Rick Olson Chat 3/19/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Rick Olson!!!
Driftr - Welcome Rick Olson !!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
iamwalleye1 - Clap, clap!!
Chairman - Mr. Olson!
Chatman - First off, I would like to take just a moment to offer a thought or prayer for those in harms way tonight.
Capable Partner - Clap, clap, clap.
Rick Olson - Hello guys, take it easy on me. I only have two fingers that work
iamwalleye1 - Rick, if the water muddies up at Erie, would you switch to spinner?
Capable Partner - Amen.
Chairman - Go USA!
Rick Olson - Spinners work great at Erie when the water gets around 50 degrees.
Chatman - Come home soon, and come home in one piece!
Capable Partner - Rick, who are your sponsors this year?
Chatman - Back to the topic at hand then, I didn't mean to distract from your time Rick..
Rick Olson - Crestliner, Evinrude, Raymarine and Rapala are my primary sponsors.
iamwalleye1 - Do you tip your cranks with worms?
Rick Olson - I'm concerned about our troops also I hope they get the job done and return home safe.
Rick Olson - I will at times tip my cranks with worms.
wa_walleye - Is that better than scent?
iamwalleye1 - Front or back hook?
Rick Olson - Depends on the crank some work with the front hook and some won't
iamwalleye1 - Thanks!
Capable Partner - Any (new) Rapala prototypes in the tackle box?
Chatman - Which hook, and which point on that hook do you tip with the crawler Rick?
Rick Olson - If you tip on the rear hook you can only use a small piece
Chatman - Sorry about the double up on the question...
Rick Olson - I do have some prototype Rapalas but I can not talk about them yet.
Rick Olson - Tip on the center hook of the treble.
Chatman - Do you ever use a full crawler on the belly hook Rick?
Chairman - Tell us more about that single hook harness.
Driftr - Rick, do you use a whole crawler if tipping the front hook?
perchjerker - Would those Raps by chance be of interest to us hand liners? wink 
Rick Olson - Yes, I will use a whole crawler.
Driftr - Do you pinch the tail to produce more scent?
perchjerker - I'm sure you know how we love those Raps!
Chairman - They already make the best hand line crank. 
Rick Olson - Hey perchjerker, no these will not work for hand lining.
Dave Landahl - What rig are you running this year Ole?
perchjerker - I know, I have 3 boxes full of them.
iamwalleye1 - Galyans had them for $4.50 each!
Rick Olson - I will be running the 2002 Crestliner Tournament Series with a 250 on the back.
Chatman - Yikes! A 250?
Dave Landahl - What make on the 250?
Chatman - How much better does the boat perform with the extra 25 ponies?
Rick Olson - I am running a Team Evinrude wrapped boat.
iamwalleye1 - Congrats!
Chairman - I will be able to find you with my yellow one this year eh? Can't keep up with you though!
Rick Olson - I expect to gain a couple miles an hour.
Dave Landahl - Ole, are we still on for the Tuesday before the RCL Opener on the Detroit, er, Illinois?
Driftr - Rick, what MPH do you expect?
Rick Olson - We are on Dave but you better come to Spring Valley.
Rick Olson - My boat should run around 60.
Dave Landahl - I think I can be there on the Monday too Bruce. It is a long 90 minute drive for me. LOL
Chatman - That's a pretty fair clip for 20 feet of Crestliner!
iamwalleye1 - Barto launch?
Rick Olson - You definitely won't miss my boat, red, white, and blue
Chatman - There ya go!
Dave Landahl - Any chance we will see a PWT and RCL Angler of the Year in the same year? You know, you for example?
Driftr - I like the graphics on the 250, that should look great on your boat.
Rick Olson - I doubt that, I just hope to do another Angler Of the Year sometime in the future!
Dave Landahl - Are you happy with the pay increase the PWT came up with this year?
Chairman - Leave a couple of titles for us old guys Rick! Ha, ha!
Rick Olson - The PWT is doing all they can and they have improved much. I'm pretty happy about it.
Chatman - You are in very good company with the Angler of The Year title Rick!
Dave Landahl - I think it is great that there is such a tremendous opportunity for you guys to make a living at this now.
perchjerker - Let's get with some good questions here. Its 85 degrees in the western basin of Erie. The mayfly hatch is in full bloom. What do you do? What do you throw at them? Or do you just hang it up and wait for another day.
Rick Olson - I'm ready guys, fire some questions at me.
Dave Landahl - Are you going to break out the lead core for the Illinois River?
Driftr - Rick, how long have you been with Team Crestliner?
Stacker1 - The heart of Kansas in early June, impoundment, what is the starting pattern?
Rick Olson - A full blown mayfly hatch is a tough one!
perchjerker - I know, I was kidding! I was just trying to get some questions going.
Chairman - Rick, can you talk about that single hook spinner for open water?
