Legendary Northwoods Batter Chat 5/28/03

Driftr - Ladies & gentleman, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Craig Reiger/ Legendary Northwoods Batter !!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap !!!
Warren MN - Hidy hoe neighbor!
wa_walleye - Clap, clap!
Warren MN - Clap, clap!!
Driftr - Welcome Craig!
Craig Reiger - Hello, and thanks for having me as your guest tonight!
Craig Reiger - Well where would you all like to start?
Driftr - Craig how about a little background on yourself?
Craig Reiger - The breading started back in the 1940's, the other half of the company manufactures restaurant equipment.
Sevenmmm - Hope you mean the recipe, that would be very old breading!
Warren MN - Well aged?
Driftr - Craig, has this been a family business?
Craig Reiger - Yes the recipe is that old, however the breading is fresh!!
Sevenmmm - Hehe!
Sevenmmm - Ok, good thing!
Craig Reiger - We manufactured all the grease filtration systems and all the pressure cookers for all the KFC's, world wide. In 1952, we started to develop the one step process we use today.
Craig Reiger - We perfected and patented the recipe in 1964
Craig Reiger - We have been selling the breading in the restaurant industry, all over the world for the last 40 years
Craig Reiger - 11 foreign countries and the US
Driftr - Craig, are you marketing in retail stores now?
Craig Reiger - We have been in retail locations (stores) now for 2 years.
Craig Reiger - And most recently we partnered up with Walleye Central and you can order it online!
Sevenmmm - Is this the similar to the KFC recipe?
Craig Reiger - Try it and let us know..... ;-)
wa_walleye - Are there recipes?
Chatman - There is a recipe page on the batter page here on Walleye Central. http://www.walleyecentral.com/wcbatter_recipe.shtml
Craig Reiger - We never made the KFC breading, just the equipment.
Driftr - Craig, are there several types of the batter?
Craig Reiger - The "One Step" process means the milk eggs flour and spices are all in the bag, all you do is wet what ever you want to coat and bread it.
Craig Reiger - Yes Driftr, there are 3 types of coatings, Original walleye, which is designed for baking frying broiling or grilling
Craig Reiger - That one will turn golden brown in the oven or on the grill
Driftr - Ooh, that sounds great.
Craig Reiger - Then there is the panfish, it is a low sodium mix, with self rising flour, it is very light and very delicate.
Craig Reiger - We have actually taken out some spices and went with self rising flour, it actually enhances the delicate flavor of the panfish.
Craig Reiger - The Cajun is a very mild cajun with NO cayenne pepper in a light breading.
Craig Reiger - It is cajun the way cajun is supposed to be.
Driftr- You could always add the cayenne pepper for heat.
Craig Reiger - You are going to enjoy the flavors of the spices and fish without being set on fire, a pleasant after bite of flavor with a hint of warmth.
Driftr - Yummy! I can't wait to try it!
Driftr - I eat baked fish 99% of the time.
Craig Reiger - All the breadings are 0 fat, 0 cholesterol and only 6 grams of carbohydrates. If you bake broil or barbeque, you can get away from the fat. It is healthy food that tastes great!
Craig Reiger - Then this will be great for you Jim, wet it bread it and bake broil or grill it.
Driftr- That will suit lots of people like myself on a 0 fat low carb diet.
Craig Reiger - When you bake it, put the fish on a rack to get the air flow for even browning and no soggy side.
Craig Reiger - It is not just for fish either!
Craig Reiger - Chicken, pork chops, shrimp, mushrooms onions cauliflower....
Driftr - Wow!
Craig Reiger - This is the one breading that will stick to anything, vegetables etc..
Sevenmmm - When I fry fish, seems like a lot of flour comes off the fillet and frys up in the pan. Will your product stick better?
Craig Reiger - What makes it work is it is a 100% dry product, going on a wet product. That is what gives us such great adhesion
Driftr - Are there different batters for various things or is 1 batter for all?
Mteye - Why is being a dry product superior?
