Rick LaCourse Chat 3/5/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Rick LaCourse!!!
Driftr - Welcome Rick LaCourse!!!!!!!
eyebuster - Hey Rick! Clap, clap, clap!!!
Warren MN - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Den - Hi all, and the burple bote guy too!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
Walleye Jason - Hello Rick!
Dave Landahl - Howdy!
walleyeken - Clap, clap!!
Mapguy - Yooooohooooo!!!!
Bigfoot - We are ready for soft water, I'll tell you!
Matt D - Welcome Rick!
Chatman - Woo Hooo!!
J McKibben - Yo Rick!!
wllye - Hey Rick!
eyebuster - I'll agree with that!!!
ebijack - Howdy everyone!
Capable Partner - Clap, clap and Huzzah!
Zander-on - *whistle, whistle*
Bigfoot - And if I'm elected......
Chatman - LOL!!
Mapguy - That's a good one Rick!! 
Bigfoot - Whazzzup GANG?
Mapguy - You tell us!
walleyeken - Rick with this long winter, what program will you run on Lake Erie when you get out?
Driftr - You tell us Rick!
Bigfoot - It's been a long winter so far!
Driftr - Rick Is typing! :)
Capable Partner - Hurray for Julia!
Chatman - Well Rick, since you brought up open water, is there going to be any for the Detroit River tourney?
Bigfoot - I'll wait and see what the weather brings Walleyeken.
Juls - Hi everyone...;-)
Bigfoot - I remember times that we vertical jigged then until mid-April!
Bigfoot - How could you tell I was typing Jim?
Driftr - LOL!!
eyebuster - LOL!!
Warren MN - That was short.
walleyeken - LOL!!
Capable Partner - SO then, what next?
walleyeken - Juls, are you fishing all the eastern PWT tournaments this year?
Juls - Yep!
Bigfoot - I think the Detroit tourney will be fine.
Bigfoot - It's going to be in the 40's this coming week, it will break up.
ebijack - Yesterday, it was flowing, there was ice, but it was flowing. 
walleyeken - Rick are you ever going to get back in running charters on Lake Erie?
Bigfoot - Even if two or three days before!
Bigfoot - NEVER!!
Juls - LOL!!
Capable Partner - Rick, How many appearances are you required to make for Team Crown Royal?
ebijack - Bigfoot, how many tourney's are you fishing this year?
Bigfoot - We will make approximately 200 appearances this year for Crown Royal.
Bigfoot - I'm fishing 10 or 11 tourneys this year Ebi.
ebijack - So that's the RCL, PWT, MWC?
Juls - Yep...;-)
Bigfoot - The RCL, PWT East, one MWC and the Wave Wacker tourney.
Mapguy - 200 appearances??? That's not cutting into the fishing time, I trust?
Driftr - Bigfoot, can you tell us who your sponsors are?
ebijack - Ahh, a life on the road!!
walleyeken - Rick whose worm spinners do you like and why?
Capable Partner - Are there any in the Twin Cities? I'd love to get a look at the new rig and say hello.
Bigfoot - Crown Royal, Ranger, Mercury, Offshore, Gemini Sports, and Pinpoint, to name a few.
eyebuster - Rick, I enjoyed your visit at the DWF last year. Are there any plans on stopping by this year when you're in town?(Detroit)
Bigfoot - We would like to if time permits Eyebuster.
Bigfoot - I use mainly Northland spinners.
walleyeken - Ok.
Bigfoot - We will be in the Twin Cities May 7-10!
Zander-on - Are any of the major tours thinking about extending a little further towards the North East?
ebijack - Bigfoot, have you practiced hand lining around ice flows? :)
Walirigs - Rick how did you fair On Winnebago last year?
Bigfoot - Yes I have Ebi.
Bigfoot - I was 21st Walirigs.
Bigfoot - And I just missed the cut!
Walirigs - Were you on the lake or in the river?
Juls - He was fishing in the river Walirigs.
walleyeken - Rick will the PWT ever fish the central basin, east of Cleveland? Besides Port Clinton and Dunkirk.
Bigfoot - It will be different at Detroit this year.
Bigfoot - We are going to Dunkirk this year Ken.
irishwebs - Bigfoot, in Spring Valley, where is your favorite area to fish?
eyebuster - Rick, do you prefer hand lining or jigging when in the Detroit River?
Bigfoot - I have four or five I like.
Chatman - That's a great question Eyebuster!
eyebuster - Say if the water is semi clear?
Bigfoot - I prefer hand lining if the water is off colored.
eyebuster - Then you prefer jigging if the water is clear I take it?
Bigfoot - I've done a lot of damage in the Detroit River with hand lines over the years.
irishwebs - Bigfoot do you ever use spoons for hand lining?
