Sue D (Guest Chargers) Chat 6/04/03

Driftr - Ladies & Gentleman, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Sue D. from Guest Charge Pro!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!!
Driftr - Welcome Sue!!
Sue D. - Thank you Driftr!
Sue D. - Hello again!
We Fish - Welcome Sue!! 
Sue D. - Hi Guest 1.
Driftr - Sue, can you give us a background on Guest? 
Sue D. - Sure, Guest has been around since the late 60's.
Sue D. - We started off by selling toiletries to hotels, hence the name Guest.
Sue D. - Somewhere along the line, in the mid 70's the company expanded into marine supplies, and then went into switches, lights and the most widely known product, battery chargers.
Driftr - That's interesting. I never knew the toiletries part.
Sue D. - As far as I know, Guest manufactured the first potted charger for marine use.
Sue D. - Amazing, where you start is not always where you end up.
Driftr - That's very true.
Driftr - Sue, when did you start with Guest Co.?
We Fish - Sue, they say the chargers get hot, but I haven't noticed it to happen yet.
Sue D. - I started just over 6 years ago, as a part time temp.
Sue D. - We Fish, they can get quite warm in the bulk mode, but not hot.
Driftr - Bulk mode, is that when all chargers are on working?
Doug Patillo - Any plans to expand further into the marine industry with other items?
Sue D. - The newer chargers that are just coming out will get hot to the touch, but not hot enough to harm equipment!
We Fish - I See. 
Sue D. - The bulk mode is the first stage of charging, when a battery is really discharged.
Sue D. - Doug, not at this time, or at least not that I have heard.
Driftr - How many stages are there in a charge cycle?
Sue D. - Guest uses a three stage charging process: bulk, absorption and float charging.
Driftr - What happens during each stage of the charge cycle?
Sue D. - Some manufacturers use 4 stages, others use linear charging.
Sue D. - Sure Jim, first off the charger will bring the battery up to 14 volts in a charge cycle.
Sue D. - Bulk stage is when a battery is heavily discharged, and the charger is 
putting out the most amps.
Sue D. - Absorption is the second stage, dropping off in amperage and bringing the voltage up to 14.2 volts.
Sue D. - At 14.2 volts, the charger drops off to the float stage and finishes the charge at low amperage.
Sue D. - Once the battery is topped off, the charger will maintain the battery at 13.1 to 13.5 volts DC
Driftr - How long can you leave a charger plugged in?
Sue D. - The fourth stage that some manufacturers use is called equalization, which is a high charge to knock off sulfation.
Sue D. - You can leave a Guest charger plugged in indefinitely!
Sue D. - Mine has now been plugged in since September.
Driftr - Then a boat in winter storage is with a Guest Charger is going to have fresh batteries in the spring?
Sue D. - I just wish it would stop raining so I could unplug it and go fishing!
Driftr - I hear that!
Sue D. - Yes it will Jim.
Driftr - Too much rain.
Sue D. - Way too much rain!
Sue D. - Hi Swede!
Swede - Evening all!
Sue D. - Were you able to find a charger?
Driftr - Sue, when you spoke of a potted charger, what does that mean?
We Fish - Sue, I must go. Again, you have a great product. Keep up the good work! Remember, customer service is what I always look at for the sale and after the sale.
Sue D. - We Fish, I always try to look out for my friends!
Sue D. - That's how I prefer to refer to our customers.
We Fish - Cool! Again, thanks for your time.
Sue D. - Any time!
Driftr - Sue, you do an outstanding job at that too!!
Sue D. - Driftr, a potted charger is one that is encapsulated in thermal epoxy.
Sue D. - It makes the electronics virtually indestructible, and completely waterproof!
Sue D. - You can actually remove the housing, put the charger in water and it will still operate!
Driftr - That is a good feature, being waterproof.
Sue D. - Especially on a boat!
Sue D. - And the way you guys fish!! LOL!!
Sue D. - I've heard stories about big water, walleye fishing. We just don't have as big fresh water around here.
Driftr - Lake Erie is relentless at times.
Driftr - Sue, my charger works just great, it keeps those big 31's in top charge!
Sue D. - Always happy to hear that a charger is working great.
Sue D. - How long does it take to charge your batteries Driftr?
Driftr - I have had them go 10 hours so far.
Sue D. - 10 hours to charge up?
Driftr - But I haven't had the boat out too many times yet, due to weather.
Driftr - We just finished rigging my boat 3 weeks ago.
Sue D. - OK, that's right. Didn't you just get a new boat?
Driftr - Yes, just new.
Sue D. - How is it?
Driftr - I love it!
Sue D. - Which charger do you have?
Doug Patillo - What kind of boat is it Driftr?
Driftr - The fellows at the dealer want me to order my 2004 now so I can start rigging it!!
Driftr - LOL!!
Driftr - They tease me a lot...
Driftr - Doug, I have a Crestliner.
Doug Patillo - They're very nice boats.
