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 Mark Brandt - The Walleye List Chat 8/15/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm walleye central welcome for Mark Brandt of the Walleye List!!

Driftr - Welcome Mark !!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!

Sunshine - Clap, clap, clap!

river king mi - Since you're in a Crestliner dealership with those guys, there must be some kind of alliance going on there Chatman?

mbrandt (in) - Thanks you all, nice to be here

fish - hello mark

m.n.obucket - hi mark

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!

Eyes Only - Hi Mark!!

jerry - welcome Mark

Chatman - Well Crestliner does advertise with us and are a great group of people.

mnjimcarp - What is the Walleye List?

Chatman - We are starting something new tonight. We are coming to you, live, from The Main Store Marine in Webb lake WI.

mbrandt (in) - The Walleye List is an Internet mailing list. Like a BBS, but our list is done via e-mail.

jerry - A COOL list......products, discussion of walleye fishing, etc.

Chatman - Our first remote location!

mnjimcarp - I see.

mbrandt (in) - We currently have 800 subscribers!

Chatman - How long have you been doing the walleye list Mark?

Sunshine - Mark, congratulations on the success of the Walleye List.

river king mi - There were some posts about Walleye Central taking over the MWC Mark, that's what I was getting at.

mbrandt (in) - The Walleye List will be 3 years old in October.

mbrandt (in) - Thank you Sunshine!

jerry - The list is excellent, Mark.

mbrandt (in) - When you post to the list, it is sent via e-mal to all 800 subscribers.

Chatman - Mark can you briefly describe how an angler goes about getting involved with the Walleye List?

Sunshine - Personally, I need to satisfy my walleye fix each and every day by reading from the Daily Digest mode.

mbrandt (in) - The fastest way is too visit, www.walleyelist.com and read the FAQ. There are several ways to subscribe.

mbrandt (in) - We used to do chats too, but this has always been better. Now it is just the e-mail.

Sunshine - One big added benefit to subscribing to your list has been the opportunity to win occasional prizes. I've been fortunate to win a 50% off Erie trip and awesome insulated underwear from Body Sock. Please keep up the great work!

mbrandt (in) - Sunshine, you won twice?

jerry - Still waiting to win here.....my time will come.

rich deno - Mark, you do a GREAT job with the list.

mbrandt (in) - Thank you Rich!

Sunshine - YEP, won twice.

jerry - Thanks for bringing the list back, Mark.

mbrandt (in) - I didn't think I had any duplicates.

Juls - You lucky duck! I never win anything! LOL! ;-)

mbrandt (in) - I need some donations, for prizes.

jerry - Hmmmmm. I think I remember Juls winning something once.

river king mi - Can you explain some benefits of being on the list Mark?

Sunshine - Don't black ball me, now that you know! ;-)

Juls - What's that Jerry? Not off the list I didn't. ;-)

mbrandt (in) - Benefits? You can win some prizes, walleye stuff in your e-mail, and no Spam!

mbrandt (in) - I'd rather be reading e-mail at work than a web page. It looks much better.

Chatman - Especially when the boss walks past! LOL!

mbrandt (in) - That's why I started it.

REELMAN - How much e-mail does someone receive, by being on the list?

Chatman - And you say it is SPAM free Mark?

Juls - It's not too bad reelman. There's more in the colder months than the warmer months though.

mbrandt (in) - And if your in the digest mode, 1 e mail a day. In the regular mode, up to around 50. The most we have had is about 70.

m.n.obucket - What other benefits are there from the list?

REELMAN - 50 a day???

mbrandt (in) - PWT and RCL results mailed to you.

Sunshine - I use the digest mode, its awesome!

Chatman - How does the digest mode work Mark?

Juls - I once left for a week to do a tourney and came back home to find 274 e-mails! LOL! I forgot to contact Mark and have him stop mine for a week!

Juls - But that's a nice thing with the Walleye List. Mark will turn it off for you, for the time you're gone and then restart it right on time...;-)

mbrandt (in) - Chatman, the Digest mode has all the days posts compiled into one large e-mail and they're indexed. It is then mailed out at 3 am eastern time.

mbrandt (in) - If we get over 50 posts, then 2 digests are mailed out.

