Gary Gray's "Fireside" Chat 12/16/03

<Chatman> ladies and gents, a big WC welcome for the one and only Gary Gray! 
<Fishnmagician> clap clap clap 
<sevenmmm> whistle Whistle! 
<Chatman> howís that for a start 
<Jason> WHOO HOOO 
<eyebanger(oh)> Yousa! 
<skipjack> yea 
<BottomFeeder> ohhh yaaaaa 
<Gary Gray> great 
<Chatman> hello stach 
<fatboy> hot damn look at em go 
<Chatman> so tell us whatís on the platter Mr. Gray 
<Gary Gray> well, it's almost 2004 
<BottomFeeder> Well Gary, are you ready for the up-coming season? 
<Gary Gray> what ever we want to talk about this evening 
<Gary Gray> getting there slowly 
<Chatman> are you going to do any ice fishing Gary? 
<Gary Gray> I hope so, if we get enough ice 
<fatboy> how about what loomis rod santa should bring me ! 
<Fishnmagician> hey Tex 
<Chatman> hi Tex 
<Chatman> hi Tracy 
<Texeye> hi all 
<Gary Gray> a good 7-6 soft tip, fast action' 
<eyebanger(oh)> Yo Tracy ,How goes it? 
<Tracy> yo yo banger ... good here u 
<Chatman> hey Carl 
<Tracy> Hi Gary Gray! 
<eyebanger(oh)> FINE 
<BottomFeeder> I have a quick question, I donít know what kind of locator that you use but how do you feel about the new Lowrances? x-104 
<Gary Gray> hi Tracy 
<Groony> G eve, Ralph, Gary.....all 
<Gary Gray> That's the one I will have on my dash this year 
<skipjack> Gary what do u think of the rating system for walleye pros 
<Chatman> actually its perchjerker, Ralph gave up his post 
<Gary Gray> easy to see, and read 
<Groony> My bad......... 
<Gary Gray> the older I get, the more I appreciate it 
<Gary Gray> Hi Carl 
<BottomFeeder> a buddy of mine Marc Courts let me use it on my boat last summer and it was awesome.. 
<Gary Gray> did I miss anyone 
<Fatboy> Gary -do you jig with two rods at once like most? 
<Gary Gray> I was impressed when, I saw it last yr. 
<Chatman> skip asked about the rating system for walleye pros 
<Gary Gray> Yes 
<BottomFeeder> its surprising how well a person can see it in the sun. 
<Gary Gray> sometimes to keep my balance 
<Fatboy> was it hard to get used to? 
<Gary Gray> what rating system? 
<Fishnmagician> Juls! 
<Groony> So Gary...since you're getting up there in years, and considering your newfound financial situation.... I hope and assume you're quitting the PWT and heading for more tropical locales? 
<Chatman> not really sure, just relaying his question
<Fatboy> hey J! 
<Chatman> hi Juls 
<Chatman> hey bob and tm 
<BottomFeeder> I was wondering how you feel about shallow water walleyes, do you feel that they can sense the sensitivity from the locator? Some guy thinks that it spooks them? 
<Gary Gray> no, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Just have to remember to drop one that fish is not on 
<Juls> Hi all.... Almost forgot about this tonight...HI Gary! 
<Sevenmmm> How long of rods and what reels do you use for vertical jigging? 
<T M> Hello All 
<Chatman> hey bigfish 
<Bigfish1965> who brought beer? 
<BottomFeeder> Some think that they like using the old flashers 
<SATCH_MN> Gary, what kind of batteries do you use gells or lead acid? and why? 
<Chatman> beer? 
<bigfish1965> someone said there would be beer 
<Gary Gray> 5'6' 
<bigfish1965> :) 
<Gary Gray> lead acid 
<skipjack> the walleye fish ranking,the top 200 pros 
<Groony> hi TM .....Juls........ 
<SATCH_MN> Gary, Any particular reasons for lead acid? 
<Gary Gray> didn't see the rankings, 
<Skipjack> ok 
<BottomFeeder> Shallow water eyes? 
<Chatman> hey haug 
<Gary Gray> Northern Battery is my sponsor, and never had a problem 
<Jason> what do you think the advantages of a 5'6'' rod are for jigging compared to letís say a 7' rod are? 
