Carl Grunwaldt Chat 10/15/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Carl Grunwaldt!!
perchjerker - LOL! I have video, remember?
TYEE - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
sevenmmm - Whistle! Whistle!
MexicoNM - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!!!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!
rangerpat - Clap, clap, clap!!
perchjerker - Hooray!
Rangerpat - BOO!! LOL!!
Chatman - LOL!!
MexicoNM - LOL!
Carl - And so it begins!
Chatman - So Carl, where do you want to go tonight?
perchjerker - It's gonna be one of those nights, I can see that right away!
MexicoNM - You better watch out Pat, I've got Carl's back!
Chatman - And I can edit!! LOL!!
Guest - Welcome from a fellow Cabela's team member!
Carl - Well, anywhere you guys want Chatman!
TYEE - How about a quick hit for his sponsors so we can get that outta the way!!!!
Carl - Who is there, "guest"?
Chatman - Yes, would you mind listing your sponsors Carl?
Guest - Ooops, I'll be right back!
MexicoNM - Yes Carl, can you list your sponsors?
Carl - My Sponsors are, Ranger, Evinrude, Cabela's, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Matzuo, Offshore, and I must mention Bob's Bait and Tackle, and Pamp's Outboard, both of Green Bay. I owe them all a lot of thanks and gratitude!
Chatman - That's quite a list.
rangerpat - So Carl, how's the Muskie fishing been?
MexicoNM - Bobs Bait is so famous my mom likes going there!
TYEE - Congrats to those guys.
Carl - The muskies have been great, they are my first love!
MexicoNM - And here I thought I was! LOL!!!
Chatman - In the river or on the bay Carl?
Carl - Your wife, Brian. Your wife, not you!
MexicoNM - Yeah, yeah. LOL!
des moines iowa - Groony, Apple Jack's cousin here, he went to the Cub game so I will watch and wait (and hopefully not suffer). It's been a great year for you, but I have a dumb question. When do you decide between lead core and mono, when trolling shad raps?
TYEE - So the PWT, the RCL, what else do you find time for?
rangerpat - If the MTT paid as much as the RCL would you make the time?
MexicoNM - That's a good question Des moines!
Carl - In both the river and the bay Chatman. But I catch more here on the Fox River. There is better potential for a world record in the bay, though. I fish them both.
des moines iowa - I try Mexico.
sevenmmm - How many times did you finish "in the money" this year Carl?
Carl - Primarily, Des Moines, it depends on whether we need the lead core to obtain the depth. But, there is something about lead core, often it will out-produce mono, whether 'needed' or not. That is a Good question, I try to let the fish tell me.
TYEE - What do you prefer?
Carl - Sevenmmm, several times, but I am not exactly sure. 5 or 6 times, I think.
sevenmmm - That's a lot, what was the highest?
Carl - Tyee, I prefer straight mono, but I am never adverse to breaking out the lead core. I am very comfortable with it.
TYEE - How did the Evinrudes perform this year? Did you have any problems out there?
MexicoNM - Carl, what about super-braid plus/minus?
des moines iowa - Carl, what are your thoughts on dead sticks (letting cranks out or live bait) when fishing wing dams?
Chatman - Let's give Carl a minute to catch up....:)
Carl - My best finish was sixth place at the RCL in Spring Valley, followed by an eighth place at Lake Sharpe in South Dakota.
Carl - To fish the wing dams, you need an anchor. I don't own an anchor!!!
TYEE - Haha!
Slapshot - Carl is always one to be right near the top in both the RCL and the PWT!
MexicoNM - I had to use an anchor last weekend!! LOL!
Slapshot - LOL!
Carl - I am not a big fan of the braided lines, except for casting.
sevenmmm - What technique were you using to get that 6th place?
Chatman - LOL!! A man after my own heart Carl!
TYEE - The PWT kicks off in Winneconne how are you gonna attack it?
rangerpat - I could have sworn I saw you with an anchor at the bowling alley in Red Wing!
Slapshot - LOL!!
MexicoNM - I also saw a mention of an 80 - 80 method with snap weights on Lake Erie, how do you know your depth?
MexicoNM - LOL Rangerpat!!
des moines iowa - I know that, what I'm trying to do is pick your brain so when Neuman and I fish together I can spout some Gospel and finally put him in his place!
