Stowmaster Nets - Chat 7/23/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome for Matt Larson of StowMaster nets!!!!
Driftr - Welcome Matt Larson !!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Warren MN - Clap, clap, clap!!
Matt Larson - Thanks Guys, I'm looking forward to tonight!
Chatman - Why don't we start off with some info about the StowMaster Company?
Matt Larson - Sure.
Matt Larson - StowMaster was formed in October of last year. We are a division of a contract manufacturer, that was founded in 1972. Our goal is to provide premium product for the outdoors.
Matt Larson - The parent company specializes in CNC, aluminum extrusions, fabrications etc. We purchased a patent, which became our Tournament Series Nets.
Chatman - Cool! They look like a quality net.
Matt Larson - We have other patents and will be rolling out other products soon.
Chatman - Is there a distribution area for the nets or can a fella buy them online?
Warren MN - Yes, Matt, is there a web site we can look at?
Matt Larson - We currently sell them online at and are in the process of setting up the distribution network.
Driftr - How many net styles or sizes does StowMaster offer?
Chatman - Do you have people in the field using them? Pros etc....
Matt Larson - Currently 10% of the PWT pros are using them. On our pro staff is Daryl Christianson and Chief Papineau.
Matt Larson - Thanks Warren.
Chatman -
Warren MN - Excellent, thank you Chatman.
Chatman - I spent a little time snoopin' around the StowMaster site when the banner first went up, nice lookin site, and a nice looking net!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Hi Matt, remember me???
Matt Larson - I sure do! Are you going to Oahe?
Chatman - I am always amazed, guys will spend 40,000 for a boat, 250 for a rod and they buy a 20 dollar net!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - No, I'm done for this year. Just fun fishin from now on, and I'm ready!!
Matt Larson - It's your last piece of terminal tackle.
Stuart Smally - And one of the most important!
Matt Larson - Jim, It was great fishing with ya!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Thanks again for your support of the PWT.
Matt Larson - What a great bunch of people!!
Matt Larson - I think most of the serious fishermen are screaming for quality products.
Warren MN - Do you use a general type of aluminum like 6063 or a 52 series?
Matt Larson - No, we use 6061 T6 (sometimes called aircraft quality) aluminum.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Most don't hesitate to buy when they see a clearly better product.
Driftr - Me too! I have a 10 dollar, collapsible Wal-Mart special.....
Warren MN - Matt, I use that for building antenna's, great material quality.
Driftr - I loose them constantly on Lake Erie, they always sink.
Driftr - Matt, does your net float?
Matt Larson - We are adding a foam insert and sealing up the hoop. They will float for a minimum of 3 minutes. Probably longer.
Chatman - That's a good question Jim, I have lost a couple that way...
Driftr - That is why I always just bought a cheap one.
Chatman - I lost more from people trying to swing big fish into the boat like a shovel full of dirt....
Matt Larson - One problem is our netting is heavy duty. We will be testing with the right foam and announce the float times on our site, soon.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - For us trollers, who'd have to make a loop, 3 minutes isn't a long enough time to return to the net.
Driftr - If a quality net will float and can be seen at a distance, I would want it!
Chatman - Especially when I was guiding, it is amazing what non-anglers can do to a net!!
Warren MN - How much weight can you hold in the hoop?
Driftr - My point exactly Jim! 
Driftr - When I lose a board & hit M.O.B., I still have a tough time finding them!
Chatman - M.O.B. = Man Over Board feature on GPS units. Just an FYI.
Chatman - I blow the handle full of insulation foam that you can get from the hardware store. That is, the part of the handle that slides inside to larger part. I can still telescope my handle as designed.
Matt Larson - Our "S" series and larger (24 x 28) are good to 75 lbs. the smaller nets are good for 25 lbs.
Chatman - And I blow foam in the hoop as well. Mine will float long enough for me to return to it. I also played with a big float on a short tether at the end of the handle but found the size of the float made it cumbersome and it got in the way. Some even sank. 
Matt Larson - The hoop is plugged, but we are adding some silicon to enhance that.
Chatman - Early on I didn't account for the hoop to fill with water and increase the weight/lack of buoyancy.
Driftr - Matt, what color are the nets?
Chatman - Even if a guy swings the hoop in like a shovel?
Chatman - You know, 25 lb salmon/Muskie/catfish, swung in with the net handle held horizontal..
Matt Larson - The handle is a dull gold anodize, the hoop and net is black. We don't want to scare the fishes!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - In all fairness to Matt, it would be very tuff to make a collapsible handle float, and they are quite attractive!
Matt Larson - We tested our nets to that weight with the handle held horizontal, you don't want to meet our tech!!!
Chatman - LOL!! I was just askin.... ;-)
Chatman - I just got tired of clients and friends destroying otherwise good nets.
Matt Larson - The nice thing about ours is people are keeping them folded until needed. Less chance of tripping over them.
Stuart Smally - Or kicking the bloody thing into the drink!!!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Matt, On a Lake Erie Trolling situation, with multiple lines working our net never gets "put away"!
