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 MotorGuide Chat 9/12/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Al Haas of Motorguide!!!

slickster - Welcome Al!

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!

Juls - Hi Al!! and Sonja! ;-)

Juls - Hi all! ;-)

buzzer IA - Juls, did you bring Jack along with you tonight?? LOL!

Juls - LOL, Buzzer!

slickster - Clap, clap, clap, clap!

buzzer IA - I heard he learned to type!?!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Hi everyone from Al!

Firetiger(MN)? - Welcome to Bismarck! (my old hometown)

Chatman - Al is coming to you live, via Sonja's laptop at the Bismarck PWT Championship tonight!!!!

Rob Ensor - Hello Al!

buzzer IA - Hey room!

Chatman - Well, Al can you tell us about how long you have been with Motorguide?

MotorGuide and Sonja - I have been running the service trailer since 1999.

Chairman - Good evening!

Chatman - And what, exactly is your title?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Tournament support technician.

Chatman - Savior, superman, Godsend, amazing and miracle worker do not actually count then? LOL!!

MotorGuide and Sonja - All of the above will do...

Chairman - That is what I would call him.

Chatman - What is the range of products you will work on Al?

Chatman - Me too Bruce, but not to his face, he'll get a big head.........Shhhhhhhhhhh!! LOL!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Any Motorguide or Pinpoint trolling motors and sonar equipment.

Firetiger(MN)? - What are the most common problems you come across while at Tourneys, with the trolling motors?

MotorGuide and Sonja - The lack of preventative maintenance.

Chairman - Missed you at Devils Al. You will be at Green Bay right?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Yes, I am.

Firetiger(MN)? - What are some good suggestions for preventative maintenance?

Chairman - Great, I am looking forward to seeing you there.

The_Walleye_1 - So, do you like working at the tournaments Al?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Check for good connections to the battery, keeping corrosion of the trolling motor plug and battery terminals. Proper lubrication of the latch point and pivot points on the bracket.

MotorGuide and Sonja - Yes, I do like working at the tournaments Walleye 1.

Chatman - Also check the water level of brand new batteries, right Al?

Chatman - Poor Al, spent over an hour in my partners boat at Ortonville one year, only to find out that our brand new batteries had one with no water in it!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Even new batteries need to be checked and charged before use.

buzzer IA - I have a question about a Lazer Al, are you open to it?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Fire away Buzzer!

buzzer IA - I hit a stump and now the motor doesn't want to turn all the way. It just sits in one place and kind of hums!

MotorGuide and Sonja - It sounds like the motor is bad. Next then, it's likely the steer motor and gears could have been damaged.

buzzer IA - Is this repair expensive? The motor is about 4 years old.

MotorGuide and Sonja - That all depends on how much was broken, could be just a jammed gear.

The_Walleye_1 - How many of you guys and gals, in here, fish the MWC?

Chatman - I did, for 11 years. This is my first year not competing in the MWC.

The_Walleye_1 - Oh.

MotorGuide and Sonja - Motorguide has a new electric steer motor called the Excel.

Juls - I fished some of the MWC tournaments this year.

Rob Ensor - Is walleye 1 from Spring Valley?

Chatman - Al, how does the Excel differ from the Lazer series?

buzzer IA - Is there a wireless model, like the Lazer has?

The_Walleye_1 - What do you mean Rob?

The_Walleye_1 - I fished Spring Valley.

MotorGuide and Sonja - The Excel series uses the steer motor of a pinpoint motor system.

Rob Ensor - Are you from spring Valley?

The_Walleye_1 - Ohhhh, nope. I am from Wisconsin

MotorGuide and Sonja - No the Excel motors are not wireless and not radio frequency controlled.

The_Walleye_1 - I fish almost all of the MWC tournaments with my dad.

Rob Ensor - Ok, wrong walleye 1 then.

Chatman - The foot pedal is different also?

MotorGuide and Sonja - That is correct.

The_Walleye_1 - Juls, you fished Spring Valley, correct?

