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Luhr Jensen Chat 4/11/01

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen please welcome our guest tonight, Phil Jensen of Luhr Jensen!!!!!!!!!!

Driftr - Welcome Phil !!!

RickT - Hello Phil clap clap

Chatman - Welcome Phil -!!!!

Driftr - clap clap clap

Chatman - Let's start out with a little history on Luhr Jensen Phil.

Chatman - How long has Luhr Jensen been around?

Phil Jensen - Hood River, Oregon (Beautiful Northwest...) right on the Columbia, 60 miles east of Portland... looking across the river at Washington State... and "Hi.".. Where's all the applause that you promised...

RickT - clap clap clap clap clap

Chatman - It seems we have several regulars not in here yet..............Today was the RCL on Lake Erie and a few are fishin it....all the guys most familiar with the Dipsy Divers etc........

Phil Jensen - Oops... I got two messages crosswise... Drifter asked where I am located... ?? Oh... thanks for the clap. (did I say that?)

Chatman - lol

Driftr - most of our regulars are fishing the RCL in Port Clinton

RickT - rofl

Chatman - They should be along momentarily, if not they will be able to read it in the archives...

Phil Jensen - I know it well... Great Walleye country!

Chatman - I tell you, aside from the Columbia rivers salmon fishery, we also hear plenty about the walleye in your neck of the woods

Phil Jensen - Really Big Show! ...caught a 17 pounder last year.

Driftr - Phil , where I am from (central basin Lake Erie) we use your Dipsey Divers for the walleyes

Chatman - I was browsing the Luhr Jensen site Phil, you have quite an extensive line of products

Driftr - we fish 70' quite often

Phil Jensen - Thanks Driftr... the "Dipsy Diver" pays the mortgage here!

RickT - J-plugs for walleye

Phil Jensen - My great goodness... are we now using "J-Plugs" for Walleye? ...I'd like to hear more about that!

Chatman - I have lots of experience with most of the "Salmon" products as I spent a great deal of my teens trolling for salmon....

Chatman - But many also make the cross over to the walleye anglers as well, as Rick says..

Phil Jensen - I do understand that salmon, especially in Lake Michigan are prospering these days... I like that !!!

Chatman - I also use the bigger J Plugs trolling for muskies........

RickT - south reefs at night

RickT - wont find them during the day

Chatman - Where are you fishin Rick?

Phil Jensen - That would work... Have you seen our "Woodchopper" lures? big wooden... top-water... 7" long and terrific for Muskies.

RickT - Lake Michigan and surrounding waters

Chatman - Saw them up close and personal...really a nice lookin lure........

Phil Jensen - The "woodchoppers" have developed quite a reputation for the "Peacock Bass" in South America... but, that's another topic!

Chatman - Hee hee, I am gonna get there to fish those beauties some day............

Chatman - Peacockbass central????

EyeBoy - No doubt.

Phil Jensen - Check our Web-site for info the Peacock Bass... It's a favorite of mine and we have developed quite a bit of good stuff on this fishery... You know... www.luhrjensen.com, and go right to the picture of the woodchopper on the Luhr Jensen home page...

Chatman - Are there any lures Luhr Jensen wants walleye fisherman specifically to know about?

Phil Jensen - Thanks for asking... we have about 150 or so... let's start with the "Power Minnow"... the "Hot Lips"... the "Rock-Walker", the "Bigg's Walleye Rig" and a whole lot more... don't get me started O.K. ..get me started!!!

EyeBoy - Start now!

Chatman - I sit and think of all the lures I have used and still use now in pursuit of walleye, so to start you up, I love the brush baby, the crippled herring....

RickT - hot lips work great on Mississippi river

Smitty - You just gotta start. None of us have enough tackle yet :-)

rusty ILL. - how about big lipped cranks

Phil Jensen - don't forget the "Ripple tail", the "Crippled Herring"... and the inimitable "Krocodile" (every fish's favorite.......) ... and there's more!!!

EyeBoy - The Kroc rocks!

Chatman - The Krocodile and the crippled herring were staples in all my High school buddies tackle boxes when shore casting on Lake Michigan....

Chatman - I now have quite the selection of these two that I use for all different species of fish...

Phil Jensen - I like that... "The Kroc Rocks"... We'll use it! also... Takes a thumpin' ..keeps on pumpin!"

Chatman - Even a 42 inch Northern cant stop a Kroc......

rusty ILL. - OK, ok, I'll try some!

Chatman - lol...........

Driftr - how long has Luhr Jensen been in business

Phil Jensen - We make the "Krocodile" up to 7 ounces... but the 2 1/2 is the top end of what sells... the 1 ounce is the biggest seller of all..

EyeBoy - 1's are what I have the most of.

Phil Jensen - My Dad... Luhr Jensen, Se. started the biz in 1932... He "lost the farm" in the depression and decided to "go fishin'"... it was a good idea!

EyeBoy - Go Figure

Chatman - I can tell you too, far too many walleye anglers do not use enough spoons in their fishing......

