Mike Gofron Chat 11/7/01     

Led Zep - Welcome, Mikey.

Stone - Hi mike

jerry - Welcome Mike

Erica K. - Perhaps, but really odd, what else is going on there?

SUPERTROLLER - welcome Mike

bob g - ha mike

JeffC - Hello Mike

Mahumba - Helllloooooooooooooooo MIKE!

Backwater Eddy (ND) -- -

SUPERTROLLER - Mike found the GPS grid, Hi Mike.

champ - Hi Mike.

Mike Gofron - Sorry about the delay.

jerry - Could be server problems, but I haven't had any.

iamwalleye1 - Hey Mike welcome!

Backwater Eddy (ND) - Howdy Mike

Led Zep - Gee, Mike. You're known for being a jigger. You ever not use bait and use plastic?

Mike Gofron - Hey everybody

Erica K. - hello Mike! welcome!

jerry - Clap, clap, clap!!

iamwalleye1 - I talked to Ted, he stated you were coming back to the Walleye Masters Institute this year!

Mike Gofron - Yes, in a very good bite, to experiment.

Mike Gofron - Yes, I will be at the Walleye Masters Institute

Led Zep - What kind of plastics did you use?

Mike Gofron - Berkley Power Bait, mainly 2-3 inch

Led Zep - Ever use 4-inch rubber worms?

JeffC - Colors or your letting the fish dictate that

bob g - Mike, what makes you such a good jig fishermen???????

Erica K. - What about any ice fishing plans?

iamwalleye1 - I would guess the Chain!!

Mike Gofron - Used 4 inch in the U.P. while a friend using live bait, kicked his butt

JeffC - What lake?

Led Zep - Really, bait worked better?

SUPERTROLLER - Grubs, squirmers or other ?

Mike Gofron - Plan to ice fish at Lake of the Woods and Little Bay

Mike Gofron - No, plastics that time

Erica K. - What is your preferred ice fishing technique? Still jigging?

Mike Gofron - Twister tails work best


Led Zep - Aren't you friends with Mark Martin. Does his full-body laugh crack you up?

SUPERTROLLER - Colors preference was asked.

Mike Gofron - Tip up and jigging rod

Mike Gofron - Definitely, he's a great guy.

Erica K. - Yes, it does, Led Zep! I fished with Mark Martin on Mille Lacs and enjoyed the entire day!

Mike Gofron - Start with chartreuse, depending on water clarity

Led Zep - Yeah, but about that laugh...

Chris G - Mike, what do you think the future of the PWT and the RCL is? Will one eliminate the other eventually?

JeffC - How many days do you first pre fish a lake before a tournament?

Mike Gofron - Tough call. Time will tell. Both great circuits

Mike Gofron - Rules are 5 days for PWT and about the same for RCL

Chris G - Rumor has it TV coverage will be the deciding factor. Do you think so?

Erica K. - I think there is room for both circuits. Just look at all the die-hard anglers who participate on this site.

JeffC - But does that count for recreational fishing?

jerry - Will have TV coverage for all events of RCL next year.

Erica K. - What do you mean , Chris g?

SUPERTROLLER - Do you have a firm Seminar schedule for the winter/spring yet? Do you have anything in Michigan ?

Mike Gofron - Nothing yet in MI


JeffC - IL?

Erica K. - Did you have something in mind Supertroller?

Chris G - Well, It's been said the PWT will not be on TNN anymore. No TV, no PWT. What do you think?

champ - How about Nebraska?

Mike Gofron - Master Walleye Institute

Stone - Or here in Wisconsin Mike?

Mike Gofron - Sorry no NE,

SUPERTROLLER - Grand Rapids Sport and R.V Show is great.

Chris G - I have also heard Primedia doesn't want the PWT anymore? Is this true and what would be the effect?

champ - Sorry here 2

Mike Gofron - I'll stick with PWT

Erica K. - Chris G, I feel you are wrong on both accounts.

SUPERTROLLER - Mark Romanack does that.

jerry - I believe PWT will be around for a long time. At least, I hope so.

Chris G - Great. I love the PWT. All you guys truly set the standards for the rest of us tourney guys!

Mike Gofron - Without PWT and RCL there are no longer professional Fisherman


jerry - Agree

Led Zep - Who's Mark Romanack?

Chris G - How do you feel about the changes in the MWC?

SUPERTROLLER - Michigan outdoors writer and noted walleye expert

Led Zep - What about Mark Martin?

SUPERTROLLER - co-wrote Precision trolling and Precision casting

bob g - Mike do you use any hair jigs at any time?

jerry - Mike, could you tell us who your sponsors are?

