Chat Tommy Skarlis 11/5/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome, for Tommy Skarlis!!
Driftr - Welcome Tommy Skarlis!!!!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!! Welcome Tommy!!!!!
T-Mac - Clapclapclapclapclapclapclap!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
sevenmmm - Whistle, whistle!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
ETT - Clap, clap, clap!!!
ebijack - Clap, clap, clap! 
Tommy Skarlis - Hello walleye freaks!!
T-Mac - Yup, that be us!!
ebijack - That's us!
sevenmmm - I've been called much worse!
Tommy Skarlis - And we're proud of it!!
ebijack - Tommy, are you going to run a 619 again in 2004?
Groony - Hiya all!
ebijack - Another Coleman color scheme?
Chatman - How about a recap of your tourney year Tommy? 
Tommy Skarlis - Coleman will be there! I couldn't live without my ProCat heater!!
Tommy Skarlis - As far as a recap of the year, I really had a lot of fun and it was tremendous, the amount that I learned.
sevenmmm - How many tournaments did you fish this last year?
Fishnmagician - What was the #1 thing you learned?
Tommy Skarlis - I fished 6 PWT's and 4 RCL's and both championships!
ebijack - Tommy, are you going to fish both the RCL and the PWT?
Juls - He's so humble, he won the PWT at Dunkirk!!! Congrats again Tommy!
Chatman - Mr modest! Way to go on the win and going to both Championships!
Tommy Skarlis - I learned don't try to out troll Groony, stick to Jigging! LOL!
Juls - Heheh!
Groony - :)
ebijack - Congrats on both championship qualifiers Tommy!
Tommy Skarlis - I believe that I might fish them all again. Time will be a huge factor in my decision.
Driftr - Tommy, how did you like it at Dunkirk?
Tommy Skarlis - Dunkirk Rocks!!!
Groony - What has been your most gratifying tournament experience? 
Tommy Skarlis - I liked New York in 2001 when I placed in the 80's.
Driftr - It is 130 miles from me.
ebijack - You have got to love a win! :) The weather wasn't the best but that brings out the best!
sevenmmm - Yeah, good job on that 1st place, how about the others? Did you cash any other checks this year?
Tommy Skarlis - I think the most gratifying experience was winning Detroit. As far as Accomplishments go.
Juls - Why the most gratifying? What made it that way for you?
ebijack - I was fishing right next to you that year with Mark Martin on the Detroit River.
Tommy Skarlis - As far as cashing other checks, I made the cut in 3 of the 4 RCL's and cashed in the fourth, and 3 of 6 PWT's!
Tommy Skarlis - Detroit was special because it was the first. 
ebijack - :)
Juls - I see.
sevenmmm - Wow! That's a lot, what places did you win the money?
Tommy Skarlis - Erie in 2002 would have been more special but I felt bad for Carl.
Tommy Skarlis - And I do not mean to be factious! I was in Carl's shoes when Gary Gray took first and I took second on Lake Erie in 1998.
ebijack - Are you still teamed up with Eric, Tommy?
Tommy Skarlis - I hope so, E-hawk is a fish finding and figuring-out stud!!
Juls - LOL!
ebijack - He sure does do some different things, doesn't he?
Groony - You're very kind! Tommy may be the only one I know that is capable of winning a major event. No matter if he has a jigging rod in his hand, or is trollin' them up!
Juls - That's for sure!
Chatman - LOL!
Tommy Skarlis - The trolling thing still kind of amazes me though.
Groony - Why?
Juls - How come Tommy? You're so good at it...;-)
ETT - Ah, you'll get used to it!
Tommy Skarlis - Watching an Off-Shore board go back is like..............Magic!
Juls - It is more fun watching it go "under"...LOL!!
FreeByrd - It's better when it stays back. 
FreeByrd - We like board sinkers!
Tommy Skarlis - It's definitely better when the board goes under!
ebijack - What, you really miss that "thunk" on the end of your line while 
jigging Tommy? :)
Driftr - It is really fun, at night, to see the light go under.
Tommy Skarlis - My biggest problem is when the fish move around in the water column. If they stay at one depth for three days, I'll usually do ok.
Chatman - That sounds like my problem with trolling, the darn fish don't stay 
put! LOL!!
sevenmmm - Oh, yeah? Just ok?
ebijack - Just do like FreeByrd does, get 8 people in the boat and use 16 lines to really cover the water depths!! :)
Juls - Tommy, are you and Chip still doing your "ice team" thing? What's it called? I forget.
Chatman - If the tournament would allow it, go for it EBI!
FreeByrd - I only had 6 people and 12 lines.
ebijack - :)
ebijack - It looked like a real crowd there FreeByrd!
Chatman - We will have Tommy and Chip here on Dec 3rd for an on ice chat...
