Patriot Boats and Steve Worrall - Chat 7/30/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome to Steve Worrall of Patriot Boats!!!!!
Driftr - Welcome Steve Worrall!!!!!!
Steve Worrall - Thanks
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
JAM - Weeeeeeeeee!!
Warren MN - Clap, clap!!
24 tempest - Hey Worrall, is it all over already?
Chatman - LOL!!
Steve Worrall - Not yet!
Chatman - We're just getting started.
Steve Worrall - 24 tempest, ex Trophy.
24 tempest - 25 small hub!
Chatman - Well Steve, let's start with a little background on you and Patriot.
Steve Worrall - OK.
JAM - How long has Patriot been making boats?
Steve Worrall - 30 years. They have been making saltwater boats for that long. 
Chatman - The freshwater lineup is a few years old though, correct?
Steve Worrall - They make high performance boats, offshore racing law enforcement, etc.
Steve Worrall - Actually, the freshwater prototype models have been around about 4 years. They tried several interiors, laminate schedules, and designs.
Chatman - So, Patriot has been making boats as long as you have been in the marine business?
Steve Worrall - Yes.
Driftr - Are they glass or aluminum or both?
Steve Worrall - Mike Larski, out of Canada, comes from a ship building background. He is the hull designer, does all the tooling, etc. Jim Devenport and he knew each other from the saltwater market.
Guest - Did he design the transoms you use in your boats?
Steve Worrall - Jim was looking for a better ride, and they worked out some of the more important details before I came along.
Chatman - How was Jim connected to the saltwater market?
Steve Worrall - He was a commercial fisherman.
Steve Worrall - He actually, had two, one being a 26.5 foot Patriot.
Chatman - Ah, see, ya learn something new everyday...
Steve Worrall - Mike designed the transom, and is a saltwater and racing designer. Jim was operating out of Florida, and Mike has a few dealers down there.
Chatman - The transom and stringer system is very unique too.
Steve Worrall - We designed a new stringer this year that is REALLY unique. It actually is a one piece, 3/8" glass part egg crated, and filled with close cell foam in closed off areas. 
Juls - Does Patriot Boats have a website for those interested in taking a look? Sorry if you already gave it, I was late coming in here tonight...;-)
Steve Worrall - It supports the entire deck, floor, and foot rests, incorporates the rod tubes, and is VERY strong.
Steve Worrall -
Steve Worrall - The web site is Zach Boudreau's work.
Chatman - Atta boy Zach!
Juls - Thanks Steve!
Guest - Can you describe your transom design?
Steve Worrall - The web site is a work in progress as we get in the new models.
Steve Worrall - Sure, the transom has an H bar that is incorporated in between 
two layers of glass that the engine mounts, go through, and spreads the stress out to the radius, both top and bottom, and sides. The H bar is made of aluminum bar stock 1" thick.
Chatman - I tell you, last weekend on Green Bay, Rick Larson's (sevenmmm) boat felt solid as a rock!
Steve Worrall - Then the stringer system knee boards tie it to the hull and deck, making the hull basically one piece. It does make for a very solid boat. This is Offshore Racing technology adapted to freshwater tournament boats.
Chatman - It sure was the smoothest ride I ever had on Green bay in similar conditions. I assume the V configuration of the hull helped?
Juls - How many dealers across the nation do you have selling your boats now? 
Steve Worrall - The hulls were adapted from offshore rigs too, tweaked by Jim and Mike to give a great ride and performance.
JAM - Yes, without sounding condescending, what makes the hull so special?
Steve Worrall - The hull is a base Formula racing design, for all intents. It is narrower that most walleye boats, but great engineering gives us more interior space than most, too. So slap the water with your hand held flat then slap the water with your hand held sideways. Sideways is softer if less wetted surface.
Chatman - I was going nearly 40 into 3-4 foot waves, smooth as silk! The hull knifed those swells and waves like nothing I have ever driven.
Steve Worrall - What really makes us different is the Robotics factory.
Chatman - They were all of 3 1/2 to 4 feet, huh Rick?