<Groony> M GRUNWALDT is doing fine TYVMY 
<Groony> lol 
<Gary Gray> shorter rod, faster hookset 
<Chatman> hi scoot 
<scooter> hello all 
<eyebanger(oh)> BBL Skip 
<Gary Gray> who DID I miss 
<skipjack> ok 
<Rippin_eyes> Holy molly lots in tonight 
<Chatman> bottom feeder had a question about shallow water eyes and sonars spooking them 
<Chatman> hey rip 
<Groony> Gary........retirement? ........Florida........? 
<SATCH_MN> Gary, when you say quicker hook set, do you use mono or braid? 
<Gary Gray> I think the boat spooks more in shallow, than the sonar does 
<Jason> you feel its any harder to feel some of the light biters on a 5'6'' vs a 7' 
<Gary Gray> mono 
<Chatman> why mono Gary? 
<bigfish1965> thats a short rod 
<BottomFeeder> how about on rocks? do shallow water eyes here the ticking? 
<Gary Gray> I think it is easier on the 5'6''" than the 7ft 
<Groony> yes was a hand raised pet, on anabolic steroids, shot in someone's backyard........but, impressive nonetheless! 
<Gary Gray> Don't like super lines 
<Gary Gray> I can't say, as when I fish shallow rocks, I usually pitch to them 
<bigfish1965> Wouldn't you then find a longer rod gives you a better longer hook sweep the? 
<Groony> LOL 
<Gary Gray> you don't want a sweep, just a short jerk 
<Gary Gray> Carl, why Florida? 
<Groony> no walleye tournaments there!! 
<Gary Gray> Why Retirement? 
<bigfish1965> I'm usually jigging 30 feet or so and when I switched to the 8 ft plus rods, we did better. 
<Juls> Carl just wants you out of the 
<iboat> he will fish against you and your 7 foot rod 
<sevenmmm> lol 
<Chatman> easy now 
<Chatman> lol 
<Chatman> hey spin 
<Groony> Cuz I don't want to have to compete against you anymore!! 
<BottomFeeder> I have a buddy Jim Klick, I know, I claim him as a buddy but he has given me some good tips and has told me that it depends on how the eyes are feeding. If aggressive they wonít be spooked? 
<Groony> u got it, Juls 
<Fishnmagician> terror 
<Chatman> jimbo how were the hogs bitin? 
<terroreyes> nope, just jack frost on my fingers 
<bigfish1965> hey terror 
<Chatman> hey fish 
<Juls> ;-) 
<Chatman> yea I bet terror 
<Gary Gray> have I missed anyone 
<Chatman> Gary what your first tourney next season? 
<BottomFeeder> what is your favorite technique to taking eyes? 
<Gary Gray> yet 
<Gary Gray> Winneconne 
<Chatman> hey wiz 
<Gary Gray> JUST Lucky!!!! 
<Tracy> hey D long time! 
<WalleyeWiz> Hello 
<Fishnmagician> hey, wiz 
<WalleyeWiz> Hey Tracy 
<Tracy> puter break down 
<fatboy> Gary -do you balance your jigging rod/reel ? 
<WalleyeWiz> no, working way to much 
<Tracy> here too 
<Gary Gray> yes, per the reel, by that, I mean, use a reel that stays in balance with the rod 
<BottomFeeder> I was wondering when you use Red Tail Chubs, do you hook them in the tail or in the lips? 
<BottomFeeder> why? 
<sevenmmm> What reel do you use on the short rods? 
<Gary Gray> usually the lips, but I KNOW Pete Harsh sometimes hooks them in the tail 
<Scooter> Gary when you said you didnít like super lines could you say what the reasons were? 
<Gary Gray> The 20 series BlueRUnnuer Quantum 
<BottomFeeder> What is your favorite technique for taking eyes 
<Gary Gray> When I first used the super lines, I mismatched rods to the line, and lost some critical fish, therefore, I never went back to super lines 
<Gary Gray> jigging, trolling 
<sevenmmm> How do you overcome the zebra mussels from cutting mono? 
<Gary Gray> retie more often, and keep checking line 
<BottomFeeder> I know that your a great open water fisherman, do you feel that every year you fine tune your ability to get better, or do you push yourself to learn more? 
<Chatman> hi J&J 
<JJ Mac> Hello 
<Gary Gray> learn more, as everyday fishing, we should learn something new, even if it was to stay home that day 
<Juls> lol 
<scooter> <<<<<<<has lots of those days lol 
<Bob> Hey Gary did your daughter ever get that elk that she wanted 
<Chatman> those are words to from the wise! 
<fatboy> Gary what mono are u using ? 
<Gary Gray> pushing oneself, only creates confusion, and disbelief, therefore, learn 
<Gary Gray> she is going next season 
<Juls> Is Billy going to take her? 
