Mark Romanack Chat 3/26/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Mark Romanack!!!
wa_walleye - clap clap
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Tom O - Hi Mark
Mark Romanack - Hi Tom
Warren MN - clap clap
Chatman - Well mark, where do we want to go tonight?
Swede - evening all
Warren MN - Sweden representative
wa_walleye - Mark, what is your favorite way to fish?
Mark Romanack - Lets go trolling, the new Precision Trolling book is at the printer.
Chatman - When is it supposed to be available?
cfwalleye - still looking at a July release?
Mark Romanack - My favorite way to catch walleyes is the method that's working best at the moment. That stated, I usually spend a lot of time trolling in order to locate pockets of active fish.
Tom O - Mark you have the trolling bible of all fishing books kind of like American Express, don't leave home without it.
Mark Romanack - Tom, thanks for the kind words.
Chatman - What changes can we expect in the new book Mark?
Tom O - Will the new book have the new Reef Runner Rip Shad in it?
bob - How long off lines do start off with from the downrigger cable to your lure for eyes?
Mark Romanack - The 7th edition of the PT book will be ready for sale soon. I expect to offer the book on our website well before retailers get them.
Chatman - Great!
Tom O - Can't wait!
wa_walleye - So we get to pre order??
Mark Romanack - The 7th edition will enjoy at least 60 new baits, plus the book is going to four color design and we're going to offer a ring binder instead of the wire binding used in the past.
Tom O - Mark, can we order the new book on line?
cfwalleye - What is the URL?
Mark Romanack - The Rip Shad is in the 7th edition. Steve (my partner) and I were very impressed with this new bait and can't wait to try them come open water.
Mark Romanack - Yes, WalleyeCentral guys can pre-order the book and get delivery before the masses buy them at local retailers. I need to work out details on the sale of these books, so Scott at WalleyeCentral can benefit from the sales.
Tom O - I agree the new rip shad and all those great colors should really be effective in the Mich. waters I fish
Chatman - Cool! We are glad to be able to offer them early as well.
Mark Romanack - Our website is and my direct number is 800-353-6958
Tom O - Thanks 
Mark Romanack - WalleyeCentral has been a great supporter of PT over the years and they sell tons of books for us. It only seems fair to offer some of the first books to those who follow the site.
Tom O - Mark, I'm switching to Power Pro line this year, so how should I determine just how deep I really am?
Chatman - With the new books being a ring binder type, will that change the way the series gets updated? 
Mark Romanack - Some of the other amazing new baits we tested include the Yo-Zuri Deep Diving Crystal Minnows, Cotton Cordell Wiggle-O, Rapala Deep Diving Husky Jerk No. 10, Producers Double D...
iamwalleye1 - When will the new version be out?
wa_walleye - Does the 7th edition have all the baits of the old ones?
Mark Romanack - We're working on a better way to update the information provided in the trolling books. At this point I can't promise we will offer supplements, but going to a ring binder makes that step closer to reality. If we do offer supplements,
Mark Romanack - Retailers won't see the 7th edition until early summer, but we should be able to process website orders as early as May.
Chatman - Being in a ring binder will sure make it easier to laminate the pages!
iamwalleye1 - After a couple years I need a new one anyway!
iamwalleye1 - I second that Chatman!
Swede - Translating it to Swedish Mark??
Tom O - Mark, met you at Ford Field this year, and you had a great seminar. How do you think this late spring will effect the Detroit River?
Mark Romanack - The ring binder method also allows anglers to only take the pages they expect to use with them on the water. The text and not frequently used pages could be removed and stored in a safe dry place.
Mark Romanack - I have a hard enough time writing in English... Sorry, we're not exactly ready for the world yet.
iamwalleye1 - What is your web site address?
Chatman - I always made copies of the pages I used most, had them laminated and bound at Copymax, and kept that in the boat...
Mark Romanack - The Detroit River will happen on schedule. Weather will only slow up the bite a few days at best. Soon as the ice is gone, the fishing will begin.
wa_walleye - - Mark do you think the water will be in the 40's by the PWT?
Mark Romanack - It would be great if we could offer laminated pages in the PT book again, but the cost is simply too great. Back when we only sold a modest number of books, laminating them was a good idea. Now that we sell many thousands, laminating is cost prohibitive.
amwalleye1 - Will there be a fee for the new updates baits off the web site?
Mark Romanack - Anyone know the single most important part of trolling cranks?
wa_walleye - Right depth?
iamwalleye1 - Speed/ tune?
Mark Romanack - Yes, we will have to charge for updated pages if we go that direction. After all this is how I make my living, writing and selling books on fishing.
Chatman - Putting them in the water?
Chatman - LOL!!
iamwalleye1 - LOL!
Mark Romanack - All good answers, but tuning is the absolutely most important part of crank bait trolling. Untuned lures won't catch fish even in a good bite.
iamwalleye1 - Do I win a new book?
Mark Romanack - iamwalleye1, nice try. Maybe later...
ebijack - Well did I miss the date for when the new trolling bible comes out?