Steve Worrall - Yes, is a good ride. Not magic, but a good ride.
sevenmmm - Yep, and you didn't get it to top speed either!
Steve Worrall - Still have to 'drive' the rig, but it is forgiving.
Chatman - Ya, I drive like an old man according to some people....LOL!!
sevenmmm - HEHE!
Steve Worrall - No, that is me!
Chatman - I was really impressed Steve. I have been on the bay in several boats in those conditions, and that was the smoothest ride I have ever had. I did note right away that the hull was very forgiving but responded dramatically to the trim. Dial in the right trim for RPM and speed and she is hot!
Steve Worrall - The boats are built robotically, in a factory that is brand new technology.
Chatman - No, I watched you at the Merc National Steve, an old man in a rocket, maybe....LOL!
Steve Worrall - Glad you liked the ride, with Mr. Larson, I would expect nothing less...
24 tempest - Is this Different from Ranger? Does Ranger use robotics?
Chatman - I was really impressed when you told me about the factory and the robotic process as well. Mike is a real thinker when it comes to that stuff!
Steve Worrall - The Genmar system is different.
JAM - How so?
Steve Worrall - Ranger does use some automation, but not robotics as we do. Genmar has new system to produce 'fun boats', but not yet adapted to the 
fishing rigs. Our system uses robotics to actually make the woven roving (Glass) as it is laid into the mold, no seams in the glass.
24 tempest - Is the advantage of robotics consistency, tolerances, or cost reduction? Or all three?
JAM - So, the glass has no overlap?
Steve Worrall - No mistakes in hand application of the resin, no dry laminate, and perfectly sprayed hulls, every time!
Steve Worrall - We actually designed the stringer to adapt to robotics, is 'easier' for the CAD system
Steve Worrall - There are no seams. That is a better way to say that JAM.
Steve Worrall - All three, but cost reduction is the one the public will notice first off.
Steve Worrall - It is always hard to see the actual construction, as in any boat.
Steve Worrall - But you are getting 25% more for 25% less. That is easy to see.
JAM - 25% less?
Steve Worrall - Yes, less. By A LOT! 
Steve Worrall - The factory is also 'green.'
JAM - Is the robotic process what keeps costs down? Less labor?
Steve Worrall - Less labor, WAY less time to complete a function, and none of the styrene emissions.
Steve Worrall - That, of course, causes folks to ask "why?"
JAM - Why to costs or why to "green"?
Steve Worrall - There is an air makeup system that exchanges the air into a smelter (symbiotic relationship with the factory) and burns off the styrene and other nasties. I worked for another builder for a long time and it took a day and a half to trim the parts, and cut the hatch openings. It takes the robots a couple hours. Robots show up for work every day, too!
24 tempest - I keep hearing on the web that there are storage issues, how does the storage compare to other 20 foot walleye boats?
Steve Worrall - The storage is absolutely huge! Anyone who thinks not hasn't seen the new models. The saltwater boats don't require the storage like freshwater, so the hybrids they built as prototypes were lacking a bit.
Steve Worrall - Did I answer all the questions so far?
Steve Worrall - I can't type fast.
Chatman - That and some I bet!
Steve Worrall - I hunt and peck...
Chatman - Your doing great Steve!
JAM - I was snoopin at the Patriot web site, there looks like a nice amount of storage in the 20 footer. The tiller I am not so sure about though.
Steve Worrall - I have ALL my gear for muskies in one locker, with room to spare.
JAM - Where is the livewell and the rod locker, down the sides?
Steve Worrall - The tiller picture is computer generated. It will have the same under deck amount as the dual and a side tank 9' rod locker, too. That boat is designed as a multi-species rig. Muskie, Walleye, off shore, stripers, etc.
Chatman - So the hatch system is the same as the front deck of the 2050? In the tiller 2050 that is.
Steve Worrall - No, we went with a different layout, with the batteries in the floor and a 52" side tank live well. But the total amount of storage underdeck will be about the same.
Chatman - I think that is what JAM was asking.
JAM - Yes, thank you.