<BottomFeeder> Have you ever used the "drop shot method"? Has it been successful for you? 
<Rippin_eyes> where is she going 
<Gary Gray> 8lb TRILENE tournament strength 
<Gary Gray> Yes 
<Fishnmagician> I agree Gary, stick to what you know 
<Gary Gray> no, never used drop shot 
<BottomFeeder> Dang! I was hoping to get some tips.. 
<Chatman> Gary what line to you like to troll Erie with using inlines? 
<Texeye> Gary do you dress your jig hook with plastics when you use live bait, or do you use a bare jig when tipping? 
<Gary Gray> People take themselves out of tournaments, trying to outfish themselves, by trying to fish like someone else, just fish the best
way you know how 
<SATCH_MN> Gary, the Glovigans have used motivational tapes what do you do to get focused? 
<Gary Gray> NO< just the jig 
<BottomFeeder> Good answer 
<Chatman> hey gabby 
<Gabby_SD> Howdy all 
<fatboy> Gary do you bed your stinger in the shiner or just leave it free ? 
<Gary Gray> call home and talk to Dana, she is my Dreamscape, knows when to pickup Dad's hopes 
<BottomFeeder> I was wondering if your superstitious? Some fisherman will wear the same underwear if they do well on the prior day. Do you have some rituals that you go through? 
<Chatman> Hi gboes 
<Gary Gray> I use the old stingers with the turned up hook, and imbed it 
<Gary Gray> oh yea, we all do. I won't say what mine are though, that way, no one can mess with it 
<Rippin_eyes> who is your favorite competitor on the trail and why? 
<T M> What tournaments will you be fishing next year? 
<Groony> (cough, cough) 
<Juls> lol 
<T M> LOL 
<BottomFeeder> I suppose it would be hard to wear the same underwear three days in a row! =] 
<Groony> :) 
<Chatman> itís not that hard lol 
<Gary Gray> Everyone, they are all Winners, and I just LOVE To compete against them all, without everyone, we wouldn't have an arena 
<Jason> nope 
<Rippin_eyes> true 
<Juls> great answer. ;-) 
<Gary Gray> PWT, Merc Natnl's, and a few other 
<Gary Gray> some guys do 
<Rippin_eyes> all of you guys are great every time Iíve ever talked to you guys at the bait store or what have you, thanks for being HUMAN 
<Chatman> Gary, how did you start, did you get a breakthrough with a big tourney win? 
<Bob> What are your favorite and least favorite waters to fish 
<Gboes> <Enter Text Here>Gary, will you be running yarcraft this year 
<BottomFeeder> When do you feel that a person is ready to compete at a professional level? 
<Gary Gray> No, Jim Kalkofen was the Fresh Water director at Mercury, and he challenged me to fish a tournament. I hated tournament fishermen, because I was guiding, and they were using my water theory. I fished, and liked the competition, took 2nd 
have been hooked since 
<Gabby_SD> BRB gotta get a cup of coffee 
<Chatman> guys, let Gary catch up a minute 
<Gary Gray> Winnebago, Erie worst-BULL Shoals 
<Fishnmagician> Gary, how long did you fish before you cashed your first check? 
<Chatman> Wow thatís neat, Gary 
<Gary Gray> yes, same 
<fatboy> Gary - On the det.river did you find that you needed a heavy jig compared to most places ? 
<Gary Gray> Whenever you decide to join in 
<BottomFeeder> Ohh boy that is where you have to go this year...BULL 
> Merry Christmas Gary and all 
<Tracy> Hard not to like Erie with the successes you have had there 
<Groony> Where do you suspect the Winneconne tournament will be won? And where will you be doing your pre-fishing? 
<Juls> lol Carl 
<Chatman> wow thatís a loaded question
Carl lol 
<Gary Gray> no, 1/4 oz did it for me 
<Gary Gray> same to you 
<BottomFeeder> If you were an amateur, would you sign up for PWT or RCL? 
<Chatman> hey carrocr 
<Gary Gray> both the river, and the reefs on Winnebago 
> Gary did you ever sell that Harley? 
<Gary Gray> PWT 
<BottomFeeder> Paris Hilton is hot... just thought I would give you some time Gary! 
<Chatman> its perchjerker here as chatman 
<Juls> lol 
<Gary Gray> Who have I missed 
<T M> Groans Winneconne 
<Gary Gray> what was it 
<Chatman> you never answered Carlís question lol 
<Juls> no, he answered with "first you".... 