Craig Reiger - When you have a wet product, (our competitors) going on a wet item, it will fall off.
Craig Reiger - Driftr, there are 3, Walleye, Panfish and Cajun, all 3 work excellent for frying. The walleye is great for baking and grilling and broiling and will brown up nicely and the cajun is a great mild cajun coating with no Cayenne pepper.
Craig Reiger - All 3 will work on Chicken, pork, shrimp and veggies.
Driftr - Ok, I wasn't sure if there was a specific for pork, etc.
Craig Reiger - Have I missed any questions so far?
Craig Reiger - There is a recipes page here on Walleye Central on the breading page, and it has quite a bit of info.
Chatman - We are soon to be updating the recipes page too.
Craig Reiger - I'd also like to mention the coating is great on all types of game and foul....
Craig Reiger - As an interesting aside, we sell the cajun coating in the Asian market, by the boxcar load!
Craig Reiger - In Korea, an importer built a building for our product and sells nothing but our coating!
Driftr - Cajun is one of my favorite ways to cook!
Craig Reiger - In England, they sell the coating in 4 ounce bags.
Craig Reiger - We sell it here in one pound bags, enough to do 8lbs fillets, minimum!
Hgmeyer - Craig, have you got any "secret" ways to prep your fish before adding the coating?
wa_walleye - 8 pound fillets, that's a big fish!
Mteye - LOL!
Driftr- I can't wait to try it!
Craig Reiger - You have to try the cajun on a deep fried turkey! I actually did 4, 14 lb turkeys with one bag of breading for Gander Mountain at their spring turkey seminars.
Craig Reiger - No secrets, all you need to do is wet it and bread it, everything is in the bag.
Chatman - I dunno Craig, I think the beer batter method is a bit of a secret...
Craig Reiger - We can also make beer breaded fish unlike any you ever ate!
Craig Reiger - If you like the taste of beer batter but are not crazy about the heavy batter, put your fish in a zip-loc bag, pour the beer in the bag with the fish and let it stand at least 15 minutes.
Driftr - Do you recommend water or milk to wet?
Craig Reiger - Water is all that is needed. Just wet whatever you are breading and pat it semi-dry.
Craig Reiger - Then, take the fish from the beer and bread it, Let it sit for about 30 seconds or so and shake off any excess with a mesh strainer. You get the same taste as the beer batter without the heavy breading.
Craig Reiger - All the mixes are a very thin coating to enhance the flavor of the fish, not bury it. 
Craig Reiger - You don't need to use milk or eggs, it is all already in the coating, just use water (or beer) on what you wish to coat and bread it.
Craig Reiger - Hey, do you like potato pancakes?
Driftr - My mom used to.
Craig Reiger - How about you, Driftr?
Chatman - I'm from Milwaukee born and bread, potato pancakes are a staple food there!
Craig Reiger - We have the simplest and best recipe for them!
Hgmeyer - Craig I have a "family recipe" for potato pancakes... very German.
Craig Reiger - Shred 6 medium potatoes, let them drain. You want them damp, not wet.
Craig Reiger - Take about 1/3 cup of the Panfish breading, and stir it into the potatoes and make your pancakes. 1-2-3 and your done, all you need is applesauce!
Driftr - Oh, that sounds good! 
Craig Reiger - The milk, eggs, flour and spice are all there and the self rising flour makes a super light pancake.
Driftr - I haven't had potato pancakes in ages.
Mteye - I gave up ordering them in many restaurants, as it is too easy to make a bad potato pancake. But I'd like to try this one!
Craig Reiger - It is hard to find good ones anymore and it is so much simpler..
Driftr - It sounds very simple.
Craig Reiger - The coating is also awesome on french fries or dill pickle chips!
Hgmeyer - Craig does it work on onions?
Craig Reiger- Have you ever tried a fried pickle?
Driftr - I've never tried one.
Chatman - I watched Craig demonstrate the breading at the Milwaukee Sport show. You should see the peoples faces when he mentions the fried pickles! Then you should see their faces when they try em! They are really good.