Chatman - Do you prefer a tuning tool, or do you use a needle nose pliers for tuning Mark?
Swede - LOL
ebijack - Howdy Mark, what boat are you running this year?
Mark Romanack - I use a the new Tuna-Fish for tuning Reef Runners and some other baits, but don't forget a pair of pliers. Many lures can only be tuned with a needle nose pliers. 
iamwalleye1 - I have to say the RR tools work well for me, now I see Scott has them plated!
Mark Romanack - Tundra 21
iamwalleye1 - Mine are rusted!
ebijack - Mark, how does that Tundra compare to your old Champions or haven't you run it yet?
Swede - Prefer needle nose pliers myself when tuning. 
Mark Romanack - Great! I've owned two Tundra's and have fished in many others. I was very amazed how well these boats run, having owned many fiberglass boats over the years. Frankly, I've never owned a better boat, glass or tin.
iamwalleye1 - Opti?
ebijack - Mark, when does the new trolling bible hit the showroom floor so to speak?
ebijack - Mark, you don't put enough hours on your boats to call them used... :)
Mark Romanack - You'll be able to order on-line in May. Retail outlets will have to wait a while longer to allow books in the system to disappear. Retailers wouldn't like it much if I let the 7th edition go before the 6th edition books were sold.
ebijack - Mark, how many new types of bait were added for 2003?
Pat - Mark, I just got here so forgive me if this question has already been asked; Is there a way to get the new dive curves that aren't in PT6
iamwalleye1 - What is your web site?
Mark Romanack - Not without purchasing a new 7th edition book. We don't offer updates currently and are searching for a way to do just that in the future.
Mark Romanack -
amwalleye1 - Thanks!
1895TSC - Does the 7th edition have all the other lures the old editions have?
ebijack - Heck, if you use your book like I do, it hardly lasts a year....they sure don't like rain :)
Mark Romanack - The 7th edition has all the lures in other editions plus about 60 new ones.
1895TSC - Yea eb, they turn into paper weights when they get
1895TSC - Great!
ebijack - They get REAL hard to peel apart :)
Mark Romanack - We sell the books in a plastic bag. If you use it, they last a long time.
Pat - Is there a discount if you already have PT6?
ebijack - To turn the pages you have to remove it from its protective cover :)
ebijack - When you have to use it... you have to use it :)
Mark Romanack - Sure, we have always offered our return customers a discount when they order direct from our office. Those who want a 7th edition book can get on a waiting list. The cost will be $20. When the 7th is released to retail outlets, the price will be more.
ebijack - It's worth it...I'm on my 2nd 6th edition!
Pat - Did you do the dive curves for the new Normark guide?
Guest - Hi Mark -- How do you get on the waiting list -- at your website?
Mark Romanack - You can get on the waiting list by calling the office at 800-353-6958
Gary Gray - How's the ice on Erie doing?
ebijack - The river has lots of open spots Gary, but Huron and St. clair are still ice bound.
Dan(oh) - Going away, day temps. been in the 50's and nights above freezing, it also rained good last night
Gary Gray - How's Erie doing?
Pat - I was at the Wings game last night and the river has a lot of ice. Good thing the RCL moved to IL!
Mapguy - Mark, do you self publish?
Gary Gray - I'm heading for Ill River with Pete on Fri.
Mark Romanack - Yes, most of our books are self published. We also do our own sales and marketing work.
Gary Gray - Mark, when is the new version coming out, and how can I get the Renosky's in there?
ebijack - Good question Gary...I got a dozen or more of those a month ago.
Mark Romanack - Gary, I haven't had a chance to test the Renosky's and lots of other baits for that matter. Our little tornado last summer put the hurt on our testing schedule. I should be able to test them this summer for a future edition.
Dan(oh) - Great book Mark, but is there anything you can do about the pages being more water proof without costing you an arm and a leg?
Gary Gray - Sounds good, but if you need the results I have from Bait data, you're welcome to use it.
Mark Romanack - Gary, I hope to have books available for the tournament guys by May. The 7th edition has about 60 more baits than the 6th.
ebijack - See mark? :) I wasn't kidding, they turn to pulp...but still worth the price!
Mark Romanack - Dan, we've looked at waterproof paper, plastic and some other materials, but all are expensive. 
Mapguy - You got that right!
Dan(oh) - Thanks!
ebijack - Besides, you need to buy a new edition every once in awhile to get the updates, which isn't a problem for those who know what it takes to get that data.
Dan(oh) - got mine wet and its junk now.
Mark Romanack - Gary, how do you keep a Bait Data working? We've tried many and they all quit working after only limited service.
Chatman - Dan, photocopy the ones you want, take them to Copymax and have them laminated and spiral bound, that's what I do, it costs about 15 bucks, and they never get wrecked.....
ebijack - Gary gave me some dive numbers from his experience on Erie.
Dan(oh) - Thanks Chatman, good idea!
ebijack - You still need to get a new edition. 
