Mike Peluso Chat 10/8/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Mike Peluso!!!
Mike Peluso - Feel free to fire away with any question you have.
Chatman - Well, who ya playin for now Mike?
Mike Peluso - I am with Philly right now. I am not sure what the status is on me yet, but I believe I will get some games up with the big club.
Walleye675 - Tonight's opening night?
Mike Peluso - Yes it is but the Flyers open tomorrow. I am injured right now so I will start to skate again this week.
Walleye675 - Mike, you gotta stay away from the IR!
Chatman - Wow, injured before the season even started? That's gotta be rough.
Mike Peluso - I hear you on that one! I have already had three minor type things happen that I can't control. But they say they come in 3's so hopefully I am done.
Walleye675 - Hey Mike, what's your plan for the PWT next year?
Mike Peluso - I tore a peck muscle doing the bench press after a practice. 
Walleye675 - I know Charlie said the PWT requirements were going to be a little stiffer next year, have you heard anything?
Mike Peluso - My plan right now is to fish PWT west again and fish any RCL's I can fish.
Mike Peluso - They want to make it a deal where they limit all fields to 100 and no more! But if they can't get a 100 they will place guys in and out.
Walleye675 - Ya, so basically the same thing they were saying at Lake City.
Mike Peluso - Pretty much but they claim they want to make it exclusive, but you never know.
Walleye675 - I'd like to come out again and fish with you guys, that was a lot of fun!
Mike Peluso - They did a great job last season and I enjoyed every event I fished.
Walleye675 - Especially Day 1!!
Fish - Any thoughts on Arkansas Walleyes?
Mike Peluso - You can say that again! If I could figure out day 2, I would be in good shape. One time it was my fault the other I had no control.
Walleye675 - Hey, what arm were we in on Day 1? Was that the same place Doc won the RCL Champ?
Mike Peluso - Well, I am not a huge fan to go down that way. I have heard stories of really tough bites with very few fish in Arkansas tourneys. Certainly it makes you a better fishermen, but when you are out on the water for 8 days or more and the bite is a fish or two a day it is hard thing to do.
Mike Peluso - Nope we were up in the Wisconsin channel that day!
Walleye675 - That's right.
Fish - Why doesn't PWT go back to Sakakawea or Fort Peck? There always seems to be good fish there.
Walleye675 - Low Water?
Mike Peluso - They want to go back to Sakakawea but North Dakota put on a no release law in place.
Walleye675 - Ahhh....
Mike Peluso - The PWT tries to promote Catch and release.
Mahumba - On all sizes?
Guest - Are you going to fish the new Lowrance sponsored Pro Team Walleye Circuit?
Mahumba - Or is there a slot?
Mike Peluso - Fort Peck well, I am not sure what happened there? I have heard mixed things on it so I can't answer that. I think access might be one issue.
Mike Peluso - Yes.
Chatman - There is enough water to navigate the Wisconsin Channel?
Mike Peluso - Last summer you could navagate through without a problem. I am not sure what the levels would be now.
Guest - And your partner will be?
Mike Peluso - I should reword the North Dakota law on tournaments. They made all tournaments kill tournaments.
Mike Peluso - Lowrance is a sponsor of the Pro Team event, I guess.
Walleye675 - Hopefully in 2005 the PWT will come out here to the Columbia River, in July. That would be awesome!
Fish - I think watching a fish swim back down is a better site than one on the grill!
Mike Peluso - They are talking about it, and I think you may see them out that way in the near future! I know I would love to come out that way!
Mike Peluso - I agree Fish! It is too bad that they decided to do that!
Walleye675 - This years Oregon Governors Cup was won with 12 fish = 56 lbs!
Mike Peluso - I know the PWT was talking about going back to Sakakawea.
Mike Peluso - That's a nice weight on those fish!
Chatman - A live well full of brutes!
Walleye675 - Ya, with only 4 fish over 24"!!
Walleye675 - There are lots of 4-5 lb fish.
wa_walleye - Camas was 64 pounds and 12 fish too!
Mike Peluso - I am extremely excited to use the Lowrance 104 this coming season, have you all seen them? 
