Fish On/Tempress Chat 6/11/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Mark Lozelle of Fish On!!!
Driftr - Welcome Mark Lozelle!!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!!
Chatman - Yeaaay!!!!
Capt: Dan - Ditto!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Thank you! You're too kind..
RedTheRangerMan - Hello Mark!
RedTheRangerMan - Clap, clap, clap, clapp!!!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Hello All! Some of you for the second time!
Swede - clap clap
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - I am assuming everybody is fantastic tonight?
Sunshine - Mark, can you give us your web address?
Chatman - I wouldn't miss it Mark, I am really interested to see what's up with the pro pole style seat we talked about oh so many moons ago!
Driftr - I sure am!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Hmm, well that seat has been put on hold.
Chatman - Awwww nuts!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - On hold but not dead.
JAM- That's not good news.....
Chatman - After 5 days on the water at the Merc. National, my back could have used a better pro pole seat than Rob's boat had!!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - I might have something up my sleeve though.
Capt: Dan - Mark.
Chatman - Tell us more mark?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Yes?
Chatman - I am gonna have to #1, loose the weight and #2, start wearing a back belt like I used to do when weight training!
Capt: Dan - Your seats were the best most comfortable seats I ever bought for my drift boat. The clients loved them.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Thank you Dan!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - You're using our All-Weather chair with a cushion. It's still a cult favorite!
Swede - How about free shipping on seats Mark? LOL!!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Maybe?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - I do have some seats on E-bay.
RedTheRangerMan - I have had the Tempress seat frames in my Rangers, factory stuff, it's the only way to go!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - I've been selling there for about 4 months.
Capt: Dan - Those were the ones Mark.
Chatman - I'm in a cult now Mark?!?!?!!? LOL!!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Well, you are fairly religious about the chat-site!!
Driftr - Tempress makes most of the Genmar seat frames I would imagine.
Chatman - Got that right! He he he...
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Well, you do spend a lot of time here with the same people.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Just kidding!!
Chatman - Hey I don't invite these guys, most of 'em just wander in...LOL!!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Yes, we do a great deal of business with Genmar.
JAM - Yes you do invite us in, every week!!! LOL!
Chatman - ;-)
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - They are certainly making a name for themselves these days!
Chatman - Well Mark, what is up your sleeve?
Swede - And some of us are even crazy enough to be here in the middle of the night Mark!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - I've been there!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - You wanna know what's up my sleeve? We are developing a shock-absorbing system for all levels of seats!
Chatman - Mark, Swede is in Sweden. He is our 2 am resident Zander expert!
Swede - LOL!
Swede - And it's 2:19 here.
Chatman - OOH! Now you have me really interested Mark!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Always nice.
Driftr - WOW Swede!!!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - This new seat would predominantly go in the helm seat position.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - But it is very slick!
Chatman - Will this be a new product specifically, or will the older seat frames/seats be able to be upgraded?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - The seat was designed especially for you northern/big water anglers. To help with getting pounded by the waves.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - It will mostly come on newer models, but there will be a kit available.
Capt: Dan - Mark, on the average how many Fish-On rod holders have you ever got back that were broke. I'll bet not many. I broke one once when I rammed the dock with my sled. Broke the stem off the holder but that was it.
RedTheRangerMan - Many seat manufacturers are responding to the big water anglers propensity to pound the snot out of their backs!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - A handful at most Dan. All from being rammed into the dock!
RedTheRangerMan - It sounds like you are right on the development curve Mark!
Capt: Dan - Ya, hehehe!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Many manufacturers are Ranger Man, but a lot of them are producing, more or less, marketing gimmicks
Driftr - Mark will the new seat be weight adjustable?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - The seat has been tested by ergonomic engineers.
RedTheRangerMan - That is true Mark, I have seen some pretty cheesy stuff!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Engineering Groups in the mobility, automotive and marine markets have evaluated this seat.
Swede - Have you got any rod holders for planer board fishing Mark?
JAM - Ya, will there be a true big mans seat?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - It's not really weight adjustable Driftr.
Capt: Dan - Mark. I'm a 325 pounder. I'll make that ergonomics machine cry real tears!!
Chatman - Me too Dan!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - But, the spring placement is adjustable.
Chatman - Actually, I have been told I drive like an old man, a granny etc.... I do not like beating myself up! But I do have a bad back and as I age, it gets a lot harder on me to run in rough water.
Driftr - Mark, I am 135 lbs. I need a lighter adjustment than some.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Your size category is in our test range Dan, along with Driftr.
Chatman - On the subject of Rod holders, I used a set of Fish On again for 5 days straight last week. Man they are still great!
Driftr - You know, us light weights get pounded too! :)
JAM - Only used 'em for 5 days Chatman?
Capt: Dan - 5 days, wow! As I told Mark I've used them since 1984! 
Chatman - I am currently boat-less. I fished out of my partners boat with his rod holders for the Merc. National. I have had Fish On rod holders on my boats in the past, and will have em again.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Yes. And for all you guys out there, we are coming out with a rod holder extension!
Capt: Dan - Explain?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - We are unveiling this in Las Vegas next month.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - It is a 6" extension for your rod holder.
