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FishNet Software Chat 4/25/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest, Joe Dittus and Marty Anderson of Fish Net Software!!!!

FishNet - Marty - Hi Guys!

jerry - Clap..clap..clap..clap....welcome Joe!

??~Tan~Chick~?? - *clap clap clap clap*

??~Tan~Chick~?? - HiYA!

slickster - CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!

Chatman - Hello Joe and Marty.......!

jstfishin - Whaaazaaaaaap?

FishNet Joe - Hello everyone!

Chatman - Wahooooooooo!

FishNet - Marty - Everybody ready to talk fishing software?

Driftr - Welcome Joe and Marty- FishNet Software !!!!

Chatman - So, Joe, tell us a little about Fish Net Software........

FishNet - Marty - FishNet is based on the accepted fact that fish patterns are predictable. This is why fishermen keep handwritten logs/notebooks, or try to remember important facts in their heads.

FishNet - Marty - The problem with these traditional methods is this: just when you start getting a lot of information that is useful, it is difficult to access the information in the notebook or you forgot it.

Chatman - Or ya loose it..........overboard........

FishNet - Marty - The Search feature is the main advantage FishNet - it's easy to find info after it is entered. You don't have to flip through torn and water-logged pages in a notebook.

jerry - good idea Marty

Chatman - Can you explain a little about how the software works?

jstfishin - Can ya tell us more Marty?

FishNet - Marty - There are different ways to organize the fishing data, but the best is to think of it as a location system.

FishNet Joe - We developed this idea out of our poor memory we fish tournaments and most of our water levels change from week to week. We now have the ability to search by not only water level but 27 other fields!

FishNet - Marty - Document your trip according to where you were fishing, then include number of fish caught, presentations, time, etc. To create a separate record for each fish caught is usually overkill.

FishNet Joe - Our software is a true database. What kind of information do any of you track?

FishNet - Marty - Since FishNet is location based, it works very well to record and organize GPS info........

FishNet - Marty - It's easy to search for GPS way points on different lakes or even separate areas on the same lake.........

luckyhook - How does data help future trips after you input it into the database?

jstfishin - What if you don't have a GPS?

Chatman - Does the program work like a searchable database?

FishNet - Marty - The program is a searchable database - based on FoxPro database engine.

??~Tan~Chick~?? - Wow cool!

FishNet Joe - If you don't have GPS you can use visual points just as you would on the water.

jerry - Is this something I can download GPS points to?

FishNet - Marty - Not currently, too many different types of GPS protocols, etc.

Chatman - Can you search through different topics? Cloudy. windy.....etc?

jstfishin - That is what I usually do but, its hard to remember specific points.

FishNet Joe - We tried to create easily recognized fields. Some of the listed fields are, Body of Water, Species, Date, Time, Major Location, and Waypoint Name.

FishNet - Marty - You can search a total of 28 different variables........

Chatman - So then, it is pretty easy to find something from a year or more back?

FishNet Joe - These are only a few of the 47 data fields!

FishNet - Marty - Very easy -you can search by date, pH, wind, temp.........

Chatman - Beats the ol' notebook by far then!  -

FishNet - Marty - The Search Mode provides a unique benefit to reservoir fishermen.

Chatman - How's that Marty?

FishNet - Marty - The lake (pool) level can be easily recorded within the software - when searching the software for areas to fish, all locations that are above the current water level can be automatically eliminated from the Search.

luckyhook - have there been any updates to software recently?

Chatman - Nice feature...... I suppose you could do that with a river as well?

FishNet - Marty - The last upgrade was to provide Y2K features.

FishNet - Marty - FishNet works well with river or lake situations.

FishNet Joe - As well as the tidal conditions!

FishNet - Marty - To help gather info while fishing, Data Cards are included with  -

FishNet. Just write on these reusable cards with a pencil - the layout of the cards match the screen layout of the software.

Chatman - Marty or Joe, what are the basic computer requirements to run the software?

FishNet - Marty - Minimum system requirements are: 386SX computer, 4MB RAM, virtual memory, 5MB of hard drive space, and Windows 3.1 or higher. A faster processor is recommended.

FishNet - Marty - FishNet will run on Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, ME, and 2000.

FishNet - Marty - FishNet uses a little less than 5mb of hard drive space. It also uses about 5mb as a scratch pad while running.

Chatman - Pretty much on any computer...if you can get here to the chat room, you have a good enough computer then......

Driftr - Is this an Internet download of CD-ROM?

FishNet - Marty - No, we mail the software to you, along with the data cards.

Chatman - How many cards are included?

FishNet Joe - Package comes with a book of 5, that you can also print onto paper.

FishNet - Marty - Downloadable demo is available at - http://www.walleyecentral.com/FishDemo.EXE 

FishNet Joe - Other features include an address book, calendar/diary, and a calculator.

FishNet Joe - The address book works great for guides and charter captains. Also for resorts and motels for tourney fishermen.

Chatman - Or just an angler that travels around a bit..........

FishNet - Marty - FishNet was designed to be easy to use. It's made for people that would rather be fishing than typing on a computer! Using pull-down menus and shortcut keys, a minimal amount of keyboarding is required to input data.

FishNet - Marty - You can usually enter a fairly detailed record in about 1-2 minutes.

FishNet Joe - The pull-down menus allow for consistent naming of information, enabling importing/exporting between users.

Chatman - How long have you been marketing the software?

FishNet - Marty - We started designing it in 1995, started selling in 96.

Chatman - I see your mention of the downloadable demo, but where can a guy buy the software package?

FishNet - Marty - You can order it online through the Walleye Central web site.........

