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Bob "Kaz" Kaczkowski Chat 6/27/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome for Bob "Kaz" Kaczkowski!!!

Driftr - Welcome Bob !!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!

rangerdood - Hello Kaz!

Swat1 - Welcome Bob

Lu (wi) - welcome Kaz

Kaz - Thank you, everybody.

Chatman - Well, Kaz lets talk a little about your new hats with us here at walleye Central...

Chatman - Hats as in "I wear many different hats".......

Kaz - Well, go ahead, start asking.

Chatman - Since the MWC, you have come on board here and have spearheaded the magazine...

Chatman - What's new and exciting in the print version of Walleye Central?

Kaz - I just came off a month road tour in the Midwest plugging the magazine and Walleye Central, and I found out how big WC really is. It's amazing.

Kaz - The summer issue has a terrific river article which you'll all probably cut out and carry in your wallet.

Kaz - The summer issue will be just loaded with goodies--something for every reader.

Lu (wi) - Where do you see WC's Magazine niche in the market?

Swat1 - What is the current subscriber base for the WC Magazine Bob?

Kaz - The magazine is to augment the site. Believe it or not, some people are still not on the Internet. The circulation is at 5,000 right now.

Swat1 - Sounds like it is on its way then.

Kaz - Yes, it's well on the way.

Kaz - The spring issue was a big hit, and the summer issue will be even bigger.

Swat1 - How busy does the editor position keep you?

Kaz - The editor position keeps me as busy as the MWC (for now anyway) because I never fully set up a magazine before, I was always just a writer.

Lu (wi) - Where can someone get info about advertising in the magazine?

Chatman - Learning something new everyday?

Swat1 - How do you see expanding the magazine from its current format Bob?

Kaz - You can get advertising info from the "Chatman" at WC.

Chatman - Just e mail me at adman@walleyecentral.com  Lu (Ralph Muccilli)

Lu (wi) - Chatman, aka Adman!

Chatman - You guessed it Lu! I wear many hats here too! LOL!

Kaz - The format of the magazine is basic, intermediate, professional and tournament coverage coast to coast.

Kaz - Hey, rangerdood

rangerdood - Chatman ..did something happen in the forums section on walleye central?

Chatman - We are transferring to a new server, the forum was down for a while.

Swat1 - Can you tell us what the basic layout of it is each issue Bob or is it constantly changing as new ideas come forth?

Chatman - As of right now it is a few weeks behind.

rangerdood - I'm still not able to get there

Kaz - I'm in need of articles and photographs for the magazine for all you wanna be writers. Get it going. Just send me an e-mail at Kaz@walleyecentral.com 

Chatman - As soon as Scott transfers all the info it will be good as ever.

rangerdood - Oh, ok, so its down for a while then?

Chatman - Not for long rangerdood. Can you imagine moving all the files on the Forum and in the archives, by yourself??? Yikes!

rangerdood - LOL for sure!

rangerdood - Chatman ...am I going to be without my daily fix of walleye central?

Chatman - As soon as your server updates its DNS files you should be able to get on the message boards.

Chatman - Kaz, you are looking for articles from the casual angler to the pro then?

Kaz - Articles from anyone, AND PHOTOS.

Chatman - So, Kaz, lets talk about Georgia's biggest secret, Walleye in them thar hills!

Kaz - Articles can be e-mailed to me, and I prefer the word format. Or they could be sent regular mail.

Kaz - The fall issue is due no later than Sept. 1, and the winter issue no later than Dec. 1.

rangerdood - The state record for North Carolina was caught from lake Russell, which borders both states

rangerdood - It borders Georgia and South Carolina.

Kaz - Yes, Lake Russell has a terrific walleye fishery.

rangerdood - I fished Lake Russell a lot about 3 years ago

Kaz - If you guys are looking for a place to not only catch walleyes but all kinds of bass and pan fish, even muskies, we have it in Georgia.

bob oh - Ok, if it (Lake Russell) borders SC and GA., how did NC record come out of there ???

rangerdood - LOL Bob .. I guess my fingers are faster than the brain on my end!

Kaz - Because the guy caught it on the NC side of the lake.

bob oh - OK, guess it borders NC and GA huh? :-)

rangerdood - No, it just borders SC and GA.

rangerdood - The fish was the SC state record, is what I meant to type!

bob oh - OK, LOL!

Driftr - how about Tennessee, is there good eye fishing there?

