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Jim Kalkofen Chat 2/7/01

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest, Jim Kalkofen of the PWT!!!!

Rauchster-  Still need amateurs for the MI leg of the PWT?

river king-  welcome jim

Driftr-  Welcome Jim Kalkofen!!!

slip-bobber(MT)-  Hi Jim

JK:PWT-  Let's go fishing.

ETT-  Clap Clap Clap, Amen!

chatman-  You got it Jim, where do you want to go tonight?

JK:PWT-  Yes, we are looking for amateurs for Michigan to catch those mega-females on the Detroit R.

chatman-  Let's start off with the current status of PWT entries....

slip-bobber(MT)-  How is the East Division coming Jim?

river king-  is the pro side full for detroit

JK:PWT-  re:PWT entries. The west division is over-flowing with great pros.

Riverman-  I heard that there was allot of spots left

JK:PWT-  The east division has about a dozen openings for pros in each tournament.

JK:PWT-  Amateurs in the west are looking OK, with more slots for Chamberlain.

Riverman-  How about Am.

Doc Johnson-  JK Are there still am openings for PWT?

Swat1-  Wow. What do you attibute the low turn out in the East Div to Jim

JK:PWT-  In the east, we have am slots at each tournament, and can use about 2 to 3 dozen per site.

NPAA265-  Can they be filled at tournament time with volunteers

Rauchster-  JK.... why did you choose a NY launch for Lake Erie instead of Port Clinton?

JK:PWT-  Low turn out due to economy, primarily.

JK:PWT-  Lake Erie in August has the best bite on the eastern end of the Lake, which is NY.

river king-  economy that much better in the west

Swat1-  I can believe that. It's part of the reason I didn't apply again this year

JK:PWT-  Still working with ams to fill all slots. Lots of effort to contact those interested.

Eddy-  When will you announce the 2001 Pro line up?

NPAA265-  Was up there last fall nice ramp and area

JK:PWT-  In the past when poor economic news hit in January, took until April to fill am slots,

JK:PWT-  Pros for this year will be on web site within a couple weeks. Have about 62 pros fishing all 6

JK:PWT-  Have way more pros in the west division. 

Swat1-  Do you think part of it has to do with the fact that there are so many other circuits to choose from now as well Jim?

JK:PWT-  Thanks Mr. Bass.

chatman-  There may have been some guys waiting to see if they had a motor on their boats, or even a boat, too....

Swat1-  Good Point Ralph

JK:PWT-  Great oppportunities exist in the walleye world than ever before, with state circuits and team events abounding

Riverman-  OMC was not a player on the PWT

Doc Johnson-  How was the trip west? Any future sites for Tourns.?

JK:PWT-  Lots of perch in Manitoba and Devils Lake.

river king-  some ams. dont like the payback of prizes not cash

JK:PWT-  prizes noted.

Riverman-  there is reports your going to Washington and Peck next year

JK:PWT-  PWT has always awarded quality prizes, the same as used by touring pros.

JK:PWT-  Was in Washington earlier this month. Great walleye fishery, untapped.

eyefish(mi)-  When I fished the PWT as an am, I didnt do it for the prizes I could win but the knoledge gained

Eddy-  Have you ever considered a qualifying format for those who want to fish pro?

Riverman-  are you going there next year?

JK:PWT-  Even caught some nice fish below Grand Coulee Dam.

NPAA265-  Same here, good experience

JK:PWT-  Many winning ams tell us they didn't even know they could win anything, but fished to learn. 

JK:PWT-  Qualifying format question has been reviewed, not yet part of the equation.

Rauchster-  How many of the current pros were on the circuit as ams?

Eddy-  I am excited to hear about any new "up and Comers" for this year.

JK:PWT-  The economy in the Michigan/Ohio area is the #1 reason people are entering one tournament, not a division. 

chatman-  That brings up a good point Jim, Rauchster took some of my question, the second is, what kind of feedback do you get from amature anglers after they fish a few?

JK:PWT-  Many ams move up each year, this year about 1/4, but will know when all are finalized.

NPAA265-  Its tough in the Auto and computer business right now.

Swat1-  Depending on your line of work it is pretty rough here in OH/MI right now

Doc Johnson-  How many of the 62 fishing all six did so last year?

Rauchster-  How many went from 3 to all six?

