GNWC Chat 3/12/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Bernie Baringer of GNWC!
Stacker1 - Clap!
Warren MN - Clap, clap, clap!!
Driftr - Welcome Bernie!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!
Dan(oh) - Welcome!
Mapguy - Yahooo!!
minimax - Clapclapclapclap!! 
Juls - Hi everyone! ;-)
Bernie/GNWC - Thanks gang!
towman - Hello all! I'm new here and will just sit back and watch if that's ok..
perchjerker - Hello gang!!
Den - Clap, clap, clap!!
Doug Burns - Hello everyone. Hi Bernie!
Chatman - Not a problem towman, but feel free to jump in!
RapalaDude - Yeah.
Mapguy - Welcome, Towman!
towman - Ok, thank you!
gilman(IN) - Hello all!!
Den - Uh, the water be too cold fer jumpin in, Chatman!!
Chatman - Well Bernie, what's new since we last visited here?
minimax - I'm a new guy too!!
Bernie/GNWC - Good things are happening.
Den - You too Minimax!
Chatman - Welcome to Minimax and Towman, two new visitors here with us!
Mapguy - Bernie where are your tourney sites?
Bernie/GNWC - We have picked up another sponsor and have three, yes three, more that are considering it for 2003. Amazingly, all three contacted me about it.
RapalaDude - Who's the new sponsor??
Dutchman - Can you name them yet Bernie?
Bernie/GNWC - We'll see what pans out, but we're hoping at least a couple of them commit. It would mean a lot of more cool prizes, etc.
Chatman - That's awesome!
Dutchman - Is this the first year for the GNWC?
Mapguy - Are the lakes picked yet?
Bernie/GNWC - The new one is Up-North Outdoors. I cannot comment on the three that are considering it, just that one is a lure company, one makes nets and one makes electronics.
WalleyeJason - Bernie, Can you give us a quick rundown on the GNWC? For those of us that don't know much about it?
Bernie/GNWC - The tournament locations are all listed at, Mapguy.
Mapguy - Thanks!
perchjerker - Hey Bernie, how are those map books selling?
Bernie/GNWC - Sure Jason, the GNWC is the Grand National Walleye Cup, an entry level team event made for the weekend warrior. Low entry fees and good payouts, plus lots of coverage for the contestants, in magazine, and even on TV. 
Bernie/GNWC - I just wrote the map book Perch Jerker, I think they are doing pretty good, but I don't sell them here. Hoping to get famous?
RapalaDude - Will there be any TV coverage for the qualifiers?
Dutchman - Bernie is the GNWC associated with the NPAA?
perchjerker - LOL!! I do get a kick out of seeing one in the store and seeing my name in there!
Bernie/GNWC - With the Walleye Cup format, you can fish just your home state or you can advance to a national championship, your option.
Doug Burns - I just want to give the GNWC a good luck wish. I worked with Bernie when he first started running tournaments. There were some bumps but he runs a top notch show.
WalleyeJason - Bernie, Each division has 5 tourneys,?
WalleyeJason - And then the championship?
Bernie/GNWC - Thanks Doug, I think I have made all the mistakes now, hopefully!
perchjerker - Any plans for Michigan, Bernie?
Bernie/GNWC - we will have a division in Michigan, in 2004. I am already getting calls from Michigan looking for events!
Doug Burns - The big mistakes you made were when you didn't listen to me. LOL!!
Dan(oh) - Bernie, is Ohio also in the plans?
Driftr - I hope some of these tournament circuits decide to come east sometime!
perchjerker - Excellent, I will look for it then!
Bernie/GNWC - No there are four qualifiers in each division, then a state championship. The national is above that.
Bernie/GNWC - Ohio is on the list for 2004 too. I already have a list of names from people that want to fish it.
RapalaDude - Doug are you still fishing tournaments?
Doug Burns - The National Championship is here on my home water. The last time I fished the IWTT Championship there it took a 10 pound eye for big fish and over 3.5 average to win!
Dutchman - Any ties with the NPAA ?