The_Walleye_1 - Rob, do you fish the MWC?

Juls - Yes I did, Walleye 1.

buzzer IA - Have they (motorguide) made the steer motor gears tougher?

MotorGuide and Sonja - The Excel pedals have a cord to the motor and can have Pinpoint sonar capabilities. Some models have the Pinpoint transducer available. Right in the motor pod.

buzzer IA - T think the gears are plastic in the old Lazer.

MotorGuide and Sonja - It is a different, steer gear, system in an Excel.

Rob Ensor - I have fished the MWC in the past.

MotorGuide and Sonja - And we have updated those to metal gears.

buzzer IA - Cool

Chatman - Steer Gear.....sounds like a line of clothing for cattle at the GAP........LOL!!

buzzer IA - LMAO!!

Juls - Al, How many motors do you think you fix per tournament? How much of your time does it take to keep everyone on the water?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Hey Ralphie, maybe we have a new clothing line for Walleye Central!

Chatman - Sorry bout that Al, couldn't resist!!

Chatman - Ya, they'd fit me for sure Sonja!!

MotorGuide and Sonja - That depends upon the number of motorguide and pinpoints in the tournament.

Juls - ;-)

MotorGuide and Sonja - Normally, I work on 20 to 40 motors per tourney.

Chatman - I usually spend a little time with Al at every tournament. All self inflicted problems, usually. Or just hangin out, and learning.

Juls - How is the championship going out there in Bismarck? Have you heard what the bite was like? Is anyone talking to you about it Al? Sonja? ;-)

MotorGuide and Sonja - You are right Ralph!

Chatman - For some reason, I kept chewing up the Steel Machete props on my 107 volt Tour Edition!

buzzer IA - When I hit that stump I was bass fishing. What does that tell you?!?

MotorGuide and Sonja - The bite is a little slow and lots of little fish.

Juls - LOL!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Chatman, stay off the rocks.

MotorGuide and Sonja - Buzzer, why would you fish for inferior fish????

Chatman - But Al, the walleyes were there, so I went there too.........

buzzer IA - Brain cramps!!

Juls - Heheh!

Chatman - Last fall, I ripped the transducer off the trolling motor and dinged up the last prop you put on Al. Prop was a lot better off than transducer though.

Chatman - Has AL missed any questions so far?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Motorguide has pinpoint ready motors that have a molded in transducer in the motor pod.

buzzer IA - In a ballpark figure, what will a new electric steer motor run me?

buzzer IA - And, is it a killer to install?

buzzer IA - A 42 lb. thrust Lazer II?

MotorGuide and Sonja - I have to know voltage and length of shaft and whether pinpoint ready.

buzzer IA - 12 v and not Pinpoint ready.

MotorGuide and Sonja - Around $175 dollars for a Lazer II, 12 volt, steer motor.

buzzer IA - Youch!!

buzzer IA - Thanks Al

MotorGuide and Sonja - It is really not that hard to install.

Chatman - No harder to install than any other trolling motor Motorguide makes, right?

buzzer IA - I don't know, PC boards and me never got along that well! LOL!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Your money may be better spent on the new Excel motor, which has superior speed and reliability over our Lazer system.

Chatman - Does the Excel come in 12, 24 and 36 volt? And what are the thrust ranges?

buzzer IA - Hey, just shoot one my way for a trial run! LOL!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Buzzer, you do not have to remove the PC board to install a steer motor assembly.

buzzer IA - Cool, thanks Al! Now I'll quit bugging you and let others have a shot. Thanks again Al!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Yes Chatman it does come in all voltages from 46 # to 109# of thrust

Chatman - Cool, there is a model available for just about anybody then.

Chatman - How fast does the steer mechanism move the motor in relation to the movement of your foot?

MotorGuide and Sonja - As fast as any electric steer on the market.

Chatman - From heel to toe, how many revolutions does the shaft make? Is it a 360 degree turn?

