Johnnie Candle Chat 10/24/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Johnnie Candle!!!
Jenn - Welcome Johnnie!
Driftr - Welcome Johnnie Candle !!!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Johnnie - Hey everyone, what is the topic of discussion tonight?
Chatman - Whatever you want Johnnie.
Juls - Hi ya Johnnie...;-)
Dale /Ginny - Hi Johnnie!
Jenn - How long have you fished the PWT Johnnie?
Chatman - Can we have a little info about you?
Johnnie - I've spent 9 years in the PWT Jenny.
Driftr - Yes, tell us a bit about yourself Johnnie.
Jenn - Did you fish as a PWT amateur before that?
Johnnie - I currently reside in Devils Lake, North Dakota. I have been fishing professionally for 9 seasons.
Johnnie - No, I never fished as an amateur in any pro circuits. I wish I would have. The new guys are much better because of their experiences as an amateur.
Chatman - It is also amazing how much better the casual angler is getting. And how many young kids know so much!!
Driftr - I need causal lessons!! LOL!
Jenn - When is the most productive time of year to hit Devils Lake?
Johnnie - Jenny, My personal favorite time to hit Devils is from Ice out till mid June. Then, the fish are extremely shallow, in 1 to 4 feet of water. I like casting crank baits to them, and they hit these cranks as hard as any fish that swims!
Jenn - That sounds like fun!
Chatman - Johnnie, is there any size to them?
Johnnie - That's right Chatman. I do several kids clinics each year and I have had to adjust my presentation many times because the knowledge they posses is greater than I expected.
Jenn - How do you run your kids clinics?
Johnnie - The average size walleye in Devils lake, then, is about three pounds But at ice out I have seen twelve's come out of flooded stubble fields.
Johnnie - Back to kids clinics, most of the time I start with something they can relate to. I will begin with the kids telling me how many types of fish swim in their home lake.
Dale /Ginny - Hey Johnnie, are you looking forward to fishing Winnebago next year?
Johnnie - Next I will have them tell me what those fish eat. After that I work on the relationship of game fish, bait fish, cover, and structure. This usually takes enough time.
Chatman - I love hearing some of their ideas as to why things are as they are....
Johnnie - I can't wait to fish Winnebago! I have never been there, but I have several good contacts there. :)
Chatman - The whole Winnebago chain is an interesting place to fish Johnnie.
Johnnie - It is really cool to see these kids light up when a group of them can name thirty different species of fish.
Jenn - Ya, that sounds cool.
Dale /Ginny - Fishing was great this year, with some nice sized fish caught.
Chatman - I also love how they have no pre-set ideas on what a "Good" fish is. Carp to walleye, they love 'em all!
Johnnie - I try not to spend too much time on techniques, especially with larger groups. That should be done more one on one.
Dale /Ginny - What's the perch outlook for this winter on Devils Lake?
Chatman - What Tournaments do you normally fish in a year Johnnie?
Chatman - Or should I say, How many?
Johnnie - Devils Lake should be hot this winter, but for us this would be about 10 above. HA HA!
Jenn - LOL!
T-Mac - LOL!
Chatman - And a 40 mph Dakota "breeze"?
Johnnie - The Perch fishing will be good, but the walleye and pike go way over looked.
Chatman - Really? Around here, all we hear about is the walleye and sauger fishing.
Dale /Ginny - We'll have to talk.
Jenn - Well Dale and Ginny, we may have to do a winter ice fishing trip! LOL!
Johnnie - I fish the entire PWT circuit and then throw in one or two others that I will pick and choose as the year goes by. That keeps me on the road enough.
Chatman - What is the most sought after fish in your neighborhood?
Johnnie - The perch are the most sought after in the winter. Second would be the eyes then the pike.
Dan(oh) - I fish Erie, what are you top 2 or 3 presentations? (technique)
Johnnie - The thing about the fishery is that you never know when a two pound perch, ten pound eye, or twenty pond pike is coming.
Chatman - Until it pulls back at least!! LOL!
Jenn - Are the perch that decent there? Pretty consistently?
Chatman - There are some dandies Jenn!
Jenn - Cool, I didn't know that.
jerry - I was able to fish Devils Lake during the RCL. It is an impressive fishery.
Jenn - Ya they're there again this June, I think it is.
Johnnie - Lake Erie is a fun one. Growing up there was great. Number one would be planer boards and crank baits. Personal Favorite is the Thunderstick Jr. Number Two would be spinners and crawlers and number three for out east is to pull dipsies and spoons.
jerry - I caught, back to back, 20 lb plus pike and an 8 lb eye within a ten minute period. Awesome!!
T-Mac - Where did you grow up, Johnnie? Ohio?
Jenn - Given that you have only 4 to 5 days to pre-fish for a PWT tournament and there is a lot of water to cover, how do you plan this time to effectively cover the water and techniques you need to come up with a successful and consistent plan?
Johnnie - Typically an average perch would run about 9 to 10 inches. Several in the pound and a half range. A good day last year was about twenty five in a day, but it can be better. The weather got us last year.
Driftr - Hi Gary!