Ristorapper - Hi Sue/swede/Warren.
Driftr - Are there questions for Sue?
Driftr - Sue, I have the 2631.
Sue D. - Hi Suzanne.
Swede - Hi Kristine & Suzanne.
Doug Patillo - Sue...I gotta go take care of my daughter. If you every need anything from me, don't hesitate to contact me.
Sue D. - Will do Doug!
Sue D. - Take care and enjoy you daughter!
Doug Patillo - You going to our dealer convention this year Sue?
Driftr - Sue, does Guest have a Web page?
Guest - Sue, where is your company located?
Sue D. - Probably not.
Warren MN - This may have been asked, but is there a difference on batteries on how fast you charge them
Sue D. - Do you relly think that they will let me go?
Sue D. - Guest, we are in Meriden CT
Doug Patillo - I don't think I am going to go either...but I would give anything to go.
Sue D. - Warren, it is always better to charge slow, but you know how fishermen are.
Doug Patillo - Take Care Sue! You do a great job!
Driftr - Doug, thanks for coming by!
Sue D. - Doug, you and me both!
Warren MN - Yeah, want it now.
Sue D. - Thanks, so do you!
Sue D. - Warren, yes we do!
Swede - Why not charge them while driving to the water?
Sue D. - Let's face it, the fish are biting and we need to be out there!
Sue D. - Swede, with the electronics and the computers in the engines now, there isn't much amperage left over for trolling batteries.
Sue D. - Hey Tox!
TOXIC - Thought I'd drop in and see how you were doing!!
Sue D. - Doing OK, and you?
TOXIC - Great!! Got my charger all mounted and it works fantastic
Sue D. - I saw that.
TOXIC - Had to "fabricate" a little, LOL!!
Sue D. - Hey Toxic, how about describing that charger?
lucky2 - Sue, a question for you. How do you mount the charger when it is on a carpeted wall of the boat
Warren MN - I've got a question about venting when you're ready....
Sue D. - You can mount it right to the carpet. Over time, you may get some darkening of the carpet, but it will not cause any damage.
Sue D. - Nor will it extend your charge time.
TOXIC - It is the new 2745A, 3 bank, 15amp with the through the hull plug mount. It is a fantastic unit, 3 to 4 hour recovery on a 60% used battery.
Sue D. - Or, you can use some standoff to raise the charger up a bit, Lucky2.
lucky2 - I put mine on a piece of thin plywood so it has some room for venting I hope that will work.
Sue D. - Sure Warren MN, what is your question
Sue D. - Lucky2 it will work just fine!
Warren MN - Two questions now. One back, do the chargers have any heat dissipation issues?
Warren MN - The rug made me think of it.....
Sue D. - Warren, they do not have heat dissipation problems, although excess heat due to a small closed in area may extend the charge time a bit. 
Warren MN - But not hard on the charger then, that's good.
Sue D. - No, It's not hard on the charger. The extended charge time is hard on the fisherman that wants to go...NOW!!
Stuart Smally - LOL!!
Warren MN - The other question is kind of the other end of the rope from you. I'm an old gas station person and we had to watch out for hydrogen gas the batteries gave off in charging is this a concern?
Sue D. - Toxic, how many times have you used the charger?
lucky2 - How much room around the charger is required for warranty purposes? I would have to mount mine in the center of the floor to obtain the required space called out for in the instructions. 
Sue D. - Warren MN, normally our chargers do not cause gassing of the batteries.
Sue D. - Hey, if I disappear, it's due to a good old thunderstorm happening here...FYI.
Warren MN - OK, great. I've seen batteries blow at the gas station. Never want to be in that area!!
TOXIC - I have used the 2745A, 4 or 5 times since I got it. It got a good soaking in the Potomac brine when I got caught in 5 footers and took a couple over the bow. For those that don't know, I run a 929 NITRO.
Driftr - Sue, do gel cells give off a gas?
Sue D. - Lucky2, if you are putting the charger in a compartment, just lift the lid for extra air circulation.
Sue D. - Not many boats have the kind of room suggested Lucky2.
TOXIC - My 929 has the room but I came up a little short on the bulkhead.
Warren MN - Sounds like your charger would be good on maintaining fluid levels too.
Driftr - A Federal law passed recently stating that all batteries will be gel cells!
Warren MN - ???
Sue D. - Warren MN, yes they do
Sue D. - What, Jim?
Sue D. - When?
Driftr - It has already passed! 
Sue D. - Gel cells only?
Driftr - The battery companies are changing everything now. 
Sue D. - Really?
Stuart Smally - Well that'll kill Thermoil sales...
TOXIC - There are also hydrogen prototypes out there too.
lucky2 - I bet that will drive the price up!
Driftr - It has to do with spillage when there is a wreck.
Warren MN - That's what I was thinking... pricey!
Sue D. - It will make charging interesting too!
Sue D. - Some chargers cannot be used with gel cells.
TOXIC - Ha! The 2745A can be!