JK:PWT-  About 50-plus fished all 6 last year. About 10 went from 3 to 6.

Eddy-  I believe the PWT should promote their Pro's much like other Pro sports. I am fan and would like to know who the top rookies are, hard to find that info.

NPAA265-  Surprized to see Sam Anderson go 3 and the RCL

JK:PWT-  Riverman, in the west, not many, most 1-timers are on alternate list. IN east, all qualified by the cre3dentials committee got in, and openings for pros

Rauchster-  Any women doing 3 or 6 this year as pros?

Largemouth bass-  do you think where your fishing has anything to do with lower turn out

JK:PWT-  PWT web site has info, and records and stats. Also, much is in the Walleye In-Sider, and in a soon to be announced (tonight) program.

chatman-  What are the PWT guidlines to fish as a pro Jim?

Eddy-  I believe we need more like Sam Anderson. Young, talented and top notch person.

JK:PWT-  Pro females doing 3 or 6? NO. 

Rauchster-  How about you going to the East Juls?

JK:PWT-  Several young pros have applied, and some will be fishing. 

Riverman-  but you said guys that wanted to fish the west it was full that they had to fish all six to get in and there are guys only fishing one or two in the west that are in

NPAA265-  Come on Juls, Talkin bout you

JK:PWT-  Guidelines to fish as pro: qualifed equipment, experience and reputation. 

Juls-  don't have a boat rauchster...fishing team circuit this year and some other events too

JK:PWT-  New pros need recommendations from 2 existing pros.

JK:PWT-  Rieverman, don't understand the question, but if pros want to fish the east, openings exist for qualified pros. 


Doc Johnson-  Any special announcements forthcoming from PWT?

slip-bobber(MT)-  Hi Bruce

Doc Johnson-  Hi Bruce

NPAA265-  Jim, Dodge and Lund next year as sponsors.

JK:PWT-  In a few weeks, the PWT will work with the same people who bring you all the exciting fantasy games on ESPN,

Largemouth bass-  I don't no any pro fisherman how can I get in on Erie

JK:PWT-  Dodge and Lund are sponsors, yes

Chairman-  contact me large mouth

JK:PWT-  The Fantasy Walleye Challenge will be announced shortly with opportunities for people to play the game while pros are on the water at each event.

Backwater Eddy~( ND) ~-  Is there a registration deadline for the ESPN fantasy PWT chalenge?

Riverman-  There were guys that wanted to fish all three and were put in two and on the Alt. list for the third and guys that only wanted to fish two got in

chatman-  Can you tell us more about that Jim??

Rauchster-  Where will the site be? On In-Fish!!!!

JK:PWT-  Registration for the season or 1-time tournaemtns will be available.

Riverman-  what about the guys that want to try to make the Championship

ZachB-  what a coincidence, Walleye Central is just wrapping up develoment of a similar online fantasy fishing game

Chairman-  leave in the am, about 200 miles from launch site

JK:PWT-  Lots of interest in fantasy games and a way to play along with the pros. 

JK:PWT-  The folks doing the fantasy game do the BASS & FLW games and draw huge numbers.

NPAA265-  explain 

Largemouth bass-  we would like to hear about it

Doc Johnson-  Anything new on the Pro side for up-coming season? 

Backwater Eddy~( ND ) ~-  Yes I am developing a fishing game called FROG run WALLEYE 2001

Rauchster-  I'm ready to sign up... Entry fee? Free?

JK:PWT-  Yes, this is the year for a pro from Colorado to win, Doc!

"Kaz"-  Jim! About 20 years ago, the two of us were fishing from your Jon boat figuring out a way to get pro-walleye fishing off the ground. Look at it now! "Kaz"

JK:PWT-  That jon boat has grown, just like the industry.

NPAA265-  Larry hade agreat year..Erie must of taught him patience

JK:PWT-  Entry fees are 9.95 per tournaemnt with selectgion of 5 players. 

JK:PWT-  Seasson is 39.95, with great cumulative prizes. 

JK:PWT-  And, the next answer is that I don't know all the prizes, except top 20 win.

chatman-  Does the fantasy fishing go by cumulative pouints or angler weights?

JK:PWT-  And, an opportunity for walleye fans to keep in touch with their heroes

JK:PWT-  Lots of ways to win, including points for many categories.

