Jason Przekurat Chat July 2, 2003

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm, Walleye Central welcome for Jason Przekurat!!!
Warren MN - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!
Jason Przekurat - Thanks everyone for joining in tonight.
joe w - Great year brother!
Swede - Clap, clap, clap!!
JAM - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Stuart Smally - Welcome!! Clap, clap!!
Jason Przekurat - Let's have some fun!
Chatman - I imagine more will be along as time goes by...
Chatman - So, Mr. Angler of the year, the open space in your trophy wall must be getting pretty scarce!!
Jason Przekurat - Well there's still room but I've been very fortunate over the last four years.
Jason Przekurat - The 2000 MWC Championship started it all!!
Chatman - I was joking the other day that you have one of the most recognized names that no one can pronounce, if they read it or spell if they know the pronunciation!! LOL!!
Jason Przekurat - It takes awhile but it's pronounced Sha-KER-it....
Chatman - I loved listening to people try to pronounce your name at sport shows last year etc...
Chatman - I have the same trouble with my name sometimes too....
Jason Przekurat - I figured within the next 5 years people should be able to come close!!
Warren MN - LOL!
JAM - LOL!!!
Chatman - Anyway, how does it feel to have the RCL Angler of the year title under your belt?
Jason Przekurat - This has been an unbelievable year. For the first two tournaments I ended up using my old boat, which had been sold.
Jason Przekurat - I didn't get my new boat until just before the tournament on Lake Erie. I didn't put it in the water until I got there
Chatman - It's always fun to have to break in a motor and pre-fish!!
Jason Przekurat - I've been working on a lot of things since I got back from Devil's Lake, promotional stuff.
Jason Przekurat - Yeah, I finally got my ten-hour break in done the day before the tournament!!
Chatman - Is there a lot that has to be done, as angler of the year? Or is it already set up for the Angler of the Year and you just go from place to place? 
Jason Przekurat - That hurt not being able to open it up on the flat water we had during practice!!
JAM - I bet it does! Imagine all the horsepower and you have to put along.....
Jason Przekurat - There's still a lot of work ahead of me, Ralph.
Warren MN - Is Red Wing the next show?
Jason Przekurat - I can't wait to get back. Pool 3 and 4 is where Eric Olson and I won the MWC Championship.
Jason Przekurat - I've got a lot of good memories there!
Chatman - I bet!
Jason Przekurat - I am fishing a few smaller tourneys on Green Bay this next month then on to Red Wing.
Chatman - Was the Angler of the year race a tight one this year?
Shawn Wyma - Yes, and how is the walleye fishing this year?
Jason Przekurat - The top 5 anglers going into the Devil's Lake tourney were stacked. It was anyone's title to take!!
Jason Przekurat - For me Shawn, the fishing has been awesome!
Jason Przekurat - Today was my first bad day of the year.
Shawn Wyma - That is good. Are you fishing a tournament today?
joe w - What you lost your first fish!
Jason Przekurat - No, I live on the Wisconsin River and finally got to go play today!
northener - Is there a tournament in Sault Ste Marie, MI this year?
Jason Przekurat - I do not believe so northerner.
northener - I see, thanks.
Shawn Wyma - At least a bad day won't hurt you then.
JAM - Is there ever really a bad day of fishing?
Stuart Smally - Nope!
Jason Przekurat - Joe you know we all loose fish sometimes. Today was a good time to have a bad day
joe w - NOT YOU!!!!!!
Chatman - It's better to loose fish outside of tourney hours for sure!!
Jason Przekurat - By the way everyone, Joe W. is my friend and team mate and took 2nd in Angler of the Year!
Shawn Wyma - Nice job Joe!
joe w - Thank You.
northener - Good one!
Chatman - Not a bad accomplishment, 1st and 2nd places in the same team!
Jason Przekurat - We ended up 1st, 2nd, and 5th if you include Eric Olson our other teammate.
Shawn Wyma - So Jason won it? Good job!
Jason Przekurat - Thanks Shawn.
Jason Przekurat - It's nice when game plans work out and this year they definitely did!
Chatman - That's even more so the feat, all 3 of you in the top 5!
WaterBug - And well deserved, a very consistent year for Jason!
Stuart Smally - The power of working together.
Shawn Wyma - I don't get to fish much since my dad died and we moved. But I still miss it!
Jason Przekurat - Thanks Waterbug!
Chatman - We still miss him here Shawn.
Warren MN - Shawn, what was your dad's handle?
Jason Przekurat - It's good the see the young guys have interest like you Shawn
Shawn Wyma - I still have a lot of his stuff and I will get to fish more in 4 years when I can drive.
Shawn Wyma - He went by Swat1.
Warren MN - I thought so. I never got to talk to him, but every one was sorry to hear of his passing.
northener - Jason, can you send some tips our way for us new guys?
Warren MN - Talked to you once
Shawn Wyma - Thanks.
Jason Przekurat - What kind of info do you need?
Chatman - Dan (Swat) was a regular here till he was in an accident, and yes Shawn he was well liked and dearly missed!
Jason Przekurat - I remember Swat well. We talked here in the past.
Shawn Wyma - Thank you Chatman I miss him too.
northener - I can catch every thing but walleyes!!
joe w - Jason, any thoughts about receiving your new 620? White on white?
Jason Przekurat - Where do you like to fish?
Jason Przekurat - No Joe, no white going on here!! It stands out a little too much.
northener - The North Channel of Huron.
Shawn Wyma - Dad always said to fish where the fish are and not where they are not.
Jason Przekurat - I always said to never leave fish to find fish.
Shawn Wyma - Then put it in their face and fill up the boat.
Jason Przekurat - Northener, I'm not familiar with the North Channel.
Warren MN - Jason, how much do you use the locator to get on fish. 
