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Jason Przekurat and Eric Olson Chat 3/7/01

Chatman  - Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest hosts, Jason Przekurat and Eric Olson, a double, tonight!!!

Driftr  - Welcome Jason Przekurat &  - Eric Olson !!!

Driftr  - clap clap clap

saugeye king  - lol

Clicker (Oh)  - clap clap

bobeyerite[wa]  - Welcome guys!

saugeye king  - clap clap clap

#1 Saugeye  - Welcome

Eric O  - Thanks everyone!!!!!!!

Jason Przekurat  - How's everyone

Chatman  - Well Guys, where do we want to go tonight????

FISH 24 7  - Any major changes planned for techniques on the River this year?

Jason Przekurat  - Any hand lining questions?

Larry(WI)  - Guys, Does Tempress have extensions for rod holders?

Eric O  - Hmmmmm..... can we tell you that yet...?

Eric O  - YES!!!!

FISH 24 7  - Mum's the word here!

Chatman  - Yes, let's talk about hand lining a bit. Specifically, what type of an edge it give you in the MWC Championship...

Jason Przekurat  - Go ahead Eric....

Alumacraft165  - What lb. test lead core do you prefer for rivers??

Eric O  - Well... we plan to expand the bite we had at the Championship last year... got some good stuff!!!

Dan(oh)  - Do you have to use a glove? Does the fish pull the line through your hand?

Eric O  - No glove for real men ... and women...

Jason Przekurat  - We fished a very small area with sharp breaks which is why we opted for the hand lines

Juls  - Are you talking about the Mississippi river right now Jason?

Jason Przekurat  - Yes

Dan(oh)  - What kind of line do you use?

Eric O  - The key to the areas that we fished was the breaks

Larry(WI)  - How do the units fit on the gunnels?

Jason Przekurat  - 20lb. mono

Eric O  - 20lb Excaliber

FISH 24 7  - Are you guys using the Offshore equipment for your reels when hand lining?

Jason Przekurat  - Definitely

Eric O  - We use a rail mount. But, there are other ways of mounting them

Larry(WI)  - A rail mount sounds good...

Eric O  - Riviera Hand lines!!!!!

FISH 24 7  - I fished with Bigfoot and Chairman last year before the MWC and it was a real (no pun intended) education on the hand lining.

Dan(oh)  - Do you hand line mostly in rivers, or is this a big lake tactic?

Chairman  - Eric, we have a new rod holder adapter for Ram and Fish-on types.....

Eric O  - They are the simplest to use

Chatman  - I thought it looked kind of neat Eric and Jason, as I passed you guys on the way to my honey hole, you were using up about 3 square feet of the hole   -

620, while hand lining....

Jason Przekurat  - Mostly rivers, current is the key to hand lining

Dan(oh)  - Thanks

Eric O  - Fantastic Bruce... that'll help anglers not using Ranger and other boats that do not have rails

Chairman  - They can order them with either style.

Eric O  - Well Chatman, you need room to dance if you win....

Eric O  - The nice part is you can order them with all the pertinent accessories right here or at Bass Pro

Juls  - Are you in the "butter" boat again this year Eric?

Eric O  - OH YEAH!!!!!!

Chatman  - You really ought to explain that Eric...

Eric O  - That Butter Boat really flies with the RUDE on it!!!!!

SUPERTROLLER  - Land O'Lakes ??

Chairman  - They are going to rename that motor Bombidiea

Eric O  - Oh yeah... weights, shanks, reels and instructions all in one nice package

Juls  - No way! really?? lol

Eric O  - The ultimate hand line starter kit!!!

Larry(WI)  - Where to order?

Dan(oh)  - Do you hand line with cranks or harnesses?

Eric O  - Available here on Walleye Central or Bass Pro

Juls  - Right here at walleye central. Riviera has a page on WC

Larry(WI)  - Thanks

Jason Przekurat  - Cranks

Eric O  - You can hand line with either, but cranks are what we use

Larry(WI)  - Speed??

FISH 24 7  - How big can you go with the cranks?

Eric O  - 11's are the largest

Eric O  - Usually 7, 9 or 11

Juls  - Floating Rapalas are the favorite bait used by hand liners, LarryWI

Jason Przekurat  - You can go as big as you want but cranks with very little dive to them are key

Dan(oh)  - Do you anchor?

