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On Ice Tour Chat 12/27/00

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guests, Tommy Skarlis and Chip Leer!!!

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap clap..welcome Tommy and Chip!!!!!

EyeBoy-  Welcome!!!

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Howdy boys!

eyefish(mi)-  Welcome Tommy and Chip

#1 Saugeye-  Welcome, Tommy and Chip

fishtrap3-  hey Tommy and Chip

Driftr-  Welcome Ice Pros !!!

chatman-  Tell us a little about your Ice Fishing Venture Guys..........

phil wilson-  Howdy boyz!

Chip Leer-  Thanks, we are very excited to be here. although we would rather be ON ICE

Tommy Skarlis-  to make a long story short, we started on ice tour to generate enthusiasm for the sport of ice fishing and it is snowballing (pardon the pun) and we're enjoying every minute

Chip Leer-  On Ice tour is pretty simple. We love to Ice Fish and want everyone to enjoy it as much as us. Its just that the sport has changed so much lately it has become so easy no matter what elements we have to deal with to be so much fun.

chatman-  How does a basic appearance go then? Like a seminar on ice?

Driftr-  where are the tourneys held?

Juls-  Do you guys use the Finicky Fish Factory on your tours? It's a pretty interesting contraption. We have one of the pro staff for the factory at our store every weekend...it looks pretty neat

erieangler-  evening all

Tommy Skarlis-  most seminars are held at sport shows and fishing clubs, but when we are at the contests, we talk ice fishing with anyone that wants to

fishtrap3-  Hey Chip..may I ask what state you are in?

Chip Leer-  We are in Northern MN, Walker MN

eyeguy/mn-  the seminar is great! good job guys , even if ya drop all your slides on occasion!

Juls-  lol

eyeguy/mn-  I enjoyed it

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Chip & Tom can you share with us some of your search methods for midwinter walleye on deep basin's?

Juls-  hey guys...did you catch the question on the Finicky Fish Factory?

fishtrap3-  How would you guys go about locating eyes in a fish bowl type lake with little to no structure

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Set a way point Chip so you can find your way back.

Tommy Skarlis-  Juls, the finicky fish factory has become an awesome tool for us. we were a little skeptical at first, because of it's intricacy, but one trip to thunder bay, Ont., and when it (6 finickys) out fished 18 rods and reels on lakers, we were hot!

Juls-  I was asking if you use the Finicky Fish Factory on your Tours????

Juls-  the reason I ask is because you were promoting it at last year walleye expo here

Tommy Skarlis-  we always use the finickys on tour

Juls-  cool....I think they look pretty useful...do they out fish the regular tip ups? what are your findings?

fishtrap3-  what do the finickys cost?

Juls-  they have a lot of nice features that you don't find on regular tip ups that's for sure

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Do you prefer the plainer board release's on the Finicky's ?

Juls-  close to a hundred fishtrap3

fishtrap3-  wow

Juls-  but they will last a lifetime

Juls-  Tommy and Chip can tell ya all the features that make them worth the money.....- -)

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Very well built unit's, I have been doing very well with mine.

fishtrap3-  where would one look at the finickys

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  www.fish-factory.com

fishtrap3-  thanks

Juls-  I guess the best place would be the expo's fishtrap..we have them right now at our bait shop but I don't know how many places carry them

Juls-  oh there ya go..didn't know they had a web site..cool

tommy skarlis-  Juls, to answer your question, the finicky has a jigging motor that jigs in 3 stages.1 fixed . 2. full time. and 3. seconds and stops for thirty seconds 30

tommy skarlis-  the finicky also has a lamp and fuel cell that keep your hole from freezing

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  I have been using mine for catfish and muskie and added a off shore board release to allow for larger bait's, do you find this helpful Chip & Tom?

tommy skarlis-  we have found that the finicky will outperform a standard tip up at least 3 to 1

Juls-  I can believe that...- -)

tommy skarlis-  an off shore release works great with the bigger stuff

eyefish(mi)-  I'll have to get me one of those now

Juls-  do you use yours rigged with the sensor/pager system too Tommy? I would have to imagine you would with all the distractions you must have out there helping folks...

fishtrap3-  any tips Chip & Tom on locating eyes on a fish bowl lake with little to no structure

tommy skarlis-  we just got the pager systems and have used them in a limited amount, but so far they are pretty cool, they beep like the airplanes pager when the pilot turns off the fasten your seat belts

Juls-  hehehe...

tommy skarlis-  drill tons of holes and search with electronics, even a lake that looks featureless has some type of subtle structure

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Do you ever use side scanners on a pole set to search for fish?