TYEE - The timing will be right for trolling on Lake Poygan or Jigging on the Wolf River. What do you like best?
Carl - I was pitching light jigs up on a sandbar, Sevenmmm. I tipped them with rainbow chubs. And I actually anchored!! You caught me!
rangerpat - I was only kidding, I shouldn't call Stier an anchor!
Slapshot - LOL!!!
sevenmmm - That's something different, how deep of water?
Carl - Tyee, I am too unfamiliar with the fishery at that time of year to honestly say. But, I will start out covering water, like I always do, trolling!!!
TYEE - Well let me know if you need a pre-fishing partner, that's my back yard!!!
Chatman - Actually Rick, that is a good presentation on Pepin, I've taken a limit or two pitching or dragging jigs.
Carl - We were casting up into 4 feet and bringing it down to twelve feet, Sevenmmm.
Chatman - Do you troll as a method to locate fish Carl, or do you look for fish you can troll to early in the year?
Carl - Count on it, Tyee!
TYEE - That's probably the best idea but never overlook the river early!
des moines iowa - If you were fishing the Illinois River on 10/26, would you troll or jig?
Carl - I troll to locate fish, and I usually try to seek out a trolling pattern, Chatman. Most of our tournaments are won by trolling. Look at Ron Seelhoff, it's his bread and butter.
Slapshot - Tell me about it.
sevenmmm - I watched the tape where you took second place at Lake Erie and just how close where you to winning that thing?
MexicoNM - :(
des moines iowa - What if the current or water is up/down, what effect does that have?
Carl - That was too close, it still kinda hurts. I was two pounds off, Sevenmmm. I think it was 136 to Tommy's 138, for three days.
rangerpat - Do you run segmented lead core or put as much on the spool as you can & then a 20-foot leader?
Chatman - I think we have all seen close ones. I remember one tourney that was won by 2 tenths of a pound!
TYEE - Carl, Have you been on the bay these past 2 weeks? How has the bite been, the big girls have to be staging soon?
Carl - 20-foot leader? Take a zero off, Pat. But keep that under your hat ;)
MexicoNM - :)
Chatman - Ya, Shhhhh, no one will ever know..... LOL!!
Carl - Low water will concentrate fish in the deeper holes, so actually, jigging and rigging may be the way to go.
sevenmmm - I would take a second any day!
rangerpat - Hat? I don't have enough hair left to hold a hat on anymore after Red Wing!
Carl - Nooooooooo! Give me a third or a fourth place finish to a second, any day!!
sevenmmm - HA!
MexicoNM - LOL!
Chatman - Rangerpat, there is a lot of that goin round!
sevenmmm - Lots of guys below you would take a second!!!
Carl - I was hoping nobody would mention Red Wing. Next question!
TYEE - Hahahha!
Slapshot - Carl anything new with Team Cabela's?
sevenmmm - Can you remember how old you were when you caught your first walleye?
Carl - Chris is working on some things, I expect great things for Team Cabela's in the near future!
MexicoNM - Team Cabela's already seems to have a great group of guys!
Slapshot - I haven't been in touch with anyone since leaving for hockey. 
rangerpat - Carl did you leave all the autographs on your boat or did you remove them? That was hilarious after you were signing hats. LMAO!
Carl - 8 years old, Sevenmmm, below the dam in DePere. That was where I did all my walleye fishing prior to starting the tour(s), and the rest of the river.
sevenmmm - So who taught you?
TYEE - Here's a stupid one! "Will Walleye Tourney fishing get bigger than Bass fishing?"??????
des moines iowa - Well Carl, no offense, but the Cubs are on, so time to take a little abuse. For the record, whatever Jack and I do on the 26th, if it works I'll say that is what you would have done! Take care.
MexicoNM - LOL!
MexicoNM - Good luck!
Slapshot - LOL!!
Carl - The autographs are there, Pat. But the only one I truly care about is my autographed Cabela's hat, signed by Mr. John Kolinski. I put it on, I catch fish!
MexicoNM - Tell corn man I said hi!
Carl - No, Tyee the demographics don't allow it to.
Chatman - Tyee, the number of people chasing bass is much, much larger than those chasing walleyes.
rangerpat - Didn't a guy by the name Pat Cavins teach you a little?
des moines iowa - I will Mexico-MN.