NPAA265-  Your opion of Team Tracker breakup 

JK:PWT-  Players can change team of 5 per event based on skills, weather, water, etc.

"Kaz"-  Jim K: We've got a lake in Georgia with a 10 fish limit and a 3 lb. average. How's that for walleye fishing?...And there's other ones like it. Kaz

JK:PWT-  Lots of changes occur every year, and this year is no different.

NPAA265-  Ditto

Largemouth bass-  what will the pay back be on the game

JK:PWT-  re:payback, don't havbe all details

JK:PWT-  Fantasy challenge had 2,000,000 hits a month with thousands of players last year. Now, with walleyes, we offer more fishing to the masses. 

Rauchster-  JK... so I can pick Skarlis, Doc, Chief, Gray and Hohensee for my team and win with their weights?

JK:PWT-  re:team. Select the people you feel will do best. Points for their limits, places, big fish, etc.

JK:PWT-  Can select number of teams desired.

CWS-  Who do you think the favorite is to get angler of the year this season?

Riverman-  how many of the guys fishing the West are only fishing a couple of tournaments

NPAA265-  No PWT clothing online

JK:PWT-  re:team. Select the people you feel will do best. Points for their limits, places, big fish, etc.

JK:PWT-  Can select number of teams desired.

CWS-  Who do you think the favorite is to get angler of the year this season?

Riverman-  how many of the guys fishing the West are only fishing a couple of tournaments

chatman-  So, could a guy pay enough and pick everybody? Or is there a limit Jim?

JK:PWT-  It's hard to predict the Angler of the Year, but look at those who've been near the top the past 5 years, and Gofron seems to always be there,

Rauchster-  There's a guy named Skarlis who could do well.....??

cooly-  hey fish JK:PWT-  Probably select one or two teams, then go with it.

JK:PWT-  A few west div. anglers have elected to fish a few east.

pathways-  jim is saginaw bay in the future for in fish? 

JK:PWT-  Saginaw Bay is always in the future. We've been there and will return.

JK:PWT-  PWT has a goal of exploring new waters, that's why NY this year.

Riverman-  How many are only fishing two and not going to get a chance at the Championship?

JK:PWT-  And, Sakakawea is new and so is Chamberlain, at least to PWT.

Rauchster-  Can you fish just 2 of 3 and qualify???? 

JK:PWT-  Must fish a division to have a chance to make top 6 and qualify for Champ.

JK:PWT-  Went to 6 per divison this year

CWS-  Tell us the PWT strong points vs. the RCL

Riverman-  top 5 or 6 this year

Riverman-  more guys to the championship, any more money

Rick-  what is pwt going to do to compete with rcl?

JK:PWT-  PWT & RCL are both great opportunities for anglers to do well.

JK:PWT-  The RCL built their schedule around the PWT, because many pros will compete in both, or select what fits their schedules.

Riverman-  how can a guy get in and fish only two when there's guys that want to fish all three

"Kaz"-  I agree with Jim that the opportunities are there for the pro walleye anglers, but it was the MWC who put forth the first opportunity

pathways-  what is the am fee this year?

JK:PWT-  We have openings in the east for one, two or three time pros. Want to fish one event, then you must qualify and pass the credentials committee. See PWT web for entry blank 

JK:PWT-  Am fee is $575

Riverman-  I'm asking about the west

Rauchster-  Do ams have to pass a qualification test before any committee?

Swat1-  Is the Pro Fee still $1050?

JK:PWT-  Kaz and I worked those early years to promote walleye fishing. He did a great job (I hired him) and the walleye game continues to expand.

detroit nick-  is there openings for all three events 

JK:PWT-  Ams havbe a basic rule that is expalined in the form, and the key is their intgerest and desire.

JK:PWT-  Pro entry is $1075

Riverman-  will the paybacks be cut

CWS-  How many boats in each event

JK:PWT-  Pro entries for all 3 in east still exist, about 10 to 15 per site. 

pathways-  have you see the new aluminum tracker yet Jim?

Doc Johnson-  Will PWT be heading back to Mille Lacs, or Walker, Baudette?

JK:PWT-  Have beenn to many shows, and the boat industry has lots of new stuff, again. 

JK:PWT-  Doc, you really like those tree-lined lakes. 

Doc Johnson-  Yes, Won a lot of money there.