Mark Romanack - I would love to produce a laminated book, but no one would like the price. Perhaps it is best to simply let anglers laminate the pages they use most and leave it at that...
ebijack - Like a new's a got to have!
reddog - Mark, What about Tyvek paper and waterproof ink? Have you looked at that. Tyvek is a house wrap made by Dupont, very thin, and strong. The print on it lasts a long, long time on the side of a house. 
ebijack - Mark, what's the criteria for choosing which baits you decide to run?
CNDFish - Mark, Any idea when the new edition will be released in Canada....When do you expect Jim for North Shore Dist. to have them?
Mark Romanack - reddog, yes we have looked at Tyvek or what the printing industry calls Kimdura. It is wonderful stuff, but the cost is about three times that of paper.
Chatman - Tyvek is rather expensive as paper, and it is very thin, the pages would flap about in the wind and make it very hard to read, I think..
ebijack - I look at it this way...your baits don't last forever, the trolling bible needs to be updated too!
Mark Romanack - CNDFish, I would guess that Jim will have books by early summer. He is a new distributor and doesn't have a large inventory of 6th edition books in stock.
ebijack - Mark wondered how you use the bait data accurately, Gary.
CNDFish - Mark, are you planning on being in Port Clinton. I'd love to meet you and say hi in person.
Gary Gray - Mark, about bait data, I have had one for about 14 yrs now, never had a problem.
Mark Romanack - I'm planning on being at Port Clinton, at least for a day or two.
Mark Romanack - Gary, when we use them on deep diving baits, water pressure causes them to leak and malfunction. That's why we continue to do our data with scuba gear. 
ebijack - Your scuba gear does just fine Mark :)
Gary Gray - I HAVE one of the originals, and have never had a problem. They are solid lexan.
Pat - Mark is there a number I can reach you at so I can talk to you about some ideas I've had that may interest you for future PT versions?
Mark Romanack - The other major reason for using scuba gear to confirm our data is the simple fact that there is no substitute for seeing something with your own eyes. We can confirm that the baits are tuned properly and also that nothing has fouled on the hooks.
Gary Gray - There is no better than scuba, just that little tool, has saved my butt a few time.
Mark Romanack - Pat, sure call me at my office 800-353-6958. I'm out of the office however until next Monday.
Chatman - We have a few minutes left yet tonight, has Mark missed any questions?
CNDFish - Mark, does popular opinion help decide on what cranks are published or is it influenced by the industry?
Gary Gray - Look forward to seeing you at Erie. Have to go, just wanted to stop and say hi to everyone. Good night all!
Pat - I'll give you a call early next week then.
Mark Romanack - CNDFish, we select baits based on feedback from our customers.
CNDFish - Thanks again Mark, sorry I missed the beginning.
Mark Romanack - Steve and I are always looking for new baits to test and any tips in that direction are always welcome.
ebijack - Mark, is there any info about running keel weights in the new edition?
Mark Romanack - No, we haven't had an opportunity to test keel weights, but chances are the data would be similar to that of Snap Weights. Speed is the issue when ting sinking rigs.
Pat - How soon before a new lure hits the market do you hear about them?
Mark Romanack - Pat, in some cases we test before the lures are released to the public. The new Rip Shad from Reef Runner was tested long before the first baits hit the shelves.
ebijack - I run the keel weights on a much shorter lead than when running snap weights.
Swede - You think them Rip Shads are good on eyes?
ebijack - freebyrd should be able to answer about Rip Shads.
Mark Romanack - We're planning to test the Bass Pro Shops in-line weights designed by Parsons in 1, 2 and 3 ounce sizes. No doubt this data will be similar to keel weights. We'll see this summer for sure.
Pat - Is there more than one size Rip Shad? How do they compare to the dive curve of a Hot-n-tot or a shad rap?
FreeByrd - Didn't see the questions on Rip Shads...
ebijack - Thanks Mark!
Swede - Hardly ever see any Reef Runners over here.
Mark Romanack - I haven't fished a Rip Shad yet, but they look very good in the water.
Chatman - I wonder about the keel weight vs. snap weight issue. Keel weights have less surface drag than a snap weight setup, and I have found that, at the same speed, the same weight keel weight will run deeper than the snap weight.
ebijack - Swede wondered if they were good for eyes.
Swede - Asked if they catch eyes over there Freebyrd.
Mark Romanack - Pat, there is only one size of Rip Shad and they dive about 16 feet on a long lead.
FreeByrd - Only used them one day last fall.
Chatman - Well the hour has slipped away, I knew we would run out of time before we ran out of topic!
FreeByrd - Will give them a more serious look in late May.
ebijack - Running what.......16 lines freebyrd? :)
Pat - Is the Rip Shad action similar to any other bait you have seen
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Mark Romanack!!!!!!!
ebijack - clap clap clap clap!!!
FreeByrd - Nah, maybe 14 but probably only 12.
Swede - Clap, clap, clap!
ebijack - :)
Pat - Thanks Mark!
Mark Romanack - Thanks all for the visit.
walleyeman - Good job!
reddog - Thanks Mark!