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Impromptu Chat w/ Swat1 (Dan Wyma)

Chatman  - - Ladies and gentlemen, with little warning and no preparation, please welcome our impromptu guest host, you know him as Swat 1, Dan Wyma!!!!

EyeBoy - Yeah Swat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ness - Brave man... :-)

Swat1 - Hi All.......

Den - Yay Swat!!!!

Irish - Hey Swat!!

Chatman - Wooohooo!

James Morris - Welcome Swat 1

Chatman - So Dan, where do you want to go tonight???

Swat1 - Ask away trolling and sports medicine are my strong points.

Den - Dan, is anything going on around the islands yet?

James Morris - If you were going to try and locate some fish, say- in lake Michigan near Chicago............

Swat1 - Not that I have heard Den it has been kinda cold and windy so far.

James Morris - What techniques would you employ?

Swat1 - I would look shallow this time of year James.

James Morris - Tributaries or rock reefs?

Den - Not necessarily in shallow water either, just shallow........

Swat1 - I would run planer boards and body baits like jointed Rapala's and Little  -

Rippers in shallow to say maybe 6 foot of water.

Den - High in the column, huh Dan?

James Morris - All right, I'll remember that.

Swat1 - Yes Den the Browns and Coho move in very shallow in Lake MI this time of year to find food in the warming water.

James Morris - Thanks!

Chatman - What are your favorite haunts this time of the year Dan?

Swat1 - For Walleye this time of year I like to fish off Port Clinton or Toledo off the reefs and humps there.........

James Morris - What about the eyes?

Swat1 - I also like to make a trip back to Lake Michigan, for the browns and coho.

Chatman - Walleye might be a tough call 'round Chicago James....not many of them compared to the size of the water available...

Swat1 - Most of the eyes caught in Lake MI are around and in the drown river mouths James.

SUPERTROLLER - Lake Michigan walleye's are all up the rivers to spawn in early spring.

James Morris - I heard a rumor that there are some pigs that feed on the perch and bait focused around rock reefs.........

Swat1 - I did catch a nice 6 lb. eye on Lake MI last spring, while fishing for brown trout, when I got in to really shallow water. Like maybe a foot or so deep?

SUPERTROLLER - Boards on the beach!

James Morris - I want to investigate. Imagine- a trophy fishery to myself!

James Morris - :)

Irish - I think In fisherman wrote something along those lines not long ago James............

Den - May be, it works!

Chatman - That's quite possible James......

Swat1 - I'm more familiar with the east shore of Lake Michigan James but I hear rumors that they are taken around areas like that now and then.

James Morris - I'll let you all know what I find out.........

Chatman - How far up the Chicago river can you get in a boat James?

Swat1 - If I were to fish eyes there James I would look at the break walls and piers first, I think.

James Morris - Hmmm, pretty far, I think.

SUPERTROLLER - If you have some reefs or structure you probably can find some lake spawners......

Chatman - Is there a dam?

James Morris - Not for a while if there is one, maybe a lock system?

Swat1 - You can take the Chicago river through the locks all the way to the Mississippi.

Chatman - Anything that stops upstream migration, concentrates the fish....

Swat1 - At least you could 30 years ago.........

James Morris - I'm pretty sure you still can.

Chatman - Let's shift gears a little Dan, how do you see sports medicine treatments pertaining to anglers?

Swat1 - Do any of you have any medical questions?

Swat1 - Anyone suffer from Tennis elbow from catching to many fish?

SUPERTROLLER - I got this pain on my backside ......

EyeBoy - Jiggers elbow?

Tracy - How long after cataract surgery will it still look like I am looking through a fish bowl?

deafdave - I'm sick of work......lol...

James Morris - No, but my back always hurts (and neck) from a car accident........

Swat1 - There are a lot of problems we see in orthopedics sports medicine that can be caused by what we do in our boats.

Den - Deafdave, work?

Swat1 - Jiggers elbow, also called tennis elbow, is just one of them.

