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Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen! A warm, Walleye Central welcome for Gary Gray!
Driftr - Welcome Gary Gray!!!!
Golden - Hoooooooo Doggie!
jerry - Clap, clap, clap, clap! Welcome Gary and congrats again!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
get jiggy - YEAH HOOO!!
Gary Gray - Thanks.
Chatman - Well Gary, where do you want to go tonight?
Gary Gray - Wherever you would like.
Driftr - I want to hear about Dunkirk! :)
Chatman - Let's talk about your most recent honor, PWT angler of the year.
Gary Gray - Figures.
jerry - Winnebago, especially the Merc. National, Gary.
Chatman - First off, congrats on Angler of the Year!
Gary Gray - Pick a subject.
Golden - Atta Boy Gary!
Gary Gray - Thank you.
Driftr - Congrats Gary!
Chatman - Is this another first for you with the PWT Gary?
Gary Gray - I had lots of help from friends.
Gary Gray - Yes it is Ralph.
jerry - I've gotta hear about slip bobbering on Butte Des Morts.
Chatman - Hey Jerry, down boy!
Chatman - LOL!
jerry - LOL!
Gary Gray - I don't know if I can give that up, I have a PWT tournament here next year.
jerry - Got tired of waiting for you, Chatman. I'm all fired up!
Driftr - Hahaha!
Driftr - Jerry is glowing tonight!
Golden - OK, fair 'nuff. But how did you find those fish?
Gary Gray - I just went back to the basics this year, to include the Merc. National.
jerry - No problem, Gary. I'll be there for that one, too.
Chatman - You had a small hump all to yourself at the Merc. National Gary?
Gary Gray - I haven't slip bobbered in years, utill Mille Lacs this year. And that set the pace.
jerry - I would never have guessed that it held that many big fish, Gary.
Gary Gray - Yes Chatman, actually 3 humps. 2 by the gun club, and one in the lake.
Golden - Was it windy enough to carry the bobber over the hump or was it a "sit and wait" kind of deal?
Gary Gray - The wind was there, also the gun club area has current.
Alumacraft165 - Gary what do you think about the Illinois River??
Gary Gray - Great fishery!
Gary Gray - I love them saugers!
Chatman - Rob Ensor and I were on the other side of the break wall from you in the cane. We did all right, but nothing like you were able to do Gary.
Alumacraft165 - I love them to. I just wanted to say thanks for fishin' all those tournaments over the years and giving us what we have today!
Type Name Here - Other than Lake Erie, what is your favorite big fish Water Gary?
Gary Gray - There were good fish there by the wall in practice, then they were Gone Chatman.
Gary Gray - Saginaw Bay is great for big fish.
Chatman - We never actually checked the wall, but we hit the cane to the east, and had good fish going on Winnebago. Too bad we stopped at 1st alternate and could not get in. Congrats to you again, on that win.
Gary Gray - Have I missed anyone so far?
Type Name Here - Gary, where would you go for a 12 pound plus fish?
Gary Gray - Dunkirk, NY.
Alumacraft165 - Gary I am from Spring Valley and was wondering what technique is best?
Driftr - Yep, there a few of them there! :)
Gary Gray - I like to vertical jig the river, and pull 3-ways.
Alumacraft165 - Cranks??
Alumacraft165 - I should say long lining?
Gary Gray - Either cranks or plain hook,bead, and live bait.
Gary Gray - I'd probably use lead core for trolling the river.
Golden - Have you tried any of those circle hooks yet Gary for bait rigs?
Alumacraft165 - We were getting some monsters in the spring after the Tournament!
Gary Gray - No, I haven't Scott.
Golden - They are a pretty neat deal for a "dead rod".
Gary Gray - Also, I thought I had every crankbait known to mankind, till Dunkirk! Then there is the Renowsky!
Chatman - I tried circle hooks on live bait/slip sinker rigs Scott, and I kept taking them away from the fish. I kept setting the hook!
Type Name Here - What's your favorite crank to pull in the Mississippi River?
Chatman - Yes, which crank bait Gary?
Gary Gray - The Wally diver!