Chatman - That's a nice feature, saves you from opening 80 e-mails.

mbrandt (in) - That's very true. I still prefer individual though.

Juls - Me too Mark.

Sunshine - You can read the one or two posts at your leisure and reply anytime, right Mark?

mbrandt (in) - Yes you can Sunshine.

Juls - If the subject line doesn't interest me, I just delete it. No biggie.

Chatman - I will answer all the e-mails I get here at Walleye Central, but to be able to have them indexed would be nice...

T-Mac - So, that's why you never answer me Juls!

mbrandt (in) - We also allow advertising 2 days a month only. Any other time and you're booted!

REELMAN - Mark, how many members are there, currently?

mbrandt (in) - About 800 members right now.

Juls - Hahaha, T-Mac! Nooooooooo, not at all! ;-)

river king mi - LOL! T-Mac!

REELMAN - Mark, how does a guy join?

Sunshine - I guess I don't have interesting subject lines either, Juls ignores me too!

mbrandt (in) - Roughly 1/3 of our subscribers are in the Digest mode.

T-Mac - LOL!

mbrandt (in) - We also have a no mail feature. You can then see the posts on the web site.

mbrandt (in) - It's password protected.

Juls - Noooooooooo! You guys don't need my input most of the time! ;-) It's nothing personal!

Chatman - Just like a bulletin board Mark?

T-Mac - ;-)

mbrandt (in) - Exactly, but you can only read along. Have to post via e-mail

river king mi - Like the Walleye Central message board then???

Sunshine - Anything new on the horizon, Mark?

mbrandt (in) - A person can't hide behind any alias's either. You must have and use a valid e-mail account.

T-Mac - What is the address, mbrandt (in)? Sorry, I got here late. As usual!

mbrandt (in) - www.walleyelist.com 

T-Mac - Thanks!

Chatman - Well, River King, on our bards you can post and interact, interacting on Marks is done via e-mail. 

mbrandt (in) - Exactly!

mbrandt (in) - The same, only different!

Juls - It is an email that everyone on the list will see...

T-Mac - Cool!

river_walleye - You can also set up your email filter to send Walleye List messages to a separate folder, to keep your emails separate.

mbrandt (in) - Our group doesn't get as fired up as they sometimes do here. Probably because everyone has their e-mail address. No anonymity.

Sunshine - I've had hard questions answered on the list, and made good friends who READ my Subject LINE and responded!

WC Inmate - Just joined the Chat--what's up?

T-Mac - I love that name, Inmate!

mbrandt (in) - The post must be walleye related too. Other talk is forbidden.

Juls - LOL! Ouch, Sunshine! ;-)

T-Mac - Eye see.

mbrandt (in) - Forbidden isn't a good word, discouraged?

Chatman - Mark, how about, not allowed??

Sunshine - Mark slapped my wrists once because I sent a joke. Never again!

Juls - ;-)

Chatman - LOL!

WC Inmate - Chatman, when is the next issue of the Walleye Central magazine coming out?

mbrandt (in) - Yes, we will try and steer it elsewhere. Profanity and porn is a booting offense!

Chatman - A cyber slap Sunshine?

mbrandt (in) - Yes.

Chatman - The magazine is at the printers right now!

mbrandt (in) - Attachments are not allowed, or pictures. Plain text only.

Chatman - So you will not be involved with spreading viruses then?

mbrandt (in) - Also, a very important point, no viruses get thru the list!!

T-Mac - A good eye-dea, Mark!

river_walleye - Mark, is there a place on the Walleye List web site to post pics?

mbrandt (in) - No, the software won't allow it.

mbrandt (in) - I am working on that. I had one and took it down. Maybe this winter?

WC Inmate - What does the next issue of the magazine hold in store for us Walleye Central inmates?

mbrandt (in) - I asked for pictures, and only 1 or 2 were sent.

T-Mac - They are lots of work Mark!

mbrandt (in) - I love it thought.

mbrandt (in) - One other important point about the Walleye List, it's FREE, of course!

mbrandt (in) - I stopped the list, last year, and missed it so bad I started it up again!!