Tommy Skarlis - We have sort of re-named it, "Fishing the WildSide, On Ice."
ETT - I see a little green eye going there, I do believe.
FreeByrd - There was plenty of room....
ebijack - :)
Juls - On Ice, that's it, thanks. I don't do ice, that's why I forgot...;-)
ETT - :)
Groony - What's on the agenda for the On Ice Tour this winter?
Tommy Skarlis - We had been calling it the On Ice Tour, with the Open water alter ego of Fishing the WildSide. So we combined the two and the new thrust or brand will be Fishing the WildSide!
Juls - Cool.
Juls - Best wishes for continued success with the Wildside Tommy!
Bob Jensen - I've been following Tommy's career for a long time, he's making all of us in Iowa proud!
Juls - ;-)
ebijack - Who are your sponsors now Tommy?
Tommy Skarlis - Thanks Juls! And Bob, you are one of my heroes!
fishJB - Tommy and Chad Kinkade are a dynamic duo from Iowa!
Tommy Skarlis - Ranger, Evinrude, Coleman, Berkley Trilene and Powerbaits, 
Berkley Gulp, Fenwick, Strikemaster, and a ton of other ice sponsors.
ebijack - Tommy, what's your latest findings using Berkley gulp?
Juls - Are you still with Lindy, Tommy?
Tommy Skarlis - Gulp is really becoming a big part of my arsenal. We are working with Berkley to develop more walleye shapes.
fishJB - Tommy, what does Fishing The Wildside On Ice have scheduled for the winter?
ebijack - That's cool!
Tommy Skarlis - Yes, I'm still with Lindy, how could I forget them! They were my first "real" sponsor!!
Juls - ;-)
Doc_wi - Hi Tommy, glad you guys made it home safe from the golf outing!
Tommy Skarlis - We will be traveling to a number of Retailers and promoting Ice Fishing.
fishJB - Where can I get a copy of your annual publication?
Tommy Skarlis - A new venture for us this year will be the On Ice Youth Olympics and trials. It's a fun way to introduce kids to the sport of fishing.
fishJB - Awesome!
Juls - Very cool!
Tommy Skarlis - JB, The Shirley stores will all have them as well as Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain and Mills Fleet Farm.
fishJB - If anyone has not seen the annual, I recommend a trip to the stores mentioned for a free copy!
Tommy Skarlis - The annuals are free, if you can't find them at the retailers, you can e mail us at and we'll send you one!
Juls - Thanks Tommy!
Jim Bob - Tommy, has the NPAA been discussed yet? 
Tommy Skarlis - No NPAA yet, are there any questions?
sevenmmm - What's your largest ever walleye? Where and how did you catch it?
Tommy Skarlis - My largest ever was 11.65 lbs, on day three in my PWT Victory at Lake Erie in 2002!
sevenmmm - Perfect time to catch that one!
Tommy Skarlis - I caught it trolling on a deep diving Crank!
fishJB - Kudos on the hard work in promoting the NPAA, I've heard many positives from the meetings.
Tommy Skarlis - Thanks JB, the NPAA has been a lot of hard work but it will be worth it in the end!
sevenmmm - What's your favorite fishing technique?
Doc_wi - I know the energy that the new board is putting in to it will be to everyone's good.
Tommy Skarlis - Don't worry, Groony will have his day. In fact, he's so good he'll have two!!
Juls - You guys sure got it going back in the right direction Tommy. I'm glad to 
see that!
Groony - Tommy and the rest of the board are deserving of much gratitude for all their efforts on the NPAA!!
Groony - Thank you Tommy!
FreeByrd - I was impressed by the changes and joined a few weeks ago.
Tommy Skarlis - The members are the NPAA, and together I feel we will all achieve great things!!
Juls - All right Steve! That's cool!
fishJB - How does one get info on the NPAA?
Tommy Skarlis - I also feel that Juls will win a major next year.
Juls -
fishJB - Thanks.
T-Mac - Are you and Chip still doing the 'Rude National?
Juls - I hope your crystal ball doesn't lie! I want to feel what you felt at Detroit! ;-)
Tommy Skarlis - The Evinrude Walleye Classic will be bigger and better this next year.
T-Mac - Thanks.
iamwalleye1 - Tommy, where can we get info?
fishJB - Are you guys MC'ing any tourneys?
Tommy Skarlis - www,
iamwalleye1 - Thank you.
Tommy Skarlis - Chip will be MC'ing the Minnesota Pro-am Bass Tour.
iamwalleye1 - Are you going to the 621 next year?
Tommy Skarlis - Juls - you should have felt the "buzz" at your stellar finish in Devils Lake!
Tommy Skarlis - I will be running a 620 more than likely.
fishJB - Have you sold this years boat yet?