Eric O  - You need to find out what the fish want

Eric O  - The key to lining is to use the current and move up and down the break

FISH 24 7  - Do you find one brand of crank to be more productive than another  -

Eric O  - RAPALA!!!

Larry(WI)  - I've heard that sometime 2-3 mph is good??

Jason Przekurat  - Rapala is by far the best

saugeye king  - That's true Jason

Eric O  - The key is to keep the cable at a 45 degree and keep in contact with the bottom

FISH 24 7  - Any tips on most productive colors?

saugeye king  - That's what I caught 'em on

Eric O  - Well... that's a toughie

Jason Przekurat  - Not really. We've used them all from time to time

saugeye king  - Chartreuse sides, orange bottom

Chatman  - Kind of the same rule as a bottom bouncer, only about 3 lbs more weight

Eric O  - We get them all... literally, and narrow it to two

FISH 24 7  - Do you have your heavy weights poured by someone in particular?

Juls  - blue/chrome, orange/gold, old chart./white, vampire and firetiger...  --)

Jason Przekurat  - No

Eric O  - We get them from Riviera

Eric O  - The key to hand lining in general is to keep the bait in their face!!!

Larry(WI)  - What about Storm Baby T-Sticks?

Jason Przekurat  - They also work well

Eric O  - I'll tell you though... hand lining for 11 days straight took its toll

FISH 24 7  - At what point in a tourney would you abandon the hand lining in favor of another approach?

Eric O  - Ibuprofen was a good thing when it was over!!!

FISH 24 7  - Assuming it's not working...

Dan(oh)  - Do you lift and drop the line?

Eric O  - Well, if we did our homework ... we wouldn't change, we'd move to another productive location

Jason Przekurat  - Hand lining has been very productive but some areas are just too hard to use them in. Then we'll switch up

Chairman  - Eric Or Jason, tell them how well the Panther steering works while hand lining   -

Eric O  - That happened last year at Spring Valley!

Eric O  - Well..... I didn't want to plug my stuff but....

FISH 24 7  - What's the minimum depth you're able to effectively hand line?

Alumacraft165  - Hey Eric did you hand line in Spring Valley??

Juls  - Geez, it would be uncomfortable to do without the electro-steer....

Eric O  - The electro steer really was a key factor in the championship right Jason??

Jason Przekurat  - We've caught them in 4 feet during the Championship

Chairman  - I would be lost without mine,. how's that Eric?

Jason Przekurat  - Definitely Eric!

Eric O  - The key to the electro steer is the speed that you can turn

Chairman  - and you can hand it to your partner when you have a fish

Eric O  - Moving at a 45 degree angle and targeting a depth are all major factor in the game

Eric O  - Absolutely!!!

Eric O  - Netting fish and still controlling the boat are key with big fish on the line

FISH 24 7  - I've got to believe that the electro-steer and others like it will revolutionize the trolling game. I've shown mine to a couple of buddies and they've gone out and bought it with just the on-shore demo I gave them. It's pretty darn cool.

Eric O  - Spring Valley last year was an education for us both......

Jason Przekurat  - Electro steer works equally well for 3 ways, open water trolling, just about anything.

Chairman  - The speed is a big factor with the electro-steer. reacts quick

Eric O  - The new one is even better!!

Eric O  - no chatter!!

FISH 24 7  - How have they changed since last year?

Juls  - new one? Do Tell!!

Chatman  - I'll tell you from experience, at the championship I could have used an electro steer....

Eric O  - We use a laser cut gear bar and a machined retainer plate

saugeye king  - OK

Chairman  - Eric, send me a new one!

Driftr  - That is my next goodie..an electro steer

FISH 24 7  - Yeah... me too!

Jason Przekurat  - Mounts in front of the Kicker

Eric O  - We also use a different cover for the switch wires

Double LL  - What exactly is electro steer???

Eric O  - A mechanism that allows you to steer the kicker form anywhere in the boat

Jimmy-Hughes  - Jason, what tournament trail are you fishing this summer? By the way, I saw the article in the North American Fisherman Magazine on hand lining , I learn something every day

Chairman  - Jason, will you have your hand lines this year on the fox?

