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Tempress / FISH-ON Chat 2/28/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest host, Mark Lozelle of Fish On / Tempress!!

Swat1- Clap clap clap clap!!

Dafuzz- welcome clap clap

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Hello Everyone

eyefish(mi);- Welcome

Driftr- howdy 

Stacker- Hello! clap clap clap

Chatman - Well mark, let's start off with some background history, Tell us about Fish-On........

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Good idea, Chatman!

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Tempress has been in business for over 25 years, Was purchased by myself and Brother in Law in march of 1999

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- and we brought the business down from Seattle to Dallas

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We have over 50 products that all have seen success in both the after market and OEM

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Our main product for the walleye group is of course the rod holder

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- But what many people don't know is our largest business is with the boat builder themselves

Chatman - We all have heard of or seen or use some Tempress products, the rod holders are very popular...

Chatman - are there any new products out that we would like to know about?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Does everybody know that we also manufacture seats?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- hatches?

Chatman - I've been sittin' on one for years, a seat, that is....

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Good to hear Chatman

Chatman - Ranger has used them under the upholstery for years, both my 692 and 620 had/have them....

Stacker - So what's new in the world of fish on?

Driftr - I have too

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- New products... lets see

Stacker - Me too!

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We have two new size hatches hitting the marketplace next month

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We also have several new products for the Fish-On line

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Who needs a cup holder in their boat?

Swat1 - Mark one thing I would like to see is a 3 tube type holder that locks into your existing mounting base

Dafuzz - Me too!

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- One that is gimbaled and fits into a side or flush mount

Chatman- I was surfing the Tempress/Fish On site the other day and was surprised at how many products there are... 

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- 3 tube holder huh.. 

Swat1 - or maybe even a 4 tube

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We have just brought to market a triple mount

Chatman - Would be huge with the trolling crowd Mark...

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- You can use three rod holders.. would that help?

Chatman - One base for three rod holders?

Swat1 - I like the cradle holders and have them on my small boat but the tubes are so much easier to use on the Charter boats for the customers to get their own rods etc.

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- It mounts either on a rail or the side

ETT - 3-plex or better yet 4-plex if and ONLY if they will hold up to Dipseys

Swat1 - Excellent point ETT

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Have you seen our spinning rod holder swat?

Driftr - that is important..a rod holder needs to stand up to Dipsey's

Swat1 - Yes Mark, nice product.

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- But not the tube you are looking for?

Swat1 - Not quite. 

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- More rocket launcher?

Stacker- ???

Chatman- There you go.....a 4th of July favorite.....

Swat1- Yes, that is what it is 

Todd_NE uses Tempress- Any chances of a Fish-On holder coming out with a 6" or so stem?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Great question Todd

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We have heard that many, many times in the last few months

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- How many people here would like to see an extension on their rod holder?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- say 6 inches?

T-Mac- Me

Todd_NE- Oui!

Stacker- Only if its very tough

Todd_NE- If offered in 6 and 9" would be nice, not sure of strength, etc.

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- It is an engineering nightmare because of the torque involved

T-Mac- Mark...do you mean a riser?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We have a design in the works

Swat1- Extensions worry me when pulling boards or divers. They just don't look like they will hold up to hard pulling stuff

T-Mac- like for a flush mount... a riser?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Yes T-mac

Todd_NE- I'd like them for the front when pulling spinners with the electric, and just being higher to reach sometimes

T-Mac- Yes.. we two rod jiggers would love that

Todd_NE- absolutely T-Mac

Todd_NE- Although......that rules out all of Minnesota....

Stacker- I'm not an engineer Mark, but a metal extension to work with existing holders would be great.

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- What about a plug for the flush mount when not in use?

T-Mac- I have been having to resort to the competition to do that...Mark

Todd_NE- Right on again Mark

Fish'n Fool- What, in Minnesota you can't handle two rods Todd ????