Driftr - Pennsylvania doesn't have much now.
Bernie/GNWC - The Ohio division will include several inland lakes and maybe two at the most on Lake Erie. They would both be included in the eastern division 
Bernie/GNWC - Western PA and Western NY are on the list for 2005!
wa_walleye - Will there be a limit on the size of the field?
Bernie/GNWC - There's a 100-team limit, but I do not expect to fill any of them this first year. It would be a nice surprise to fill them though.
Driftr - That's good to hear Bernie. We have great walleye water out here!
Bernie/GNWC - No question Okoboji is a great location for the championship and the Okoboji Tourism has really got behind us. They will be giving $100 to each team to help with he expenses.
WalleyeJason - I have been looking on the website, But cant find a payout structure?
Driftr - Bernie, we regularly have tourneys out here with 100 teams.
Bernie/GNWC - The payout is 80% cash plus prizes to 25% of the field.
Doug Burns - Bernie, looking at the waters for different states it looks like a nice diversity. It will take a lot of talent to come out on top in each state.
Bernie/GNWC - Walleye fishing on some of the lakes in Ohio has really improved in the last few years.
RapalaDude - Is Iowa starting to fill up?
Bernie/GNWC - We have placed some of the events in each state off the beaten path so it doesn't give an advantage to locals as much. That's good for new guys just getting involved.
Chatman - Bernie, can we talk a bit about the niche your circuit will fill? 
Den - Great idea Bernie!
Bernie/GNWC - We already have 30 teams in Iowa that have paid for all four with a lot more coming. I am fielding about 10-12 calls a day from the states, there is a lot of interest out there.
WalleyeJason - Does each state have its own director?
RapalaDude - That's cool!
Den - There is a lot of interest here in Ohio for something like that, more than you would guess!
Bernie/GNWC - The GNWC is a grassroots circuit and it is tailor made for the weekend warrior. Some people use it as a springboard to go higher in tournament fishing, others just like to fish team events as opposed to pro-am's.
Bernie/GNWC - Yes I have been getting calls from Ohio.
Chatman - And a little about the meaning behind being "The New Standard In Weekend Walleye Tournaments"?
Driftr - Den, Oh & Pa are both hungry for a bigger tournament! 
Den - How well I know!
Dan(oh) - So these are team events?
Bernie/GNWC - The new standard means that we try to provide the weekend angler with a professional event. We have trailers with stages and PA's etc. We also do everything on the computer so the anglers have the results in hand right after the weigh-ins. Just like the PWT and RCL. It's all very professional.
Den - Not necessarily bigger, but better organized.
RapalaDude - Lets hear more about the National Championship at Okoboji.
Bernie/GNWC - Two-person teams Ryan.
Chatman - Thanks.
Bernie/GNWC - $210 per team entry fees!
Dutchman - I like the better organized part!
Ryan - Gotcha!
Ryan - Does the GNWC have a website?
Den - LOL!!
Bernie/GNWC - Yes, it will get bigger, but we have to start somewhere, and it will take a year to prove that we are different than a lot of the other circuits out there.
Bernie/GNWC - Ryan, go to
Den - We need it here A.S.A.P. Bernie!!
Bernie/GNWC - After people see the difference for a year, this thing is going to launch very fast. It takes time and I am committed to doing it even if I lose money the first year.
John Mannerino - Hey Bernie, I signed up for your tourney on the Illinois River. Can we still declare a national team and pay you there?
Bernie/GNWC - Start talking about it Den, I will be putting together an Ohio schedule this summer. E-mail me at with your comments.
Bernie/GNWC - You can declare national status any time before the first event John.
John Mannerino - Cool, thanks!
Bernie/GNWC - But it would be nice not to have to do it at the event itself, it's kind of hectic to do at the event and the change needs to be entered in the computer. 
Dutchman - How many tourneys do you have to enter to fish as a National Team?
Bernie/GNWC - You have to fish all four in your division to be qualified for the National Championship.
Ryan - If I decide to enter, what's the first step? Who do I contact? Is information available on your website?