Chatman  - I tell you, trolling up river, into the wind, in a pack of boats, alone is tough to do,,

Double LL  - Sounds cool! And I thought I was up on all the new toys!

Jason Przekurat  - I'm sure I will Bruce

Eric O  - you seem to be able to run that thing pretty well Chairman

FISH 24 7  - No tougher than trying to run boards in a crowd though, no?

saugeye king  - Make sure you have insurance, right Chatman?

Jason Przekurat  - Eric and I both plan on fishing the RCL along with the MWC Championship.

Chatman  - Not having a partner and no steering aid cost me at least two fish, and my boat was trying to do an amphibious landing...I almost hit the beach twice...

Eric O  - that's what the 620 is for...

Juls  - It is so much easier when your hand lining though Ralph...you can maneuver in and out before they realize we were there in front of them...lol

Juls  - The electo steer allows you that freedom too, because of its fast response time

Eric O  - Jason and I are teaming with Pat Byle and Tim Minnema for the RCL

FISH 24 7  - Juls - you gonna fish as a pro or am this year?

Chairman  - That is a good pairing

Juls  - For the RCL, 24 7? I'll be a co angler..  --)

Eric O  - Ought to be a fun one!

Chatman  - If I could have landed those two fish, I might have shot up to 48th in the Championship standings.......LOL

Juls  - lol Ralph

saugeye king  - lol

FISH 24 7  - Great!

Eric O  - If you use it once... you'll never go back.....

Chairman  - Can you talk about lead length Eric? And how you arrive at it.

Juls  - How well did the Treasure Island Resort treat you guys last year at the   -

Championship Eric and Jason? Was it a nice stay?

Eric O  - Jason and I do have to thank a couple people for their help in the championship

Swat1  - I would say that applies to any of the Panther products I've seen Eric

Jason Przekurat  - Totally awesome. 24 hour security at the boat slips. Buffets at 4 a.m. Shuttles. You name it they had it. Can't wait to go back

Eric O  - Well, we run a 15 and a 30 ft lead on one and a 20 and 40 on the other

FISH 24 7  - Jason - tell everyone about your WU deal with Tom and Tony. It's a great on the water experience at a very reasonable cost.

Juls  - Wow..that sounds great!

Eric O  - We let the fish tell us what to do then

Juls  -   ;-)

Eric O  - Higher or lower on the shank

Eric O  - As we get bit we'll adapt and move the other guy to close in on the right stuff!!!

Jason Przekurat  - Walleye University is an on the water clinic. This year will be on March 31 and April 1. Tom and Mark Keenan along with myself will be the instructors. I will teach hand lining

Chatman  - You mentioned thanking a few people with the championship, Like who Eric....

Eric O  - should be a great time!!!

FISH 24 7  - We've gotta get you guys hooked up with a pro page or something online for that event.

Juls  - Cool...Tom mentioned that at the walleye masters institute last Saturday...sounds like a good gig Jason! Good luck with that

Jason Przekurat  - Tony did post it on WC but I haven't seen it yet

T-Mac  - SUPER !!

Eric O  - Well, Rick LaCourse, and of course the Chairman

Double LL  - Talk about someone with extra energy (TOM)

Jason Przekurat  - Cool

Double LL  - A great speaker too!

Jimmy-Hughes  - Jason have you tried running three leaders off the hand line?

Jason Przekurat  - I wish I had half his energy.......

Eric O  - Rapala, Ranger and Evinrude... all of which were super to both of us through the year, Chatman.

Jason Przekurat  - No I haven't but it's next on the list

Jimmy-Hughes  - Good luck, it's challenging

Jason Przekurat  - I bet

Eric O  - I think this year will be an interesting bite!!!!

Chairman  - Short lead on a snubber

ThatsNice  - Jason - do you think hand lining would be effective on the Fox River?

Jason Przekurat  - Definitely. Just ask the chairman

Eric O  - Hand lining will be effective on any river ... guaranteed!!!!!

Chairman  - Any moving current will work

Jason Przekurat  - As soon as the ice clears I'll be there to teach a few people that want to learn

Chairman  - We caught lots of fish on the fox with it in Oct. and some BIG cats

walleye  - Do you think that walleye fishing is best in the summer or fall

NPAA265  - More than 2 and 3

Eric O  - Same here.... in Minneapolis, looking to learn? Meet us at Cabela's this weekend

Eric O  - Cabela's in Owatonna, MN

FISH 24 7  - What's up for the promotional side for you two this year? Anyplace other than the tournaments?