Swat1 - The fishbowl thing can last for a few weeks, I'm told.

Swat1 - What tennis/jiggers elbow is, is an inflammation of the tendons that cross the outside of the elbow joint.

Chatman - I got a bad case of jiggers elbow from working jigging spoons for three days, took me all winter and part of the spring to get better!

Driftr - Swat, I get injections for that :(

Swat1 - It can be treated with anti inflammatory drugs like Motrin and rest usually.......

SUPERTROLLER - I had that cartilage removed so I don't have the friction anymore... honest!

Swat1 - The next step as Drift'r said is a cortisone injection, and he can tell you they don't feel to great!!

NPAA 216 - What long lasting effects can one have from all the bouncing we take on the water, say to the shoulder and neck area?

SUPERTROLLER - Baseball injury in my teens..........

Chatman - Wouldn't the tendons rub on the bone then?

Driftr - Cortisone injections do NOT feel good!!!!

Swat1 - The tendons have to move across the joint in flexion and extension Ralph and when inflamed that hurts.

Chatman - As a preventative measure, what can we do to prevent repetitive motion injuries like this...?

Swat1 - Another thing to try is ice massage to the area that hurts.

SUPERTROLLER - Jig with a stiff arm using your shoulder more.

Den - Dan, I found that during musky fishing , that drinking an excessive amount of water helps the arms also.........

Driftr - I have received 35 injections in a 2 week period,,,,, NOT fun!

Swat1 - Start slowly and use an exercise program to strengthen the muscles of that area.......

Tracy - I just catch smaller fish!

Tracy - Stops the pain all the time!

Driftr - I get what is called trigger point injections......

Den - We used to do the same thing when racing motorcycles, it acts like a lube job, but it helps...........

Chatman - With a name like Nofish, you'd think I have no troubles then....lol

Swat1 - Good exercises for this are to take a small weight and attach it to a rope, with a length of broom stick on the other end, and practice rolling it up and down.

Swat1 - In your situation it is a bit different though Drift'r..........

Den - His be old age? ....lol........

Swat1 - No, Drift'r has a condition that predisposes him to things like this.

Driftr - I have never told anyone here that 10 years ago, I was told I would never walk again....heck, I fish today! :)

Swat1 - I would say you are doing very well Drift'r!

Den - You be doin good Driftr.......

Chatman - You sure proved them wrong, but why was that Driftr?

Swat1 - Another problem we all face is a sore back after a day on the water.

Swat1 - This is most often caused from posture problems.

Driftr - I have rheumatoid arthritis & - fibromyalgia..........

James Morris - Will the Glyde Ryde seats help that?

Driftr - In my joints & - tendons........

Chatman - Ouch!

Swat1 - Slouching puts the back out of normal alignment and makes us use muscles we are not normally using.

Chatman - That is what gets me. I have a mild case of Spina Bifida....

Swat1 - The Glyde Rydes are a good suspension system that helps with the bumps but correct posture is what is more important!

Chatman - Both slouching, and bending and stooping make me walk like a duck for a while after a tourney....

Driftr - Ralph, that is why I don't do tourneys!

Driftr - After just 1 day....woah!

Den - Good reason Driftr!

Swat1 - With your condition Ralph there is an inherent weakness of the muscles in the lower back due to a malformation of the spine.

Chatman - Bingo!

Chatman - I keep fishing though. I'm just stubborn I guess, but it is getting worse with age...

Driftr - I was at Huron this year and couldn't get outta bed :)

Den - It don't get any better Chatman, just gotta keep pluggin away!

James Morris - is it bad to "crack" your back/neck

T-Mac - Better pain killers......Ralph?

Chatman - I have 3 vertebrae where the top ridge is split, forcing the muscles to stretch around the split. No, I don't use any painkillers T-Mac.

Swat1 - It will get worse with age as well due to normal collapse of the spinal column........

T-Mac - Ouch!