Kaz - Larry, Bevy and I miss your great cookouts.

rangerdood - I lived in both states at times, it gets confusing!

rangerdood - Tennessee is great ...huge walleyes!

bob oh - I can see that……LOL

Kaz - Tennessee's walleye fishing is probably better than Georgia walleye fishing!

gonfishn95 - Having a fish fry this Friday for the employees.

rangerdood - There is a long growing season down south for the 'eyes!

Kaz - Should I start a southern walleye circuit??? (Just kidding.)

Driftr - Yes, start it!

rangerdood - LOL! I doubt it would fly.

Swat1 - I was just going to ask if you thought about doing just that...LOL!

Kaz - Actually, I've had numerous requests for just such a thing, 

Chatman - Kaz, I remember you also told me of nice average sizes, ridiculous limits and unbelievable recruitment rates in Georgia.

Chatman - Can you share that with the room tonight?

gonfishn95 - Water moccasin hunting down there!

Kaz - I haven't seen a snake yet this year, Larry.

rangerdood - Kaz, have you ever gone to Fontana?

Kaz - Fontana? You mean Lake Geneva is Wisconsin?

rangerdood - No, Lake Fontana, North Carolina.

Driftr - When I went to Taxidermy school , a southern Virginia guy went also & had the biggest walleyes to mount. He said there are lots of them like that in the south!

Kaz - Nope, rangerdood. But maybe some day.

rangerdood - Are you in Georgia Kaz?

gonfishn95 - WHAT IS THE TEMP. THERE?

Kaz - Yes, we live in McDonough, GA, just south of Atlanta.

Kaz - Temperature right now is 75 degrees. Went golfing in shorts today.

gonfishn95 - It's 90 here.

rangerdood - Ok, well, Lake Fontana is in the southwestern tip of North Carolina. It's a good walleye lake near Robinsville, NC. Right on edge of smokies!

Kaz - All the great GA walleye lakes are in the smokies.

gonfishn95 - When are you coming to MN again Kaz, I'll buy lunch!

Kaz - Carters Lake has a ten fish daily limit, and the 'eyes average 3-1/4 lbs!

Kaz - Larry, I don't have anything planned right now, but will look you up when I do.

Driftr - Kaz, how big is Carters Lake?

Kaz - I don't have the info at my fingertips, but I think it's something like 6,000 acres.

Rob Ensor - Kaz, what are some of the great winter walleye spots near you?

Kaz - Rob, any of the northern GA TVA lakes.

Kaz - There's great walleye/sauger fishing in Tenn., Ala., Ark., Ken., NC.

Rob Ensor - Good bite in Jan.?

Kaz - Probably January and February are the best, and you don't have to cut through any ice.

Kaz - You guys should think of coming down here and holding seminars. There are no walleye guides down here, yet.

m.n.obucket - You could road trip up north and fish this area without many problems then.

Rob Ensor - Great, I can't get Ralph to go ice fishing!

Rob Ensor - Set the seminars up, I'd do it.

Chatman - Ya, me walking on the ice? Right Rob, keep thinkin'.......LOL!

Kaz - I've been talking to a lot of tackle/marine manufacturers of late, and they are EXTREMELY interested in southern walleye fishing. It's probably their next best market.

Kaz - For example, just paid a visit to Ranger Boats in Arkansas, as one of the interested manufacturers.

Driftr - Kaz, what are the lake depths of the southern lakes?

gonfishn95 - What do most people down there fish for, smallies? 

Kaz - Southern lakes are actually reservoirs. You're talking depths of over 100 feet!

Kaz - These clear, cool waters.

Driftr - Well then, there is a thermocline.

rangerdood - With good ole red Georgia clay!

Swat1 - How rough do they get Kaz?

Driftr - Kaz, does anyone ever use dipseys?

Kaz - That's because they don't know what a walleye is--anything with teeth they think is a scavenger fish.

Rob Ensor - Kaz, what have you heard about any new Ideas or products?

Kaz - It's like any lake--can get rough, but nothing like the Great Lakes.

Chatman - I wonder if trolling is more foreign down there than a Walleye angler?

Driftr - I also wonder Ralph.

Kaz - You guys should come down here with your trolling methods, including boards, downriggers, jigging spoons, etc.

rangerdood - Swat, their roughest days are like a fairly calm day up here!

Kaz - The anglers down here troll a lot, but for stripers.

Swat1 - Sounds like a place to go for sure then!

Driftr - Kaz, I like them too!