Mike Gofron - Kaz did a great job. He may need to oversee more things before he decides to leave the MWC.

Chris G - Will you fish Spring Valley MWC this year?

Mike Gofron - I use hair jigs on an aggressive bite

Binker - Good Job this year Champ!! That was one for all the Chain boys!!

JeffC - Yes. I really like to see hometown boys do well.

Mike Gofron - No Spring Valley

bob g - Do you tip them, Mike, with bait?

Led Zep - Hair jigs, rubber. Only on aggressive bites?

Backwater Eddy (ND) - Mike if you could pick a location for the next PWT Championship, where and when would you pick?

Mike Gofron - No tipping. Yes only aggressive

Mike Gofron - Mississippi River!!!

Led Zep - What about No. 11 orange Rapalas?

Backwater Eddy (ND) - River rat, knew it!

Chris G - Mike, as a more precise presentation style, why don't you opt for using a tiller boat like Pete Harsh?

Mike Gofron - They are a great bait

jerry - You have got to like the RCL's choice to go to Red Wing next year, eh Mike?

Mike Gofron - For sure

Backwater Eddy (ND) - How about when, the timing for it?

Mike Gofron - I like speed

Led Zep - Can you cast No. 11 Rappys and catch cormorants?

John Estes - Mike, congratulations fella!

Mike Gofron - Thanks John

JeffC - Mike you fish from a 19' Lund

jigger - big fan

Led Zep - Is that 19' Lund for sale?

Mike Gofron - Thanks for my Glyde Rydes, my back survived the season wouldn't be able to do it with out them

Mike Gofron - Yes for sale

Led Zep - What about the cormorants?

JeffC - Around how much are you asking Mike?

Mike Gofron - 31,000

SUPERTROLLER - Mike, will you run the same style boat next year ?

JeffC - Does it come with lessons?

Mike Gofron - 31,000 for 2025, other one sold

Chris G - Congratulations Mike, You are truly a great stick and an inspiration for many of us. Gotta go!

Erica K. - Sure hope so, I think he has become superstitious

Mike Gofron - Thanks Chris G!

jerry - I own one of Mike's old boats. It was definitely well kept and a good deal.

Mike Gofron - How are the plastics (4 inch) Led Zep?

SUPERTROLLER - Any equipment you prefer for electronics /trolling motors?

JeffC - Tried last year but was too late, purchased my own 2025

Led Zep - Not sure. Read about them in a magazine once.

Mike Gofron - Lowrance is making headway. Motorguide

Led Zep - Plastics are one thing. Do you share your jointed Shad Raps with your buddies?

bob g - Mike, what worked for you on Erie in the RCL??

Mike Gofron - Sometimes, when we have more than 2 prototypes

champ - I've got to go. I wish you luck in 2002 Mike!!

Erica K. - Which tournament on Lake Erie, the RCL? Saginaw Bay? Or at Port Clinton?

SUPERTROLLER - Are those jointed Rapalas coming in bigger sizes next year? ( the shad raps)

Mike Gofron -I used Rapala Taildancers, 120 feet back on Lake Erie.

Backwater Eddy (ND) - Any feedback on the Rapala long cast crank baits Mike?

Mike Gofron - Not sure yet, Rapala coming out with bait similar to Reef Runner

Binker - You think the PWT will fish Petenwell or Castle Rock some day.

krookdhd - Nice Ad in IN-FISH with you & Tami. Good photo Too.

Led Zep - What's your opinion of Oreo cookies?

Erica K. - Thanks Krookhd!

spinner - Mike, at what speed do you troll those taildancers?

Mike Gofron - I know who you are Led Zep

Mike Gofron - 1.2 - 1.9

Erica K. - I heard that Petenwell was not doing so well for guiding, any insight?

spinner - Thanks

Mike Gofron - Krookdhd, did you see Midwest Outdoors?

Mike Gofron - Don't know much about Petenwell

krookdhd - Yes

Led Zep - Not Ross. Just two of your rubber buddies sitting here, drinking Miller Lite. One of us with Copenhagen.

bigfish1965 - Evening all from Canada

Mike Gofron - How's Canada?

jerry - Petenwell or Castle Rock are not big time tourney waters. Doubt to see PWT there.

bob g - Mike, I can't make taildancers work for me on Erie. Is there anything I should try with them?

Led Zep - Mikey! Uh, I mean "wubbah" buddies!!

Mike Gofron - Piece of crawler on last hook

bob g - k

JeffC - But I didn't think the Madison chain was either?

Erica K. - The WWA has had good success there in the past, I hope that stays the same.

bigfish1965 - Canada's great! Except they are shutting down Bay of Quinte!

jerry - Big fish kill every late winter on Petenwell when they draw reservoir down.