Jason Przekurat  - I think they're equal but fall is big fish time

walleye  - Great place

Double LL  - What times Eric?

Eric O  - Sat and Sunday all day.... we'll have the Butter Boat there so you can check out the rig

Double LL  - Cool, I'll try and make it

Eric O  - Doing some Walmart seminars in Minneapolis.

FISH 24 7  - Heard Bigfoot's new ride is in.... supposed to be pretty cool too!

Chairman  - Off Shore paper is going to press first of the week.

Juls  -   ;-)

Eric O  - as well as Gov. Opener and 7 or so KFAN appearances,.

Chairman  - A big grape!

Eric O  - VERY, VERY P U R P L E!!!!!!!!!

Chatman  - Wear sunglasses when you look at Rick's or Eric's boat in the sunlight!.........LOL

walleye  - I take a fishing trip to MN each year

Driftr  - lol

Driftr  - A big grape?

FISH 24 7  - Foot or the boat?

T-Mac  - Den... I haven't got any pix of BigFoot's ride, yet????

Eric O  - Get out of the way when we're comin'!!!

Chatman  - lol

NPAA265  - Thanks

ThatsNice  - Being seasoned pros what do you expect or appreciate from the co-angler

Eric O  - I rigged it at Ranger..... wow.....

Den  - Me either, T-Mac

Chairman  - He just got it yesterday....

FISH 24 7  - Great question, That's Nice!

Den  - I haven't seen it yet, either

T-Mac  - Get after him...Den I want a pic at my store

Den  - Thanks, Bruce

Eric O  - I guess I'd expect a co angler to be open to new things....

Den  - Me too

Chairman  - On time and where he is supposed to be right Eric?

Eric O  - And be able to be guided

FISH 24 7  - As am I

Jason Przekurat  - We appreciate effort. Team work

Chairman  - Nothing starts a day worse than looking for your partner.

Den  - lol

NPAA265  - Rod lining all day easy or tough?

Eric O  - Team work is the most important thing.... PERIOD!

Sheila  - Nor they for you.......

Den  - True

Eric O  - Haven't had to do it yet!!!!

FISH 24 7  - It's not hard to miss Eric!!

Eric O  - RCL is OK with Hand lining!!!!

NPAA265  - OK

Eric O  - I suspect so

Eric O  - They are the ones with the back braces.....

Eric O  - I do have to thank one other guy for the success in the Championship

Jason Przekurat  - Me

T-Mac  - Bruce has 23" bicep on his hand lining arm so, it must be good exercise

Juls  - Just for fun since someone asked what a sponsored pro looks for in a co-angler, Jason was my pro at the RCL....why don't you rate me Jason? Good and bad?

Eric O  - Jason... He's a guy you would fish with anywhere. Good stick and anyone who gets him in the RCL .... look out!

Juls  - Just don't mention all my swearing..  --)

Sheila  - Yeah I want to know!

Eric O  - Juls... I can tell you from what Jason has told me..... 10

Juls  - For sure Eric!! Best boat handler I have ridden with....put us on fish and knew how to catch them!! He's so cool...lol

Juls  -   ;-)

Chairman  - Careful Jason, she has a temper!

Juls  - lol

Eric O  - And he can run a boat in waves...

Den  - Not a bad rating, considering it was out of 50

Chatman  - Juls, swearing??? A temper??? say it isn't so.......

Jason Przekurat  - Definitely above average. No training needed. Willing to go   -

along with my decisions with confidence. Overall rating A plus

Sheila  - Hey, I can catch fish.....

Juls  - It was great riding in 6 footers with him....smooth ride

FISH 24 7  - I like that attitude! Playing to win!

Chairman  - They heard her at red wing when she lost a fish.

Eric O  - well why wouldn't he.... he rode with me for 2 years...:))))

Juls  - lol Eric...  --)

Jason Przekurat  - Juls almost had a heart attack after the 5th fish was landed. Her only downfall.

Juls  - hahahaha

Eric O  - Thanks Larry!!!!

FISH 24 7  - And that person is......................................