Jason Przekurat - You got it Shawn!
Chatman - During tourneys I always end up saying the same old thing.........D'oh!!!
Jason Przekurat - Not as much as you think Warren.
Warren MN - I go more by instinct. I don't really use it to locate fish unless I'm in 20 feet of water, or deeper.
Jason Przekurat - Most fish shy away from the boat in anything less than that.
Swede - When pre-fishing do you search for baitfish first Jason?
Warren MN - Swede, you want to warn Jason where you are?
Swede - LOL!!
Jason Przekurat - Sometimes Swede, mostly when I'm on the Great Lakes.
Swede - Nah Warren, techniques may vary!
Warren MN - LOL!!
Swede - Like here, then.
Jason Przekurat - Swede, what do you need to warn me about?
Warren MN - Love it!
Swede - If I find baitfish I stay there.
Chatman - Swede comes from the land of large, beautiful Blonde women, and Zander!
Swede - Nothing Jason, just Warren teasing.
Warren MN - It's the middle of the night there!!
Swede - I'm from Sweden, Europe.
Swede - And it's only 2:42am!
joe w - Baitfish? Just drop down on Erie and fish anywhere!
Jason Przekurat - I think someday the RCL should go overseas, it sounds like fun!
joe w - LOL!!
Jason Przekurat - That's the first thing you taught me Joe.
Warren MN - You should have Swede send the picture on the Zander that was caught. 
Warren MN - 35lbs?
Chatman - That and the trophy Northern fishing!
Swede - 18 lbs. but I have seen a photo of a 36lber!!
Warren MN - They're mutant walleye if you ask me.
Shawn Wyma - Do people eat Zander like we do walleyes?
Swede - Yes they do Shawn. They're my favorite fish.
Chatman - Jason, when you set out to pre fish, do you look for fish then figure out how to catch 'em, or do you go looking for fish to jig and fish to troll?
Shawn Wyma - Cool!!
Jason Przekurat - If I'm on big water I'll, for sure, start trolling.
Shawn Wyma - I have to go now but thanks for talking with me tonight and way to go on top angler award Jason!!
Jason Przekurat - Then if I find them concentrated in an area I may try to jig them instead.
Warren MN - Do you start with set patterns for water temps on types of water?
Swede - Thanks Shawn!
Warren MN - G'bye Shawn.
Jason Przekurat - Thanks Shawn and keep up the spirits.
Chatman - It was nice to see Shawn again, Driftr and I were talking, not too long ago, about the fun he and Swat and I used to have here..
Chatman - Oop, it appears we lost Jason. We'll give him a moment...
joe w - Maybe, Jodi should type and Jason should watch the boys! Like Dad (Eric Olson) watches us!
Warren MN - You fished Devils 
joe w - Correct, a special thanks to Troy Morris for helping us out at Devils Lake!
Warren MN - I had heard the byte was pitching jigs to shore, true?
Chatman - My kind of fishing!
Warren MN - That kind of shot my map in the butt!
joe w - No, our first was slip-bobbing then trolling, and casting #10 Husky jerks.
Warren MN - Fishing the trees?
joe w - Correct.
joe w - Fishing the trees with the sharpest slopes adjacent to the trees.
Warren MN - What was the water temp?
joe w - I believe on day four it rose to 70.4
northener - Joe, is water temp a big factor?
joe w - It started out at 59 degrees!
Warren MN - That's a big change for the time frame involved.
joe w - I think that the wind was a bigger factor because of the shrimp.
Chatman - How did the shrimp fit into the puzzle there?
joe w - The best fishing was always on the shore or area that the wind was blowing into.
Warren MN - How big are the shrimp there?
Chatman - Howdy Eric!
Eric Olson - Hello all!
Warren MN - HI Eric!
Swede - Hi Eric!
northener - Hey!!
Eric Olson - I thought I might drop in and give the boy some grief!
joe w - Jason, Eric and I figured different areas of the Lake to work based on wind direction. The wind blows the shrimp into shore where the walleye tend to stack up.
Chatman - We lost Jason, he fell outta the boat a couple of miles back!!
Warren MN - Joe, how big are the shrimp, little fingernail? 
joe w - Thanks, Brother!
Eric Olson - Gotta rope 'em in!
joe w - Correct!
Swede - Do you guys use survival suits in tourneys?
Eric Olson - Sometimes I wish I did but no we don't.
Swede - In Sweden you must use any floating device in tourneys.
Warren MN - Heard PWT LOTW had an accident. 
Eric Olson - I think in any of the bigger water tourneys there are some chances of a cold-water incident occurring, but to fish in one is another story!!
joe w - Eric, thanks for helping your team out!
Eric Olson - Gotta take the grenade sometimes!! ;)
Chatman - LOL!!
joe w - I think Jason went fishing.
Warren MN - Dupont spinner!!
Chatman - It has been a great chat though...
Eric Olson - Are there a lot of you guys planning on attending the RCL Championship?
Swede - For as long as it lasted Chatman....... LOL!!
Chatman - It's too bad the great weather has most of our regulars doing stupid things like fishing!!
Warren MN - Yeah, almost 90 and wall-to-wall sun here!!
Warren MN - But there are heavy storms on way. 
Eric Olson - That's ok he needs faster fingers as we all do!
joe w - Congrats, again to Jason as angler of the year!
Eric Olson - Her Here!
Eric Olson - Well I guess I got to bat clean up for THE MAN. 
Chatman - LOL!!
joe w - That happens a lot!!!
Warren MN - Ouch!!
Chatman - It has been fun tonight. Glad to see Joe and Eric here as well, please 
Thank Jason for being here tonight! And Congrats to all 3 of you on your top five finish in the RCL Angler Of The Year standings!!