Carl - My father taught me Sevenmmm. He had me on Lake Michigan when I was two, and we never looked back.
MexicoNM - At this point I have to admit that Carl taught me more about fishing than anyone. It's kind of sappy, but true. Thanks man!
Carl - Thank you Des Moines!
sevenmmm - Carl, did your father fish tournaments too?
TYEE - What do you do for a "real" paycheck Carl?
MexicoNM - LOL!!
Carl - Pat has taught me a lot, we won't go there.
sevenmmm - LOL!
Chatman - LOL!
Carl - No Sevenmmm, recreation only. He is In North Carolina now, and actually we do some tarpon tournaments out there, much fun! I love saltwater.
sevenmmm - Wow, you get around!
Carl - This is my paycheck, Tyee. I fish for them.
sevenmmm - What is, and where did you catch your biggest walleye?
TYEE - You are blessed my friend, I am still working to get there!
Carl - My big one came from Duck Creek many years ago, during the spawning run, on a thunderstick. The fish was 14.2 on the digital scale. She was a beast!!!
sevenmmm - Holy Cow! Full of Spawn?
Chatman - Duck Creek?
Carl - Very much full, she looked like she swallowed a football, literally.
TYEE - Duck Creek????? Wow, That is 50 feet out my back door of course it's a bit smaller down here!
Carl - Duck Creek is a tributary to Green Bay, Chatman.
sevenmmm - What was your favorite trolling bait this last year?
TYEE - Have you fished DePere lately?
Carl - Sorry if I have missed some questions, I type 6 words a minute!
MexicoNM - Carl, what would you give someone as advice who wanted to start out? It seems overwhelming to even think about going pro, to compete against so many guys that have been fishing the waters for years.
Chatman - I know, it is just a little surprising anyone actively fishes eyes there. Were you in a boat? And was that when there was about 3 more feet of water? LOL!!
Carl - I have a new favorite crank, the Matzuo Zander Shad, the big one. It has great action, and catches a lot of big fish, check it out.
Carl - I was shore fishing Chatman.
sevenmmm - Have you tried that purple prism matzuo?
rangerpat - Carl Christy says hello. 
Carl - Have confidence in yourself, Mexico. Don't get overwhelmed by the big guys. They are doing the same thing we all are. Confidence!
Carl - Hi Christy.
MexicoNM - Sevenmmm, is the purple prism like the old storm color?
TYEE - I'm gettin rid of all my matzuo's I can't catch an eye to save my soul on Wisconsin waters! 
MexicoNM - Yea? How much?? LOL!!
sevenmmm - Pretty close in color, you can only get them at Fleet Farm right now.
Carl - The purple prism is hot! Break it out in Little Bay in a couple of weeks, and watch the Offshore board disappear!
Carl - Yes, Mexico.
sevenmmm - Alright, I was betting that would work up there, come fall!
MexicoNM - I'll send you all my Reef Runner stick baits that don't work in the desert. 
Carl - We need to go out Tyee.
TYEE - Yup, maybe you can show me what I'm doing wrong! Hehehe. What about Dave's new SHINNER T-STICK, did anyone use that this year?
MexicoNM - Those look hot!
Carl - I am unfamiliar with them Tyee.
TYEE - Is it still hush, hush on when they are bringing it out? I heard January?
sevenmmm - What is the best speed for those Matzuos?
Chatman - They are on Dave's web site aren't they?
MexicoNM -
TYEE - It is the original T-Stick. Yes it will be a killer on the Winnebago system.
Carl - In Little Bay, through ice up, you can't go too slow.
TYEE - The next best thing to the little ripper and the shad rap here on these waters!
MexicoNM - Carl, are you planning on both circuits again next year? I can't imagine what that must have been like to almost go form one right to another!
rangerpat - Carl did you make a lot of new friends while fishing the RCL & PWT? I mean at the cities you visited?
MexicoNM - LOL!
Carl - It was quite a grind, Mexico. I would love to do both circuits, in entirety, again. But, it really wears you out, and costs a lot of valuable pre-fishing time. But it is my hope and intention to do them both, again.
MexicoNM - My hats off to you!
Chatman - That kind of schedule can burn you out real quick.
sevenmmm - How many days do you normally plan in pre-fishing for a tournament?
Carl - Thank you.