Tommy Skarlis - Yes and I am looking for a buyer to pick next years colors.
T-Mac - What, no Coleman colors?
Juls - ;-) Yeah, I did. But it still wasn't a "win." *blush, blush*
Tommy Skarlis - The Coleman colors are a "wrap", a big sticker that protects the true colors all year long.
T-Mac - Oh, ok.
Juls - Ruh oh, I always know its you comin down the lake or river by your Coleman colors.
Tommy Skarlis - Juls, being the First Woman to place in the top 20 in a Major Event is a win!
T-Mac - You can tell I never saw your boat up close, sorry.
Groony - Yes, you did great, Juls!1
Juls - How will I know now? You'll have gone by before I realize it and you won't get your blown kiss...LOL!!
Tommy Skarlis - Your welcome to come closer anytime T-Mac!
T-Mac - Ah shucks!
Juls - Thanks Carl!
Tommy Skarlis - My boat will still have the big Coleman sticker on it!
ebijack - Tommy, did you notice any difference in this years lures, techniques and trolling speeds vs. the past few years?
iamwalleye1 - What's new for your sponsors products for next year?
Tommy Skarlis - Trolling spinners across the tops of trees 30 feet down over 70 feet was different. The one thing that I did notice about speed this year was that the fish wanted very specific speeds.
fishJB - Tommy, will the NPAA play any role in your fishing any PWT tourneys next year? I heard about a selective process for a set number of pros per tourney. Do you have any insight?
Juls - Where was that Tommy?
fishJB - MWC Central, I can't wait for Illinois River and lake Winnebago!
Tommy Skarlis - The PWT will establish that criteria, the NPAA will still be focusing on raising professionalism and growing the sport of fishing.
Tommy Skarlis - Juls - That was big MO.
Tommy Skarlis - I would like to fish one of the MWC's, what a circuit!
fishJB - Got it, I like the direction it is going.
Juls - Ok, gotcha. Thanks. I've never been there, that sounds interesting. 
fishJB - You and Chad in a shoot out at Spring Valley, Clint Eastwood style.
Tommy Skarlis - The NPAA will "visit" with the PWT and hopefully we will all work towards "double" wins!
Juls - Will we see you at Spring Valley for the MWC Tommy? Are you like Rick and I? We always like to start the season off there. I love the sauger fishery they have.
Tommy Skarlis - I miss going to the Spring Valley MWC tourney. It was always like a family reunion!
Juls - You've got that right! ;-)
ebijack - Tommy, fishing those spinners like that, did you use inline weights or snap weights? 
Tommy Skarlis - Again Juls, it boils down to time.
Doc_wi - I've gotta go, dinner time and as those who know me can tell, I don't miss many meals!
Juls - Just think of it as pre-fishing for the RCL the following week. ;-)
Doc_wi - See you later Tommy! THANKS for making it to Fish Sticks and Stones!
Tommy Skarlis - I used Lindy x-change bouncers, that way if the weight hung up in the trees I could pull it loose and lose only the weight.
fishJB - What can you tell us about hair jigs on rivers? 
Tommy Skarlis - You rock Doc!!
Doc_wi - I'm coming ice fishing with you this year Mr. Skarlini!
Tommy Skarlis - You got it Doc! Especially after the great job you did at the Sticks Fish and Stones!
Tommy Skarlis - I used to fish a lot of hair jigs on the rivers, now I use a lot more Fuzz-E-Grubs.
fishJB - Me too, the new Techni-glows!
fishJB - I heard about new Lindy plastics, any insight?
ebijack - I wish Ted would get those fuzzy grubs made in a 4 inch size.
Juls - I have to get some of those Techni-glows. I like the looks of them.
ebijack - A 3inch body with a 1 inch tail!
fishJB - So do the saugers Juls!
T-Mac - They are great river jigs!!!!
Tommy Skarlis - Glow is really catching a lot of fish, especially because of the new Glow in Colors and the fact that they are a subdued glow.
wa_walleye - Do you tip fuzzy grubs with minnows or worms?
wa_walleye - In Washington, minnows are not allowed. Is there a big difference in the results?
Tommy Skarlis - I tip with both, and sometimes with gulp now.
Tommy Skarlis - The motion of the jig will usually catch the fish but scent is a huge triggering key!
iamwalleye1 - Have you used the Gulp on cranks yet?
Tommy Skarlis - I have placed the Gulp on cranks, yes.
fishJB - Interesting.
iamwalleye1 - Full or just a piece?
sevenmmm - How to hook them on the crank?
Tommy Skarlis - It's tough to beat live bait, but Berkley is figuring it out!
Tommy Skarlis - Just a piece.
ebijack - Hey folks, I have to go too. Have a great year again Tom, and it's 
great to see all of you here on Walleye Central again!! Have a good one!!!!