WalleyeJason - Bernie, is there any talk about coming way out west? Like in Washington State?
Bernie/GNWC - Ryan, spend some time on the website and the forms are all there. You can also request a copy of Walleye Wisdom magazine, which has all the info. The request form is on the website.
Ryan - Thank You.
Bernie/GNWC - If you have specific questions, feel free to call me at 800-890-FISH
Ryan - I will check it out.
jigger2001(mn) - Bernie what is the walleye cup?
Bernie/GNWC - We will be looking at WA/OR as a division in the future. But probably not before 2005.
Bernie/GNWC - It's called the cup because that's the huge trophies that will be given to the National Champions. Plus the National Champions will be given a free website to promote themselves and help them get sponsors.
Bernie/GNWC - There's TV coverage too.
Dutchman - Do you have to fish any regular tourneys to enter the state main event, or is that an open event also?
Mapguy - You mentioned TV earlier Bernie, has anyone signed on?
Bernie/GNWC - We are negotiating with Outdoor Life Network and the new Sportsmans channel, I don't know where it will end up yet.
Bernie/GNWC - You have to fish the four qualifiers to get to the state championship.
jigger2001(mn) - Bernie how are the tourneys laid out? i.e. places, payout?
Ryan - Thanks for the info Bernie! I hope to see you sometime in the future!
Bernie/GNWC - We are negotiating with the two TV networks, trying to get the best deal for the money and the best time slots, etc.
Mapguy - We'll be watching!
Dan(oh) - Bernie, how many tournaments per state?
Bernie/GNWC - We pay to 25% of the field. Most events will pay about $2000 for first place.
jigger2001(mn) - Is there a schedule set up already?
Bernie/GNWC - Dan, there are four qualifiers and a championship in each state.
Bernie/GNWC - The full tournament schedule is on line at
Dutchman - Can a team sign up the night before a tourney?
Juls - Do you also have that schedule online here on Walleye Central's tournament page Bernie? Or, only on the Walleye Cup site?
Bernie/GNWC - Yes you can sign up until the morning of the tourney, but there is a $25 late fee if you do not pay 7 days in advance!
Bernie/GNWC - Yes Juls, our schedule is there and on the tourney finder as well.
Mapguy - Bernie, do you think it's the grass roots impact that will draw anglers to the GNWC that will lead to success, when compared to the other tourneys?
Bernie/GNWC - I'll keep everyone posted on the possible new sponsors. We have some big things in the works!
Dutchman - Is this a dedicated team format or can a "Captain" fish with more than one partner?
Bernie/GNWC - I think it is the availability of a professionally run event that will endear us to the team anglers across the states. We are not trying to compete with the pro-ams.
Den - The big thing here is a well organized tourney, and a publicized one!
Bernie/GNWC - Dutch you can have a substitute partner. 
Bernie/GNWC - We've got that Den!
Mapguy - Good point Den!
Dutchman - Just one or one for each event?
Bernie/GNWC - Two different partners per season Dutch.
Bernie/GNWC - Sorry Juls did I miss something
Chatman - You have a terrific niche here Bernie, and you are not out to compete with the bigger ones.
Dutchman - Thanks! :)
Bernie/GNWC - We are bringing some new faces into tournament fishing and seeing some crossover from other circuits.
Juls - That's good.
Bernie/GNWC - I have done sport shows in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Illinois, the response to the GNWC has been terrific. There are a lot of people excited about this!
Dutchman - A professionally run weekend tourney circuit will be a breath of fresh air, for sure!
Bernie/GNWC - Dutch I think I talked to you in Sioux Falls, didn't I?
Dan(oh) - That's good, I hope everything goes well Bernie.
Den - Bernie, the Cleveland outdoor show is next week, that would be a good
place to go promote the GNWC.
Bernie/GNWC - I've talked to so many people it's kind of a blur!!
Dutchman - Yes you did Bernie!
Dutchman - That's a good thing too!
Bernie/GNWC - I'll put the Cleveland show on the list for next year, I'm done with shows for this year.