Craig Reiger - Any of the 3 blends make the world's best haystack onion rings!
Hgmeyer - Cool, I love onion rings with fried fish.
Driftr - I bet a Portobello mushroom will be a killer to try!
Craig Reiger - It is important with anything you are coating, not to overdo it. This is one coating that will stick and not come off in the pan! Try breading some dill pickle chips, onion rings, fries and tater tots next time you fry!
Craig Reiger - You can even do cheese curds and mozzarella sticks too!
Craig Reiger - But the trick is to freeze the cheese and cook it only until the batter brows, about 10 seconds!
Driftr - I wondered how you keep the cheese from melting.
Mteye - I tried to do cheese with another breading and I got a pan full of breaded goo! Freeze the cheese huh?
Craig Reiger - And only cook four or 5 sticks at a time or you'll always end up with a grease cheese fondue!
Craig Reiger - http://www.walleyecentral.com/wcbatter.shtml
Driftr - It would be tough to keep up with any more!
Craig Reiger - http://www.walleyecentral.com/wcbatter_recipe.shtml
Craig Reiger - Those links will get ya going.
Craig Reiger - I would also like to point out this is the same coating we used at the Huron Walleye Central outing 2 years back. We had people asking to by the left over coating in the bins!
Craig Reiger - We cooked 500 lbs of walleye and not one scrap was left!
Driftr - I ate 450 of it too!!! LOL!!
Chatman - Only because I was not there Jim!
Craig Reiger - LOL!!!
Craig Reiger - If you want to eat healthy, you have to try the coating on boneless skinless chicken breasts!
Driftr - That would be me.
Craig Reiger - Bread the breasts with the walleye coating and bake it in the oven at 400 instead of 350.
Driftr- I don't eat much fried foods.
Craig Reiger - Remember to use a baking rack and about a 2 inch air flow underneath. The breasts will get nice and golden brown and retain their moisture!
Driftr - This will be great to try on baked foods.
Craig Reiger - It also works with the Atkins diet..
Chatman - Me either Jim, but I do make an exception with the breading! 
Craig Reiger - You don't need rubs or marinades with the breading.
Driftr - I will be getting some soon!
Chatman - I use the cajun breading as a roux for my Jambalaya and Gumbo etc... I also use the panfish or walleye for gravies and sauces. 
Craig Reiger - The panfish mix also makes great dumplings! 
Driftr - Well the hour has slipped by!
Craig Reiger - I make hot wings with the cajun too.
Craig Reiger - And try spicy breadsticks with Pizza sauce!! Too many great ways to cook and get it all in on one hour.
Driftr - I love to cook too!
Craig Reiger - http://www.walleyecentral.com/wcbatter.shtml
Craig Reiger - That is the address for online sales at Walleye Central.
Driftr - Craig, thank you for the great chat!
Driftr - I hope we can have you back again.
Craig Reiger - I'd love to come back again! It is not hard to talk about good food!
Driftr - Yes it is real easy to talk about good food!
Chatman - Too easy!
Driftr - Thanks Craig!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
Craig Reiger - And remember, when you are camping and fishing fly-in type trips, when you have your lake lunch, with fresh caught fish, there is no better coating as the milk and eggs are already there, and packing milk and eggs is usually not an easy task!
Craig Reiger - And lastly, once the bag is open, use a ziploc to store the rest in the freezer and take enough out as needed. It will keep up to 1 year this way!
Craig Reiger - Thank you all once again, once you try Legendary Northwoods Breading, you'll be hooked!
Craig Reiger - Be sure to check out the receipes and on line order forms here at Walleye Central.
Driftr - Will do Craig!
Craig Reiger - Great chat and thanks for having me!

CHATMANS NOTE: Craig had computer troubles so he called in to me and I relayed/typed his answers. Thanks to Craig for being a trooper and thanks to Jim "Driftr" Hall for heading this up so I could type Craig's responses. It was also kind of slow attendance wise on this night so Craig was able to do most of the talking, and give my fingers a real good workout on the keyboard! :)