Rick Olson - I have been with Crestliner for 3 years now.
krs1 - Use a worm harness with about 1" piece of worm on it Perchjecker. I have had good luck, during the hatch, with that.
amwalleye1 - How about Lake Erie for the PWT? What's the plan there Rick?
Rick Olson - Bruce, I have used a single hook spinner and nothing else for about 7 or 8 years!
RCL contender - The Illinois River is a new one to me. Is it going to be a tough one?
TYEEE - Rick, are you hand lining this year?
Rick Olson - On my spinners I use a large 1/0 hook, a long shank worm hook.
Chatman - Do you use a full crawler on the single hook Rick?
iamwalleye1 - Just one hook, or two?
krs1 - Yeah Rick, one small blade and one hook, with a small piece of crawler.
Capable Partner - Rick, Will you be in Red Wing this year?
Rick Olson - I use a full crawler most of the time but I have seen many times when they prefer a half crawler.
Rick Olson - I will be at Red Wing in June.
TYEEE - Rick when you hook the worm twice on a single hook, do you use swivel up the line to keep it from twisting?
Dave Landahl - Rick, what is your number one confidence technique and where do you like to use it?
Rick Olson - I always use a ball bearing swivel, up the line a ways.
TYEEE - Thanks.
Rick Olson - I really don't have a confidence technique whatever it takes is fine with me.
krs1 - Rick, what hardware do you use to attach crank baits to your line?
iamwalleye1 - What pound test do you use for your spinners Rick?
Dave Landahl - Do you feel you need to be a master at almost every technique to perform at the top level of pro walleye fishing?
TYEEE - I prefer a 2 hook setup here in Wisconsin that way after the sheepshead get the back half I still have some left! Do you find this a problem with a single hook and going through a lot of crawlers?
Rick Olson - I really enjoy all the different presentations that's what makes walleye fishing so challenging!
Chatman - I have to say Rick, you are one of the few I have spoken to that says they have no real confidence presentation.
Capable Partner - Tell us the best tip or lesson you have learned from one of your co-anglers during a tournament.
Rick Olson - I really feel confidant with all techniques, except hand lining.
Dave Landahl - What technique did you use last year when you finished third at the Winnebago RCL? And where were you fishing?
TYEEE - Are you going to give hand lining a try anytime soon? It is awesome!
RCL contender - My spouse says his best tip from his co-angler is how to read his GPS...LOL!!
Rick Olson - I once had a co-angler that was not catching fish and I was doing well, pretty soon he started to kick my butt and his fish were bigger but he was embarrassed to tell me what he was doing.
Rick Olson - I finally talked him into telling me and he was putting Preparation H on his leach!!
iamwalleye1 - Right!
TYEEE - Did you use the crawler harnesses on Lake Winnebago last year right from the start or pick up on it on day 2 like everyone else?
Chatman - Were the walleyes eating the leech? Or sitting on it?? LOL!!
Rick Olson - Last year on Winnebago I was corkin on reefs!
TYEEE - Really Rick? That got you in the top 5?
LundNut - I don't think I've seen an answer to an earlier question. What do you prefer to use when attaching a crank bait to the line when trolling?
Rick Olson - I finished third, thought I could win but I could not get on my spot on the final day!!
Chatman - Lot's of tourney wins and high place finishes come from slip bobber fishing on Winnebago!
Dave Landahl - Rick, do you have any partners you work with on the tournament trail?
Rick Olson - I attach my cranks with a plain snap, like a cross lock.
TYEEE - Oh that spot? The West shore? North of Oshkosh? Hahahaha!
wa_walleye - You could not get on your spot??
Driftr - Rick, do you use lead core often?
Rick Olson - I work with Parsons and Kavajecz on the PWT.
Dave Landahl - Rick, what format do you prefer, RCL or PWT? Or do you enjoy both?
Rick Olson - I use lead core a lot. I call it magic line, it's amazing how well it catches fish!
Driftr - I use it often myself!
TYEEE - They both seem to know Winnebago pretty well. So you will be here again this year!
Driftr - Rick, do you run it straight or do you segment your lead core?
Rick Olson - I like both formats, even the cuts. But I wish you could keep your weight for all days!
iamwalleye1 - Rick, can you give us an example? In June, if the fish are on the bottom at Lake Pepin, what would you do?
Rick Olson - We will not be on Lake Winnebago this year.
Rick Olson - On Lake Pepin I love to lead core with small cranks, usually shad raps.
iamwalleye1 - The jointed Shad Raps?
Capable Partner - Huge smallies are the bonus for lead liners on Pepin!
Chatman - I have caught some monster northern pike as well, with small cranks, lead lining on Lake Pepin! 
iamwalleye1 - How many colors of lead would you use Rick?