<Tracy> it is mid board now 
<Iboat> whets new at yarcraft 
<Fishnmagician> youíre doing good Gary your fingers getting sore yet? 
<BottomFeeder> when you are fishing, do you like to keep the mood uplifting or do you keep it serious at all times? 
<Gary Gray> not much 
<Tracy> Iíll be at work 
<Jason> what would you recommend to amateurs that would like to break into the big leagues some day? 
<Gary Gray> CARL< BRING IT back, so I can answer 
> Gary...did you sell the Harley or are you planning on riding it? 
<Gary Gray> uplifting 
<Scooter> thanks Gary for your time and have a great holiday 
<BottomFeeder> I knew it! I heard that youíre that kind of guy. 
<Fatboy> chatman - how do I enlarge the size of this chat screen -my eyes are watering lol! 
<Tracy> PJ 
<Groony> I SAID.......where do you suspect the winnconnie tourney will be won? And where do you plan on doing all of your pre-fishing? 
<Groony> :) 
<Chatman> ouch i hate when i get the boot 
<Gary Gray> stay at it, never give up, when you feel you want to do it, jump in, and don't think twice, everyone is beatable. NO ONE IS A super hero, just fishermen and gals 
<Juls> Having fished with Gary before, I can tell you he is a serious fisherman who likes to keep the mood uplifting...;-) just don't plan on hearing him talk when he is up front with his back to you and you're in back with the wind blowing...he wil 
l talk all day and not realize you didn't hear a dang word he said. LOL ;-) Super guy to fish with...for sure. 
<Chatman> LOL Juls 
<Gary Gray> thanks juls 
> Big
Problem is hearing him when he speaks. He mumbles alot. 
<Gary Gray> I think it will be won on the reefs, but the river at Fremont could play a part. Just going to be smaller fish than expected 
<Sevenmmm> you fishing any new water next year? 
<SATCH_MN> Gary, what color of boat this year? It's been green, black. 
<BottomFeeder> When pre-fishing, I know that everyone pumps everyone for info, how truthful do you get when your on fish? 
<Gary Gray> BUL 
<Sevenmmm> whatís the first step you will use to learn Bulls? 
<Gary Gray> Black Cherry, same as last yr. 
<Juls> Gary, You've been to Bull Shoals before, haven't you? 
<Gary Gray> I tell it like it is, whether someone believes me, thats up to them 
<T M> To tell you the truth - I usually don't lie 
<Gary Gray> Follow Groony 
<Juls> hahaha 
<sevenmmm> haha 
<Chatman> hi lance 
<JAK> Howdy all 
<Lance> Good evening all 
<Gary Gray> brb 
<BottomFeeder> how do you handle a situation when somebody invades in your fishing spot? 
<Fishnmagician> hello, JAK 
<Groony> TM AKA Tim Minnema.......................................................Gary Gray.........truthful? B4 a tourney? 
<SATCH_MN> Gary, What is one style of fishing that is your weak
And what do you do to over come those weaknesses? 
<Chatman> ok Goony, take over! 
<Groony> puhleez 
<BottomFeeder> do you cast jigs at them! =] 
<Lance> Hey ya doing? 
<Juls> Gary said he would be right back 
<fatboy> he's going to soak his finger in ice water lol ! 
<Gary Gray> I'm back 
<Chatman> wow that was quick 
<Chatman> lol 
<Chatman> hi okie 
<Juls> ok guys...ask those last couple questions
<okie tom> hi y'all 
<Gary Gray> pulling spinners, and I asked Pete Harsh to help me, and 
<Juls> hi Okie Tom 
<Gary Gray> 
<Chatman> hi czar 
<BottomFeeder> how do you handle somebody that moves in on your honey hole? 
<Czar> Hi folks 
<Gary Gray> what did I Miss 
<Lance> Gary..hope you , Mary and Dana have a wonderful Christmas 
<SATCH_MN> Gary, that is my weakness also not sure what to do. 
<Fishnmagician> Capt 
<Juls> hi Cuz 
<iboat> hi dan 
<terroreyes> Early April in a system like the Detroit River, where would you concentrate your effort jigging? Channels, flats, slopes, structure, or???? 
<Capt: Dan.> Groop. 
<Gary Gray> slow down, and feel your spinner 
<Groony> Gary has a paintball gun, Bottomfeeder 
<Chatman> hello Daniel 
<Capt: Dan.> Did I miss the chat? 