Driftr - New Castle Battery is where I get my batteries, they showed the info to me when I was purchasing my 31's.
Stuart Smally - Actually, this may drive gel-cell prices DOWN, more of them on the market.
lucky2 - How can you tell if the charger can be used on gel batteries or not?
Sue D. - Yes, ours can, but many others need to go to the factory to be reset.
Warren MN - Gels use a lower voltage don't they?
Sue D. - Lucky2, you can check with the manufacturer of the charger.
Driftr - By the spring of 2004, you won't be able to buy a wet battery.
Sue D. - Warren MN, yes, a gel cell cannot be charged using voltages over 14.2
Warren MN - I just remembered some thing. I'm an Emergency Services Ham Radio operator and use back up batteries and keeping them charged is critical.
Warren MN - Things sure have changed though.
Sue D. - Yes they have!
TOXIC - Does the 2745 A know the difference? With a 3-hour total recovery, it has to be putting some serious charge on the batteries!
lucky2 - It's a Cabela's brand 2500, three bank 10/10/5. I think it is made by you guys...
Sue D. - Both the Cabela's 2500 and the 2745A are factory set to not exceed the gel cell settings.
Sue D. - As are all of the Guest waterproof chargers.
lucky2 - Thanks that is good to know!
Stauart Smally - Nothing like being ahead of the curve!
Driftr - Sue, does the 2745 charge 3 or 4 batteries?
Sue D. - The lead acid batteries can take a higher voltage, but they will work with the lower voltage too.
lucky2 - Way to plug the Guest Chargers Sue!! 
TOXIC - I understand that the gels, although much more expensive, do not hold up to frequent re-charges.
Sue D. - The 2745 charges 3 batteries at 15 amps per bank.
Driftr - Will Guest have a 4 bank available?
lucky2 - I thought the gels were better than wet cell batteries or am I wrong?
Warren MN - So did I Lucky2.
Sue D. - Driftr, the 2635 is a 4-bank charger, it's available at a few retailers now.
Sue D. - They are not as widely available as there are not many boats with 4 batteries.
Driftr - Ok, because my next year boat will have a 36 volt bow mount.
Swede - I forgot bout the lerkin mode!! 
Warren MN - LOL!!
TOXIC - I thought so too, but got conflicting technical info. I trust the source. I couldn't believe it even after they market them directly for marine use!
Sue D. - The gel cells are more forgiving on being run down, although I hear that they may run down faster.
TOXIC - Optima Blue top I think....
TOXIC - The new Opti Max's by Mercury are recommending a separate battery just for the motor!!
Driftr - Speaking of plugs Sue, I love the thru hull plug -in. I mounted mine at the bow trim switch area.
Sue D. - Neat idea. No more cutting off the plug.
Driftr - Sue, does Guest have a web site?
Sue D. - Yes,
Sue D. - Lots of information, but someone is in desperate need of being updated!!!
TOXIC - Let me clarify...a stand alone battery just for the motor. No other uses. There will be more 4 battery set-ups!!
RedTheRangerMan - I had 4 batteries in my last 2 boats. The 620 had three for the trolling motor and one starting, 36 volt system. And the 692 had two wired together in 12volt for the outboard and the boat and two for the trolling motor. I did that to run the boat all day and never run down the ability to crank er up!
lucky2 - That brings up a good question Sue. Does it void the warranty if you cut the original plug off to install it on a hull plug in or do you make a double female/male surface mount plug?
Sue D. - You can also call us toll free at 1-888-483-7865. 
Sue D. - Lucky2, cutting off the plug will not void the warranty.
Sue D. - Not much does void the warranty in my book.
TOXIC - Guest has a plug made for through the hull mounting.
Driftr - As the hour passes away, are there any last minute questions?
Stuart Smally - Time is dying??? LOL!!
Sue D. - With the new Connect Charge inlet, the plug just snaps into the inlet.
Sue D. - No more cutting off the plug and rewiring! 
lucky2 - Thanks Sue for the info have a great evening!
TOXIC - It is slick!! Now if I could just make myself cut the hull!!
Sue D. - Thanks for the chance to come back and chat!
Guest - Does Guest have a charger with motor alternator charging feature like the Dual PRO Extra series? 
Sue D. - Guest, no we don't.
Driftr - Toxic, put it on your bow panel!
Warren MN - Sue, thanks for coming!
Sue D. - Toxic, you can do it!
Warren MN - I learned some thing tonight, glad I came in, even if late! LOL!!
TOXIC - Don't have 21 foot of cord!!
Sue D. - Toxic, splice it!
Driftr - A warm round of applause for our Guest Host, Sue D. of Guest Charge Pro!!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!!
Warren MN - Clap, clap, clap!!
Ristorapper - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
Driftr - Thank you Sue!
Swede - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Sue D. - Thank you for having me Driftr!
Sue D. - Thank you all.
Driftr - As always Sue, you represent your company very well! 
Sue D. - Thanks, I try.