Carl - Ideally I would like five or six days on the water to pre-fish. 
rangerpat - I'll bet it's gotta be grueling, all the traveling & layovers.
Guest - Carl, what are you doing this winter?
TYEE - What is RCL east season like? Are they doing Lake Winnebago or Little Bay De Noc?
sevenmmm - How do you pre-fish then, do you fish really hard? Sun-up to sun-down type thing?
Carl - Yes Pat, about half way through the season, I just kind of entered this "zone", if you will. But I wasn't the only one.
Carl - I try to, Sevenmmm, but sometimes you have to manage the cost/benefit of exerting all your time and efforts on the water. You need to be well rested and thinking clearly come game day.
sevenmmm - I can appreciate that!
Carl - I am unsure of the schedule off the top of my head, Tyee.
sevenmmm - Can you think of a moment during a tournament where you were really lucky?
Carl - Spring Valley, Port Clinton and I forget where else. Oahe, I think.
MexicoNM - Confidence.
Carl - I don't believe in luck , Sevenmmm. Only in so far that bad luck has to be avoided.
Chatman - Do you fish full time Carl?
sevenmmm - That's cool.
Carl - Yes, I fish full time, tournaments and charters, Chatman.
sevenmmm - Where do you charter?
MexicoNM - Don't you have to be a captain to run charters??
Carl - Green Bay and the tributaries. Primarily for muskies this time of year. I have put the walleye rods away!!!
sevenmmm - How big are the muskies in Green Bay?
rangerpat - Are you still writing outdoor articles? Or not enough time to do it?
Carl - Yes, Mexico, to fish the Great Lakes, you must be a Coast Guard licensed Captain. Toughest test I ever passed, barely! :)
TYEE - What???? not doin DePere for the world record thing, sorry 7mm!
sevenmmm - :-)
Carl - I am working on some articles, I haven't had time through the season.
Chatman - Almost everyone Barely passes that test Carl.
Carl - There are world record muskies swimming in the bay, as well as walleyes. Let's go catch one!
MexicoNM - I'll be there tomorrow!
Chatman - There are some Big ski's dwelling up here too. I saw a pair of monsters in the shallows of the river this spring..
sevenmmm - Wow, a world record is very big!!!!
rangerpat - I'm already standing on the dock, with the bait!
MexicoNM - How big was that one you were on Muskie Central with??
Carl - They ARE there, Sevenmmm.
TYEE - There's a 19# with my name on it up in the bay 7mm. Carl, thanks for taking the time to join in here, Look me up on the "other" walleye site to do some pre fishing next year!
sevenmmm - Is that a promise? That I'll catch a world record if I fish with you?
TYEE - Hahahahahaha, not!! But we'll have a ball!
MexicoNM - As Capt Dan says, "Only Jesus guaranteed fish before the trip"
Carl - You know, I hate to weigh the muskies, too much stress. It was what it was, a big one. I have caught forty-pound class fish.
sevenmmm - Come on! I'm waiting Carl!
Chatman - Well we have run flat out of chat time...
Chatman - Are there any final questions for Carl tonight?
Carl - I'm not Jesus, Sevenmmm. LOL!
Chatman - LOL!!
sevenmmm - Oh Ralphy, were just getting going!
sevenmmm - Ok Carl :-)
Chatman - I know, feel free to stick around a bit, but the official chat ends pretty quick like..
MexicoNM - Thanks Carl!
T-Mac - I'm sorry I missed it.
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a hearty round of applause for Carl Grunwaldt!!
T-Mac - Thanks though!
sevenmmm - Good job Carl!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!
T-Mac - Clapclapclapclap!!
MexicoNM - Clap, clap, clap!!
sevenmmm - Whistlewhisltewhistle!!
Slapshot - Thanks Carl!
rangerpat - See Ya Carl & Brian!! (MexicoNM)
Guest - Good luck Carl!
Chatman - It was great chatting with you Carl! We'll have to get you back in here, closer to spring, for another adventure! 
MexicoNM - We'll talk Pat!
Carl - Thank you all, it was my pleasure!
Bigfoot - Clap, clap, clap, thanks for your time Carl!
Carl - Thank you Ralph!
TYEE - Thanks Carl,
Carl - Thank you Rick.
Chatman - I am glad we were able to set a chat date Carl, this was fun.
Carl - Good nite all!