Bob Kidd Chat 11/28/01  

Driftr - Ladies & Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Bob Kidd !!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Welcome Robert!
snagged again - Whistle!
perchjerker - Applause!
Driftr - Bob, why don't you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?
Swat1 - Welcome to the Walleye Central chat, Mr. Kidd!
Robert Kidd - I have been fishing my whole life.
Robert Kidd - I just recently retired from my job with Dupont, after 24 years.
Robert Kidd - I have been professionally fishing for 22 years.
Robert Kidd - The last 7 years, I was the director for Team Walleye, Illinois Division.
Robert Kidd - You all know what happened to that circuit.
Robert Kidd - So this year, we started up the Illinois Walleye Trail!
Driftr - Robert, what circuits have you fished?
Robert Kidd - We feel that there is still a need for the smaller, 1 day Tournaments. Especially for the fisherman who don't want to travel and have limited funds.
Swat1 - Any relation to the Kidd's that ran the USFA out of Texas?
Robert Kidd - Our first tournament was in November we had 58 teams!
perchjerker - Robert, you are right there!
Robert Kidd - No I am not related to the Kidd's that ran the USFA out of Texas.
snagged again - Mr. Kidd, what has been the highlight of this year for you?
Robert Kidd - We also put together the 1st Annual Governors Cup for Illinois in October.
Robert Kidd - The highlight of the year, for me, is with the Governors Cup. The highlight was being able to package the Governors Cup tournament. That took almost 1 full year of planning!
fisherman - Robert, on what water are you going to hold your tournaments?
Robert Kidd - Most of our tournaments will on the Illinois River, and the Mississippi River. Our 2-day state tourney is on Lake Shelbyville.
Driftr - How many tournaments will there be?
Robert Kidd - 5, 1-day tournaments and 1, 2-day state championship.
perchjerker - Are there any walleye tactics you are best with?
Robert Kidd - My strong point is the old true jig and minnow.
perchjerker - Spoken like a true river rat!
Swat1 - What is the entry fee for your circuit? Also, what percentage is the pay back?
Robert Kidd - The entry fee is $130.00 per team, with 80% paid back to 15% of the field. There is a $10.00 big fish pot option per team.
Driftr - Robert, will the 1-day tournaments be held on Saturdays?
plly - Robert, how about the Chain of Lakes in northern Illinois?
Robert Kidd - No, Driftr, our 1 day tournaments are on Sundays.
Robert Kidd - The only Saturday we fish is the 2-day State Championship.
Robert Kidd - As of now, I have nothing planned for the Chain of Lakes.
Robert Kidd - I might also mention that Ranger Boats, will use the circuit as an RCL qualifier!
Driftr - How many events must you fish to qualify for the 2 day Championship?
Robert Kidd - Also, Cabelas will recognize our circuit for the Cabelas National Championship.
Swat1 - Is Ranger a corporate sponsor?
plly - A lot of guys up here are interested in seeing you come to the chain.
Robert Kidd - You do not have to fish any event to qualify for the Championship.
Robert Kidd - Yes, Ranger is a corporate sponsor.
Swat1 - And who are your corporate sponsors other than Ranger?
Robert Kidd - We are in partnership with Cabelas.
Robert Kidd - We have also just picked up Earhardt fishin sticks.
Swat1 - Sounds like some pretty solid backing. Congratulations!
Robert Kidd - Thank you Swat.
perchjerker - Yes, I wish I lived closer, to get in on it.
Robert Kidd - Earlier, someone asked which circuits I have fished..
Driftr - Yes.
Robert Kidd - I fished the MWC for 10 years, and 2 championships.
Swat1 - Your new circuit sounds like a quality circuit with an experienced hand at the helm.
Robert Kidd - Thanks, we try very hard.
Robert Kidd - We try to do as much with the tournaments as we can, with our fishermen giving us feedback.
Swat1 - My view must be shared by a few others seeing you had 58 boats at your inaugural event!
Robert Kidd - Good or bad, we tell them at every tournament, to tell us what they like and don't like. Then we work on what needs to be fixed.
Swat1 - That is an impressive turnout!
snagged again - Can a rookie get in a tournament? Just being a regular guy with regular boat?
Robert Kidd - As long as your boat meets tournament criteria, there are no problems.
Driftr - What was your biggest field to date?
Swat1 - What is your boat criteria Bob?
Driftr - What is the criteria for a boat and a team?
Robert Kidd - With the Illinois Walleye Trail, our season opener was in November.
Robert Kidd - With the old circuit, our largest tournament was 85 teams.