Steve Worrall - There is a different lid arrangement with the tillers as the deck is longer.
Chatman - Now from my side of the coin, what about the 1710 tiller, a scaled down interior of the 2050 tiller?
Steve Worrall - It will be the 2050 exactly, beam included, just an 18' model.
Driftr - With a 52" side livewell, how is the weight offset?
Steve Worrall - We reduced the interior by percentage everywhere exactly.
Chatman - I like to hear that! I am a front deck kind of guy and I need a big front deck. Makes me really glad to hear I will have an even bigger one than I thought!
Steve Worrall - So, the boat will have a lot of room for an 18 footer.
Chatman - With a wife and two boys that come along, room is important. It makes me real glad I came aboard!!!
Steve Worrall - Weight isn't a problem, as the batteries, baitwell, rod locker, and rigging all offset.
Chatman - I am so excited at being a tiller man again, though the ride and fishing in Rick's boat really made me think about the 20 foot console for a bit...LOL!!
Steve Worrall - And the livewell is set at the rocker, not behind it. So the weight is distributed nicely.
Steve Worrall - You WILL get wetter, Chatman!
Driftr - Lots of thought went into this.
Steve Worrall - No consoles...hehehe.
Chatman - Ah I need a bath anyway...LOL!!
JAM - How long have you been with Patriot Steve?
sevenmmm - LOL!!
Steve Worrall - I started with Patriot in October of last year. We did the design work over the early winter and had prototypes for the shows. We had to have them, but they were admittedly 'rough'. It was a double edged sword. If we had waited, we would have lost an entire season, and we had the 'machine' rolling forward. At least we got the word out, and got folks looking at us! 
Chatman - Getting a little "wetter" won't be a problem Steve. I am fishing more for fun and articles and a lot of different waters, so that alone almost mandated the tiller for me.
JAM - I like to hear a company is willing to make changes based on feed-back and not rest on their laurels!
Steve Worrall - We designed 11 boats this year, and made 51 changes to the 2050 DCW alone!
JAM - Of course, with 4 years in the freshwater biz, there is not really a storied reputation for Patriot to get lazy on.
Steve Worrall - True enough!
JAM - I seem to see that in some of the bigger companies.
Steve Worrall - But we won't, we have too much going on! We have a high performance pickle fork bass boat, a 26.5 cigarette, a 31 cigarette, and 4 more freshwater boats coming!
Driftr - I can't wait to look over the website!
Steve Worrall - Busy!
Driftr - Steve, would you post the website address again?
Chatman - I saw the pickle fork on the Patriot Power boats web site, I bet that thing screams!!
Steve Worrall -
Steve Worrall - That is the freshwater fishing boats web site.
24 tempest - From what I see looking at the website, the only updated pictures are the 2050DC WT.
Steve Worrall - The Pickle fork does about 85 mph with a 225
Chatman - Ha chee wa wa!!!
Steve Worrall - That is true, 24 tempest.
24 tempest - You can see the changes pretty well, looking at that model!
Steve Worrall - We have the new 2050 and 1690 tiller, side, and center console models coming soon!
Steve Worrall - We will shoot those and add them to the site as soon as we get them. 
Chatman - Like the boats, is the web site a work in progress?
Steve Worrall - Any more questions?
JAM - When do you expect to be able to add more pics?
Steve Worrall - Someone asked about price a bit ago.
JAM - I know you said as they come out...but do you have a time line? Steve Worrall - About a month, JAM. The new rigs are in process now.
JAM - I think it was me? How does the 20 footer with a 225 stack up to Ranger, Triton and Skeeter? Or Yar Craft and Tuffy?
Steve Worrall - Let's put it this way. A fully rigged 2050 DCW, with a 150 sells for under $30 K at Fort Fremont Marine and LOADED with a 225 Opti Max, Panther Bracket, and all the toys will be about $6000 less than our competition.
Chatman - How well does the 150 push the 2050?
Steve Worrall - Actual GPS speed is 51. Pretty cool, with a buck and a half!
JAM - 6 Grand?!?!?!?!