Juls  - The adrenaline was pumping for sure!

NPAA265  - Counting the money

Den  - lol

Eric O  - Another nice thing was the Glyde Ryde's ..... Man a life saver.....

Juls  - I knew we had gotten Jason in the cut for the third day....that was exciting!

Jason Przekurat  - Wasn't that nice

Jim-Hughes  - I have a tournament coming up, and in the rules in states only conventional rod reels may be used, does this include hand line equipment?

Ristorapper  - in 6 footers I'd say

FISH 24 7  - John does a nice job with that product, no?

Chairman  - I am glad you brought them up, great addition.

Chairman  - They are conventional. What tournament? USFA?

Eric O  - Absolutely.... Got a new one ... Gorilla Glyde!!!

Juls  - the Glyde Rydes saved my butt that day...the day before I had gone for a 50 mile butt busting ride in a boat without them...

ThatsNice  - In Wisconsin you are not allowed to throw fish back from the live well, do you have a system to determine what to keep?

FISH 24 7  - How does it differ from the "old" version?

Eric O  - Jim... I'd call to confirm that one

Jason Przekurat  - Just talked to John today and the new Gorilla Ryde will be done tomorrow

Juls  - I could hardly walk the next day, and had to go another 33 with   -

Jason...the seats saved me

Chatman  - Will it hold me??

FISH 24 7  - holds me and I'm 265

Jim-Hughes  - I think I saw it in USFA, or maybe Mercury nationals, not sure

Jason Przekurat  - Upgrading the Glyde Ryde

Eric O  - We usually set a size out from the pre fish that we know we can get... anything less then we toss it!

Chairman  - Get the Gorilla Ryde, Ralph....

Jim-Hughes  - But I remember reading somewhere......

Jason Przekurat  - Check out Glyde Ryde.com

Chatman  - I win there Mark! By about 50 pounds!!

Juls  - Wow..they got better? Too cool...they must be awesome seats now!

Juls  - Will it bounce a lightweight out of the seat though? lol

Eric O  - Pretty hot stuff!!!!!

Chairman  - Can't hand line USFA some guy in Texas said so!

Clicker (Oh)  - Lightweight????

FISH 24 7  - I won't be without a set on any boat I own - can still adjust them for weight I assume..

Chairman  - Comes with safety belts Juls!

Juls  - Me, Clicker...Bruce has almost bounced me right out of his seats...lol

Eric O  - I have a 12" steel rod and 14 fused vertebrae and they will extend my tourney career a long way!!!!

Juls  - lol Bruce

Jim-Hughes  - Chairman,

Chairman  - That was the waves

Jim-Hughes  - hope it's not a growing trend

Chatman  - My seat would toss Juls like an ejector seat then!!

Juls  - lol

Double LL  -

Sheila  - Man I'd be in trouble

Chairman  - I had to turn the spring down, it was set for 220 and she don't go near that - - yet!

Juls  - If that isn't an endorsement Eric....I don't know what is!!

Chairman  - We would turn it all the way down for you lil girl

Juls  - lol

Sheila  - I'd like that

Eric O  - Well it's a living reminder... I'm in this for the long haul and my back better be there too!!!!

Juls  -   --)

Chatman  - Ah, my back is toast now, it was even before 50 mile runs in big waves.....

Chairman  - I watched the Bass guys if Fl this Feb. They look hurt at 45

Ristorapper  - The average cost on one Glyde Ryde?

Backwater Eddy ;~;ND  - Nothing takes the air out of your sails more than a sore back on day 2 of a trip

Eric O  - Bent over and grimacing!!!!!

Chatman  - Been there!

FISH 24 7  - about 375

Jason Przekurat  - 250

FISH 24 7  - really?

Eric O  - $300

T-Mac  - Retail is closer to 350 Jason.....

Jason Przekurat  - Ordering a pair is cheaper

Chairman  - Retail with a pedestal is about 350

FISH 24 7  - Bigfoot owes me some money....

T-Mac  - With freight

Eric O  - right Juls?????

Driftr  - Yeah Juls

ThatsNice  - I'm not sure what this Glyde Ryde stuff is all about?

Driftr  - Right?

Ristorapper  - glyderyde.com

Backwater Eddy ;~;ND  - 350 a piece right?