T-Mac - Welcome "angler of the Year"!
gary gray - Hello everyone.
jerry - Hi Gary.
Jenn - Ya, congrats on that Gary!
Johnnie - Grew up near Youngstown OH.
gary gray - Thank you all!
T-Mac - Ok, thanks Johnnie.
Chatman - Johnnie, can you tell us about your sponsors for a moment?
Dan(oh) - What's your presentation when the fish are picky, on Erie?
Johnnie - Sponsors then pre fishing.
Chatman - Fire away Johnnie!
Johnnie - Tracker Marine is my boat with a Mercury motor. And I have MinnKota on the bow. Pure Fishing and Storm Lures take care of the rest.
Johnnie - It has been my goal not to get to carried away with sponsors. I like to work hard for the ones I have and feel that I could get stretched too thin if I had too many more.
Chatman - Pure fishing is quite a large operation isn't it?
Chatman - What products are under their umbrella?
Johnnie - Of course, I am always looking for a good fit. If a new sponsor looks like a good match I would take it.
Johnnie - Pure Fishing is Berkley, Fenwick, Abu Garcia, Mitchell, Johnson, and Spiderline.
T-Mac - That is a good group for sponsorship!'
Chatman - Everything but the boat and the fish!!
Johnnie - They cover a ton of stuff for the angler. It is almost a one stop shopping trip. Line, Rods, Reels, Powerbait and Terminal Tackle. Everything but hooks.
T-Mac - Great!
Johnnie - Pre fishing was next I believe.
Driftr - What kind of electronics do you use?
Johnnie - The key for me last year was to try to find fish no one else was looking for.
Jenn - So how did you go about doing that Johnnie?
Fisherman - Johnnie how long have you been into tournaments and when did you actively start to seek out sponsors?
Johnnie - This is tough some times. First you have to find some fish, period. Then go to the map and look for the out of the way or not so obvious spots that match where you caught the first few fish.
Jenn - Johnnie, do you team up with other guys?
Johnnie - I have been fishing professionally for nine years and fished the first two with no sponsors.
Johnnie - My teammate is Doug Burns from Estherville IA.
Dale /Ginny - What's the best way to fish Devils Lake in the summer?
Jenn - If you go fish a PWT tourney, on a body of water you have never been on, will you hit it before the closed off period? Or will you just wait and hit it those few days before the tournament?
Gary gray - Hi Emily!
Chatman - Are you a full time pro Johnnie? Or do you have to juggle a job, pro appearances, a long distance partner and a wife or girlfriend like many others?
Johnnie - Doug fished with me as an am in 1995.
Johnnie - Emily is not here, Gary. I will tell her you said hello.
Johnnie - Devils Lake in the summer is a great time to troll open water, jig the trees or pull spinners on deep rocks.
Johnnie - I am a full time pro that juggles all the things you mentioned except the 9 to 5 thing. Trust me a full time pro is just that full time.
Johnnie - Jenny, I only pre fish the five days prior to the events. I try to run a guide service between tournaments.
T-Mac - Do you Guide mostly on Sakakawea?
Johnnie - T-Mac, I guide on Sakakawea, Devils Lake and anywhere in between.
T-Mac - Ok, thanks.
Juls - Do you guide more on Devils Lake during the winter Johnnie ?
Jenn - Ok, so any hot, open water, bite there in fall now with big fish to hit before Devils Lake freezes up?
Juls - Marge said last winter she met you and had a fabulous time up there!
Johnnie - Winter is my biggest guide season. I work with the Perch Patrol on Devils Lake.
Johnnie - Last year I got in 87 guide days on the ice, in my truck!
Juls - Wow! You've even got a cool name, the Perch Patrol! LOL!
Johnnie - The fall bite should be on right now. We just got our first snow today so things will really get going soon.
Jenn - On which body of water? Devils Lake or Sakakawea?
Juls - I heard you got hit hard up there today, was there really 10 inches of snow?
Dale /Ginny - You can keep the snow there!!
Juls - LOL!
Juls - I agree!
Johnnie - It is a great time in the winter. We stay as mobile as we can and try to stay on the best bite on the lake. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it.
T-Mac - We got 10" here.
Jenn - LOL! Ya don't wake up tomorrow then Dale and Ginny!! It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow!
T-Mac - Sideways!!
T-Mac - It's a little windy here ! WOW !!
Dan(oh) - What presentation do you use for Erie when fish are picky?
Juls - Do you use Vexilars mostly when you're on the ice? If so, which ones? The fl-8 or the fl-18?
Chatman - Blowing a bit is it T-Mac?
Driftr - Use dynamite Dan!! :)
Johnnie - I don't know how much snow we had. I am on the road as we speak.
Juls - Where ya at tonight Johnnie?
Johnnie - Lake Erie for finicky fish. My theory is troll faster. The more fish you can go by the better your odds of finding active ones. There are always feeding fish out there, they can be tough to find is all.
Dan(oh) - Thanks!
Johnnie - FL 8s are the stand by, but I can't wait to use my FL18 this winter!
Juls - Which transducer did you go with on the FL18 Johnnie?
Johnnie - The 12 degree transducer Juls.
Driftr - Troll faster? What speed might we be talking about?