Den - Yes, there is a lot of traffic there. 
Bernie/GNWC - I'm kinda sport showed out for now!
Den - I know what you mean!!
Bernie/GNWC - It's really good to rub shoulders with the anglers and listen to them though. I learned a lot this year from talking with so many tourney anglers.
Bernie/GNWC - Any more questions?
wa_walleye - Bernie, what can we do to expedite the GNWC coming to Washington?
Bernie/GNWC - Wa_walleye, we're looking at it for 2005, that would be about the earliest we could expect to be there. Unless things really take off faster than anticipated!
wa_walleye - I'm willing to put fire under someone!!
Chatman - There ya go Wa_walleye, spread the word and grow interest ahead of time!
Bernie/GNWC - I will need a good man on the ground there.
Dutchman - Bernie, if you miss an event in your state but fish one in a neighboring state, can you transfer points? 
wa_walleye - Walleye Jason is good guy who is already fairly involved.
Bernie/GNWC - There is one other thing a lot of people have been asking about. We do not have state directors, we have two people with crews that will do all 26 events. I have two trailers/stages and two Ford diesel trucks. Dean will be doing 10 and I will be doing 16 of the events!
Bernie/GNWC - You cannot take points across state lines Dutchman.
ezmarc - This all sounds good, we've got a lot of good 'eye guys in this state, but we seem to have trouble filling fields.
Bernie/GNWC - I think it adds professionalism to any circuit, to have skilled people running each tournament!
Dutchman - And advertising helps a bunch too!!
Bernie/GNWC - I have spent $13,000 on advertising this year!
Doug Burns - Well, who's running them when your not there Bernie?
Dutchman - WOW!!
Bernie/GNWC - Dean Higgins is doing 10 of them. I have two of everything now, he has a full rig and setup and so do I.
Dutchman - Bernie, as this progress's are you planning on having advisory members in each state?
Bernie/GNWC - Yes, we plan to have a rules review committee in each state.
reddog - Bernie, do you have any numbers as to how many teams, in each state, are pre-registered already?
Chatman - As we wind down, has Bernie missed any questions?
Dutchman - Do you have any thoughts on the NPAA Bernie?
Bernie/GNWC - I don't have the exact numbers but Iowa has the most with more than 30 signed up to fish all four. Illinois has the least, with less than 10 signed up to fish all four. Plus there are a lot of entries for individual events. There are lots more coming in daily!
Bernie/GNWC - Locals tell me to expect 60-80 at Spring Valley. I hope so!
reddog - Thanks, I have a couple buddies that are fishing the South Dakota events.
Bernie/GNWC - South Dakota is looking like it is going to be one of the big states!
Dutchman - I'll be at one for sure! 
Bernie/GNWC - There are a lot of walleye fishermen in South Dakota!
reddog - It's ok if you don't fish your home state, isn't it?
Chatman - Well Bernie, it has come time to wind down once again. It seems we could fill about 2 hours!! LOL!!
Bernie/GNWC - Fish anywhere you want Reddog, but remember your points stay in the region fished!
Dan(oh) - another good job Bernie!
reddog - That's fine, that's what we thought.
Dutchman - Thanks Bernie!
Bernie/GNWC - Thanks for the opportunity, and for all the good questions!!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Bernie Barringer and the GNWC!!!
John Mannerino - Bernie, I will see you at Spring Valley, I've gotta run!
Bernie/GNWC - I'll see you there John!
Den - Great job Bernie!!
Driftr - Thanks Bernie!
reddog - Thanks Bernie.
ezmarc - Thanks for the info Bernie!
WalleyeWiz - Thanks Bernie! G'nite all, gotta run!
Dutchman - Claaaaaaap!!!!
Driftr - clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Den - Clap, clap, clap!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Bernie/GNWC - If anyone has any more specific questions, call me during the day at 800-890-FISH or e-mail me at
Bernie/GNWC - See you on the water!
JIM C - Smiling?
Chatman - Great chat Bernie, it has been fun once again!