Martin so I think he will have a good chance
Bigfoot - The same with Mark, he will have a good chance.
John Kolinski - There is a list on the In-fisherman site.
Bigfoot - Mark Brunbaugh will be tough too.
Chairman - Oh yeah. Boards? What's that? LOL!
John Kolinski - Yes, the same with Mark.
John Kolinski - I think a lot of presentations will be used at Houghton, including boards.
sevenmmm - Isn't there some special rules to follow at Houghton, other than normal?
John Kolinski - Only with pre-fishing.
prairiepillow - Good nite all, thanks John, and good luck at the championship!!! :-) It was nice to meet you in Mobridge. :-)
Driftr - Good nite Angie!
Chatman - Wow, the hour has gone past already!
sevenmmm - Do you have kids John?
Chatman - Has John missed any questions?
John Kolinski - No, no kids.
sevenmmm - Oh, ok.
sevenmmm - Any Pets?
John Kolinski - No pets.
Chatman - That makes it a little easier to travel with no kids or no pets.
Tyee - John, Congrats and good luck!!
sevenmmm - Gee whiz, it must be a quiet house!
John Kolinski - Yes, just a wife and she likes to shop a lot!
Chatman - Well, the time has come and gone, and another great chat slips into the books.
sevenmmm - How about a fish tank?
John Kolinski - It's a quiet house, nice.
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for John Kolinski!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Thanks for your time John! And, good luck to you at both the championships!
Driftr - Thanks John!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
John Kolinski - No fish tank. We tried that once and couldn't keep them alive.
Chatman - LOL!!
sevenmmm - Whistle, whistle!!
Tyee - She must be a great person to put up with tourney fishing.
Juls - LOL!
sevenmmm - LOL!
Tyee - Thanks again.
Chatman - Maybe try a livewell then John?
sevenmmm - John, you're not supposed to catch them!
Juls - ;-)
Bigfoot - If I miss you good luck John-O!!
John Kolinski - Thanks everyone, good night, thanks for chatting!
John Kolinski - Thanks Rick!
Chatman - Good luck in the Championship John, and come back again sometime, an hour just isn't enough to visit with you!
sevenmmm - See you and Good Luck!
John Kolinski - I'll be back!