Johnnie - Dan and Driftr, about 3 MPH. Try to make them mad by going faster.
Johnnie - Juls, I am hunting birds in South Dakota with the lady friend and her family.
Dan(oh) - Is Devils Lake getting over fished for perch?
Chatman - How late in the year do you stand by the faster speed theory Johnnie?
Johnnie - Dan, I don't believe so. It gets a lot of pressure, but it is a big lake.
Johnnie - Last fall in the Saskatchewan river near Tobin I caught the most fish by trolling 2.75 to 3mph in 34 degree water.!
Golden - Hi buddy, wanted to be sure to say hello to ya!
Johnnie - Thanks, nice to see you!!!
m.n.obucket - Was that speed just pulling cranks John? And just on the Saskatchewan River?
Golden - Don't let me stop progress here..
Johnnie - Yes, cranks. Large Deep T Sticks and Reef Runners worked well. #1 Bait was the Chrome Perch Frenzy Minnow.
Chatman - That speed kind of flies in the face of conventional theory doesn't it Johnnie? But then it is working isn't it?
Driftr - I have found bumping up to 3 mph has caught fish for me too.
Johnnie - I don't think there is such a thing as conventional wisdom anymore. By the looks of some of the things we discuss no compared to ten years ago we would all have to agree.
Chatman - That is true.
Driftr - I do that on Muskies too. In late summer I troll 'em at 6 mph!
Chatman - Just think of the things, trolling till ice up, crawler harnesses well past Thanksgiving, open water suspended walleyes and so on.
Johnnie - Gary Parsons said it to me best this year. He said that I fished to the beat of a different drummer and the fish finally started listening to mine.
Chatman - I know guys that troll that fast for ski's and slimers right now Jim.
Chatman - LOL!
Driftr - It makes them mad!
Johnnie - I never used a crawler in the fall until about three years ago and look how well it works.
Chatman - Ever fouled a crank at 5mph and not figure it out for 5 minutes Jim? LOL!
Johnnie - I don't know if the speed fires them up or it forces them to make a decision.
Chatman - I'd bet more on a snap, reflex decision. A decision such as a fish could make.
Driftr - That is a spinner then Ralph!! :)
Dan(oh) - That makes sense.
Chatman - That's a real mess, no matter what ya call it!
Dan(oh) - Thunder sticks will go 3 mph?
Johnnie - I look at it like people. If I put some food in front of you and let you look at it for a while, you have just as long to decide not to eat it as to eat it. If you are hungry you won't think about it at all.
bob g - Johnnie how often do you tip cranks with crawlers????
Johnnie - If you are neutral, the longer you look the more time I have wasted that I could be feeding it to some one else.
Chatman - I've never tried them that fast Dan. I stick with baits I know will run that speed.
Johnnie - I very rarely tip with bait. If I want to use a crawler I will go to a spinner.
Johnnie - All cranks will go three, you just have to super tune them.
Chatman - Have you used Power Baits on crawler harness with much success Johnnie?
Golden - That brings up a question I've been waiting to be asked. What baits troll at 3 mph with success? I know shad raps are good fast trolling lures, what else do you use Johnnie
Johnnie - Yes, the power crawlers are awesome. They work extremely well in weedy conditions and when there are tons of pan fish around.
Chatman - The biggest thing about Power crawlers is an oaf like me can use them and not spill dirt all over the boat!!!
Johnnie - Shad Raps are great. The new Thunder Crank by Storm is good. Wally Divers are also good. T Stick work well too.
Chatman - And, with Power Crawlers, you can use Green crawlers and not stain everything like shirts, hats and boat carpets!
Chatman - Are there any questions that Johnnie has missed?
Golden - I got here kinda late so this has probably been asked already. What circuits for ya next season Johnnie? Will we see you on the MWC?
Johnnie - Well guys, if that is about it, I think I will be moving on. Haven't had dinner yet. If there are a few more ?s I can take them.
Johnnie - Scott, next year will be the PWT and maybe Roaches tourney in Minaki. And, I hope the Wave Wacker. That is if I can get in.
Dale /Ginny - We'll stay in touch Johnnie.
Golden - Well good luck to you, hope to run across ya somewhere out there.
Johnnie - Thanks Guys, see ya at Winnebago.
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a round of applause for Johnnie Candle!!!!!
Fisherman - Well folks I gotta go, have a good evening all!
Juls - Gotta run Good Luck with your guide service this winter, and Good Luck next year Johnnie!
Driftr - Thanks Johnnie !!!
Jenn - Thanks for the info Johnnie. Take care!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!
Dan(oh) - Thanks Johnnie!!
gary gray - I've got to go, nice chat Jonnie! And to all a good night!
T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Chatman - C ya! Gary!
T-Mac - Take care Gary!
Johnnie - Later Gary.
Golden - Gary, call me sometime will ya?
T-Mac - Thanks Johnnie!!
Dale /Ginny - Thanks Johnnie!
bob g - Thanks!
m.n.obucket - Thanks!
Golden - Getting close to goose season up there huh? Cya bubba
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Johnnie - Nite all.
Johnnie - Thanks.