Steve Worrall - Yes, $6000. That is getting our competition's attention right now.
JAM - Cripes!! I have a buddy with a 19 foot boat with a 200 that does 50!!!
Steve Worrall - Exactly the point!
Steve Worrall - Denny Fox at Fort Fremont Marine ran the boat and got the GPS speed. He was pretty happy.
Steve Worrall - By the way, there is a 10 year warranty on hull and deck and it is transferable to as many owners as buy the rig in that timeframe.
JAM - So the Patriots have aluminum boat pricing or better then! That is awesome!
Steve Worrall - More questions?
Chatman - I think many are just reading along Steve. But if Steve has missed any questions or you have a question feel free to chime in any time!
Steve Worrall - Well, I would say we are just 25% more boat for 25% less.
JAM - Do they come in colors other than white? 
Steve Worrall - Do you see an ad campaign here? Hahaha!
sevenmmm - When will the '04 models be available?
JAM - Someone called Patriot Power Boats posted on the message boards and said several colors are available.
Steve Worrall - Yes they do. I have to order them 7 at a time, but they come in 8 gel colors so far.
Chatman - Can they be 2 toned? Hull one color, cap another?
Steve Worrall - Sure!
Steve Worrall - The reason they are white now is the robots don't know if the boat is fresh or saltwater until a command is given to cut the hatch openings.
Eyeman(IN) - How many dealers in the South Bend IN, area?
Chatman - So all I need is to find 7 other guys/dealers that want a Grey Side red capped combo, huh? LOL!!
Steve Worrall - RED? Yuck!
Chatman - Red is better than pink.... Unless it is a bucktail...
Steve Worrall - All the custom color rigs will be special ordered but white with 4 colors graphics available is standard.
Chatman - I pulled two colors out of thin air..
Steve Worrall - I think poly is about a year off with us for now.
Chatman - So there are 4 colors available in the graphics? All I have seen to this point was two toned graphics.
Chatman - I have seen Red and Silver, and Blue and Silver, what are all 4 color schemes?
Steve Worrall - Red/silver, black/silver, purple/silver, navy blue/silver.
Steve Worrall - And we have some custom stuff coming that is COOL
Eyeman(IN) - I think some one likes silver! :-) 
Chatman - Well we have really used up this hour, any final questions?
Eyeman(IN) - I had the question about dealers in northern Indiana.
JAM - Chatman, you seem to know a lot about the Patriot boats. What do you run?
Steve Worrall - Bo (Gary Bowman)is working that area. He will have a dealer or two there, very soon.
Chatman - Right now, I don't have a boat. But I will be in a Patriot 1710 tiller next season. Probably in the Black and Silver graphics, as I have a black Tahoe to pull it with.
24 tempest - Any Illinois dealers?
Steve Worrall - Yes, there will be. I have two committed at this point.
Steve Worrall - Thanks for the opportunity to talk Patriot Powerboats, Chatman!
Steve Worrall - Also, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas and Texas so far.
Chatman - My pleasure Steve. We have had good visits here in the past, I knew we would have fun and plenty to talk about here.
Steve Worrall - Yessir!
Chatman - And I think the timing here worked well with me coming over to Patriot this week. Man am I excited!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Steve Worrall and Patriot Boats!!!!
Eyeman(IN) - Thanks Steve!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Steve Worrall - You are very welcome!
JAM - Thanks Steve, very informative!
Driftr - Thanks Steve, clap, cla,p clap!!
Steve Worrall - By the way, any questions go to and ask! That would be me!
Chatman - Thanks again Steve! It was a hoot, and the more I hear, the more psyched I get!!!!
Steve Worrall - Looking forward to seeing you in a Patriot, sir!
Steve Worrall - You will get to look at my transom, mostly. And the 250hp Mercury Opti Max does move well. What a motor!
Chatman - That's alright Steve, I will be looking at my own transom a lot with the tiller and backtrolling again!!! LOL!!
Steve Worrall - True! Later, everyone, and thanks again!!
Chatman - Anytime Steve!