Juls-  what are some of the best lakes you guys have fished on ice?

tommy skarlis-  don't just mark holes though, fish them for a minute or two to see if you can draw any fish in

Chip Leer-  I, love it! It is my best fishing partner and doesn't talk back as much It as Tommy

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  lol

tommy skarlis-  they are all good

Juls-  what do you do to draw fish in? anything special? do you use a rattlin' spoon or what?

Juls-  lol Chip

Chip Leer-  Not hip to the lingo

Juls-  lol means laugh out loud...- -)

Chip Leer-  Thank you,,,I'm older than tommy

Juls-  lol

tommy skarlis-  to draw fish in I usually use a search type lure like a flyer or a jigging rap, or in dirty water I use a rattl'r spoon

Juls-  I see

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Have you tested the new SALMO CHUBBY DARTER yet, and if so what do you think of it?

Juls-  buddy at the bait shop was looking for a flyer...we have to get some of those in there...

tommy skarlis-  if the fish come to the lure but don't hit it because of it's 

aggressiveness, I'll change to a more subtle lure

Chip Leer-  Have tried with limited experience yet..too early to tell. Cool lure!

Juls-  do you usually go for eyes when your out there or are ya fishing pan fish too?

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Great, high off the bottom, call's in walleye like crazy!

Juls-  or anything that will hit...I'm sure..- -)

tommy skarlis-  whatever is biting, but we do love our eyes

Juls-  - -)

Chip Leer-  Thanks for the tip. Anything that calls fish from a distance in a must for ice fishing

Juls-  if your fishing a really stained or dirty water lake what is your first approach?

EYESRFN-  do you use a aggressive up and down movement of more subtle?

eyeguy/mn-  been doing good with those angel eye spoons , big profile with a super slow fall

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  On the Chubby we were able to pull 10 walleye up 11 feet of bottom in 23 ft. at Waubey and held them to bite one after another, cool lure!

Chip Leer-  Dirty water usually means shallower and daytime bite. Prefer these lakes especially early season.

Juls-  thanks

Chip Leer-  Backwater, you talk about calling fish up, most anglers fish too close to the bottom. Ice fishing you must attract fish and make them come to you. Fish Higher to let them see you works for all species

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Yup, piggy come for dinner!

Chip Leer-  You got it

Juls-  good advice Chip..I'm one of the guilty ones fishing too close to the bottom...lol

Chip Leer-  In fact even in shallow water for eyes here on Leech we can get eyes to hit 1-2 ft under the ice in 6' of water

chatman-  sometimes, that is the way to fish though.....

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  I spoke with Salmo last week, they plan a size bigger and smaller for next season.

Juls-  maybe that is why ice fishing has never kept my enthusiasm...- -)

tommy skarlis-  eyesrfn, usually a more subtle presentation at first, aggressive up and down or vertical movements will spook fish most times,

Driftr-  Chip, in 20' , where would you start?

Buckets(Pa)-  pretty hard to troll on the ice!

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Have auger, will troll

tommy skarlis-  if I have a fish that has been gawking at my lure for a while, I'll rip it to either make it bite, or scare it out of the county

Juls-  lol

Chip Leer-  For eyes most often start 10 ft. off the bottom and slowly lower it eventually calling home approx. 5-7 ft. off the bottom. can depend on water clarity too

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  good point

Juls-  what electronics do you guys use on the ice? Vexilar's?

Chip Leer-  We use Zercom ON ICE

Juls-  but you find flashers to out perform LCD's yes?

tommy skarlis-  we also search depths with Strikemaster's Polar Vision

fishtrap3-  what Zercom? The classic?