Fish'n Fool- LOLOL

Todd_NE- It's not so bad in my current boat, but I hated it with my previous boat, storage always got wet...

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Stacker.. yes.. but metal is expensive and hurts plastic

T-Mac- Yes... the anal guys want that, too.... ME !! lol

Todd_NE- Minn. is a "one rod" state

Stacker- oh sure

Stacker- maybe plastic then

Todd_NE- you could have a polymer or metal core, I'm imaging some designs that resist torque, flex

Swat1- Thank you Mark

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Our design is made of nylon. It will work but will need to be tested... any volunteers?

T-Mac- I will

Fish'n Fool- I'm ready

Todd_NE- Looks around.... OK

Driftr- Send them out :)

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Anybody here fish professional?

Stacker- OK

ETT- Yes

T-Mac- I've got Tempress flush bases all around my boat

eyefish(mi);- Yes

Fish'n Fool- Yes

Swat1- I used to

Todd_NE- Define Pro? I'm a regional pro, not PWT or RCL

T-Mac- Pro.........what?

Dafuzz- Why? Do they only work for pros?

Stacker- Regional here as well

T-Mac- I'm a pro boat rigger

ETT- NPAA member would be one definition

Stacker- lol at dafuzz

Fish'n Fool- Mark I do a lot of salmon fishing, that would really test a new rod holder......

Swat1- Is #271

T-Mac- I sell the stuff !!!

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Definition - If you have the chance of earning money at the end of the tournament

ETT- Mark, your in a pretty serious crowd

Driftr- is #611

eyefish(mi);- #246

Chatman- #166

ETT- #500

Dafuzz- OK, then count me in

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Fish-On is an NPAA associate member

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Great group!

Fish'n Fool- ETT you won a big one last year right????

Swat1- Some of us here run charters as well Mark it doesn't get much more professional than that...lol

ETT- Team of the year and State champs for Erie

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- And who here uses Fish-On rod holders?

T-Mac- Me

Stacker- Me

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Good job ETT

T-Mac- and I sell hundreds of them

Todd_NE- does 8 bases and 6 holders count?

Swat1- I have in the past....

Fish'n Fool- Me! I have the same 8

Driftr- I have used them & now rigging a new boat

Todd_NE- I've sold a few for my dealer too.....

Lu (wi)- I have 10 in my boat

Driftr- by the way, they do well with huge muskies hitting 10 crankbaits at 5MPH :)

Dafuzz- Just wondering.... why do pros would take chance of using a rod holder?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- And what would you like to see changed in term of function??

Chatman- Mark, speaking of the rod holders, the new 3 rod holder you mentioned as a rail mount. Is it possible to use a side mount? Or a flush mount, with that?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Nice Driftr.....

Driftr- The rod holders are strong

T-Mac- More height, fix that white ring so it is more functional and doesn't break.. and tweak the cam action so the angle will stay adjusted

Lu (wi)- Ditto T-Mac

Todd_NE- I also agree with T-Mac, you said it more succinctly than I could

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Do most of you just take off the white ring?

T-Mac- blush **

T-Mac- I do

Driftr- I leave mine on

Lu (wi)- No

Fish'n Fool- I leave it on

Todd_NE- I leave it on ones that face more to the stern at times

Stacker- I like to lock 'em in

Driftr- True Todd

Swat1- I like to lock mine in too

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- What about the action taking it out of the holder?

T-Mac- I only take the white rings off... because guest's end up accidentally taking off and it flies out in lake

Driftr- They come out quick

Todd_NE- Sometimes the get so hard they bounce and start to come out, have never lost a rod even when not locked though, close a few times

T-Mac- When they get a fish on, they get excited

Stacker- Once you unbutton a rod 100 times the ring slides a lot easier to remove the rod.

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Can you hear the creak when a fish hits???

Swat1- The design is great! Having the butt of the rod be able to pivot down when lifting it out is a very important thing

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Like a warning!!