JK:PWT-  Doc, no fibbing 

Rauchster-  So when you come down to it, a total rookie like ShadowWolf , with a great interest and desire to learn, can apply, pay his money and be accepted?

JK:PWT-  As an amateur, yes.

JK:PWT-  And, ShadowWolf can learn tactics, baot control, electronics from the best in the walleye business.

Doc Johnson-  I hear Gov. Jesse is contemplating a Gov. cup in MN any insight?

JK:PWT-  Gov. Jesse will announce it on Jay Leno.

slip-bobber(MT)-  one fall or two doc??

Chairman-  I hear 2 rods on MN may be a reality

Doc Johnson-  Or during half-time on XFL

"Kaz"-  Jim! You're all talking about those great walleye lakes "up north", but the southern walleye circuit is on the horizon and it's going to be an all new ballgame. "Kaz"

T-Mac-  lol Doc. 

Chairman-  then we have to get no cull removed from a few states 

JK:PWT-  Kaz, my Arkansas friends (not those living in NY) are hyping the walleyes there.

JK:PWT-  Bruce, MN has a 2-line ice fishing rule, but no boards.

Rick-  in the future is pwt going to be limited to speciific name brand equip like rcl?

Chairman-  Going to 2 lines makes sense, don't it?

Rauchster-  I tried boards in Brainerd two weeks ago.... didn't work, but I saw the lights flashing under the ice

Riverman-  Ya but you can handline there

JK:PWT-  PWT will remain open to all brands, all logos on shirts, all outboards, all lures, just like in the past. You do well, you get on TV and in the mags.

Chairman-  and do well too

JK:PWT-  Fantasy Game will bring a national view on walleyes 

JK:PWT-  Just returned from ND shows and fishing. Lots of enthusiam, except they need prayers for snow in mountains.

eyefish(mi)-  Jim what are your expectations for the Detroit River

chatman-  They can have all the snow we have here Jim... 

pathways-  Jim was Will Lage there? hows his hand?

JK:PWT-  Detroit Rvier ice went out a week ago. Last year it was the biggest bite in history.

T-Mac-  we getting a bit of snow Jim K...but need much more

"Kaz"-  Chatman. Looks like I'm coming to Spring Valley MWC. 

Juls-  cool!!

JK:PWT-  About 10,000,000 huge females run up the Detroit from Lake Erie.

chatman-  Great! 

Ristorapper(ND)-  Ness said last night we can have some of that 100 inches of snow from out there

JK:PWT-  Those are walleyes, Kaz

JK:PWT-  Should break big fish records at Detroit and then do it again on Lake Erie in August.

JK:PWT-  The east division will set records.

Riverman-  neither place will break the record

matt-  jk-  how's pepin for big fish?

JK:PWT-  When PWT fished Red Wing, all big fish were over 8 # JK:PWT-  Or, close to that.

detroit nick-  what about ice coming down the river that early is it possible

JK:PWT-  Nick, ice is a possibility, but in the vicinity of Elizabeth Park, fishing is usually OK

matt-  lots of big ones or just the odd ones?

JK:PWT-  PWT is headquartered at this park

Backwater Eddy~( ND )~-  Jim what do you think BIG will be at D Detroit?

Eyesrfn-  they got a walleye on Fort Peck last week that was over 16 lbs

Doc Johnson-  JK: Where is PWT going to be shown 2001? TNN, OLN, ESPN? 

JK:PWT-  I was in Trenton last week, and the committee heads and Down River Fed. members said 13-plus

eyefish(mi)-  PWT is at Elizabeth Park????/will it handle that many boats

JK:PWT-  PWT is on TNN first, then replayed on OLN. Last years shows have been played 6 tyimes so far.

JK:PWT-  Eliz Park has plenty of space, parking, and docks

NPAA265-  Media one does not have OLN

Backwater Eddy~( ND ) ~-  Do you think that the upper Red in Canada could ever be a PWT site?

Riverman-  how are you going to control the snagging then 

JK:PWT-  The ice-thing on Detroit R. has been over rated, but we are ever cautious

JK:PWT-  Fish must be caught in a legal manner.

Backwater Eddy~( ND ) ~-  lol

eyefish(mi)-  Id be more concerned about railroad ties than ice

JK:PWT-  Canada tournaments are a possibility, and several sites have been investigated. 