Smitty - I must not be there yet. Fishin' always makes me feel better! Guess it's those muscles in the back of my neck finally relaxing..

Chatman - In worse cases than mine, the spinal column is actually exposed...

T-Mac - Yuckkkkkk!

SUPERTROLLER - After fishing all day, what can we do to get our "land legs" back? Seems like I rock-n-roll for hours.

Chatman - Supertroller, I love that feeling!

Swat1 - It could be a lot worse Ralph I have cared for folks with your problem that are wheelchair bound for life!

Den - That's natural Supertroller....

T-Mac - Lolol!

SUPERTROLLER - I about tip over in the shower!!!!

Den - Terry does that all the time!!

Chatman - I consider myself VERY lucky.....

Smitty - Supertroller, I just look at it as extending the pleasure.. lol

T-Mac - Only on Sat nights....Den!

Swat1 - That is due to the inner ear and the fluid moving within it.........Supertroller

SUPERTROLLER - And I ain't drunk!!!

James Morris - It's like drinking, you gotta fish some more!

James Morris - lol

SUPERTROLLER - Dramamine ?

Den - When we can see the daylight, and get around we are all lucky!

Driftr - I refuse to be in a wheelchair!

T-Mac - 10-4 ...amen, Den!

Swat1 - Anything that overloads the senses like a shower spray hitting you will cause it to become more sever.


Den - Right Driftr you gotta be determined,

SUPERTROLLER - That makes sense.......

Swat1 - Try a nice warm bath instead.

SUPERTROLLER - You need a hot tub !

Chatman - My condition, speaking purely selfishly, is why I was so interested when Mark Lozelle of Fish on, was telling us about that new seat they developed, or are developing....

Swat1 - Dramamine should not cause this problem.......

Driftr - That is not selfish Chatman.....

Smitty - Bingo on the hot tub!!

SUPERTROLLER - I thought Dramamine might help--- inner ear thing.......

Phil Jensen - What's the word on "Dipsy Divers" this season?

Swat1 - Their seat with the correct lumbar support would help you a lot, I think, Ralph.

T-Mac - You get it really bad...huh, Supertroller?

Chatman - After a long day on the water, I live for Hotels with Pools and hot tubs!!!  -

Driftr - Amen Ralph! :)

Swat1 - Dipsies are a very effective tool in open water trolling Phil.........

SUPERTROLLER - No, not really but it does feel weird!

Driftr - Lorcet helps too...........

T-Mac - Some people get it a lot worse than others...Supertroller.....

Swat1 - Careful of how much you take of that Drift'r...

Smitty - Pools and hot tubs? Seems I'm usually lucky to have a cabin with running water.. lol

T-Mac - Heh heh heh......

Swat1 - New studies out now, show that Tylenol is bad for your liver.

Den - lol

Daver - Tylenol and booze don't mix for sure...

SUPERTROLLER - We always go out for dinner after tournament, and it takes several drinks to quiet it down! LOL

T-Mac - God... I hope they don't determine Pepcid AC is bad.....

Swat1 - When used over a period of time, that is

Swat1 - Nope, Pepcid is a good thing Terry...lol

T-Mac - I'll have to get out of BIZ if they ban Pepcid AC !

Smitty - Isn't much they say won't kill ya these days if you read enough studies.

Chatman - Or Zantac, I am on prescription for that too....

SUPERTROLLER - Reading too much is bad for your eyes!

Den - Hey, we is all gonna die, just don't hurry it!!!!

T-Mac - ha ha ha.........

Smitty - LOL Troller...

leadhead - You guys sound like anything but eyes men- except that Dipsey Diver guy.

Swat1 - Both are H2 receptor blockers Ralph to help reduce acid content in the stomach........

Daver - Can someone give a brief description of how to use Dipsey's for open water trolling? I've never used one, and would like to.

T-Mac - True, Leadhead....

Smitty - It's Spring fever leadhead..