Chatman  - I tell ya, my next big boat will have a pair, may even put one in the new boat when I order it, if I ever sell my current one...

Chairman  - Glyde-Ryde.com

Driftr  - hahaha

T-Mac  - Right Eddy

Eric O  - Shock absorber that mounts to your existing seat

Backwater Eddy ;~;ND  - My passenger can bounce.....

Backwater Eddy ;~;ND  - I need a laugh!

Sheila  - What's going to happen to all the walleye pros?

Chairman  - Don't have any in the pro line though

Ristorapper  - Now, now...Eddy, you are a guide....

Eric O  - Remember, that rider has to be able to at least net a fish.... right Jason???

Chairman  - Were going fishing, Sheila....

Juls  - What do you mean Sheila?

Backwater Eddy ;~;ND  - I do river's, not Erie

Jason Przekurat  - Yepper

Juls  - lol

Swat1  - Glyde Ryde is a spring over shock seat suspension system that really takes the bumps out of the water That's Nice

Eric O  - Pro line is a Caddy ride Bruce...

Sheila  - I think walleye guys are hardy

Eric O  -   ;-)))

SUPERTROLLER  - Fish the RCL and get rich

Juls  - Can the netter do a lot of swearing while netting said fish?   --)

Ristorapper  - Different springs for different body weights right?

Jason Przekurat  - That's OK

T-Mac  - No Risto--- adjustable tension

Jason Przekurat  - Same springs that are adjustable

Jason Przekurat  - Yes, Juls....

Ristorapper  - I was thinking of different seat then, thanks T-Mac

Backwater Eddy ;~;ND  - I eat more in the afternoon , Eh?

Eric O  - Set to your weight and forget.

T-Mac  - Yup

Chatman  - Before we run out of time here, what are your plans for the future guys? What tourneys are you fishing etc...

Eric O  - RCL , MWC Championship and the Oconto MWC....

Chairman  - I need to sell it and look for a 23' Ranger.....

Swat1  - Little black knob on top adjusts tension up or down for weight BE

Eric O  - With a 400hp Bruce???

Jason Przekurat  - No

T-Mac  - Twin 200's Chairman?

Juls  - Oh good then I will get to see you guys at Oconto too...neat!   --)

Chairman  - A big 300 and a 4 stroke kicker......

Jason Przekurat  - We'll be there

Eric O  - Jason and I would like to thank everyone that was pulling for us last year.... it meant a lot to us and we appreciate your support

Chatman  - You looking at the Ranger Bay Boats Bruce??

Chairman  - No, 23 cc big water.

Juls  - Hey, the good guys always finish first!   --)

Chatman  - Aren't we talking about the same boat Bruce?

Eric O  - See some of you at Cabela's!!

Chatman  - By the way Eric, I found my box with 8 of the hot lures you needed, in my garage when I got home from the championship...

Jason Przekurat  - Thanks, Juls. You can be my partner anytime!

Eric O  - It would really be nice to do it again.... really!!!

Juls  - Thanks Jason...I will keep my fingers crossed then for Erie..  --)

Swat1  - Thanks Eric and Jason

FISH 24 7  - Thanks fellas. Looking forward to seeing you Jason on March 31

Chatman  - Gonna get the flying bridge and all the goodies, Bruce??

Eric O  - Figures Bruce...

Chairman  - No, just the T top and full canvas

Chatman  - Ladies and gentlemen a warm round of applause for Eric Olson and Jason Przekurat, the current MWC World Walleye Champions!!!

Clicker (Oh)  - Thanks Guys. Good Job.

Driftr  - Thanks Eric &  - Jason

Juls  - clap clap clap clap..great chat Jason and Eric! Thanks!

SUPERTROLLER  - clap,clap,clap,clap.

FISH 24 7  - clap, clap, clap

Double LL  - clap clap clap clap clap

Clicker (Oh)  - clap, clap, clap

Eric O  - Thanks all.....

Backwater Eddy ;~;ND  - clap-clap-clap-clap-

Sheila  - clap-d-clap

Jason Przekurat  - Thanks everyone!

Ristorapper  - clap clap clap

T-Mac  - Good job Eric and Jason !!

Jason Przekurat  - Thanks T-Mac!

Eric O  - Thanks T

T-Mac  - Good luck this summer guys

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