Robert Kidd - Basically you must meet all coast guard regulations, with aerated live wells.
Juls - Bob, did you already say where your events would be next year? If so, could you list them again?
Driftr - There is no minimum or maximum size boat and motor.
Robert Kidd - December 2, 2001, Spring Valley
Robert Kidd - March 17, 2002 Spring Valley
Robert Kidd - April 7, 2002 Mississippi River, Albany Illinois
Robert Kidd - May 5, 2002 Mississippi River, East Dubuque Illinois
Robert Kidd - June 8-9 2002 Lake Shelbyville
Colin - March 17th? That should be a national holiday!!
Robert Kidd - March 17 should be a good bite, if the river cooperates!
Swat1 - How many 1-day events does it take to qualify to fish the championship Bob?
snagged again - Is there a web site with tourney info?
Robert Kidd - Anyone can fish the championship.
Robert Kidd - But, to qualify for the Cabelas Championship, you have to fish 4, 1-day tournaments. And the 2-day Championship.
Robert Kidd - We are currently working on the web page, my computer wiz has not got it up yet.
Robert Kidd - The March 17th tournament is the weekend before the MWC tournament at Spring Valley.
Driftr - Where is the RCL connection with the Illinois River Circuit?
Colin - I think the schedule is on the update page of Walleye Central.
Robert Kidd - As of now, all the details have not been worked out. However, Ranger is going to allot a certain amount of positions for the Championship.
Robert Kidd - The sauger bite is hot on the Illinois River right now!
Juls - Wasn't there a tourney on the Illinois River, this past weekend? Or am I mistaken?
Driftr - It is a nice warm year so far, for late season fishing.
Colin - Bob did they get snow down in Spring Valley?
Robert Kidd - Have I missed any questions so far?
Driftr - How was the bite for the opening tournament?
Swat1 - I assume you run a Ranger Bob. But which one?
Robert Kidd - There is no snow yet, but it is raining outside as we chat. They are calling for sleet tonight.
Colin - How many teams for Dec. 2?
Robert Kidd - It was a tough bite, out of the 58 teams, 14# 10 ounces won it.
Robert Kidd - With a 3# 13.5 ounce big fish!
Juls - Where were they getting the good bites Bob?
Colin - Juls they had the SVWC members tourney on Saturday.
Robert Kidd - Swat, I run a Ranger 690.
Juls - Oh, ok. Thanks Colin, that's what I'm thinking of.
Robert Kidd - Right now we have 22 teams for the December 2nd tourney.
Robert Kidd - The weather is supposed to warm up to the mid 40s, we will have between 50 and 60 teams.
Robert Kidd - From the Hennepin power lines, down to Henry Juls.
Juls - Are you fishing that one Colin? The December 2nd tourney?
Juls - Thanks Bob, I thought so. ;-)
Colin - I would like to Juls, but I just got the boat back and I need to get it broke in again.
Juls - Oh, I see.
Robert Kidd - Colin, it will break in on the Illinois River, and what if you get to break it in and cash a check?
Juls - Good point! ;-)
Juls - Is that a team tourney Bob?
Colin - Don't tempt me, I have to see what the wife says. I will be going down to Ranger the following week.
Juls - Heheh!
Robert Kidd - Yes Juls.
Driftr - Do you have certain boundaries set on the rivers?
Juls - Hey, if you need a partner Colin....wink, wink! ;-)
Robert Kidd - No boundaries. Anywhere you can float your boat, as long as you make the weigh-in time.
Swat1 - Is Ranger going to kick in a boat for your championship Bob?
Robert Kidd - Swat, only time will tell.
Driftr - Robert, can you tell us about the Governors Cup event?
Swat1 - Yeah, they don't like to just give those things away!! LOL! Good luck with that though.
Robert Kidd - I feel the Governors Cup was a very successful event.
Robert Kidd - The angler participation level was down a little bit. We had it packaged for 120 teams, with $10,000.00 first place!
Swat1 - How many teams entered?
Robert Kidd - Unfortunately, the September 11, events hurt and still hurts!
Robert Kidd - Add to that, the week before the tournament, Mother Nature brought the river up 4 feet.
Robert Kidd - However, anglers were still able to catch fish.
Colin - I think that Governors Cup will take off and be a good tourney in years to come.
Robert Kidd - 1st place paid $4,000.00 cash, and $1,000.00 Ranger Boat certificate.
Bumble Bee - Is there a color of boat that you would like better? And do you feel the color of the boat bottom makes a difference?