ETT- Yep, great strike indicator

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- It is a funny thing

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Used it in Alaska this summer

Chatman- I love watching someone new to rod holders wrangle with them until they figure out the up and out way to remove the rod....

Driftr- It is not a weakness either

T-Mac- Right Swat...that is why I want more height

Den- Grow T-Mac

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- worked great on those big kings

T-Mac- lol Den

Swat1- Height is not something I need any more of Terry....LOL

Fish'n Fool- Go DEN!

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- What about boats??

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- What is everybody using?

Todd_NE- I hope to God I'm done growing...

T-Mac- LUND Pro-V

Driftr- Crestliner

Fish'n Fool- I have a Fisher

Lu (wi)- Warrior

eyefish(mi);- LUND 2025

Todd_NE- Fisher fiberglass

Swat1- Fisher FX18DV

Chatman- Ranger 620

Double LL- Lund Pro-V

Den- Pro-Line, and Monarch

Stacker- Small duck

Dafuzz- Warrior

ETT- 205 Triton last year , 620 Ranger this year

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Lund has the metal high back seats?

Todd_NE- My big water tourney boat is a 14' Lund

Driftr- It looks like about 2 million dollars worth here

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- ETT made the switch?

Dafuzz- Oh-oh, are we in trouble now?

ETT- RCL, what ya gonna do?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- How do you like the Triton?

T-Mac- 2001 have a new seat... but, yes on previous years

T-Mac- Attaboy ETT !!!!!!!!

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Or should I say Ranger.. sorry

ETT- I'm old and fat and I have a bad back, so I do not pound any boat. I got along fine with the Triton

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- What does everybody prefer - metal or plastic seats?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- And your honest ETT

T-Mac- Are you talking hinges? or?

Double LL- Soft

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Hinges, yes

Swat1- Having run both I think I like the plastic ones better

Lu (wi)- Me too....

Driftr- I like the plastic

Todd_NE- plastique

T-Mac- Never had any prob. with them...but the new Pro-Ride buckets are nice

Todd_NE- In fat man strength......

Driftr- My old Tracker even had Tempress seats

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- How much time do all of you spend sitting while fishing?

ETT- Plastic seats would be a big plus for the Tritons

Fish'n Fool- If they're well designed it shouldn't matter right???

Chatman- I love the Tempress shell on my Rangers folding seats....

T-Mac- 95%

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- True Fish'n

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Thanks Chatman

ETT- Very little

Double LL- Not much sitting

T-Mac- I only stand to net a fish

eyefish(mi);- Not Much

Fish'n Fool- I stand 90% of the time

Lu (wi)- 50 50

Stacker- You never stand then T-Mac?...LOL

T-Mac- hehehe

T-Mac- For other folks

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Well.. we have a new high back seat that all the deep V boys are going to be happy with

Chatman- I used to stand all the time too, but age weight and back are starting to tell me otherwise!!!

Swat1- Depends if I am with one other person I sit but if I bring out 2 then I stand and have them sit

Juls- Depends on how well the fish are biting as to whether I'm sitting or standing..--)

ETT- The seat should allow (be designed for) the fisherman to flip the seat back down and sit on top of it if he wants

Chatman- Not so much the age thing though...

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- What about butt seats?

Fish'n Fool- He cant even reach the rod holders right T-Mac

Den- True ETT

Chatman- There you go ETT....

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Who uses them?

Stacker- Good idea, ETT

Den- I do, for musky

Chatman- I use one all the time on the front deck....

Todd_NE- I always wanted a seat where a pad could be removed and used for a throw preserver like an airplane

Lu (wi)- I do but very little

Todd_NE- Save space

Ness- I do sometimes...

eyefish(mi);- I do for jiggin' rivers

Fish'n Fool- Mark I have a challenge for you

Swat1- Great idea Todd

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- A challenge?

ETT- Only up on the bow trolling motor?

Todd_NE- Thanks Dan!