Bigfoot - Later in the season I do.
eyebuster - Rick, when you are jigging, are you a super line or a mono user?
Capable Partner - How well do your co-anglers adapt to hand lining?
walleyeken - Rick with all the crank baits on the market today, what's your #1 lure and color?
Walirigs - Rick what were you doing on the Fox or the Wolf River, hand lining or jigging? Bigfoot - My co anglers adapt very well after 30 minutes or so.
Bigfoot - I use Super line for jigging.
Bigfoot - That all depends on the body of water.
Bigfoot - I was trolling and handling in the river.
Walirigs - Thanks.
sdeye - Rick, is there going to be a new Crown Royal boat this year?
irishwebs - Juls and Rick safe travels see you at Spring Valley!
Bigfoot - Juls will be all new and improved!
walleyeken - LOL!!
eyebuster - The real question is will it be purple?
ebijack - Bigfoot, now that you've been hand lining for a few years, how important do you believe it is to use in tourneys.
Bigfoot - I think hand lining is a very good tool.
George - Rick, I am curious as to why or how water clarity affects your decision to hand line or jig???
Bigfoot - Hand lining is easy to learn but sometimes hard to master.
Dave Landahl - Rick, did you have enough fish this year at the RCL Championship to win if you boated all of the ones you missed?
Bigfoot - All but the third day, after all the rain, Dave.
Bigfoot - I was done on day one in 40 minutes, and at noon on day two.
Bigfoot - On day one I lost two big fish or would have been done in about 25 minutes.
ebijack - Bigfoot, how many other pros have you convinced, besides Juls, how good hand lining is in the right condition?
Gu - Rick did you stay in pool 3 or travel to Pool 4?
Dave Landahl - Rick, what is your favorite lure combination for hand lining? Will you be jigging at all on the Illinois River?
Walirigs - Rick I want to try hand lining this year with a rod. Where do I buy the leader with the clevises?
Bigfoot - My co-anglers were great at Red Wing!
jddancer - Rick-what lures do you prefer running off boards in late May and June in the Central basin of Lake Erie, specifically near Fairport!
Bigfoot - I was fishing pool 4, Gu.
seagull - Rick, have you been out on the ice for the recent hot bite?
Bigfoot - Jddancer, I run Reef Runners and Bombers from boards.
Bigfoot - Yes, I have been fishing the hot bite.
Capable Partner - You don't seem fond of anchoring. Have you had any tournament situations that required anchoring? And how did they come about?
Walirigs - Thanks.
Bigfoot - I'll anchor if needed CP. You just have to adapt to the conditions at hand.
Jigger2001(mn) - Rick during the RCL at Red Wing did you pull 3 ways or hand line?
Juls - The only time I have seen him anchor is when we are perch fishing...;-)
Bigfoot - I pulled hand lines at Red Wing.
walleyeken - Rick, what kind of releases do you use on your title flags?
ezmarc - Hey Rick, when is Stinger Spoons gonna come out with a Crown Royal color?
Bigfoot - Ask Stinger Spoons. That's a good idea though!
George - Rick, what are the conditions that you like for hand lining, what conditions are ideal?
Jigger2001(mn) - Rick are you coming to Red Wing for the PWT tourney?
Juls - He uses a Snapper on the front and an OR-16 on the back Ken.
Bigfoot - Most anytime I'll hand line but the dirtier the water, the better.
Bigfoot - No, I won't be there this year Jigger.
walleyeken - Thanks Juls!!!!!!
Bigfoot - LOL!!
Juls - No he won't be at the PWT at Red Wing, that's the Western Division. Rick is only fishing the Eastern Division.
George - Don't you need strong current though? Would you still hand line in muddy water if the current were only moderate?
Bigfoot - I'll be trolling all my tournaments this year.
ebijack - Even Detroit?
Bigfoot - All you do is speed up George!!
ebijack - Trolling the Detroit River?
Jigger2001(mn) - What length rods do you use when trolling?
jddancer - Rick, why did storm quit making the original thundersticks? They produced a lot better than the new models!
Bigfoot - Hand lining is trolling Ebi!
Bigfoot - You'd have to ask NORMARK, Jddancer. It was a big mistake, I think.
George - Why hand line then and not use a rod?
Capable Partner - Good answer regarding Storm!
walleyeken - Rick are you worried about the carp that is destroying the Mississippi River, and are on the way to the Great Lakes?
Juls - Trolling rods are 7' Ugly Sticks.
RODHOG2 - Bigfoot, I have a 2003 9.9 kicker with factory trim & tilt. It seems solid but would you still run a strap around it?
Bigfoot - Hand lining is a lot easier to control and less tiring George.
George - Why not hand line in lakes then?
Jigger2001(mn) - Rick, have you ever used a 13 or 15 foot rod, to troll?