Robert Kidd - Colin, I hope so. We formatted it a little different than most tourneys, by having one flight in 1 pool, and the other flight, in another pool.
Robert Kidd - They could not lock through, and had to rotate pools on day 2, so it created a little different strategy.
Colin - I think that was the best idea on the river!
Driftr - Did the flights have to stay in their launch pool?
Swat1 - Interesting Format!
Robert Kidd - Yes, each flight had to inspect, launch, and weigh in, in their pool for the day.
Swat1 - Is hand lining allowed in your circuit Bob?
Colin - I think the Ottawa pool could kick out some really nice fish, if Mother Nature agrees!
Driftr - Juls would love that!
Juls - ;-)
Swat1 - There ya go Juls...:-)
Robert Kidd - You're right Colin. There are more walleye, in the Ottowa pool, than saugers.
Swat1 - Why do you think that Bob? Is the habitat different there? I'm not at all familiar with that area.
Robert Kidd - Yes, different habitat. The Ottowa pool has more rocky structure, plus the Fox River empties into that pool, in downtown Ottawa.
Robert Kidd - And, just upstream of the Marseilles Dam, the Kankakee River merges with the Illinois River.
Driftr - What are the qualifications to enter the Governors Cup?
Robert Kidd - The Governors cup requires $250.00, a team. And a boat.
Swat1 - That is interesting Thanks
Bumble Bee - Thanks.
Colin - Over the years, due to the combined effort of the IDOC and SVWC, many native saugers have been stocked in the Peoria Pool.
Swat1 - Do I read that as $500.00 for a team of 2 then?
Swat1 - Ok thanks for clarifying that
Robert Kidd - And there is the optional $10.00 big fish pot, each day, per team.
Colin - What is the fee this weekend?
Driftr - Yes, you always want to enter that too! :)
Swat1 - Do the fish migrate from pool to pool much?
Juls - LOL! Driftr!
Robert Kidd - This weekend's entry is $130.00, before Sunday morning. If you pay Sunday, at the ramp, it's $145.00
Driftr - Well, how about it Juls? :)
Robert Kidd - Yes, they do migrate.
Colin - Only if the stocked fish get up in the lock.
Juls - What's that Driftr? Do you want to fish it with me? ;-)
Robert Kidd - Fish will move, especially during flood conditions.
Colin - Have ya got $65.00 Juls?
Driftr - I meant the big fish entry. Although that would be nice if it were closer.
Juls - LOL! Yeah!
Swat1 - Do they have a way around the locks all the time? Or only during floods?
Robert Kidd - Typically during floods, they have the locks open, and fish can migrate thru there.
Swat1 - Ok I think I understand now. LOL!
Driftr - During high water, the river is open & flowing free?
Robert Kidd - Yes.
Swat1 - Where do you see the future of Walleye Tournaments going Bob?
Driftr - Robert, where do you see the Illinois Walleye Circuit heading?
Robert Kidd - What does everyone think about the new MWC format?
Driftr - :)
Robert Kidd - I hope we can continue to grow and build the circuit up, to a 100 team format. That would pay out $4200.00 to first place, not bad for a 1 day tournament!
Robert Kidd - I think there is still a need for the small 1-day tournaments, low entry fees, for people to learn new techniques.
Juls - I agree Bob!
Robert Kidd - Fish on a competitive level, and their is still the need for the larger tournaments like the MWC, RCL and PWT.
Robert Kidd - We have always said that ours are working mans tournaments.
Juls - I don't think the MWC will fill it's tourneys. I wish them the best of luck though. I would hate to see a good circuit go under!
L. ECKLOR - Is the MWC still only having 4 tourneys next year?
Swat1 - You have a great format Bob, and it's very much needed.
Driftr - Are there any questions that Robert has missed?
Robert Kidd - I think there are a lot of local people that will not be entering in 2002.
Robert Kidd - Juls, from what I hear, the Spring Valley tournament has always been a tough one to get in. Because of the amount of people that want to fish it.
Robert Kidd - Saturday evening we will be at the boat club, at around 3:00 pm.
Robert Kidd - It looks like we are about winding down.
Driftr - Ladies & Gentlemen, A Walleye Central round of applause for Robert Kidd
Robert Kidd - I would like to thank you all, for allowing me the opportunity to be on the chat room with you!
Swat1 - Thanks for a very informative Chat Bob. I wish you all the best in the coming year.
Robert Kidd - If you need more information on the Illinois Walleye Trail, e mail 
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Robert Kidd - You are welcome Swat, and thank you!
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Driftr - Thank you for a nice chat Robert!
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