Chatman - With planers and down riggers?

Kaz - You should think about spending winter vacations down here--fishin's great.

rangerdood - Seriously ...they don't get any bad waves compared to the natural lakes! 

bob oh - Oh you like everything drift'r! ;-)

Rick - Kaz, have you fished my neck of the woods for walleye yet?

Kaz - Yes, with planers and down riggers.

Driftr - LOL, Bob!

gonfishn95 - Kaz, do you still have a Ranger? Or has golf taken over?

Kaz - Rick, where is your neck of the woods?

m.n.obucket - Never rule out what works on your water Chatman.

Rick - Very close to Niagara Falls, Kaz.

Kaz - I don't have a boat right now.

Rick - Don't need one?

Swat1 - Guess I could have saved my money on the Glyde Rides then....LOL!

m.n.obucket - We kicked some butt on LOTW eyes with western reservoir tactics last week!

bob oh - What are Western Reservoir tactics??

rangerdood - MNO, I wasn't on LOTW (Lake of The Woods), but on Rainy Lake and did real well also!

Kaz - Guys, walleyes are walleyes, and they'll hit the same stuff as they do up north, or east or west.

Rick - The Niagara River holds the Canadian record (22lbs)...the walleye are still there and still huge!

Driftr - I am inclined to agree there Kaz.

Kaz - I've fished the Niagara River, as well as above the Falls. That area is another well-kept secret.

Driftr - Good muskie water too!

Rick - Port Dalhousie...a few miles away...we average over 8lbs! The largest to date is 16 lbs.!!!

Swat1 - Just make sure your motor works well up there...LOL!

Chatman - At Niagara Swat?

bob oh - They average 8 lbs???

Swat1 - Yep!

Rick - Huge walleye!

Rick - Niagara, I guarantee, puts out the next record!

Chatman - I'd kinda be interested to read an article about trolling up current on the vertical face of the falls.....but I don't want to do the research.....LOL!!

bob oh - I thought you said it had the record Rick??

Kaz - The summer issue of the Walleye Central magazine has a terrific river article. Once you read it, you'll cut it out and put it in your tackle box. The issue will be out in August.

Rick - It does, but they are bigger! A diver friend of mine said he saw an 'eye that had to be 25lbs, or more!

Rick - We have a great method we developed!

Rick - It's easy and it's from shore!

Kaz - So, Larry, how long are you going to keep fishing tournaments?

Kaz - You too, Rob.

Rob Ensor - As long as I can!

gonfishn95 - Kaz, my health is an issue right now. I had to quit early at Little Bay de Noc!

Kaz - Did you know that there is a new Gofish Ohio Walleye Circuit set for next year, as well as an Illinois/Indiana circuit? And I heard NAWA is coming back, and Tracker Boats is getting into the act.

Chatman - I heard that Larry, nothing serious I hope?

Rick - we caught a few blue pickerel on the French River in Ontario last spring...are they making a comeback?

Kaz - Larry, too many fish fries??????

gonfishn95 - I WISH!

Chatman - Verified Blue's Rick?

Swat1 - Who's running the OH one Kaz?

Kaz - Blue Pickerel or Blue Walleyes. Canadian often refer to blue walleyes as pike or pickerel.

Rick - Yes...I am a former fish and wildlife technician...the id was good.

Kaz - Jim Corey is running the Ohio circuit. Read about it in the August issue of Walleye Central magazine.

Chatman - I'd love to see one up close. I'd also like to see them comeback. It'd be a sure sign of a rebounding fish population in the Great Lakes.

Swat1 - Sounds good Kaz! Maybe if I'm still living here and change my mind about getting back into it....LOL!!

Rick - The coloration of a blue walleye is unique. When you see one, you'll know! They are much smaller than the yellows.

Kaz - By the way, guys, there is no such thing as a walleye pike. The walleye is a member of the perch family.

Rick - Pike are members of the Esox family.

Kaz - You are correct, Rick.

Rick - Esox lucius?

Kaz - So, you have any tournament questions?

Rick - Kaz what do the winning teams do differently? Especially on Lake Erie?

Chatman - Here is the 5000-dollar question Kaz, where do you see walleye tournaments in 5 years?

Swat1 - Catch Bigger fish, Rick! LOL!

Rick - LOL!

Ness - :-)

gonfishn95 - What does BEV do with all her spare time?

Kaz - Walleye tournaments are growing by the year. But most are local and state tournaments.