Bigfoot - I would use a Panther bracket Rodhog.
Chatman - I use a 13-foot noodle rod to troll spinner rigs and flatfish off the trolling motor Jigger2001....
Airwave(OH) - Thanks Juls, you need to get out there!!
Juls - Uh, uh! Not me! LOL!!
Huck - Foot do you have bow mount MinnKota and if so have you got the Co-Pilot yet? I just got mine and it's almost as good as Sex!!!
Chatman - I'm with Juls, ice is for drinks.......
Juls - I'll wait for open water, thank you very much...;-)
George - Rick, I often fish the Rainy River. Would that be a hand-lining candidate?
walleyeken - Rick what kind of rods & reels are you using?
Jigger2001(mn) - Chat man have you pulled plugs 3-4 mph with a 13 footer?
eyebuster - Rick, what's your go to lure when hand lining in Detroit or in general?
Bigfoot - RAPALAS, Jigger.
eyebuster - Is there any particular size or color Rick?
Juls - George, Rick says "most definitely" on the Rainy River.
Dave Landahl - Rick, what color Rapalas?
Chatman - Not with that rod Jigger, strictly spinners and small flatfish, slow stealthy approach for light biting fish....now back to Rick...
Bigfoot - I let the fish tell me on that given day Dave.
Walirigs - Rick where in the Fox River or the Wolf River would be a good place to start hand lining?
Bigfoot - I have every color and size with me when hand lining.
Bigfoot - Plus Rebels and Storm too!
Juls - From the 172 bridge to the dam, both sides. Just work the breaks Walirigs. 
George - Is Rick fishing the PWT on Rainy Lake in May? I am going down to watch. Will he try hand lining then?
Juls - No that is the Western Division George. He is fishing the Eastern Division.
Bigfoot - We are trying to answer all the question between use guys!
eyebuster - And your doing a fine job!! LOL!!
Bigfoot - I'm trying not to miss anything.
Chatman - If Rick has missed a question, feel free to ask again.
Bigfoot - Juls has become my best partner fishing and student I have ever had.
Huck - What's this I hear? The Huron River is above flood stage?
ebijack - Bigfoot, are you running a 621 this year?
Bigfoot - No I left that to Juls!!
George - What works better in current Rick, a 3-way swivel rig or a bottom bouncer?
Dave Landahl - Rick, Any articles featuring you coming out in the near future?
Bigfoot - It depends on the structure George, they both have their place.
George - I was thinking more working flats and dunes?
Den - Just in the flats Huck.
Den - Franklin flats.
Bigfoot - I'm sure there will be Dave, we have several photo shoots planned.
ebijack - Bigfoot, what's going to happen to top last years Huron get together? :)
Walirigs - Juls or Rick what about near Oshkosh for hand lining? What's a good starting point?
iamwalleye1 - Rick are you running crawlers on your cranks?
George - can you give some explanation of 3-ways vs. bottom bouncers, as far as structure is concerned? I'm not sure what you mean.
eyebuster - Rick when do you guys expect to be in the Detroit area?
Juls - He sometimes does Iamwalleye1.
Bigfoot - I would look for holes and breaks that concentrate the fish, something to hold them in an area Walirigs.
iamwalleye1 - Thanks Juls.
jddancer - Bigfoot, on Lake Erie I have noticed a lot of steelhead have smelt in there stomachs but the walleye don't, why?
sevenmmm - Bigfoot, can you tell me what you are going to try your first pre-fishing day for the Port Clinton Tournament?
Walirigs - Thanks Rick.
Bigfoot - April 2, eyebuster.
eyebuster - LOL!!
eyebuster - Hopefully before that!!
Bigfoot - I'll have to wait and see what the weather is like.
Juls - He'll try it all, until the fish tell him what they want Sevenmmm.
sevenmmm - Aha! Ok then, what if the weather is warm and stable?
Walirigs - What if the weather is cold and stable?
ezmarc - Hey Rick, Are you and Juls considering fishing the first WWA tourney in Catawba?
Bigfoot - Cranks, if it is warm and stable.
Dave Landahl - Rick, checked my work with the FLW and the story we did is scheduled to come out this spring.
sevenmmm - Reef Runners?
Bigfoot - Vertical jig, if it is cold.
Bigfoot - Great news Dave!
Capable Partner - Please explain the "crawlers on crank bait" idea. I would think the action of the lure is decreased. Do you hook them on the forward treble?
traves - Rick, for the PWT at Lake of the Woods, May 20th, what will be the ticket?
Juls - I don't see where we will have time Ezmarc. We are now gone someplace until the 3rd week in October. And when we are home it will be pre-fishing for a tourney.
ebijack - Put the crawler on the rear hook.
Bigfoot - And yes it kills some of the action.