Mike Peluso - That is a nice average on those fish as well.
Walleye675 - What's up with the 104's?
Mike Peluso - They have new screen that is a lot bigger and the screen can be viewed at any angle. Including in direct sunlight!
Fish - Color units are leaps and bounds above black n white!
Walleye675 - What's the retail on a 104?
Mike Peluso - I agree, even for guys that use them all the time it makes a huge difference!
Chatman - It amazes me how much better you can read the color units, even in bright sunlight! I am really gonna look hard at putting at least one in the new Patriot.
Mike Peluso - Well, I have seen them up in the high 2000's.....
Mike Peluso - They might be more I am not sure?
Chatman - That's about right Mike. That is also why I plan to move mine from boat to boat over the next couple years.
Walleye675 - Before you know it guys will be using laptops for displays...
Chatman - The picture quality, I feel is finally a suitable replacement for the old paper graphs too.
Mike Peluso - I saw things this summer on my 19 that was really fun to see. It makes you understand things below you a lot better.
Chatman - Lowrance has a unit with a screen big enough to be a laptop display!
Mike Peluso - Hard and soft bottoms and weeds and rocks are all easily viewed and separated from each other!
Mike Peluso - that is the 104.
Chatman - Yup, and it is big enough to be a laptop display! Except you can see it in the sunlight!!
Fish - What's the 1 piece of equipment in your boat that you couldn't fish without?
Walleye675 - Fishing rods!
Chatman - My electronics! I would rather fish without a trolling motor than no locator!
Walleye675 - Are you gonna be with Cabela's again Next year?
Mike Peluso - Without thinking for a second, it would be my Lowrance or Si-Tex.
Mike Peluso - I think Cabela's was very happy with how I fished this summer and from what I have heard I will be back with them.
Walleye675 - Great...
joe whitten - Mike, what happened with PRADCO?
Walleye675 - Will you fish Ranger again?
Mike Peluso - Cabela's treated me very good last year!
Walleye675 - I was impressed! 
Walleye675 - LOL!!!
Mike Peluso - I will run the exact same boat I did this season. I actually didn't want to sell the one I have but people seem to like them.
Mike Peluso - I was even more impressed when I got it into really big water. Dry as a bone and smooth!
Guest - Did you run the 620?
Mike Peluso - PRADCO decided to make cut backs and they wanted me to start back at square one. I have been with them for about 5 years or more and did a lot of work for them in the Midwest region. I wasn't thrilled about them doing what they did but I understand business.
Mike Peluso - I ran the 620 tiller this season!
Mike Peluso - A new gal took over and she felt she had a staff in place and I wish her the best of luck.
Guest - Engine size?
Mike Peluso - I ran the 115 Yamaha. 
joe whitten - I was just curious because they dropped Jason Przekurat after, winning angler of the year too!
Walleye675 - What is your experience on the Great Lakes?
Mike Peluso - Exactly, I think you will see a fall off on sales in the walleye market this year.
Mike Peluso - I have fished Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay.
Fish - Where was the hardest place you tourney fished, for finding fish?
Mike Peluso - Jason was a great rep for them and to get rid of guys like that I have to question exactly what went on. 
Chatman - They make great lures, I wish them the best. But decisions like that are made everyday in the fishing world. That is rough though when you have so much time invested in a sponsor.
Mike Peluso - Fish, I think it would be up on St. Mary's River.
Walleye675 - I know you're a River Rat, how confident are you trolling for suspended fish?
Mike Peluso - Actually more so each year. It seems you catch a few fish suspended and you believe that you can catch them all the time that way.
Mike Peluso - Fish suspend in rivers more than we think too.
wa_walleye - Why would they suspend is my question?
Walleye675 - Food.
Mike Peluso - The St. Mary's River in Sault Saint Marie was tough because you knew a couple places that had fish and you also knew that half the field would fish them!
Guest - Mike, have you ever fished in Wyoming?
Mike Peluso - Food is one reason, but migration is another. 
Mike Peluso - Not yet but I have heard good things about Wyoming.
wa_walleye - Down river, I can see getting in the current, I guess.
Walleye675 - Brian, They suspend at Banks Lake.