Rick Olson - I'll tell you what, the new jointed shad raps are a great bait. They have been my go to bait the past two years!
iamwalleye1 - Rick, #4's or #5's?
TYEEE - Rick, are you gonna rip the new rip shads this year?
Rick Olson - I always carry a couple of rods with 10 colors of lead on them, but at times I will segment.
TYEEE - Rick, what color jointed Shad Raps do you prefer?
iamwalleye1 - Rick, can you explain?
Rick Olson - I'm sure I will try the new rip shads and give Stecher some more of my money! LOL!!
TYEEE - I know he's got enough of mine!
Rick Olson - I use both the 4 and 5 jointed Shad raps. As far as colors, I would hate to pick just one, I carry them all!!
Driftr - Rick, I want to try my Off Shore boards this with lead core. Have you ever used small boards like this?
TYEEE - But Rick, what color works best?
Rick Olson - I use the off shore boards and they work great with lead core, especially segmented lead.
iamwalleye1 - Segmented as in, mono, lead, mono?
Driftr - What snaps do you have rigged to use the lead core on Offshore boards Rick?
Chairman - Our new Snapper makes lead core on boards work well!
Rick Olson - I use the snapper release on the front clip.
Driftr - Chairman, that is the OR-18, right?
Chairman - Yes, that is the part #.
TYEEE - Yes, I will be trying them this year!
iamwalleye1 - Does it weaken the lead?
Rick Olson - I run a short piece of mono behind my lead core, usually around 10 feet.
TYEEE - Don' know, I wasn't privy to them last year. but I think they will be great for detecting 15-20" fish!
Rick Olson - You guys are letting my fingers cool off.
iamwalleye1 - Both of them?
TYEEE - Rick, do you intend to get into hand lining?
Johnnierat - Rick, what type of rod holders do you use? I'm looking to add some to my boat.
Chatman - From one two fingered typist to another, you get used to it Rick!!
Chatman - LOL!!!
Rick Olson - Yes, I have rodlined a little but I need to work on it.
Rick Olson - I use Scotty rod holders.
TYEEE - I hear the RCL has been moved from Detroit to IL. Does this screw up your game plan?
Rick Olson - I have never been to Spring Valley but I do know it has some great sauger fishing.
Capable Partner - You do extensive trailering. Do you find you get "truck lag" when you arrive to pre-fish after a long haul? 
TYEEE - If this is the case then you will be looking for help I take it?
Chairman - Me too TYEEE, never been there.
Rick Olson - I put around 40,000 miles a year on my tow vehicle.
Rick Olson - Help where Tyee?
iamwalleye1 - Spring Valley?
TYEEE - It is an awesome body of water but my experience is limited there, I have a cousin that lives there and didn't make it last year, he does excellent though!
Rick Olson - I can always use some help.
TYEEE - At Spring Valley.
iamwalleye1 - Lead core with cranks!
TYEEE - He is a live bait guy, and has his holes but we have been successful with cranks
Chatman - Truck Lag! I love that phrase Capable Partner!!
Chatman - Sonny Reynolds of the RCL calls it windshields and asphalt!!
Chatman - Wow the hour is going away fast!! Has Rick missed any questions Ask now if so.
Audrey - Illinois River is new to us...Is it going to be a tough bite?
TYEEE - Rick, how bout a few words for your sponsors, who are they and what do you like about them the most?
Capable Partner - A serious question though about travel fatigue. It can be difficult to get focused when you need to relax!
Rick Olson - John, did you give people fair warning you were driving through Kansas?
Chairman - Hard to get truck lag if you're never in one place very long eh Rick?
Rick Olson - Truck lag, boat lag, it's all the same.
JIM C - What about Truck LOG?
Capable Partner - We've not met.
Rick Olson - I feel very fortunate to be sponsored by some of the best companies in the business.
TYEEE - Thanks Rick and good luck this year. If you make it to Wisconsin look me up, we can trade war stories!
Audrey - Is it going to be a tough bite at Spring Valley???? Anyone???
iamwalleye1 - You are a class act Rick.
Chatman - Let's wrap this up then.
Rick Olson - I expect the bite to be good at Spring Valley but who knows for sure
Audrey - Thanks
iamwalleye1 - Thanks Rick bye!
Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Rick Olson!!!!
Driftr - Thanks Rick !!!!!!!
wa_walleye - Clap, clap.
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap.
RoyGPA - Thank you Rick.
walleyeken - Clap, clap.
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!
JIM C - Clap, clap.
Swede - Clap, clap.
walleyeken - Good luck this year!
RoyGPA - See you at Port Clinton....
Dan(oh) - Thank you!
Rick Olson - Thanks guys , we'll do this again sometime!
Audrey - See you at Spring Valley, thanks!
Chairman - See ya at Spring Valley Rick.
Chatman - Anytime Rick, and good luck this season!!