Golden - Gary, you are in the middle of the action and have an "ear to the ground" so to speak. Where do you think the walleye industry is going? Will it ever get to the status that Nascar or Golf has right now?
Driftr - Renowsky has been big in NY.
Gary Gray - Renowsky, the Polish Pirate!!
Alumacraft165 - Why Wally divers Gary??
Gary Gray - Wally Divers just do better in current.
Driftr - Allot of his spoons are in use in Ontario!
Type Name Here - Have you ever fished the dunes in the Mississippi River?
Gary Gray - I had Joe Renowsky, the owner, fishing with me the first 2 days of practice at Dunkirk.
jerry - Gary, did you troll at all during pre-fishing for the Merc. National?
Gary Gray - Are you talking about Red Wing, Type Name Here?
Driftr - You couldn't have had a better partner Gary!
Chatman - Nice way to learn the quirks of a new type of crank bait.
Gary Gray - Yes, and did very well!
Driftr - What depth of water did you find the fish in?
Gary Gray - 45 to 60 feet down in 90 feet of water.
Driftr - Did you use Dipsey Divers?
Alumacraft165 - Gary what is the best type of line for jigging?
Gary Gray - I used leadcore Driftr.
Type Name Here - How's Billy Klotzbucher, your old MWC partner doing?
Gary Gray - I use Berkley, green, vanish.
Alumacraft165 - You don't like new super lines? Why?
Gary Gray - Billy is now playing the casino circuit!
Juls - Hi Gary, congrats on your Angler of the Year award! Sorry I'm late. I lost track of time tonight..;-)
Type Name Here - Does he still fish the PWT?
Gary Gray - They are all right, just want a little stretch in my line.
Gary Gray - No, Bill sold everything.
Alumacraft165 - Gary do you know Kanach from Spring Valley??
Gary Gray - Yes I do.
Alumacraft165 - Didn't he fish Spring Valley with Bill?
Gary Gray - Yes, and he borrowed my rods to fish with!
Juls - ;-)
Type Name Here - Do you still take him out once in awhile and put him on fish?
Alumacraft165 - Really Gary??
Gary Gray - He stops once in a while for coffee, and we duck hunt in the fall.
Alumacraft165 - Hey Gary, there is a ten thousand dollar tourney down on the Illinois this fall??
Gary Gray - I might come down if someone lets me!
Chatman - The fall bite is great down there Gary.
Type Name Here - I ate dinner with you and Billy at Spring Valley Learned more in 1 hour than it took me five years to learn on my own!
Gary Gray - What is happening with the MWC?????
Alumacraft165 - It's going to be a great tourney. And they have new tourney director.
Gary Gray - Send me the entry info?
Alumacraft165 - What is the e-mail address?
Juls - cool
MUSKYHUNTER (ILL) - Gary, have you ever heard of the Outpost?
Gary Gray - Where at?
MUSKYHUNTER (ILL) - The campground, in Tomahawk WI?
Juls - Hey Gary, you must like the fact that the PWT is going to Winnebago next year, eh? You would be a tough one to beat there! Heheh!
Gary Gray - You bet, my dad, and grandfather were the first Muskie Guides in Lake Tomahawk, WI.
Gary Gray - Ha, Ha, Juls!
Gary Gray - And, yes, I do!
MUSKYHUNTER (ILL) - I just got back from there a couple of weeks ago,
Gary Gray - My e-mail is, 
MUSKYHUNTER (ILL) - Anyone in here fish in Illinois at all?
Gary Gray - What's up with the MWC and only 30 something entries at Erie?
Chatman - Me.
Driftr - At Geneva?
Golden - Not sure Gary, it's struggling for sure.
Chatman - Yes Muskyhunter. We can talk after the chat though.
Gary Gray - They need a change, I'd hate to see that circuit die
jerry - Tough year for many walleye circuits. We need an economy boost to help rebound.
Gary Gray - A bigger rebate check from the Government!
Juls - Lower gas prices would help allot too! ;-)
Gary Gray - Or more deductions for walleye fishermen and gals!
Gary Gray - Lets get back on track, and did I miss anyone?