JeffC - On tournament waters that is

Led Zep - C'mon, Mike. Does the crawler tail really make a difference?

Erica K. - The Madison area has at least several different options for good fishing water.

Mike Gofron - Any guys fishing PWT or RCL?

bigfish1965 - Bay of Quinte fish stocks are down, to almost nil!

Mike Gofron - For sure!

jerry - I will be fishing RCL next year, Mike.

SUPERTROLLER - Has Mike missed anyone's question so far? Ask it again.

bob g - Amatuer, Detriot river

JeffC - True but, size of water. They surprise a lot of people of the quality and amount of fish.

Mike Gofron - Great Jerry!

bob g - RCL

Binker - Only fish kill on Petenwell on draw down is Carp not Walleye.

jerry - Do you have any advice for someone just starting to fish tourneys Mike?

SUPERTROLLER - Do you use any of the Super lines Mike?

Mike Gofron - Start small and think big.

krookdhd - Since I won't have a boat I'll be fishin with you as soon as the baby shoots out.

Mike Gofron - Yes, Fireline.

Mike Gofron - Sounds good.

Erica K. - Congratulations, krookdhd

Mike Gofron - Bring the deer sausage!

SUPERTROLLER - For all applications?

JeffC - Walleye Insider should have "What's in the Boat", like the Golf Channel has "What's in the Bag?"

bigfish1965 - Mike, have you fished the Niagara River or Lake Ontario for walleye?

Mike Gofron - No, it depends on the situation.

krookdhd - Thanks Erica, my part was easy.

John Estes - Hi Jim. Let's talk soon.

jerry - Good luck, krookdhd.

Led Zep - Do you ever use plastic for bottom bouncing with spinners, or just crawlers? Yum, yum, yum.

Mike Gofron - No, Niagra River.

Erica K. - Yes.

Mike Gofron - Sometimes, when a lot of little fish nipping ends of crawlers.

bigfish1965 - Monster fish and they are too polluted for people to eat...fishing stays great.

Mike Gofron - I'll have to try it.

Led Zep - Go wubbah! Say, would you feel insecure without crawlers in your boat?

Mike Gofron - Definitely!

Erica K. - I think he would.

SUPERTROLLER - Thanks for your time Mike and answering all the questions. Gotta go. Congratulations on your Winning Season.

Mike Gofron - Hey, thanks Supertroller, great to have the support!

Led Zep - Mikey: Among your pro buddies, who can consume the most at an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Mike Gofron - Jerry, how is the new boat running?

Led Zep - Particularly Chinese.

Binker - Are you fishing MWC Redwing in Sept.?

Mike Gofron - No MWC.

jerry - Excellent. Got the oil leak fixed. She's running hot. Fishing has been great, too.

Mike Gofron - Mark Martin, for sure!

spinner - Mike, good luck in the future, got to go.

JeffC - When trolling big waters do you have in lines or a mast system mike?

Led Zep - Mike: After your trip to the U.P., when did you eat all the walleye that Skipper and Gilligan caught on artificials?

Mike Gofron - No, I use little boards.

jerry - Mike, will you be fishing both circuits next year? Or just a few RCL's and all PWT?

Backwater Eddy (ND) - How little?

JeffC - Tattle tails?

Mike Gofron - Within a week, didn't even taste like nightcrawlers.

Mike Gofron - Yes Jerry.

Erica K. - I think Mike will be fishing all tourneys, both circuits.

jerry - Cool. I know who to pick in Fantasy Angler then!

Mike Gofron - Regular Off Shore's.

JeffC - Those tattle tails were everyone's rave last year.

JeffC - More confidence in watching the board alone.

Binker - Mike, how's Tammy and family? Mike, it's your Binker,you know who.

Mike Gofron - A plus when tourney fishing!

Mike Gofron - Tami and kids are great.

Mike Gofron - Yes.

Binker - Thanks.

Erica K. - Mike, I hear you have a new website soon to be released, any tidbits for the fans?

jerry - Been out duck hunting a lot Mike?

Mike Gofron - No tips. It is going to be BIG!

Erica K. - Groovy!

jerry - Excellent.

JeffC - Mike, do you guide with your free time?

Mike Gofron - Just got back from ND. Great hunting!

jerry - Good deal.

Mike Gofron - Not really time for guiding.

Erica K. - Mike, heard you were going to offer a fan club. Any news about that?

jerry - Who are your sponsors Mike?

Led Zep - Mikey: Skipper and Gilligan are members of your fan club...

slickster - so what's the topic? I can't concentrate. Too many people talking at once.