Matt Larson - Jim, you need to practice! You can look like Zorro!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Right, while I knock 2 guys out of the boat!!!
Driftr - The long net always ready is a must!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - With long handles, we only make them take a bow.
Matt Larson - Sounds Painful!!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Not for the guy with the net!!
Matt Larson - True.
Chatman - LOL!! Jousting anyone???
Matt Larson - That must be why I always end up with the net.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Matt do you consider your net bags hook-proof?
Matt Larson - There is no such thing as hook proof, ours is hooks-less. We have found a better, net coating, compound and will be testing it in Mobridge.
Matt Larson - It's much softer too!
Driftr - Is it rubber like?
Matt Larson - It's knotless nylon dipped in a rubber compound.
Matt Larson - The problem with plain nylon is the fibers untreated are hook magnets!!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Indeed!!
Chatman - After owning my first coated net, I will never own another that is not coated! I'll lip land a walleye first before using another cotton net!!
Matt Larson - The coating is better for the fish too. It doesn't remove their slime coat as bad.
Matt Larson - Heavy knots are even worse! Just rub one over the back of your hand!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Yup, it's like a rasp!!
Matt Larson - Yep.
Chatman - What is the trick to keeping a knotless net together? Is the mesh woven?
Matt Larson - Yes it is woven with the nylon fibers.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Any thought of making a flat bottom bag an option?
Matt Larson - Yes, we have had samples made and will be making it an option. The flat bottom works really well for our muskie net.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - They are also handy for the large eyes. Keeps them from twisting up so bad.
Matt Larson - They will be offered for all the models.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Just double the SKU's right?
Matt Larson - As a separate option. The nice thing is ours are easy to change!
Chatman - Cool! So it is easy enough to get a new net bag when Mr. Pike rips the snot out of one?
ETT (Jim Stedke) - So the guys will have the standard as a standby bag. Good deal.
Matt Larson - Not a problem.
Matt Larson - We have decided to discontinue some of the models, the ones that do not telescope. Any thoughts?
Driftr - I don't see a use for a net that doesn't telescope.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - The person who wants a short handle can leave the telescoping handle sucked in. It makes them stronger. 
Matt Larson - That was our thought, but we introduced them just in case.
Chatman - Unless you want to consider one of those new style nets the bass pros use with the gizmo added to the handle that is bent to wrap under your forearm, so you can very easily net fish with one hand.
Chatman - Now here is another idea. An additional handle to telescope the net out 2x as far as standard offering. I know some breakwater and bridge anglers that would love the idea!
Driftr - Matt, how long are your telescoping handles now?
Matt Larson - Some of our nets go to 11 feet.
Chatman - Wow! 11 feet may do the trick nicely, I see your way ahead of me!!
Matt Larson - You should see the size of the hoop though!
Chatman - I bet!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Great as a Salmon or Musky net.
Matt Larson - Our mid size net is 9 feet, total.
Driftr - 11 is a good length.
Chatman - Would the handle on one of those nets interchange with one that was more walleye sized? If so I'd buy 2 nets, one for salmon and catfeeeesh and one for eyes, and swap the handles as needed.
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Is there anything stopping a guy from using a longer handle on a smaller hoop?
Matt Larson - Not at this time for the swapping, the folding design won't work. All this is food for thought though.
Driftr - When you troll Lake Erie in rough water you need what that 11 foot net offers, but with a smaller hoop.
Chatman - Rough water = long handles if you actually want to catch a fish.
Matt Larson - We have a great one for Lake Erie! It has a 30 x 32 hoop and a 10 foot long handle!
Matt Larson - Daryl used it to win at Port Clinton
Matt Larson - The model is, TS120X.
Driftr - I will check the site after the chat.
Matt Larson - Thanks!
Chatman - You know, that one net may do it all...
ETT (Jim Stedke) - I'll bet he had it broke out!!! LOL!!
Chatman - well, we are fast running out of time, any final thoughts, we have less than 2 minutes to go...
Matt Larson - This net was originally designed for Salmon but it makes a great trolling net!
Chatman - Having too big a hoop may not be that much a problem anymore with the folding net...
Matt Larson - True.
Chatman - Well, the hour has drawn to a close.
Matt Larson - Thanks Guys, it was a lot of fun!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Matt Larson of StowMaster nets!!!
Driftr - Thanks Matt!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Nice job Matt, Thanks!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!!
Matt Larson - Thanks Again!!
ETT (Jim Stedke) - Clap, clap, clap, clap!1
JAM - definitely worth the admission price again tonight!
JAM - Thanks Matt and thanks Walleye Central, you both rock!!!
JAM - Buh-bye!
Stuart Smally - Goodnight and thanks Matt!!
Matt Larson - Tight lines! 
Chatman - Great chatting with you Matt, and a very interesting chat!
Matt Larson - Thanks for the invite.
Matt Larson - And the support!
Chatman - Anytime Matt!