Chatman - Ah, wait and see Inmate. I saw an advanced computer print out today, it will knock your socks off, but more on that later. Any questions for Mark?

Sunshine - I like the fishing reports and tourney updates, Mark.

mbrandt (in) - Yes, see Ralph 20 minutes! LOL!

m.n.obucket - Mark, can we see the site without the e-mail ??

mbrandt (in) - I wish more anglers would send in reports.

Driftr - 18 mark :)

river_walleye - The best thing about the list is that you can ask a question and you are pretty much guaranteed a bunch of good answers!

Sunshine - It's like Walleye Central. A little slower in the summer, but lively in the winter.

mbrandt (in) - M.n.obucket, yes, but you have to subscribe in the no mail mode. It is explained in the FAQ that is free for anyone to read.

Chatman - The Internet is a good tool for finding fast, and accurate information.

mbrandt (in) - The Walleye List gets very busy in January!

WC Inmate - Sorry, just joined the chat for first time, who is Mark?

Chatman - Mark Brandt, of the Walleye List.

Juls - www.walleyelist.com 

T-Mac - Mark... where are you headquartered?

Driftr - In January everyone is chompin' at the bit to fish open water.

mbrandt (in) - You can sell stuff easily. I have sold everything I have put up on the sale days.

mbrandt (in) - Today a guy was selling thundersticks!

Chatman - Are your sale days the same das every week?

Driftr - That had to be jerry selling the t-sticks!

T-Mac - LOL!

mbrandt (in) - Indianapolis, Indiana. The walleye capital of the south! LOL!

mbrandt (in) - Don't I wish?

T-Mac - Thanks.

mbrandt (in) - I am originally from Chicago.

Sunshine - How many active members are you up to now, Mark?

mbrandt (in) - 800

Sunshine - WOW!

REELMAN - How many members are here tonight???

Chatman - There are 18 people in the chat room tonight, not sure how many members of the Walleye list are here though. Anyone?

REELMAN - Anyone?

mbrandt (in) - The PWT has been one of our longest subscribers.

mbrandt (in) - They print out the digest every day and hand it out in the mail, or so I have been told.

rich deno - Do you have a full time job Mark? And what is it?

WC Inmate - I'm new, what is the "Walleye List?"

mbrandt (in) - The Walleye List is an Internet mailing list, it's interactive.

REELMAN - Is anyone here a member?

Juls - It's an e-mail list that you can subscribe to. You talk about walleye related topics.

Sunshine - Yes, reelman, I am.

Juls - I am too reelman, and so are 17 other people!

mbrandt (in) - Rich, yes I do. I am a 2nd level technical support manager for a large telecommunications company.

river_walleye - I've been a member of Marks list for some time now, if you haven't checked it out, it's worth it!

WC Inmate - Sounds good!

mbrandt (in) - You can subscribe and leave at anytime.

REELMAN - All right, I think I will give it a try.

Juls - I've been a member for two years now, I think? I lose track of time pretty easy! LOL!

champ - Mark, how do you get the list?

WC Inmate - Time flies.

REELMAN - That is the main thing, if a guy can get out if he/she doesn't like it.

Juls - Go to www.walleyelist.com  and sign up Champ.

mbrandt (in) - Just read the FAQ at walleyelist.com , it is all explained there.

WC Inmate - Do you sell the list to manufacturers?

champ - Thanks.

mbrandt (in) - We have a few pros on the list too!

Sunshine - I've learned a great deal from just reading along.

Juls - I have never received any junk mail by being on this list.

Juls - Me too Sunshine, me too!

mbrandt (in) - Gary Gray was a member for a long time but didn't re-sign after my dumb stoppage last year.

Sunshine - Stop trying to make up Juls.

Juls - People from all over the world are on this list. Mostly people from the states, but a few from over seas too!

Eyes Only - Mark doesn't sell the list to any Manufacturers, but some are members of the list.

mbrandt (in) - Chairman (Bruce Deshano) is a member in good standing.

Chatman - I don't know Mark, Maybe Gary just needs a reminder?

Juls - Hahaha, fine! Be that way Sunshine. LOL!

mbrandt (in) - I talked to Gary at the Soo, he said maybe over the winter. He gets too much e-mail as it is.