Phil Jensen - This is fun... I can eat my peanuts and "talk" at the same time... O.K.!!!

EyeBoy - I bought one of your side planers the other day, but haven't used it yet.

Chatman - lol, and drink while you talk too...........and not slop water all over the keyboard..........lol

Phil Jensen - Side Planers??? Ya mean the "Dipsy Diver"... or the "Hot Shot Side Planer..."

rusty ILL. - spoons for structure

EyeBoy - Hot Shot.

Chatman - I cast em over the tops of weeds, and over reefs and points as well......

EyeBoy - Poor mans planer board? LOL.......

rusty ILL. - structure trolling ?

Chatman - That too rusty, but I cast them more often and more accurately.....

Chatman - Eyeboy brings a good topic to my mind....lets talk a bit about the difference between the Dipsy Diver and the Hot Shot side planer...for those who have not seen one or both of them Phil...

EyeBoy - With Fireline one can zing those one oz Krocs a country mile.

rusty ILL. - haven't tried em for structure trolling much but am going to try

Driftr - how did the idea of the Dipsey Diver come about?

Phil Jensen - Rick... Yes, you can fish them from shore... but there must be a current to drive them out...

Chatman - Has Phil missed any questions so far? If so ask again..........

EyeBoy - How well does the Hot Shot work with FireLine?

Phil Jensen - Eyeboy... we are using "Fire-line' and others most of the time now... It works well with the back-trolling that we like to do.

EyeBoy - IC, thanks.

Phil Jensen - O.K. ...here's a now one... do you remember the "Beno"... Luhr Jensen has this in its catalog... Just another :"legend".

Chatman - There are really no special concerns when using fireline with the  -

Dipsy diver or the Hot shot then? The line doesn't slide or slip in any way does it?

rusty ILL. - Beno?

Phil Jensen - Speaking of "legends" do you remember the "Herb's Dilly"... the "Bass-o-reno" and the "Nip-i-diddee"?

EyeBoy - I don't have a clue.

Chatman - another great lure, that is a great lure and topic of discussion is the super duper

rusty ILL. - are they crank bait's?

Phil Jensen - Yes Rusty... The "Beno" and the "Beno Eel" were manufactured in Cleveland by the "Mill-Run" company... it's a very old lure...

Chatman - I have a few baby bass oreno's made in the 60's around here somewhere

Phil Jensen - ...same the old wooden lures... they are very collectable!

rusty ILL. - what do they look like

Driftr - I haven't heard of the Beno for years

Driftr - course, I'm not that old either! Hmmm.......

Rob Ensor - I may have missed this earlier, but what new products are you coming out with for the walleye market

rusty ILL. - comparison?

Phil Jensen - Rusty... the "Beno" is rather like a "Kwikfish" (Flatfish to the undereducated)... but with a smaller and rounder body... sorta "Cute"...

Chatman - Are you somewhat of an antique lure collector Phil?

Smitty - Phil, if you had to name your number 1 selling lure for walleye, what would it be?

Phil Jensen - Rob... Our newest product for this coming year... will be a size K-13 "Kwikfish" with a very enticing light in the tail... the "clear" bodied one is absolutely a smash! ...available next year... (you heard it here, first).

rusty ILL. - if they work why not duplicate

EyeBoy - Phil - trivia question, how many different lures do you make?

Phil Jensen - Yes, Chatman... I do collect old lures... and if anyone is interested, I'll trade a brand new lure for an old one, any day!!!

Chatman - I always stop at garage sales looking for Grandpas tackle box, ya never know what you will find...

rusty ILL. - yes heard here first

EyeBoy - I love the one oz perch color.

Chatman - Blue and silver is red hot on lake Michigan, and in any clear water, for me....

Phil Jensen - Chrome... is the bit number... just simple Chrome. (mostly offshore / salt ).

Chatman - we touched on crankbaits before Phil, how many different models does Luhr Jensen make?

Phil Jensen - Thankin you... I have finished my pound of peanuts... and I need a coke, bad! A few minutes more and I have to go practice the harp and the guitar... got a really bad band!

EyeBoy - Harp!?!?

RickT - how about a jointed J-plug

Phil Jensen - Chatman... Oh yeah... Crankbaits... We make about 20 different cranks... the "Hot Lips" and the "Speed Trap" are the best sellers, but the "Hot Shot" is very popular here in the west.

Chatman - Lots of steel headers and salmon anglers here use the hot shot, and as I mentioned, I love the brush baby in cover...

rusty ILL. - sounds good from here

Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for our guest host tonight, Phil Jensen of Luhr Jensen!!!!!!!!!

EyeBoy - Thanks Phil!!!!!!


Rob Ensor - Thanks Phil!!!

RickT  - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!!!!

jeremy  - Thanks Phil!

Smitty  -Thank you Phil!!!!!!!! Clap, clap, clap.........

Chatman - Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Phil Jensen - Thanks... you'se guys are grrreat!!!

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