Mike Peluso - Absolutely!
Walleye675 - Moving from structure to structure.
wa_walleye - But Banks does not have much current.
Mike Peluso - I think so, I have caught walleyes in the middle of the river back home and I know they are not feeding where I caught them.
wa_walleye - I'm still learning about walleye.
Walleye675 - Just moving from spot to spot.
Chatman - Walleyes do not need current to suspend.In fact, especially in rivers I have found the opposite. Heavy current puts them tight to structure. No current and they can be anywhere!
Mike Peluso - I'm always learning! Once we think we know it all we are done! Just ask me on the second day of the PWT tourneys this summer! Day one wonder and day two blunder! ;)
Walleye675 - LOL!!
Mike Peluso - I think that is what they are doing! Moving from spot to spot.
Chatman - I have fished suspended eyes in the Fox River for well over a decade, and everyone looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language when I'd tell them that! Untill the first MWC tourney there that is....
Walleye675 - I'm glad I was a day 1 wonder...
Mike Peluso - Exactly! I love the Fox River!
Walleye675 - Slabbin spoons Chatman?
Mike Peluso - Jason I couldn't agree with you more. One of the best days I have had on the water in a long time!
Mike Peluso - Fish are the ramps still usable back in Bismarck?
Mike Peluso - I would think at 10,000 it may get pretty tough.
Chatman - Not usually on the suspended fish, but spoons and blade baits work wonders there, as in a lot of rivers, and guys just don't use em.
Mike Peluso - You don't see many guys using them very often.
Mike Peluso - Back in High School I used them quite a bit with pretty good success!
Mike Peluso - Just don't take the time anymore.
Fish - Fox, if you have a small boat, Meriwether's maybe, haven't been out but have seen boats by bridges.
Walleye675 - Blades are devastating out here in the Columbia River, I'm gonna try spoons more this year.
Chatman - The ones I do see are using em all wrong too. Then, there are the guys that use blades in the spring, with hooks 2 and 3 sizes bigger than the lure came with!!
Walleye675 - But like Mike said, can't fix what's not broke.
Mike Peluso - LOL!!! I have seen that as well!
Chatman - They give anyone using blade baits a bad name. I have had guys yell over at me that they were glad to see that snagging works...
Mike Peluso - I agree, Walleye675 and I fished about as basic as it gets on day one at Red Wing and we couldn't do anything wrong that day.
Mike Peluso - Most people believe that is what you are doing when using spoons.
Walleye675 - Hey Mike, did I tell you what Tommy said?
Walleye675 - Skarlis...
Mike Peluso - Tommy who? LOL!!
Mike Peluso - Nope.
Chatman - Well, if I am snagging with them I must be pretty good as I usually get the whole lure in their mouth....LOL!
Walleye675 - He said you had Balls of steel to say on that spot all day!!
Chatman - LOL!
Chatman - Tommy has a way with words huh...
Walleye675 - He was in the room next to me.
Mike Peluso - I agree but we couldn't move! We were catching fish and guarding the spot at the same time!
Walleye675 - And he asked if we stayed there all day.
Mike Peluso - He's a great man! He and I get along really well!
Walleye675 - I said...Uhhh, I'm not gonna tell. LOL!
Walleye675 - He sure is a nice guy.
Mike Peluso - Tommy is great man and a very good fishermen. He is a true professional all the way around!
Walleye675 - Did you follow the RCL championship this year?
Mike Peluso - Again it is only October, and I am already looking forward to the next fishing season!
Mike Peluso - Fish are you looking at a new boat yet?
Fish - Seriously considering a 620T, but would like to have 150 Yamaha 4strk. Maybe in 2005?
Mike Peluso - You never know? I believe they are working on it fish! If so you will have to order what you want. ;)
Walleye675 - Mike, who do you like in MLB playoffs?
Mike Peluso - I am hoping for a Sox Cubs finale.
Walleye675 - Ya, I think that's the popular vote
tbomn - Mike, do you ice fish Oahe, When you can?
Mike Peluso - My father is a great hockey man, but with me I would have thought at times I was a pretty lousy player. He never once told me I played well in my years. The first time he said anything was when he watched me play in Chicago for the first time
Mike Peluso - I used to fish it all the time when I was young. I don't get to anymore but they do pretty well on it during the winter months.