Chatman - I tell you, lots of manufacturers and companies watch the Internet.

Sunshine - Mark thanks for all the hard work and diligence!

mbrandt (in) - Thanks Sunshine.

WC Inmate - Where are most people from who are on the list (what states)?

mbrandt (in) - Our people are from all over. Mostly in MI, WI, and MN. I also have quite a contingent form the Netherlands!

Chatman - Zander anglers?

WC Inmate - Walleyes are popular in the upper Midwest, for sure.

mbrandt (in) - I also have the, Al Linder, form France, but he doesn't post much anymore. He still gets the digest though.

mbrandt (in) - Ted Takasaki was on it for a while, also Richard Melon.

Juls - You have folks from KY, MT, CO, AK, IL, and OH too!! Just to name a few more. ;-)

WC Inmate - France?

WC Inmate - Sounds pretty intensive, I will check it out.

walleyecheeks - There are also subscribers in South Dakota!

mbrandt (in) - The subscribers in the Netherlands love reading about American techniques.

mbrandt (in) - He sent me a bunch of lures to give away a while back. Strange looking stuff.

Chatman - I know a guy who went to the Netherlands to fish Zander and talk about walleye fishing here. He recommends the trip!

Driftr - Is there a difference in the 2 fish?

T-Mac - Yes.

Driftr - What?

WC Inmate - Will have to wait to be retired to fish the Netherlands.

mbrandt (in) - Zander can grow much bigger.

Driftr - How big?

T-Mac - Their genes are close... but different. Kind of like how sauger are different.

mbrandt (in) - I also have a great sticker for your boat. and there only $1 each!

T-Mac - Up to 40lbs!

Driftr - Whoa!

T-Mac - Yah ha!

WC Inmate - 40 lbs.?????????????

Chatman - They are not all 40 lbs. But they do get big!

Sunshine - The stickers are cool. have one on the truck and one on the boat

Driftr - Maybe we need Zander in Lake Erie?

T-Mac - I believe I read that they get to 40 lbs.

mbrandt (in) - That would be cool.

WC Inmate - Wonder what they taste like?

mbrandt (in) - Maybe they would eat the zebra mussels?

Chatman - They are huge fish, affectionately called ditch walleye by my friends. You should see some of the waters they are in

T-Mac - LOL!

WC Inmate - You have friends?

T-Mac - LOL!

Chatman - 2 or 3, I cant afford to pay more people...LOL!

Ness - What kind of waters, Chatman?

WC Inmate - Just kidding.

T-Mac - Ditch friends?

Driftr - LOL!

Chatman - (Unbridled plagiarism) "I got friends in LOW places...."

T-Mac - Hehehe!

Ness - :-)

Chatman - Right up your alley Ness, they are in canals and rives around Holland. They tolerate much more sluggish water than walleyes do.

Driftr - I was going to ask where my check was at Ralph

river_walleye - Mark, with all the effort you put in the list, when do you find time to fish?

Chatman - Uhh, your check is in the mail Jim...

rich deno - Thanks Mark :)

mbrandt (in) - Mine too? You get paid for doing this right? that's what Melon told me!

Driftr - Hahahaha!

Ness - I think I deserve a raise! I've been a good friend.

mbrandt (in) - I don't?

T-Mac - Mellon got paid Canadian funds.

Chatman - You all are getting what I normally pay you doubled..

WC Inmate - You'd be surprised how many people do "walleye stuff" for nothing.

T-Mac - Cheap!!!

mbrandt (in) - Rich, I don't get out as much as I'd like.

WC Inmate - It's a love of the sport.

Chatman - That was a good question Mark? When and where do you find time to fish?

mbrandt (in) - That is one reason I started the list, at least I can read about walleye fishing.

mbrandt (in) - I fish mostly Brookville reservoir, near Cincinnati.

Sunshine - Mark, do you archive the material posted?

mbrandt (in) - We keep the last 1000 posts.

mbrandt (in) - After that the subjects seem to repeat themselves.

mbrandt (in) - I can keep more, but I want to encourage questions.