Fish'n Fool- Make a seat that you can flip down and use like a bike seat for jiggin'

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Go ahead..

Todd_NE- You can never have too many preservers anyway

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Guys!!!

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We have a seat coming soon

Fish'n Fool- Hey you asked for it LOL

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- You will love it!

T-Mac- I stand when trolling...sit when finesse is the deal...stand when "go"

Todd_NE- I like that idea

Ness- I still can't stand and run the trolling motor.... :-)

Chatman- Oh-oh, I smell an announcement.....Mark???

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Tell me...

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- What are you missing in your current butt seat?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- List em out

Fish'n Fool- Mark my Idea I get to test it first

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Ahhh! A finders fee

Todd_NE- I bought a thingamajig that lets met tilt it, I love that

Stacker- A seat belt?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- That could be arranged

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- No belts, too expensive

Lu (wi)- Air bag

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Think of comfort

Chatman- Basically too shallow and the butt support does not come up high enough in the back, the cushion is too flat

Den- Back rest

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Or, what is uncomfortable

Todd_NE- I want one heated for winter fishing

Double LL- Lumbar support?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Yes Chatman

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Yes den

Todd_NE- Pocket for hot pouches.. lol

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Double LLl

Swat1- Enough padding for those of us that don't have their own...lol and 

Height for those of us that have too much. :-))

Den- Put a hole in deck Dan

Den- For feet! lol

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- What hurts that most at the end of the day?


Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Besides pocket book

ETT- Swat just cut about 6" off the bottom

Double LL- My pride

Chatman- I'd like to be able to drop the butt seat at times and sit on it more like a conventional seat..

Stacker- lol

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- And pride

Driftr- pocket book was my answer :)

Swat1- Got two of them already Den but use them for storage now.. :-)

Todd_NE- Feet and back

Den- Back

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Let's keep to physical ailments

Den- lol Dan

Double LL- Lower back

Swat1- My Lower back

ETT- Sorry

T-Mac- No pain when fishing !

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Back..

Chatman- Lower back and feet....sitting hunched over for too long kills me...

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Legs? anybody?

Lu (wi)- How about rod holders attached just below the seat to set one in if you get a fish on?

ETT- Yea, like mine won't work....

Den- lol

Fish'n Fool- Some times, but mostly back from jigging

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Is anybody content with their current butt seat?

Chatman- Not really, but you have me really interested now Mark....

Swat1- I agree with Fishin Fool

Den- That's from cutting the circulation off with the conventional but seat

Fish'n Fool- Nope, I want the thing to fold to a wider seat

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- And what seat do you spend the most time in?

ETT- If they are... it's only because they don't know of anything better

Chatman- Butt seat on the bow....

Double LL- Drivers seat

T-Mac- Regular air-ride... up all the way... in bow

Fish'n Fool- Depends on the time of year. Spring jigging, stand all day and fall is the same

Chatman- I'd say helm seat, but then if I am drivin' I am not fishin'! ...lol...

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We are almost finished with an ergonomic study on just this idea

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- It is amazing what you guys are putting up with

Fish'n Fool- The bow seat is probably the most used seat right???

SUPERTROLLER- We're iron men


Stacker- lol

T-Mac- loll

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- True.. very true


Den- Iron headed

Chatman- On a new butt seat? Right now there is really not any other good option....I tried the tilt seat mount but kept fallin' off the seat in bumpy water...

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- But I want you guys fishing for years to come

Ness- Den?

Swat1- Speaking as a professional in the Orthopedic field, most of the complaints we voiced here about back leg and foot pain are mainly caused by poor posture. When you slump down as we all do your back is going to hurt

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- This seat will involve a lumbar support and the proper angle

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Good point Swat

Chatman- When might we be able to see the fruits of your labor Mark??