SUPERTROLLER - Hook it on your line and drag it.......

Den - What depth of water you going to fish in Daver?

Swat1 - Do you have a Dipsey there Daver?

Daver - 32-35 feet......

T-Mac - All old guys....leadhead....heheh

Daver - I don't Swat.

Chatman - Not true leadhead, we are serious eye guys....Swat is our guest host tonight, and his main field is sports medicine...and we are talking about how it can help our aches and pains as anglers, especially as we age....

Swat1 - Are you familiar with how they look?

Daver - Yes.

Swat1 - Like, as in where to attach line to rod and leader etc.?

James Morris - The precision trolling book has dive curves for it.

James Morris - Depends if it is the #0 or #1 size......

Swat1 - Attach it to the line and set the tension so that it just does not trip while pulling it at trolling speed.

Daver - Which is best for that depth?

Daver - I've been using snap weights with pretty good success...

Daver - Dipsey's better?

Smitty - Isn't technology GREAT!!

Swat1 - Set the weight on the bottom to make it track straight or to side.  -

Attach leader of about 6 foot long, with spoon or spinner rig and let it out.......

James Morris - Depends on the application....

T-Mac - Dipsey's work better to spread lines...

Swat1 - For 32 to 35 foot you can use either one Daver.

Daver - Do they work with cranks?

Den - Less line out with the #1...........

Swat1 - With floating cranks they do but not diving ones.

Daver - Thanks Swat...

Daver - Appreciate it


Swat1 - No problem.

SUPERTROLLER - Do you fish the bay quite a lot?

Swat1 - If you want the lure to run further away from the boat I would use the snap weights.......

Swat1 - A Dipsey set for 35 feet of depth, won't be very far behind the boat.....

James Morris - And planer boards, right Swat?

Daver - I see.........

Swat1 - Maybe 75 foot of line out on the size zero Dipsey.........

Chatman - Dan, what can someone do to lessen the effects of standing a long day?

Driftr - Ralph, sit ?

Swat1 - I like to stretch and arch the back every now and then Ralph

bob g - Thanks, Den!

Chatman - Ha ha, kills my back on a butt seat...

Driftr - Me too!

Swat1 - Trying to correct the posture thing we discussed........

Chatman - I was thinking about better foot support too, but strangely, I feel better after fishin bare foot than with shoes...

Driftr - Actually always changing positions & - stretching a lot helps.

James Morris - Using different muscle groups?

Swat1 - It may also help you to talk with a trainer at a health club and get some back strengthening exercises.....

Swat1 - Sorry if I missed any questions but I'm a head down typer!!

Chatman - No problem Dan, just glad you were able to pick up the ball tonight...

Swat1 - Glad to help Ralph

Driftr - Daver, you will never have to worry about me fishing in your spot :)

Chatman - We are gonna be wrapping up in about 3 min, any questions get missed tonight?

Den - swat pretty well covered it

T-Mac - Who was Host... I apologize for butting in !

T-Mac - Swat was host?

Chatman - Swat was able to step in tonight....

T-Mac - Thanks Swat!

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a great big round of applause for  -

tonight's impromptu (and very welcome) host, Dan Wyma, Swat 1!!!!

Swat1 - If nobody else has any questions I need to put kids to bed here... (Please ask so I can wait) lol!

Driftr - ha ha ha.....

Den - No fair Dan!!!

SUPERTROLLER - Clap, clap, clap

Swat1 - Thanks and Night all

T-Mac - Apppppppplllllllllllaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuusssssssssseeeee!!!!!!!!!!

busy (Oh) - Nite Dan

Den - Later Swat, thanks!!

mmillelacs - Nite, Swat!

Chatman - Thanks for hosting Dan!

Driftr - C-ya Dan!

Smitty - Thanks Swat!!

James Morris - Thanks Swat!!!

T-Mac - Dan...you leaving?

the wizard - Thanks Swat!

T-Mac - Night.........

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