MotorGuide and Sonja - 12 volt motors - 46 and 54# thrust, 24 volt - 71 and 82# thrust, 36 volt - 109 # thrust

MotorGuide and Sonja - The turn radius is 400 degrees and it never makes more than that.

Chairman - Is pinpoint making any headway with the GPS?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Yes , but I do not have information to date.

Chatman - Al, is there a rule of thumb a trolling motor buyer should use when picking a trolling motor for a boat? How does a new buyer figure out just how much thrust they'd need?

MotorGuide and Sonja - It depends on the type of boat, V-bottom or flat bottom. Also the weight of the boat, the size of big motor on back, side depth of boat as well as where you fish.

Chatman - Just a reminder, Al Haas and Sonja are coming to you, tonight, live from the site of the PWT Championship in Bismarck!

MotorGuide and Sonja - In our catalogs is a section that deals with length and weight of a boat and the amount of thrust needed.

buzzer IA - How's the weather up there, in Bismarck?

Chatman - I always went with the most thrust I could afford over what was on the standard package, and the longest shaft. But then I fish big water and rivers and had big boats.

MotorGuide and Sonja - Other variables are how high the sides are on the boat, how much water the boat draws, and where you are using it to fish

MotorGuide and Sonja - The weather here is in the 70's, sunny and light winds.

MotorGuide and Sonja - It is supposed to be in low 30's tomorrow morning, burrrr!!!!

Chatman - Break out the ice skates!!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Always buy as much thrust as your budget will allow.

buzzer IA - Let's get that water cooled down and get them 'eyes a bitin'!!

Chatman - I was never disappointed with the 107 lb model on my 620. Always had power to spare!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Thank you very much Chatman...

Chatman - But my props were all defective! LOL!! And the shear pins too!!!

Ben - Is there a topic tonight or is anything game?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Yes, defective by owner abuse, on the rocks again? No drink? LOL!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Anything's game Ben.

Chatman - No drink, just a crazy ex basser chasing eyes at night, in shallow rocks.

Chatman - Better the trolling motor prop than the hull!

Juls - LOL!

Tacklebox - What's the wisdom on Dipsey Divers for walleye fishing?

Chatman - Do you, still, also attend to peoples needs supporting Quantum and Zebco products Al? 

MotorGuide and Sonja - Dipsey Divers were the ticket at Dunkirk, NY! During the PWT on Lake Erie.

dc/co - Does any one know when Pinpoint is, if ever, going to incorporate a GPS into their systems?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Pinpoint is working on it as we speak.

MotorGuide and Sonja - Chatman, Brunswick sold Quantum, Zebco, Lews, Browning and Martin Fishing tackle.

Chatman - So you no longer support the products at the tourneys?

MotorGuide and Sonja - That would be correct.

Chairman - I think we can keep you busy with what you have can't we Al?

Chatman - Well, that would certainly give you more time to work on motors, and you could maybe get to your hotel before Midnight now!

MotorGuide and Sonja - Yes, since you like fishing the rocks.

Chairman - Hey! That wasn't me in the rocks!! Ha ha!

Chatman - Hey, it was not like I mangled something in every tournament!! LOL! Sometimes, things just went awry. Really!

Chatman - Not often, but sometimes.

Chairman - Al, the little tips you give us help to keep us aware of problems. Maybe a class for the guys would be good?

Chatman - I can actually count all the legitimate problems (things I didn't cause) I had on one hand, in 11 years of competition! And 18 years of Motorguide products on my boats.

GW(IN) - How is Bismarck?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Does anyone want to talk sonar?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Bismarck is great.

Chatman - Sure, tell us what's new with that.

Chairman - Yes Al, at Devils we had to turn the gain way down.

Chairman - Is there a way to still see fish then?

Chairman - We would lose the bottom signal, often, too.

waliwz - Chairman, why did you have to turn it down?

Chairman - There was lots of stuff in the water column.

GW(IN) - Great Question Chairman, I was there and never did get a good picture that would identify fish!

GW(IN) - Was that due to algae and shrimp?