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Just a little tickler for ya'all

Swat1- now if you could design a seat that would discourage slumping but yet be comfortable you would have something

Double LL- Ok, Mark you've talked me into it, I'll let you sponsor me

ETT- Incorporate bull synch Swat

Chatman- lol....double LL

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Thanks Double LL

Double LL- lol

T-Mac- lolol

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Where should I send the check

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- The butt seat will be out this year sometime

Swat1- Those belts would be better if they had vertical stays in them ETT

Den- Sounds very interesting, Mark

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Lots of science involved :)

Swat1- I would love to see one Mark

ETT- Right

T-Mac- Does it recline?

Chatman- Send me one with an invoice Mark .....I'm sold.....

T-Mac- Seriously

Fish'n Fool- Mark I would hurry with them tourn season is upon us

eyefish(mi);- I hate science but the seat sounds good

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- I know.. we are late for this year

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- but early for next!!

Den- Never to late

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- got to be an optimist

Fish'n Fool- DARN

T-Mac- Mark...is the back adjustable? So you can tilt back or up?

Chatman- No matter to me, play with 4 bolts for 5 min and the switch is made....

Gary Gray- Mark, how do I reach you during the day?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Tempress 877-234-7466

Fish'n Fool- Explain chat???

Gary Gray- thanks

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- I'm the only guy here that cant catch walleyes

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Because of my location

Juls- --)

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Dallas TX

ETT- Move to Ohio

T-Mac- Mark... sorry to be redundant... but does the back of this new seat adjust...?

Den- True Jim

eyefish(mi);- Come up here Mark...We'll show what Texas doesn't have

Chatman- To switch from current but seat, 4 bolts out, drop old seat put same 4 bolts into new seat...done..

Todd_NE- Lake Meredith north, lakes in NM west

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- T-mac - that is still in the air as an option

Fish'n Fool- Oh, okay Chatman. I thought that you had a back rest you were putting on

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- We have to be very cost conscious

T-Mac- That would be a good option... I think

T-Mac- Maybe offer as an upgraded model??

ETT- Standard model & deluxe

Double LL- It'll just get adjusted for poor posture

ETT- Mo' money

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Fully Upholstered Butt Seat with Lumbar support!! What would everybody be willing to pay.. retail-wise?

Juls- Backrest would be a waste of money...you guys would still be sitting forward and slouching...lol

T-Mac- Exactly

T-Mac- $150

Fish'n Fool- $80

Chatman- I'd pay twice what a quality butt seat costs now...

ETT- that's bout 100 bucks chat

Swat1- $150 +

Todd_NE- $75-99

Fish'n Fool- Just for the seat? Not the hardware, like the mounts?

T-Mac- Retail...150...or with lounger tilt...175

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Just curious

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Most butt seats are $15 to $25

Chatman- With my back, it would be worth it ETT......It would also be a one time expense!

walleyedoc- As a Chiropractor I would pay a ton for your seats for my patients

ETT- Tell me

T-Mac- Heck a standard issue Boat mfg. seat costs 140-150 retail

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Thanks walleyedoc

Fish'n Fool- Mark one problem with the bike seats is that they tend to tilt you forward make them lean back

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Well T-Mac our seat that we sell to the boat builder is now in retail

T-Mac- Right

Fish'n Fool- That might be a quick fix until you get new seat out

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Bass Pro, Cabelas, BoatUS

eyeguy/mn- Holey moley!

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- $89 in Cabelas

walleyedoc- Yes Swat, anything that gives increased support will do just that

T-Mac- That is what I am getting at Mark...your seat is an upgrade... so compared to normal, say Lund, seat... the 150 buck range is not bad

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- And I think Walleye Central is going to sell some seats for us

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- :)

walleyedoc- Guys this is my first time on the chat and you guys sure type fast

Chatman- That's right Mark! Guys, just keep your eyes on the Tempress stuff on Walleye Central. We will soon have Tempress and Fish-On products for retail.....

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Who here is a member of NPAA?

eyefish(mi);- #246

Swat1- Running a banner ad on this site will get you a great deal of exposure for sure!