Juls-  do you use underwater camera also?

Juls-  what is that Tommy?

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Zercom has improved in the past few years with the new military grade readouts

tommy skarlis-  Chip uses the Colorpoint and I use the lcf-40

Chip Leer-  Not even a question Flashers are "Real Time" and only show you what you need to see.

chatman-  Tommy or Chip, can you tell us who the sponsors of the On Ice Tour are?

Juls-  what is the difference in those two tommy?

Chip Leer-  Coleman Outdoor Products, Zercom Marine, Berkley, Abu Garcia, PowerBaits, StrikeMaster Ice Augers, Fish Trap shelters, Northland Tackle, Lindy 

colin-  do you need water on the ice to use the polar vision

Chip Leer-  Finicky's fish Factory, Ready Rig, Aqua Vu are all sponsors of the tour. Check out www.onicetour.com

Juls-  what is the polar vision?

Juls-  will do Chip thanks for the addy

eyefish(mi)-  My wife saw On Ice Tour and thought it was Ice skating.........I told her it had to do with fishing and she smacked me and left the room ...Imagine that

colin-  polar vision looks like a flashlight that shows depth

Chip Leer-  It helps to have some liquid on the ice yet on clear ice the 

PolarVision will work without it

Chip Leer-  If skating gets you to your fishing spot faster, I'm for it

Juls-  thanks colin...- -)

mnjimcarp-  chip, is the Mercury Classic confirmed?

jeremy-  anyone fished pigeon lake in Alberta, Canada

Chip Leer-  Yes the Mercury Walleye Classic is confirmed, call the chamber at 800.833.1118

mnjimcarp-  thanks

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Chip & Tom you headed up to the Pout Festival?

chatman-  Can you take a moment to explain what the Mercury Classic is, for those who do not know?

fishtrap3-  Chip do you guys make it down to fish the metro lakes

T-Mac-  lolol eh?

Chip Leer-  We live the "Pout Fest" No self respecting ice angler would miss it

Juls-  - -)

tommy skarlis-  Juls, the Polarvision looks like a flashlight, but it has a thousand watts of power and reads through harsh ice

jeremy-  anyone drilled holes in Canada for walleyes?

tommy skarlis-  not yet this year

Juls-  what is it looking for???? does it read fish?

Juls-  I have never seen this product

Chip Leer-  The Mercury Walleye Classic is a nonprofit team walleye event here on Leech Lake, Over 60,000.00 Cash and Prizes and raise money for Charity as well. Largest in the State. 200 team event.

Juls-  or just depth?

eyeguy/mn-  can see them things being a real time saver

tommy skarlis-  it can read fish, but it works great for reading depth

tommy skarlis-  it has a digital readout

Juls-  ok..gotcha now..thanks

tommy skarlis-  Juls, you are fast

mnjimcarp-  Merc. Classic is the best team tourney in Minnesota

tommy skarlis-  Juls, you asked about cameras, we use the aqua view

Juls-  Ok..I noticed that in the sponsor answer...thanks..- -)

Chip Leer-  Aqua Vu Tommy

Juls-  lol Chip..picky picky...- -)

tommy skarlis-  sorry Chip (he's so critical)

EYESRFN-  does the aqua view scare the fish?

Juls-  heheh

tommy skarlis-  once you get it down there, and don't move it vertically, it usually does not scare fish, sometimes they swim up to take a look

Juls-  I would not think so Eyesrfn...have seen them come right up to it

EYESRFN-  cool

tommy skarlis-  we have even had big eye's, pike and muskie try to eat it

Juls-  lol

Juls-  yummm..- -)

EYESRFN-  put a hook on it lol

Juls-  - -)

T.R.-  Looking to buy a new power Auger. Any Recommendation's?

Chip Leer-  I use the Aqua Vu Jr. and had a Blue gill try to eat it

eyefish(mi)-  Tommy I have heard they are having a lot of trouble with the cables on the aqua vu

colin-  Juls if you look at strikemaster.com they have a pic and info on the polar vision

Juls-  STrikemaster TR...best one out there so I have heard...- -)

tommy skarlis-  it is truly amazing what an underwater camera can teach you about your prey and their environment

Juls-  OK thanks colin

EYESRFN-  yeah a jiffy 9" 3 horsepower haven't been beat yet

eyeguy/mn-  ditto, eyesrfn

T.R.-  What about Strike Master And Eskimo brands

Chip Leer-  We use StrikeMaster Lazers both hand and Power.