JK:PWT-  Canada tournaments are a possibility, and several sites have been investigated.

Riverman-  I know allot of fish caught the last time you were in Detroit were snagged and brought in

NPAA265-  Tobin?

Backwater Eddy~( ND ) ~-  Just imagine the exchange rate on that PWT check in Canada?

JK:PWT-  In high water, safety is the key word.

JK:PWT-  When Greg Horoky won, it was like a million dollars.

Backwater Eddy~( ND ) ~-  lol

matt-  what sites have you been looking into in canada?

T-Mac-  I hope not Tobin

JK:PWT-  The western canada lakes are great, but a huge drive

JK:PWT-  Kaz, any other northern trips planned? 

Juls-  lol ---  [RC258] has joined the Chat room

matt-  western canda sounds great to me

"Kaz"-  Jim K. Yes. I'm getting back in the flow.

Ristorapper(ND)-  Great job out here this past week JK enjoyed Scott Fairbairn and the final seminar! 

JK:PWT-  Had a 2 1/2 hour seminar panel discussion in Bismarck. Fun!

Gary Gray-  just got the last shack on the ice

scumfrog-  wow

JK:PWT-  Gary, good luck with the sturgeon

JK:PWT-  PWT ams interested & want to fish, contact PWT web at www.in-fisherman.com 

Riverman-  Jim one last time How many are fishing the west and only fishing Two events

 Eyeowa-  I entered the chat late, if this has been covered please disregard. How or has the RCL affected the PWT? Also, hats off to you and the PWT staff for a first class event!!!

chatman-  we have about 4 min to go, but Jim is welcome to stay as long as he likes...

JK:PWT-  Riverman, Mike Peluso, as fas as I know is fishing two west.

JK:PWT-  Riverman, Mike Peluso, as fas as I know is fishing two west.

Backwater Eddy~( ND )- ~-  Jim is Jeff Simpson still working with the PWT crew?

pathways-  are there any opening for detriot-am side?

JK:PWT-  Jeff doesn't like to be in the office, but he's hitting the computer, then on the ice. 

Riverman-  and what about the guys that want to fish all of them to go to the Championship

Ristorapper(ND)-  How do I get a list of the amatuers fishing Sakakawea? 

JK:PWT-  Detroit R. ams may still enter.

JK:PWT-  Contact office for am list, but wait a week.

Ristorapper(ND)-  Ok

JK:PWT-  Sault Ste. Marie am slots still exist also, 

Backwater Eddy~( ND ) ~-  He still run around with a pocket full of lemmon heads to suck on while fishing? lol

Rick-  what do you do if ams dont fill?

JK:PWT-  Optimistic that am slots will fill 

Gary Gray-  Jim, just put Wally Louma on Pro Staff

JK:PWT-  Optimistic that am slots will fill

JK:PWT-  Wally is fishing west division this year

Riverman-  will the paybacks be cut?

chatman-  any last questions for Jim as we wind down tonight?

Juls-  what happens if the am side doesnt fill?

Brad-  What lure do you perfer

JK:PWT-  :Payback based on full field of 135. 

Backwater Eddy~( ND ) ~-  Jim are there many am's open for the west?

T-Mac-  It will fill

JK:PWT-  Champ;ionship is a no-entry fee event for those who qualify

RC258-  Jim: Is the pro side for Dunkirk full?

JK:PWT-  Thanks, and good chatting with all walleye nuts, even KAZ

Brad-  what about me?

JK:PWT-  Send your entries now

slip-bobber(MT)2-  Great job Jim, Keep it up

NPAA265-  Nite and thanks

detroit nick-  good job jim

Ristorapper(ND)-  Jump in Backwater Eddy for Sakakawea

chatman-  Ladies and Genta a warm round of applause form Jim Kalkofen!!!

Juls-  clap clap clap..thanks Jim

detroit nick-  see you all on the river and hope there isnt any ice

Ristorapper(ND)-  clap clap

Backwater Eddy~(ND)- ~-  May just do that?

chatman-  Feel free tostick around for a while Jim.....

#1 Saugeye-  very informative Jim,

T-Mac-  clap calap clap clap clap clop clapwhack clap 

Driftr-  Thanks Jim

eyefish(mi)-  Great job Jim

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