Kaz - I'm typing right now, Bev.

gonfishn95 - I figured!

Kaz - By the way, I shot 54 on the front nine today.

Chatman - Hi Bev! I figured that too, Kaz can talk like the Dickens, but you are the typist!.............LOL

Swat1 - Tiger better look out huh Kaz? :-)

Rick - That's my score per hole! LOL!

Chatman - Mine too, LOL! Rick! And what I do CANNOT be called Golf!! LOL!

gonfishn95 - I have never played, is that good?

Rick - We have a golf/fishing tourney here somewhere now.

Kaz - Kaz shot a 40 today, 4 over par. (Not bad for an old GEEZER.)

gonfishn95 - Mini golf?

Swat1 - I hate hitting my golf shots off the casting deck though. Divots are to hard to replace. :-)

Kaz - We either golf or fish. We have a great body of water here in our development called Lake Dow North, chocked full with 3 lb. Crappies! (It's private.) Sorry, guys, but somebody has to fish it.

Rick - Well Kaz...you're always welcome to come try our Niagara courses and walleye!

Chatman - Kaz, how do you see, or think the major professional circuits will fare in the next few years?

Rob Ensor - Kaz do you think tournament are growing to fast for anglers to keep up?

Kaz - Well, RCL told me they will continue their current format. The PWT is owned by Prime Media, who I hear don't really want to be in the tournament business, and the MWC is having a bit of a problem.

Kaz - Like I said before, the future holds a lot of local tournaments, and if you want to fish with the big guys, there will be a couple of circuits for that too.

Chatman - What are some of the causes that can be attributed to the current struggles with these circuits?

Rick - I always catch more fish when it doesn't matter! LOL!

gonfishn95 - Ditto!

Kaz - Each circuit has its own organizational makeup and growing pains.

Swat1 - What type of circuit is tracker looking at Kaz?

Kaz - I don't know Swat, I just heard about it.

Kaz - Running tournaments was extremely difficult. Seven days a week. The phone, e-mail mail and the snail mail never ended until we retired.

Swat1 - I heard about a fun tourney from Tracker for owners but nothing serious about a circuit yet.

Kaz - That's how RCL started.

Rick - Oh crud! I have a Smokercraft (legend)!

gonfishn95 - Kaz, do you mean running a tourney is not 8-5 and where is my paycheck?

Kaz - RCL has the best payout of any walleye circuit now, and most bass circuits as well.

Chatman - That's not a bad boat Rick.........

Swat1 - Any boat that gets you out and Back is a good boat.

Rick - But no tourneys. 

Rick - I love my legend, it's a great boat!

Swat1 - USFA and the new Ohio circuit are some you could try Rick.

Rob Ensor - Rick I fish a lot of tournament out of my Smoker!

Chatman - Well, No RCL at least........unless you fish as an amateur?

Swat1 - That isn't a bad way to go either, Chatman!

Kaz - Did you know that Illinois is going to have a Governor's Walleye Cup Tournament in October?

Rick - I'm hoping that someone does one for the Niagara...hehe.

Rob Ensor - I already sent My application in Kaz.

Rick - Exchange rate keeps me out of US stuff.

Kaz - Rob, maybe I'll have to come up there and win that Illinois tournament!

Rob Ensor - The Illinois Governor's Cup will be on two different pools of the Illinois River. That should make things very interesting.

Rob Ensor - Any time Kaz!

Kaz - Yes, it's a nice format, switching pools between the fields on both days.

Rick - Are all the tourneys total weight?

Rob Ensor - The river has had a great fall bite the last few years.

Kaz - Yes and no, there's different formats.

Chatman - Wow! The hour is almost gone! Any questions Kaz has missed?

Backwater Eddy (ND) - - - Ness - New job, you selecting the mail dancers in a club, that good of a job? :)

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Bob (and Bev) Kaczkowski!!!!!!

m.n.o.bucket - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!

gonfishn95 - Take care BEV & Kaz!!!!

Rick - Thank you Kaz!!! Tight lines bud!

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!! *Standing on his chair*

Swat1 - Thanks Kaz! Great chat, as usual!!

Rangerdood - Great visiting with you Kaz!!

Lu (wi)- Good night Kaz! Clap, clap!!

Kaz - Okay, guys, I got to go--fondle my lures and wash my balls (golf balls, that is).

Ness - Thank you...

Driftr - Thanks Kaz

Rob Ensor - Good nite give me a call any time Kaz!

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