FishNet - Marty - The regular retail price for FishNet is $59.99, plus $5.00 shipping/handling. Through April 30th, 2001 any orders placed through Walleye Central are $49.99 - $10.00 off! Just ask for the "FishNet Chat Special"!

Chatman - That's worth the price of admission here tonight.........and then some!!!

FishNet - Marty - Got a question for you guys... how many use a PDA? (Palm Pilot, etc.)

Den - Not me.

RickT - I do.

FishNet - Marty - We are evaluating the feasibility of porting the software to PDA's

Chatman - I don't , not yet at least.........

FishNet Joe - We are looking for new features, anyone have something special that they like to track?

RickT - They are great for us old and forgetful!

Den - gee , I forgot how old I was, lol!!!!

Den - Water temps on Lake Erie......

Den - Different locations.

Chatman - I suppose a Hunter could adapt the existing program, but is there one in the works for that?

RickT - Gee.....Huntnet?

Chatman - Why not?

FishNet - Marty - You could easily use FishNet for hunting - it's location based and has a great detail of atmospheric conditions. The Notes section can be used to document free text descriptions.

FishNet - Marty - Sharing data between friends and club members is easy - just use the Import/Export features built into FishNet.

FishNet Joe - Tracking conditions work, fishing, and hunting. To improve you success you need to able to reproduce conditions that have done we previously FishNet is just that tool!

Chatman - Like an automatically compiled fishing or hunting log?

FishNet - Marty - Yes, the search will compile based upon your parameters

Chatman - How did you come up with this idea? In sitting listening to you it seems like a natural thing, but what was the thing that helped spawn this software?

FishNet Joe - We fish tournaments and on a reservoir system with water levels that change frequently.

FishNet - Marty - Right now the Lake Sakakawea is 20 FEET below maximum pool - a lot of our good fishing spots are high & - dry!

Chatman - Just looking for an easier way to reference the ol' fishing log book?

FishNet - Marty - Yes, and much more accurate!

RickT - That's better than here. The ol' Mississippi is 20 ft above pool!!!

FishNet - Marty - We'll take some of that up here!!

Chatman - That is still not all bad, you have a good chance to really study the structure you used to catch fish on and see the details even better than you could with an underwater camera.........

Chatman - And you can note that in the program......in detail.............

FishNet - Marty - That is another benefit to the software. Use it to describe how the structure looks during low water.

FishNet Joe - FishNet give you the fisherman the ability to customize your searching parameters.

FishNet Joe - A Search may be further refined by adjusting the "preferences" (+/- values) of the numerical fields. If you were searching for a water temp of 65, a preferred value of 5 would return all records within 60-70 degrees

Chatman - It just gets better and better sounding......

FishNet - Marty - From this list, you can decide were to fish based on wind, depth, etc.

FishNet - Marty - Just a reminder... through April 30th, 2001 you can buy FishNet through Walleye Central for $49.99 - $10.00 off! Just ask for the "FishNet Chat Special"!!!

Driftr - Thanks Marty!

LakeOaheWalleyeSlayer - Wow!!

FishNet Joe - How do you guys feel about sharing/having access to fishing data on the Internet?

Chatman - Have Joe and Marty missed any questions so far? If so, now is the time to ask...we have about 8 minutes left.....

FishNet - Marty - A downloadable FishNet demo is available at - http://www.walleyecentral.com/FishDemo.EXE 

Driftr - I'll check that out, thanks.

bob oh - What do you mean about fishing data available on the Internet?

FishNet Joe - We were thinking on the line of sharing your data with other users, and would you trust the info.

bob oh - Oh, ok.

Chatman - Possibly, but the info is only as honest as the angler sharing it......and if the angler would want to share it...

Chatman - You know how a guy is with a good spot...........

bob oh - I would want to know the angler well.

RickT - Like Mom always said, consider the source........

FishNet Joe - What if you had to register your name, and it was attached to your file?

FishNet - Marty - Sharing data is a strong feature of FishNet - maybe you would want to limit it to friends or club members........

Chatman - With registration, all things then being equal, I would be more apt to trust/share info...

RickT - You would learn quick on who to share with.

FishNet Joe - Fisherman are basically honest?

denny S.D. - It's their scales that lie!!!!!

FishNet - Marty - All fishermen are liars, except you and me, and I'm not so sure about you!!!!

LakeOaheWalleyeSlayer - I agree with Denny.

Chatman - You got it Rick, it would only take being sent to the top of one sandbar, as a fishing spot, to steer me off someone's info....lol

bob oh - I would share with the guys I share with now. I will give anyone who asks info, but not data.

RickT - There is already a lot of networking getting ready for a tourney........

denny S.D. - Info on what lake and what method would be fine you don't have to tell your favorite sand bar......

FishNet - Marty - The user is totally in control of what data would be exported to share.

RickT - I'll give you the location and depth and what lure if you're salmon fishing on lake Michigan.

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Marty Anderson and Joe Dittus of Fish Net Software!!!

bob oh - Clap clap clap

Driftr - Clap clap clap!!

Rob Ensor - Thanks Guys, great chat!!!

Driftr - Thanks guys!!

mnjimcarp - Clippity clap

S0NARS - More more!!

FishNet Joe - Thanks to everyone.......

RickT - Whoo whoo!

Ness - Clap, clap, clap!!!!

mnjimcarp - Clap, clap, clap!!!!

LakeOaheWalleyeSlayer - Clap, clap, clap, thanks!

mnjimcarp - You're the man!

FishNet - Marty - thanks guys! Tight lines...

RickT - May the fish be with you..........

Backwater Eddy (ND) - LoL!!!!

Chatman - Feel free to stick around guys, great job!

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