Erica K. - Mercury, Optima, Fantasy Walleye Challenge, Lund, and many other quality companies. They will all be listed on his site.

Mike Gofron - Too many sponsors to name, look at ChainWalleye.com

Mike Gofron - No specific topic.

jerry - Okay, will do.

Mike Gofron - Any plans for ice fishing?

jerry - Tell us about river fishing. Specifically wing dams. How do you know which ones are best? Just trial and error?

Mike Gofron - Yes, trial and error. Fish front of wing dam 10 - 13 feet

Mike Gofron - I could talk all day on wing dams.

jerry - Are Army Corp of Engineers maps most accurate for this or are new Hotspots maps best?

Led Zep - Mikey: In a clear natural lake where walleyes are on the weed edge, would you first use a crawler, a fathead or, ahem, something else?

Mike Gofron - I would try plastics first with somebody else with me using live bait.

Led Zep - Good strategy!

Mike Gofron - I learned a lot using plastics in the U.P.

Led Zep - Mikey: How does that diesel truck you drive pull those featherweight Lund boats?

Erica K. - Pretty slick, from what I see.

Mike Gofron - Always love my diesels!

JeffC - How many years Mike have you been professionally fishing?

Mike Gofron - When you invite me to Fox River.

jerry - Spring or Fall bite?

Mike Gofron - I have been fishing since 1988, PWT since 1992.

Mike Gofron - Fall for a day.

jerry - Yes, great job as emcee Erica.

Erica K. - Thanks, Jerry!

Erica K. - Kind of amazing to see what Mike has accomplished in nine full seasons of fishing.

Mike Gofron - Too soon. Lots of work here.

JeffC - I have to look back when I started my subscription to Walleye-Insider mag. He's been there every time I open the results.

JeffC - First thing I look for: where you placed, then tactics.

Mike Gofron - Nice to have the support, jeffc!

Binker - Doing any Chicago shows this year? If so, let me know!

Led Zep - Are walleyes scared of flamer line tied to a jig with a crawler or a four-inch plastic worm?

Mike Gofron - Not yet, will let you know.

Mike Gofron - They love green and 4 inch plastics.

JeffC - Just a Lake Zurich boy, looking after our own.

Mike Gofron - Fish the Chain jeffc?

ETT - Gas em up for the weigh in!

JeffC - Flamer line is (Green Fireline)?

Mike Gofron - Yes and XT Solar.

Led Zep - Yup.

JeffC - No, too much traffic, very early spring or now a few times.

Mike Gofron - Spring is good and weekdays.

JeffC - Mississippi , Lake Wisconsin.

JeffC - Erie, when have more than one day.

jerry - Should try Winnebago, JeffC. 2001 was a great year there.

Mike Gofron - Gotta love Mississippi!

JeffC - I've caught a few, but people can give you the looks when you're sitting in a 2025.

eyebanger(OH) - I have used XT Solar since it came out, I'm a walleye caster.

Led Zep - When practicing for the PWT championship, did you use solely live bait or did you ever use anything else?

Mike Gofron - I used live bait and artifical with no bait.

JeffC - Fished up in Sturgeon Bay this year. I think they had a better night bite there in Sept.

Erica K. - Any final words for us, Mike? I know your kids need to get to bed.

Mike Gofron - They are waiting patiently.

JeffC - Good luck Mike! We'll be watching the leaderboards!

Mike Gofron - Anything else from anybody?

jerry - Mine too. Nite all. Thanks Mike, talk to you soon.

Led Zep - Adios, Mikey, you Oreo cookie-monster.

Mike Gofron - I hope to be there .....a lot!

Mike Gofron - Keep to your plastics, Led Zep!

Binker - See you later, Mike!

Erica K. - Mike, any way people can ask you questions later? Separate email address?

JeffC - Goodnight all! Thanks first timers!

eyebanger(OH) - Nite Mike!

Mike Gofron - My email for right now is tgofron@msn.com.

Mike Gofron - This was cool, we will have to do it again.

ETT - Nice job, Mike!

Mike Gofron - We will keep you posted on the new website.

Erica K. - Yes, thank you to all for your patience. I would like to see Mike answering your questions more often.

Mike Gofron - Thanks to all Walleye Central users for the great support!

Mike Gofron - Good Night and Good Fishing!

ETT - Some to you!

Erica K. - Thanks Mike, for all your input!

Chatman's Note: I'd like to take a moment to offer a great big thank you to Mike Gofron for being such a good sport and taking my unforeseen absence in stride. And I'd like to offer a big thank you and round of applause to Erica Kalkofen for doing what comes naturally to her, by stepping in to the chat and doing a fantastic job of moderating. You both are definitely class acts! Thank you!