<Tracy> who Dan 
<Chatman> no 
<Gary Gray> 
<Groony> 450fps 
<okie tom> Gary, don't know if it's come up....what do you think about the Bull Shoals PWT? 
<Gary Gray> first breaklines 
<Lance> Sorry Dan...Gary gave all his secrets out already... 
<BottomFeeder> I should bet one of those.... Or you could be like Jim Big Fish and tell them how you really feel! 
<Fishnmagician> hey, T-Mac 
<Capt: Dan.> Damn. 
<Tracy> T-Mac! 
<iboat> hey t 
<JAK> Hello T-Mac 
<T-Mac> Hi...all. 
<Juls> hi T-Mac! 
<Groony> ..................................................kinda stings 
<T-Mac> ;) 
<Gary Gray> not looking forward to another HIGHLAND RES.
<Gary Gray> 
<Czar> In April on the Detroit river youíll know where to go. Where the 500 other boats are. LOL 
<Gary Gray> have I missed anyone 
<Chatman> hey terry 
<SATCH_MN> Gary, thank you for your time and tips! 
<Chatman> its perchjerker masquerading as chatman 
<T-Mac> Hey Ralph... 
<BottomFeeder> When you use to fish Big Stone do you feel its was better then than now! 
<Gary Gray> Czars right, just go out to next break 
<Lance> Gary...I came in late. Have a wonderful you, Mary and Dana also 
<Lance> I gotta go...hope you all have a great Christmas 
<Gary Gray> yes, I think that water was over 
<Chatman> see ya lance 
<Czar> There will be more boats there next year with Michiganís new walleye regs too. 
<Juls> night Lance...same to you! 
<T-Mac> Hey Driftr 
<Jason> knowing what you know now, lets say you had to start all over from the beginning of knowing absolutely NOTHINHG about walleye fishing, what technique would you try to master first, second and so on 
<Tracy> Hi Jim 
<Chatman> hey Driftr 
<Gary Gray> thanks Lance 
<Driftr> Hi folks 
<BottomFeeder> Good question Jason 
<Driftr> was here earlier & was booted off net 
<T-Mac> LOL... 
<Fishnmagician> Drifter, you just drifted in, hello 
<T-Mac> was set a 
<Czar> And learn to master your electronics. 
<Capt: Dan.> Gary. Sorry I showed up late. You ever run into Sharon Andrews, Steve or any of the old Storm Sales people? I miss those people. 
<JAK> Gary, is that from a competition standpoint or from a recreational one? 
<BottomFeeder> Have you ever clipped the tail of your night crawler to give off a scent in the water, do you feel that it works? 
<Gary Gray> IF I Missed your question , please ask it again 
<Gary Gray> no 
<T M> Thank you Gary for your friendship and always taking the time to offer your insight over the years - You are truly one of the great ones... 
<Gary Gray> both 
<JAK> thanks 
<Gary Gray> yes, I do that all the time 
<fatboy> Gary - What scent do you like on your hard baits ? 
<BottomFeeder> Do you like to use a trailer hook with your crawler? 
<Jason> you see any benefit in the Spray on Scents? 
<Gary Gray> No, just a guy, who puts his shorts on same as everyone else, one leg at a time 
<BottomFeeder> What size hook? 
<Gary Gray> 
<Gary Gray> not on a jig 
<Gary Gray> never use them 
<Juls> be right back...need more coffee...;-) 
<Capt: Dan.> Gary. What body of water have you found hard
to figure out and fish? 
<Juls> back 
<Capt: Dan.> Wide open water types or closed lakes? 
<Gary Gray> I want to take this time, to wish everyone here at WC a very special Holiday Season, and thank you for having me here tonight 
<Tracy> Gary what has been your most rewarding victory on tour?> 
<Czar> U @ Gary 
<T-Mac> Same to you..Gary 
<T-Mac> Thanks 
<Czar> U2 
<BottomFeeder> Same to you! 
<sevenmmm> Yep, same to you. 
<JAK> thanks same to you 
<Fishnmagician> thank you Gary, and good luck in 2004! 
<Gary Gray> closed lakes, open water fish only relate to bait fish, so they are easier 
<Tracy> Thanks for the time with us 
<Juls> Thanks for taking the time to share with us Gary. It was a pleasure to have you here. 
<Gary Gray> Angler of the YEAR AND THE Win at Home in front of my Family 
<BottomFeeder> Have you ever fished Ottertail lake in MN? 
<Czar> When pulling crawler harnesses I mostly use Berkley power crawlers. Have u ever used them and what were your results? 