Chairman - Yes. lots of it. The fish were pretty bottom oriented and I used zoom most of the time.

waliwz - Would the fish not show up as heavier marks?

GW(IN) - What did you have the sensitivity set at on your Pinpoint?

MotorGuide and Sonja - In dirty water situations, sonar's need gain and sensitivity adjustments. Plus, when the water has a lot of plankton or an algae bloom, these adjustments need to be made.

Chairman - But it sure got scary at 50 mph., without a bottom reading.

Chairman - Do we then just accept the loss of fish marks to have the bottom reading?

MotorGuide and Sonja - Just zoom on the bottom and retain your digital depth reading.

Chatman - Was everyone having these problems Bruce? Or was it just you, or just one brand of electronics?

GW(IN) - It was everyone.

Chairman - No Ralph, It was everyone. Genetron, Lowrance, etc.

Chatman - Conditions sort of like a dirty river in the spring?

Chairman - The fish were tight to bottom anyhow, on breaks. They were hard to see there.

MotorGuide and Sonja - A sonar producing high watts of power, shows the finest detail and may need to be adjusted for water conditions.

GW(IN) - Chairman - did you troll or jig?

Chairman - No, it was not even through the water like dirty water. Lots of living things.

Chairman - Don't tell anyone, l jigged :-)

Chatman - If that was the case, when I was running in water like that, I just jacked up the sensitivity to get a good bottom reading. At 50 mph., I wasn't looking for fish, but the bottom anyway.

GW(IN) - It'll be our secret

Juls - LOL! Bruce..;-)

MotorGuide and Sonja - Algae, plankton, and bloom.

Chairman - That was my decision too. I felt the bottom was more important

Chairman - And Trees Al.

Juls - ;-)

Chatman - Ya, the bottom, or a tree, will take a bite outta a hull real quick like if you don't know where you are, especially a place like Devils lake.

Chairman - You had to keep a sharp eye. The middle of the lake would have a tree sticking out of it.

Chatman - Jeez, the hour is flying by. Has Al missed any questions?

MotorGuide and Sonja - A good place for a Lund or Crestliner boat.

waliwz - Tobin Lake is like that too!

GW(IN) - Are there any changes coming to Pinpoint sonar besides the addition of GPS?

waliwz - There's lots of floating logs too!

MotorGuide and Sonja - We have continued to update and revise the product to meet the demands of tournament anglers.

waliwz - What a Ranger does not like logs?? *Grin*

Juls - ;-)

GW(IN) - More pixels? More power? What is next?

waliwz - The new models come with a trained pointer hound, that goes on point as you near walleyes LOL!

GW(IN) - I'll take one!

MotorGuide and Sonja - We now have better screens, enhanced reliability and features.

GW(IN) - You make a great unit! Thank you.

MotorGuide and Sonja - Thanks GW.

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Al Haas of Motorguide!! 

Chatman - And Sonja Pinkert, working the remote from the PWT Championship at Bismarck!!

Juls - Well I have to run! Have a good night all! Thanks for your time Al and Sonja! Have fun out there this weekend! ;-)

Chairman - Thanks Al and Sonja. See you at Green Bay.

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!

dc/co - Clap, clap!!

roadhunter(in) - Thank you Al!!

Ness - Clap, clap!!

dc/co - Thanks Al and Sonja!

Chatman - Before we wind up there are two quick, but important things I'd like to address. 

Chatman - First one. If you would, please, take a moment tonight to think about the victims of yesterday's attacks. And think about those who are involved in the rescue effort, and those who perished while trying to rescue others.

Chatman - Also, the other item involves one of last week's guests. I just heard Frank Owens mother has passed away. Please, especially if you knew Frank, take a moment to think of him and his tonight.

GW(IN) - Sure will Chatman!

waliwz - People here in Canada are very upset for what has happened in New York City, and DC. As if it was in our own country. We are sorry for your loss.

MotorGuide and Sonja - Our thoughts are with Frank and his family as well as those in NYC and DC!

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