T-Mac - Bye Tom!
Juls - Nite Ebi!!
Tommy Skarlis - Usually on the front or middle hook.
Tommy Skarlis - We'll see ya Tom!
Driftr - See ya Tom!!
Gary Gray - See ya Ebi!!
sevenmmm - How long you been fishing tournaments, Tommy?
fishJB - How did you guys like Bay de Noc this year for the PWT? Big fish? Techniques?
Tommy Skarlis - When you hook gulp on the treble, make sure you hook it on the protruding treble so the lure swims true.
Tommy Skarlis - I have been fishing tourneys since 1988.
Tommy Skarlis - Bay de Noc was really awesome and challenging!
sevenmmm - That's a long, long time, where was the first one?
Tommy Skarlis - The Mississippi River, in RedWing.
iamwalleye1 - The PWT out of Cleveland, can you give us a tip or two?
JLS - Tommy, How did your Evinrude treat you this season?
Gary Gray - Tommy, you are old, you have been fishing the MWC for ever!
Tommy Skarlis - I've never fished out of Cleveland before.
sevenmmm - What technique do you like using the best?
Tommy Skarlis - My Evinrude Direct Injection HO was incredible! I feel that it truly was the best Engine I have ever owned!
Tommy Skarlis - My favorite tactic is vertical jigging in rivers, in the pre-spawn period.
sevenmmm - Is that what you learned as a kid?
Bigfoot - You had a great year Tom!
Tommy Skarlis - I grew up vertical jigging with a dude named Cooter!
Juls - LOL!
wa_walleye - G'Night guys and could somebody put some fish in my bath tub for me 
to catch?
sevenmmm - Cooter? Is he a tournament guy?
wa_walleye - LOL!
Juls - LOL!! G'nite Wa_walleye!
fishJB - Cooter is a river legend, like Don Quixote!
Driftr - Well the hour is slipping away, has Tommy missed any questions?
Tommy Skarlis - Cooter is still a good friend of mine. He did do well on the MWC circuit for a number of years.
sevenmmm - How old were you when you started fishing walleyes?
Tommy Skarlis - I had fun fishing with Freebyrd this year too.
Bigfoot - Me Too!
Juls - He was probably still in diapers, Sevenmmm! ;-)
Tommy Skarlis - I started fishing for walleyes when I was around 11 years old.
FreeByrd - Well thanks, but I told you my thoughts on the day.
sevenmmm - On the Mississippi River Tommy?
Tommy Skarlis - No, Lake Erie.
FreeByrd - I had fun and learned a lot from you that day!
FreeByrd - And about more than just fishing!
Tommy Skarlis - Foot, I have missed you all year!
sevenmmm - What a good place to learn fishing!
Tommy Skarlis - Who's going to Ranger for the Factory tour?
Bigfoot - I was down most of it Tommy, I just had my back fixed on Oct. 9th.
Tommy Skarlis - You'll be back with a vengeance next year Bigfoot!
sevenmmm - When is the tour?
Juls - That's probably a good thing Tommy! But since his back surgery he's back 
to his sweet old self! ;-)
Juls - We'll be there Tommy.
Groony - I'll be in Flippin too.
Tommy Skarlis - It's Dec 5-8th.
iamwalleye1 - Good luck this next year Tommy!
sevenmmm - Where is it?
Tommy Skarlis - I'm going to try to make it to the tour. I currently have a Leer, but not the Jet!!
FreeByrd - Tommy - I owe ya a trip when you come to Port Clinton or Cleveland next year.
Juls - Hehehe!
Tommy Skarlis - Thanks Iamwalleye1!
iamwalleye1 - Later!
Driftr - Ladies & Gentleman, a warm round of applause for Tommy Skarlis!!!!
fishJB - Thanks! 
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
sevenmmm - Wistle!
Groony - G'nite Richy!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, thanks for your time tonight Tommy!
Driftr - Thanks for hosting tonight Tommy!
Tommy Skarlis - Thanks everybody, I am starting to get "Homesick"!
Driftr - Ralph is lost somewhere in cyber land.....
Tommy Skarlis - Ralphie - poo, where are you? He's probably napping!
sevenmmm - No, I saw Ralph leave.
sevenmmm - Must've crashed.
Groony - G'nite all Tommy, you da man! (track #13)
fishJB - Good night all!! Good job Tom! 
Juls - I've got to run now too, thanks again Tommy, and good luck this winter and next season! May the fish gods be kind to you and your's!
Tommy Skarlis - See ya Juls!
FreeByrd - Tommy, congrats again on a GREAT YEAR!! I'll talk to you next summer about pre-fishing for either one of the Erie Tourneys.
Driftr - I've gotta go too, nite all!
Tommy Skarlis - Yeah, I've gotta go too. You all are so much fun, thanks for everything!