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  JIFFY!!

Juls-  We sell a ton of Strike Master at our bait shop...we sell jiffy too but the Strike Master outsells them 3 to 1

tommy skarlis-  Ford Chevy, Chevy Ford......competition is awesome

Chip Leer-  StrikeMaster won the power drilling contest at Bass Pro in Gurnee IL this past couple weeks

Chip Leer-  Good place to catch big fish

T.R.-  O.K thanks for the info 

tommy skarlis-  great investment ...ehh111

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Chip & Tom you spend any time cat fishing through the ice?

tommy skarlis-  I have caught them in farm ponds in Iowa,

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  I know of a area to pull a few 30-60 lb. flatheads, WEEEEEEE!!!!

Chip Leer-  River Backwaters seem to hold the best cats some near you?

ryan-  I fish the Irrigon area in Oregon and I see many pics of the Red River is there a good time to go up there

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Some maybe?

EYESRFN-  We catch those cats on ft peck in the winter fishing for eyes

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  lol

chatman-  Jeez! BE, I cant imagine trying to get a 60 through a hole in the ice!!!

Chip Leer-  Now is a good time

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  It takes 4 10 " holes overlapped to do it!

ryan-  chip-now for red river?

chatman-  And one tired out cat!!!

tommy skarlis-  I know that some anglers have went after cats on purpose and we are working on trying it, so little time, so many fish

Chip Leer-  This is what I love about ice fishing so many places, species and its about having fun!

Juls-  Hey Tommy, before we end this chat I want to know what circuit your fishing next year? PWT again? you going to fish any of the RCL's???? my partner Scott is the guy buying your boat...- -)

tommy skarlis-  Scott's the best, and I will fish PWT, trying to find time for the RCL, but chip and I are also busy with the MN pro am bass tour job

Juls-  I hear ya...good luck to both of you next year..best wishes!!

eyefish(mi)-  Tommy you fishing all 6

mnjimcarp-  chip and tommy-  thank you and good night

tommy skarlis-  do we have to go or can we talk ice fishing all night

Juls-  you can stay as long as you like buddy!!!

chatman-  You can stay all night, but the archived chat ends in 3 min...

tommy skarlis-  how long are we going to stay chip

Juls-  its still early in chat time...usually dies around 9pm central time

Chip Leer-  If you haven't checked out ice fishing lately please do. It's a very pro active sport that's fun for everyone, including your whole family. learn more at www.onicetour.com Thanks for your time

slip-bobber(MT)-  Good luck this summer Tommy.

EYESRFN-  how many days a week do you guys fish?

chatman-  Any questions for our guests before we wrap up?

tommy skarlis-  chip has to go, but I'll stick around for a while

Juls-  Chip do you fish tours also besides the ice tour? any circuits for you?

eyeguy/mn-  the equipment is getting a lot better also, big innovations in the past 5 years

Juls-  O.K., See ya Chip and thanks much for your time

Juls-  have a safe holiday!!

Chip Leer-  Sorry tommy, my fish house is waiting and the pout are biting!

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  What's your plan of attack for Muskie on ice guy's?

EYESRFN-  thanks for the talk

Juls-  lol

eyefish(mi)-  Thanks Chip and Tommy

EYESRFN-  cool

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Thank's Guy's!

eyeguy/mn-  clap clap clap

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Woo-Wooo-Wooo-

tommy skarlis-  we do fish muskies on ice

chatman-  Ladies and Gents, a warm round of applause for our guests tonight, Tommy Skarlis and Chip Leer of the On Ice Tour!!!! 

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap clap clap...great job guys...good chat tonight!

EYESRFN-  good luck fishing

EYESRFN-  clap clap clap

eyefish(mi)-  Clap clap clap great job

Driftr-  Thanks Tommy & Chip

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