Mike Peluso - South of Bismarck.
tbomn - I want to fish it through the ice, who is the best person to talk to about doing that?
Walleye675 - Mike, other than your home waters, where is your favorite place to fish?
Chatman - The blue line?
Mike Peluso - You can watch the message boards at www.walleyewizards.com for reports and stuff on Oahe.
tbomn - Thanks!
Mike Peluso - Leech Lake and Lake Of The Woods are a couple of my favorites. I guess I may have to say Red Wing is now as well!
Walleye675 - LOL!
tbomn - My home waters!
Walleye675 - You finished 7th at Lake City right?
tbomn - Pool 4 and pool 2.
Mike Peluso - Pool number 4.
Walleye675 - That's funny, that's where I ended up too!
Walleye675 - 7th place!
Mike Peluso - LOL!!!
Walleye675 - Go figure!
Chatman - LOL!!
Walleye675 - The RCL last week looked tough.
Mike Peluso - It sounds like the bite was very tough.
Walleye675 - Them boys & gals were scrambling to find a bite!
Fish - What's in the works for Walleye Wizards?
Mike Peluso - You deal with a lot of different conditions at Red Wing.
Walleye675 - One of my buddies fished it.
THILL - I fished it.
Walleye675 - He had 6 lbs day one and a big goose egg day two!
Western Walleye Magazine - Mike, is your Dad as good at fishing as he is at coaching?
THILL - With only two keepers each day.
Mike Peluso - Well, I hope to make it the place to stop for the Dakotas and more as far as fishing goes. We are working on a no register forum that should help in drawing more people to post. Not to mention a few other things. Hopefully we will have Western Walleye with us soon as well!
Mike Peluso - Dad is one hell of a jig fishermen! In fact, I would put my old man up against anyone with a jig!
Mike Peluso - He catches fish on days I don't think anyone will catch one.
Guest - Mike, I noticed you were looking for a Suzuki Rep on the board are you thinking of running one next year?
Walleye675 - Hey Mike, good luck with this hockey season! And I hope to get you out here some time for some Columbia River Walleye!
Mike Peluso - Well, I am always shopping. I love my Yamaha's but they are getting pretty full with representation.
Mike Peluso - I hope if we come out your way I can get you in the boat a day or two prefishing!
Fish - Got to run, good luck this season.
Walleye675 - You will have a seat, any time!
Walleye675 - Take care, and keep in touch!
Chatman - Has Mike missed any questions? Or is there a question you'd yet like to ask?
Walleye675 - See ya all later!
Western Walleye Magazine - Good luck this year!
Mike Peluso - Thanks a lot!
THILL - Who are you playing with this season?
Mike Peluso - Suzuki looks to me to be a motor trying to establish itself to Walleye fishing again! I would love to get in with a company early on with a new program and really roll up the sleeves to make it very respectable in the walleye world!
Chatman - Now you know why I went with Patriot Boats, Mike!
Mike Peluso - I play with Philly this year.
tbomn - Gotta go Mike, as usual there is always a seat open for some great river fishing on pool 4 for those piggies!
THILL - Good!
Mike Peluso - I will take you up on that next time I am in the area!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Mike "Slapshot" Peluso!!!
Mike Peluso - Fire away with more questions if you have them! I will keep answering as long as you have them! 
wa_walleye - Clap, clap, clap!
Mike Peluso - Thanks Chatman! I appreciate you having me on.
Chatman - Feel free to stick around as long as you'd all like!
Mike Peluso - I know we had a tough night with the Baseball and hockey tonight.
Chatman - It was great again Mike!
Mike Peluso - Thanks a million!
Chatman - Good luck on the recovery, and keep your stick on the ice!
wa_walleye - Mike, how many fish do you lose "surfing" then to the boat?
Mike Peluso - Oh man, I lost a lot fish last season!
wa_walleye - Jason told me how you boat the fish, out here I would be afraid to do that!!
Mike Peluso - LOL!
Chatman - LOL!!
Mike Peluso - I will Chatman!