Den- Mark, what about the independent dealers?

eyeguy/mn- Me

eyeguy/mn- 425

Swat1- Me

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Have you seen the members only special from us?

Double LL- Depends on when you get them out Mark

Driftr- #611

Swat1- #271

eyefish(mi);- Not yet

Driftr- Not yet

T-Mac- I am merely a boat dealer who fishes and sells Tempress stuff

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- When do the members only specials come out??

T-Mac- lol

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Your our best kind of customer T-Mac

eyefish(mi);- They said this week Mark

T-Mac- We try

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- You will like our program..

T-Mac- Good

Juls- Bruce said he just got his today..we should all get them any day now

Todd_NE- What is it Mark? I keep wavering on NPAA

Driftr- Great Mark

Juls- He said you had a good offer Mark...--)

Chatman- Can you explain the members only program a bit Mark?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Thanks Juls

eyeguy/mn- I think mine came today

Juls- You're talking about the NPAA right?

Todd_NE- I saw P etc., last year

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Yes

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Sure Chatman........

Juls- Pradco is not giving free line this year...It now costs 7 bucks for 3000 yd spool this time

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- I believe we created a pro pack

gpare- How about guide specials???

Driftr- Are all your products offered ?

Chatman- Oh No! Not 7 whole dollars Juls!!! LOL.....

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- 6 rod holders, tournament hat, shirt, stickers, and two cups holders

Juls- lol

Driftr- lol Ralph

Juls- Free is always better...lol

Driftr- I need 6 rod holders too

Den- It costs somebody money Juls......

T-Mac- Cool... what price Mark?

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Gimbaled cup holders mind you that fits into side or flush mount

Juls- I know, I know...

Den- lol

Swat1- I'll take 6 of the regular holders and 2 of the 4 bank tubes when they are available. --))

Juls- I still have over 16,000 yds. from last year...lol

eyeguy/mn- lololol

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- If anybody have inquiries after the chat e-mail me at 


Todd_NE- were you serious about wanting field testers?

T-Mac- Juls...use a 7-ought Tuna reel

Juls- lol

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Questions on sponsorship, new products, field testing, anything.. love to hear from you

eyeguy/mn- Juls, I've got reels that will use up that much!

Juls- --)

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Would anybody use a cup holder??

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Just asking.. it is a new product

Swat1- Yes

Double LL- Oh yeah

Driftr- Yes

Chatman- Any last questions, we have about 2 min left....

Juls- Sure Mark

Lu (wi)- Yep

Todd_NE- I'd have to see it

dr mike- Fish- On is good stuff, I would use a cup holder

eyefish(mi);- Yes

Den- At times

Double LL- It must be able to fit a thermos cup of coffee

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- It can fit coffee cups

Double LL- It would help stop the stains on my floor

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Thermos too.. good design..

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- actually NPAA will have the first shot at this product

Ristorapper- If your worried about spilling, mount them on the outside and slip them off when not in use!!

Chatman- Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for Mark Lozelle from Fish On!!!!

Driftr- Thanks Mark

dr mike- Thanks Mark

Todd_NE- Thanks for chatting tonight Mark!

Swat1- Great Chat Mark!!!!! I really enjoyed your chance to 

talk to us. It sounds like some great new stuff and the old is still great!!

Double LL- Thanks Mark

eyeguy/mn- clap clap clap

Juls- clap clap clap clap clap..thanks Mark!!!

Den- clap, clap, clap

Chatman- Of course, feel free to stick around a bit Mark...

Ness- Clap, clap, clap, clap....

T-Mac- clappppppppppppp

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Sure.. thanks Chatman

eyefish(mi);- Clap Clap Thanks Mark

Mark Lozelle - Fish-On- Your very welcome.. it was a pleasure and fun

T-Mac- Thanks

Driftr- You are as much a pleasure to talk with as your products have been to use...Great!!!!

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