WC Inmate - How did you start this list?

river_walleye - You need to schedule a fall trip for the Saginaw, Michigan area. Lots of big fish are in the rivers then.

walleyecheeks - Mark, do you have any get together's from folks on the list?

Sunshine - I've saved some very informative stuff off the list for future reference.

mbrandt (in) - I haven't yet with the get together's. We have talked about it. Hard to find some time where a lot can go.

mbrandt (in) - I almost had one at Winnebago this year.

Chatman - That is also a good point Mark. There are new anglers every day, and many questions are asked over and over. Too many posts would not keep the archives fresh. Or timely.

walleyecheeks - That's understandable.

mbrandt (in) - Maybe a get together next year?

Eyes Only - Let me know if you want to seriously consider Winnebago again next year. My offer to help is still open.

mbrandt (in) - Folks are constantly coming and going. It's not for everyone. A lot get scared off when it gets busy here.

WC Inmate - It would be nice for walleye anglers to be able to get together to discuss the sport and learn.

Sunshine - Hey charter talk, we still on for the get together??

mbrandt (in) - And that's what we promote.

WC Inmate - We could learn from each other.

mbrandt (in) - Many come back, too, after they realize that 20 e-mails is not going to fill your mailbox.

Sunshine - Charter talk, hope the plans stay. I can't wait

mbrandt (in) - My archive holds the last 1000 posts and is not even 1 mb!

walleyecheeks - Or 132 when you go on vacation?

mbrandt (in) - Most mailboxes allow 5 mb of content.

Chatman - It is amazing how afraid of the Internet some people are..

WC Inmate - Have you ever met people who have posted?

mbrandt (in) - Yes, Ebijack, Rich Melon and Sally Simpson.

mbrandt (in) - And a few others. I have talked on the phone to quite a few, too.

Chatman - So Mark, tell us a little about your walleye pursuits.

Chatman - Have you fished any/many tournaments?

mbrandt (in) - I am going to fish my first walleye tournament next month

WC Inmate - Which one?

mbrandt (in) - The Richard Gaston memorial at Brookville.

Sunshine - Cartertalk, I'll take care of it if you trust me.

WC Inmate - That's Brookville, ???

mbrandt (in) - It's the 3rd annual. In honor of a State Trooper killed in the line of duty.

WC Inmate - What state?

chartertalk - Mark you do a great job moderating the mail and from keeping any junk from being spread.

mbrandt (in) - One of our members runs the tournament.

chartertalk - Sure, Dennis.

mbrandt (in) - I try chartertalk.

Chatman - Mark, give us the info, I'd fish something like that, just for that reason.

WC Inmate - Where, when, how much, payout?

mbrandt (in) - Brookville Lake, Sept. 22nd, $100 a team. $800 1st place prize, hopefully. The entry money is for charity and is tax deductible!

WC Inmate - But what state

mbrandt (in) - Indiana, near Cincinnati

WC Inmate - OK, thanks.

mbrandt (in) - Brookville is the top walleye lake in the state!

mbrandt (in) - The DNR shocked some fish over 10 lbs., last spring.

WC Inmate - Mark, have you fished any other tournaments?

T-Mac - What water is impounded to make this reservoir?

mbrandt (in) - I used to fish bass a long time ago.

WC Inmate - Sounds like someone else I know.

mbrandt (in) - I like to go to the PWT and pre-fish with the guys though. You learn just as much and it's cheaper. LOL!

Sunshine - I have not seen an RCL schedule yet.

Cspeeder - Mark keep up the great job! 

WC Inmate - Lots of people start out with bass, but convert to walleye.

Chatman - Sonny says it will be out soon. You know how the RCL is with making sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed!

mbrandt (in) - I always loved walleye, but didn't have anywhere I lived.

mbrandt (in) - Only when on vacation, did my sister and I catch them.

WC Inmate - You'd be surprised how far walleyes roam in the U.S.!

Sunshine - I appreciate Sonny's thoroughness.

mbrandt (in) - They do now, 30 years ago they didn't.

Chatman - Hey, I just wanted to remind you, we are at a remote location tonight. At the Main Store. The Crestliner dealership in Webb Lake WI.