<Juls> Also wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best
of success next season! 
<fatboy> Thanks Gary for all your answers and I hope you'll come do another chat before soft water. thank you ! 
<Gary Gray> 
<BottomFeeder> Do you think that the PWT could be held here? 
<okie tom> sorry I was late, but thanks for your time 
<Jason> thanks alot Gary best of luck in 04 
<Chatman> Gary its always a pleasure having you here with your friends at Walleye Central! 
<Bob> My buddies want to know how fast your boat is. They don't quite believe me that if you are in the passenger seat you can hardly keep your eyes open. 
<Gary Gray> never used them, strictly the real thing 
<Gary Gray> I WILL IF YOU's will have me 
<Chatman> hey n8 
<Gary Gray> 68mph 
<T-Mac> Hard to get anybody who could be better...Gary IMHO 
> <Enter Text Here>hello 
<Chatman> just wrapping things up with Gary, but you are welcome to stick around 
<BottomFeeder> Have you ever fished Ottertail Lake in MN? 
<Czar> I prefer artificial to keep from rebaiting so often from the trash fish cleaning up on the real ones 
<Tracy> 68 MPH weeeeeeeeheeee.... my sled will do 18! 
<fatboy> goodnight everyone ! time to help get these baby's to bed 
<Chatman> bye Tony keep in touch 
<T-Mac> night fatboy 
<Fishnmagician> nite fatboy 
<n8arw> Hi Gang...1st timer here... 
<Gary Gray> To ALL, Have a Merry CHRISTMAS< AND A SAFE New YEAR!!!! THANK YOU"S FOR Coming here tonight. 
<JJ Mac> We'll be rooting for you in 2004, good luck! 
<Chatman> glad to have you n8 
<Fishnmagician> welcome, n8 
<T-Mac> 10-4 
<Juls> hi ETT 
<T-Mac> Hi Jim! 
<Tracy> U2 Gary Thanks and Merry Christmas 
<Chatman> ok Gary keep in touch, check the board when you can 
<Czar> Good night all and happy holidays. 
<Gary Gray> thank you all 
<Juls> nite czar 
<Driftr> Happy Holidays to all :) 
<Juls> ;-) 
<Chatman> lets have a hand for My Gray! 
<Fishnmagician> clap,clap,clap 
<T-Mac> yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 
<Chatman> Mr Sorry lol 
<Driftr> clap clap clap 
<Juls> clap clap clap clap clap clap.....Thanks Gary! 
<Czar> Good going Gary. 
<BottomFeeder> Thank you Gary, this was fun picking your brain... 
<Tracy> Standing O! 
<Groony> thank you Gary good chat - good nite 
<Chatman> hey ett 
<Fishnmagician> still clapping! 
<Gary Gray> YOU"S ARE TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
<Chatman> yea we are lol 
<T M> Gary one more question
What do Leeches taste like? 
<Juls> hahahah 
<Chatman> thats why ya luv us so much! 
<T-Mac> hiya "Banger 
<Gary Gray> MERRY CHRISTMAS Carl, and ALL 
<T M> Thanks Gary 
<BottomFeeder> I have to go and order my new boat so I can go 70mph! 
<Gary Gray> 
<BottomFeeder> ya right 
<Gary Gray> not good! to eat 
<Groony> ok......who wants to know some inside scoop and gossip on Juls, Gary, and the 2002 RCL Angler of the Year, Tim Minnema? 
<Juls> wave to me as you go by....56 is fast enough for me...;-) 
<Bob> trust me bottom feeder 68 is fast enough especially when he tells you to watch out for trees 
<T-Mac> no taste...unless you bight down on 'em 
<T-Mac> bite 
<Groony> lol 
<Juls> Hey Now....I got the power Mr. Carl....I will zap you....hehehe 
<Gary Gray> Good NIGHT TO ALL 
<Chatman> see ya bud 
<Tracy> Nite GG 
<T-Mac> I have experience in this area. 
<Groony> Perch.......(don't post that! 
<Juls> Nite Gary 
<Driftr> nite Gary 
<Fishnmagician> nite Mr Gray 
<Gary Gray> 
<BottomFeeder> Juls, do you have to drink Crown Royal everywhere you go? 
<Chatman> great job guys 
<n8arw> only way my rig gets close to 70MPH is on the trailer... 
<T-Mac> GJ............! 
<Driftr> Groony, this is an auto post chat 
<Juls> hahahahah Nope... 
<Fishnmagician> GJ!