Chatman - You took the words right outta my mouth Gary. Er, off my fingers?
Golden - I was wondering what it takes to get more excitement into the walleye world to equal the Nascar or even golf right now. Any ideas on that subject?
Gary Gray - Out of industry sponsor's would be a big benefit.
jerry - How do you like the PWT choices for East Division waters for 2002, Gary?
Gary Gray - I like the whole circuit next year Jerry.
Mckoz - Gary, I am interested in signing up for a co-angler spot in a tournament. What is expected of a co-angler from a pro-s perspective. What type of skill level is required?
Gary Gray - Just to have fun. That is # 1, then catch fish.
Juls - You've got the skill Mike! Just do it! ;-)
Mckoz - Maybe with dynamite!
Gary Gray - Don't worry about skill level, I could not always walk.
Gary Gray - The main thing is the fun.
jerry - Level of expectation should be talked about before you and pro go on water.
Gary Gray - If a pro is expecting a lot out of you, he is not much of a pro.
jerry - I mean, what he wants you to do. Like how to reel in fish, to net or not net, etc.
Mckoz - It would be a blast just for the new knowledge!
Chatman - Mike, just talk to each pro you are paired with, and you will never go wrong.
Gary Gray - I tell my partner each day, first we are going to have fun, be safe, and then try to catch fish.
Gary Gray - Just go do it, have fun though!
jerry - Well said, Gary.
whitetips - Ditto Gary on that one!
Chatman - Gary, what advice could you give to an angler just getting into the tournament world?
Gary Gray - Don't be intimidated by anyone, just go fishing, and do what you know how to do best.
Gary Gray - Find your own comfort zone, and don't let anyone or anything take you out of it.
Chatman - What advice might you give them on the business end of the deal? And acquiring sponsors?
Hammy - What are the dates of the PWT, 2002 event on Winnebago?
Golden - What about reading electronics Gary, wouldn't you say that is probably the weakest part of a starting fisherman? Understanding what he is seeing and trusting it?
Alumacraft165 - Already hooked up?? Maybe I'll catch you in November? There's a tourney every weekend down here!
jerry - Gary, when you and Klotzbucher won the Merc. National in the past, were you always trolling or did you jig the river, too?
Gary Gray - Your time on the water is the best teacher, and as we all know, every time you go out, you should learn something new, or it was a wasted day!
Alumacraft165 - Gary, is too much info a bad thing??
Gary Gray - We jigged the river. I had some real good big fish spots, but eventually everyone found them, and then there was a dock built up stream from it, and it changed the river current.
jerry - Thanks.
Gary Gray - In a tournament, Alumacraft? Yes, I try to narrow it down to 2 presentations, and about 4-5 spots for each. Sometimes, I have done very well just fishing one way, on one spot.
Mckoz - Do you have a preferred all around presentation?
Gary Gray - Jigging.
Alumacraft165 - What are the best size jigs for rivers?
Chatman - Gary, when you look at a new body of water, Dunkirk as an example, how do you being to search it for fish? What plan of attack do you use?
Gary Gray - In a river, the lightest jigs you can get by with. I like 1/8, 1/4 oz as a rule.
Golden - Good question Chatman!
Gary Gray - I check with locals, charter capt's, any sport shops, and then of course a map.
Golden - Would you say the best pre-fishing is done before you put a boat on the water?
Gary Gray - You bet, sometimes it is the best pre-fishing you can do!
Golden - So, going to bait shops, checking the shelves for sold out slots, speaking with charter captains etc, is an important part of setting up for a tourney?
Gary Gray - It is sometimes the best way to go. Also, check with local DNR, I mean the wardens. They always know where the fish are being caught.
Alumacraft165 - Later all. Nice talking with you Gary!
Gary Gray - I also have a 150 Optimax for 9500.
Gary Gray - 920-426-2577
Ness - All that flirting with the DNR... Oops, I mean talking... does pay off ;-)
Mckoz - If all else fails do you pick spots to pre-fish right from the maps?
Tuna - Gary, how's the fishing?
Gary Gray - Yes, it is sometimes the only way to start, Mckoz.
T-Mac - Good job on the circuit Gary!!