WC Inmate - What are you doing there?

mbrandt (in) - Where's Webb Lake?

Chatman - We have a Walleye Central staff meeting today and tomorrow. Kaz, Scott, Wayne Stensrud, John Hertensteiner, Colin Crawford and myself all here at the dealership. Sonja and Ingrid are back at the cabin, roastin some vittles.

WC Inmate - Sounds like plans are being made for Walleye Central?

Chatman - Near Minong, Mark.

T-Mac - Way up north!

mbrandt (in) - Oh, that helps!

WC Inmate - What state?

T-Mac - Near Superior, Wisconsin.

Chatman - 40 miles south of Superior/Duluth, in Wisconsin.

WC Inmate - OK

mbrandt (in) - OK.

mbrandt (in) - I live in fishers, right near Noblesville.

Eyes Only - Got to go Mark. Thanks for what you do on the list.

WC Inmate - Sounds like you guys are having a pow wow.

Chatman - Sort of Inmate. We meet about once a quarter. Just to keep up to speed. It is also nice to be face to face once in a while. And when the sun pulls away from the shore and the boat sinks slowly in the west, we have been known to kick back a bit....LOL!

Chatman - WE are going to wrap up soon. If Mark has missed any questions, now is the time to ask...

WC Inmate - Thanks Mark, I learned a lot--will visit your site.

mbrandt (in) - Thank you please do, but don't feel obligated though!

Sunshine - Thanks for everything Mark, You da' man!

mbrandt (in) - Thank you Ralph and Scott for inviting me here tonight. I had fun.

mbrandt (in) - Scott's the man!

chartertalk - thanks Mark

WC Inmate - Scott's great.

walleyecheeks - Great job with the list Mark and keep it up.

Chatman - Anytime Mark!

WC Inmate - Scott, you hear me?

Juls - Sorry got to go. The dog is going spastic! Wants to play! Thanks for your time tonight Mark! Keep up the great work! G'nite! ;-)

walleyecheeks - Hey Chatman say hi for me to Wayne from Chico Peters in SD.

m.n.obucket - Thanks Mark!

mbrandt (in) - I've got to run. I have to take my dog out now, ala Juls!

Chatman - LOL Mark!!

Chatman - He's standing here reading along Inmate.

river_walleye - Well Mark, got to go now. Keep up the good work at The Walleye List. Hope to see and talk with share ideas and tactics with some new members...

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Mark Brandt of the walleye List!!!

WC Inmate - Clap, clap!

WC Inmate - Any new boats at the Crestliner dealer you're at?

Ness - Clap, clap, clap...

Driftr - Thanks Mark !!!!

Chatman - Not that I can see Inmate. Lot's of stuff packed into the store though. Nice place they have here.

walleyecheeks - Hey Wayne congrats again and I hope things are working out. Great job this year!!!!

Chatman - Now you made Wayne blush....LOL He said thanks for the sentiment.

chartertalk - Clap, clap!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

Chatman - Now, Kaz says he is going to start a red fish circuit! Just call him anytime, day or night. LOL!!

WC Inmate - What's a red fish?

T-Mac - A salt-water fish.

Driftr - LOL! Ralph.

WC Inmate - What's the Kaz doing lately?

Chatman - They have walleyes in salt water, ever go to a fish boil?

Chatman - Kaz is right here, heckling me..

Ness - Is he good at it, Chatman?

WC Inmate - Make him type a few words.

Chatman - What do you think Ness? LOL! 

Chatman - Kaz is now the bluegill catching man here at Webb Lake!!

Chatman - Inmate, hang on just a second..

Chatman - Hello. What do you want, Kaz here.

WC Inmate - What's new??? Magazine, personal, etc. etc.

Chatman - (Kaz) The new magazine is at the printer, should be ready in a week

WC Inmate - Will it be as good as the last one?

Chatman - Better than the last. Always improving..

Chatman - (Ralph) Well gang, we must go. Thanks a bunch and we will see you all soon.

WC Inmate - Can we send articles to you for the magazine?

Chatman - (Ralph again) We are always looking for good articles and photos. Even if you cant write, but have some nice pictures, send them in.

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