Juls - I use the back treble and only a chunk of crawler, not the whole thing.
Bigfoot - But you sometimes can do that in a tough bite.
iamwalleye1 - Thanks for the tips!
Chatman - Huh, when I use a piece of crawler, it's on the belly treble, on the point that rides down....
Juls - Oh, ok, Foot says he puts it on the front hook, I use the back...;-)
Juls - LOL!! Chatman, I guess it's a personal preference.
Dave Landahl - What brand of planer boards do you prefer?
Juls - OffShore!!!
Bigfoot - Offshore!!
Chatman - Ya, I happen to like it on the bottom.
sevenmmm - Bigfoot! Hey what's your favorite crank bait?!?!
Capable Partner - Focus now, Chatman!
iamwalleye1 - Do you use snappers or 16 releases Rick?
Bigfoot - Uh, did I miss something here Ralph?
Juls - We use both Iamwalleye1, a snapper on the front and 16 on the back.
Bigfoot - Sevenmmm, it all depends on what the fish want on that day.
Chatman - LOL!! I meant the piece of crawler, but you should see how red my face is from realizing what I typed....
iamwalleye1 - Bruce likes that!
Bigfoot - I use them all now Sevenmmm.
ebijack - So, a crawler on the front hook cuts down less on impeding the action of the lure?
Bigfoot - LOL!!
Juls - LOL!! Heck, I was thinking about the chunk of crawler too, don't sweat it Ralph...;-)
Bigfoot - Yes Ebi, that's why.
J McKibben - I met the owner of off shore and reef runners tonight at Net Craft, great guys!!
Chatman - I think so Ebi..
Bigfoot - You still get the back kick from a crawler on the belly hook. 
sevenmmm - Ok, alright then, which crank do you "think" you use the most on Lake Erie?
Bigfoot - It all depends on the water temp Sevenmmm.
iamwalleye1 - About the crank?
sevenmmm - Ok, wait, how about 40-degree water?
Bigfoot - I can't say until I see the conditions.
sevenmmm - Ummm, it's sunny and calm!
Bigfoot - I'll have Reef Runners, Rogues, Rapalas and a few others ready. And experiment a lot.
bob oh - :-)
iamwalleye1 - Where, not Lake Erie?
Bigfoot - Rogues, both deep divers and shallow.
sevenmmm - ALLRIGHT! I'm gonna buy a hundred more!
Juls - LOL!!
Bigfoot - I'll switch as it warms up.
sevenmmm - LOL!!
ebijack - Your coming for the Detroit RCL tourney, aren't you Dave?
Bigfoot - If I had to pick just one crank bait, it would be Rogues!
Bigfoot - I'm not trying to hide but I don't know what will happen until it gets here.
Dave Landahl - I will be at all of the RCL events.
Jigger2001(mn) - Rick, do you ever pull 3 ways with bigger weights or do you just hand line?
Chatman - As we near the end of the chat, has Rick missed any questions?
Bigfoot - That takes time, I believe.
Walirigs - Is anyone worried about the ice on Lake Erie? Are you going to be dodging ice for the PWT tourney?
Bigfoot - I would rather hand line than pull large weights on a rod.
Juls - Wow, that was a fast hour!
Capable Partner - I enjoyed the time! Thanks for coming on tonight!!
ezmarc - The ice will be gone for the PWT.
Bigfoot - With hand lining, I have better control and I can work the structure better, I feel.
J McKibben - Thanks Rick and Juls!
iamwalleye1 - Thanks Rick and Juls!
Walirigs - That's good Ezmarc!
Juls - Don't thank me, I was just helping out the slow typist! Heheh!
ebijack - Now, now Juls...
ebijack - :)
Bigfoot - Easy you...
Juls - My bad!! ;-)
Bigfoot - Now they all know why I married you, wiz kid!!
Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Rick LaCourse, aka: Bigfoot!!!
Dave Landahl - See ya guys at the Spring Valley MWC!!!
ebijack - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Capable Partner - Time for my little boys to go to bed. See you all next time. 
sevenmmm - Yay! 
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, thanks for taking the time tonight Bigfoot...;-)
sevenmmm - Thanks Bigfoot!
eyebanger(OH) - Great show Foot!!
prairiepillow - Thanks Rick!
ebijack - I'll see the two of you soon!! In about 3 1/2 weeks! :)
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!! Thanks Rick!
Warren MN - Clap, clap!!
ezmarc - Thanks Juls and Rick!!!
Juls - I can't wait Ebi...;-)
SdDoc - Clap, clap, clap, thanks Rick!!
sevenmmm - I'll see you at the MWC in Spring Valley Bigfoot, I am in Boat 120, right ahead of you!
Bigfoot - Man that was a fast hour!!!
Chatman - Time flies when your having fun with friends Rick!