Gary Gray - Thank you.
Driftr - Gary, in Dunkirk, you had to be relatively near shore to be in 90 feet of water.
Golden - Are you mainly looking for underwater structure and places the old Riverbeds come close to shore? What in particular are you looking for?
Gary Gray - No, closer to the Canadian border.
Driftr - Ah, ok.
Driftr - That makes sense too!
Gary Gray - It depends if you are on a lake, reservoir, or river.
Driftr - Give me numbers Gary, LOL!
Tuna - Do you fish the Mobridge, South Dakota area Gary?
Mckoz - What types of electronics did you use this year? What is your preference?
Gary Gray - About 11 miles out Driftr.
Golden - Let's pick a lake for an example, since most of us live by one.
Gary Gray - I have the Lowrance X-15, and they are Great!
Driftr - Erie :)
T-Mac - LOL!
Chatman - How do you like the new poly flake hull this year Gary?
Golden - And, are you fond of that color? LOL!
Gary Gray - Underwater structure, creek outlets, harbors, weeds, then look at time of year, and try to find out the history of the lakes bite.
Gary Gray - The Green boat, Color of "envy"
T-Mac - Heheheh!
Golden - I like that!
jerry - Heheh!
Mckoz - And, green is the color of money!
Golden - Color of money too.
Ness - Haha, that's cute Gary!
whitetips - Packer Green .. Yuk!
Gary Gray - That's the envy!
jerry - God is green and so are the packers.
Dan(oh) - Oh, please!
Golden - Hey, let's not get into the packer thing right now.
jerry - Hehehe!
whitetips - Right. I here it everyday at work!
Gary Gray - I think the fish are attracted to Green, like women are attracted to diamonds!
Chatman - Like my old Packer Green and Gold Ranger! Fish loved it!
Driftr - Gary, how does the new X-15 compare to the old paper X-15
Gary Gray - There is no comparison. The paper was great in it's time, but the new X-15 is the best out there!
Chatman - If Gary has missed any questions now is the time to ask.
Driftr - I have had an eye on that unit Gary.
T-Mac - How are you going to top this year Gary?
jerry - Did Lowrance get all of the bugs worked out of the X-15?
Gary Gray - Win the Championship!!!!
T-Mac - Attaboy!!
Juls - ;-)
Gary Gray - Yes they did. The X-15 is an awesome locator!
Chatman - There you go!
jerry - You go, Gary!!!!
Driftr - good attitude :)
jerry - Woof, woof, woof!!!
Ness - Go get them, Gary!
Gary Gray - I'm going to the Championship to win! Ron Seelhoff, move over!!
Juls - Best of Luck in Bismarck Gary!! I'll be rootin' for ya!
Juls - Heheh!
whitetips - Do you troll lead core up there Gary?
Gary Gray - I don't need to, it is shallow enough.
T-Mac - It is REAL shallow this year!
Gary Gray - I'm taking my Renowsky's to Bismarck!
Dan(oh) - What boat you run Gary?
Juls - ;-)
Chatman - Sometimes too shallow, right Gary? A few PWTers planted their rigs at the last championship didn't they?
Juls - The emerald shiner!
Gary Gray - Yar Craft 1895 Storm TSC
Gary Gray - Yes they did, it is very shallow!
Gary Gray - Juls, that's why the fish like it so much!
T-Mac - There is not too much room to suspend....LOL!
Juls - I know this is off topic Gary, but how is Mary doing? Hope all is well...;-)
Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Gary Gray!!!
Gary Gray - Getting better, she had a ruff one this time, but time will heal.
Driftr - Thanks Gary!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Chatman - Give mary our best wishes!
T-Mac - Go get'em Gary!
Mckoz - Thank you!
Juls - I'm glad to hear that Gary! ;-)
jerry - Thanks Gary! Good luck in Bismarck.
Gary Gray - Mary will be at Bismarck with me.
Ness - And it's nice seeing you, Golden!
Gary Gray - OK.
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap...Thanks Gary!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Golden - Glad to be here!
T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap!!
Gary Gray - Thanks for having me!
Chatman - Anytime Gary!

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