Capt: Dan - To reinforce it?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - No, it puts the rod holder 6" up from the side, rail or flush mount.
RedTheRangerMan - To raise the rod holder higher up? Or extend the rod further out?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Up higher.
RedTheRangerMan - Oh, sorry. Typed my question the same time as you typed the answer.
wiley walleye - I have looked and maybe missed it. I have the flush mounts all around my boat. Do you have or are you looking at an upward extension that would raise the holder higher for more angles?
RedTheRangerMan - Ahh, good! I have had several rods that I can't place in certain holders as the long handle stops me from opening a hatch cover.
Capt: Dan - That would help long liners.
Driftr - Mark, that is the only reason I didn't rig with Fish-On this time.
Driftr - I need a higher up position at times.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - A lot of people have been asking for this
RedTheRangerMan - And, will the rod holders be able to get the rod tips closer to the waters surface Mark?
Capt: Dan - How will it affix to the existing holders?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - It simply puts your rod holder up 6 inches.
Driftr - 6" is a lot!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - But the rod holder still has the same angle down Ranger Man.
Capt: Dan - It just drops into your current mount?
Swede - Why not make a rod holder for standing rods, like 5-6 in a row ?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Correct Dan, and then place your rod holder on the top.
Chatman - I use the rail mounts where I can rotate one or two extra bases, downward, to get my long line rods close to the surface.
Driftr - Mark, will the extensions be able to hold up on extreme pulling like what a big Dipsy Diver gives off?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Of course Driftr, it will have the same looking mechanism on it.
Chatman - I can run a dead rod, or spinner rigs or long line much better with the tip about 1/2 way down from the gunnel top to the surface of the water. 
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - We have done extensive testing on this product, it will not break under normal circumstances.
Chatman - If it is as tough as the rod holders, it will be a winner!
Capt: Dan - Docks?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - What about docks?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Will they break on 'em?
Capt: Dan - Yes, will they hold up under my bad steering?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - It is plastic.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - How bad is your steering??
Swede - LOL!
Chatman - I guess it depends on how hard you nail the dock Dan! LOL!! 
Capt: Dan - Hey you don't have to convince me. I've never used a stronger rod holder than yours.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Thanks Dan!
Capt: Dan - You should see how I jury-rigged your holders to my custom made Steeple on my charter boat.
Chatman - When can we expect to see these extensions in the stores Mark?
wiley walleye - This would change the placement of the flush mount and take up less inside room. Did I miss it or did you give an idea of when this will be available?
Swede - Have you got any holders for side mounts Mark?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Probably late fall or first of next year is when you will see these in stores.
Chatman - That should be right in prime boat riggin season! Great timing!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Not following you Swede?
Driftr - I will be rigging my 2004 model in December.
Chatman - To mount on the side, the inside, of the gunnel Swede?
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Great Driftr!
Swede - You mount 5-6 holders on a bar on the side of your boat for planer boarding. 
Chatman - Rail Mount?
Swede - Outside.
wiley walleye - Great. Then I can plan on this for my layout of additional holders. Thanks for the past customer service. 
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Right.
Capt: Dan - Mark, it was great talking to the guy responsible for part of my guiding success. Good luck to you in the future. Later.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Thanks everyone!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Swede we do have a triple mount.
Swede - Ok. 
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - You put three rod holders in it.
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Would that help?
Swede - How about online sales?
Chatman - Well, now we have America, Sweden and Canada represented here tonight!! Hiya BigFish!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Not yet Swede.
Swede - Dang!
bigfish1965 - Hey guys!
Driftr - When I started Musky fishing, I used the Fish-On holders and they can take the shock from a 30 lb fish!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Your right. I caught a 35lb king last year. 
Swede - It's just as well, shipping would kill me to get it here Mark!!
bigfish1965 - Just on my way out for a little night eye fishing. I thought I'd stop in and say Hi to Mark. I love the stuff Mark!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - I know Swede. E mail me and I'll try and get you connected to a distributor.
Chatman - The rod holders will also hold an 18 foot Ranger in 40 mph storm winds! I had a partner tie off to a dock when we ran to shelter and his line was tied around the base of the rod holder. It held fine and no damage!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Thanks Big fish!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - I hate to do this, but I have to go.
Swede - Thanks, I'll e mail you Mark! 
Driftr - Thanks Mark!!!!!!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Sorry for such a short chat.
bigfish1965 - Have a good one Mark! 
Chatman - Well, we could probably have a 2-hour chat and still not run out of topic!!!
Swede - Thanks Mark, for the chat, for everything!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - I'll be back soon.
RoyGPA - Thanks mark!
Chatman - So, Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for Mark Lozelle of Fish On/Tempress!
bigfish1965 - Applause!!
Jam - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
RoyGPA - Clap, clap, clap!!
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Thanks everyone!!
RedTheRangerMan - Nice talking with you Mark!
Swede - Clap, clap!!
Capt: Dan - See ya Mark! Clap, clap!! 
Mark Lozelle - Fish-ON! - Have a great night!
Chatman - Thanks Mark, and we'll get you here again when we have more time!