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Kids Chat with Doug Komorowsky 2/14/01

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome tonight's guest, Doug Komorowsky, a.k.a.: Slip Bobber (MT)

#1 saugeye-  Whoops! Forgot the kids!

Juls-  I don't have kids...sorry...does a big, dumb dog count for anything?

slip-bobber(MT)-  Great

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap..welcome Doug!

jerry-  clap..clap..clap

Stacker-  You can borrow one of mine Juls

Jiggereye-  My fisher tots are here

Driftr-  Welcome Doug

m.n.obucket-  Homeboy!!!!!!!!

slip-bobber(MT)-  How many kids Stacker??

jerry-  You can have both of mine Juls.

Swat1-  Hi Doug

Stacker-  4, slip-bobber

Juls-  Hahah thanks but no thanks...- -)

slip-bobber(MT)-  Wow! Do they all fish??

Stacker-  Please....

chatman-  This is a first here on Walleye Central.......so lets see where we go....

Stacker-  You betcha, its quite the site!

Scott Richardson-  What's a first.........

Jiggereye-  hi I'm Brad, 9 yrs. old

chatman-  This being a Kids Chat Scott, it is a first here on Walleye Central.

chatman-  Well Doug, why don't you start things off tonight...

slip-bobber(MT)-  What is the biggest fish caught by any of you kids??

Double LLs-  A 22 in Lake Erie

Jiggereye-  I've caught eyes about 5 lbs.

chatman-  My boy Jeff has a bass about 1 1/2 lbs. so far......

slip-bobber(MT)-  Those are all good fish

Stacker-  Yes

slip-bobber(MT)-  Eat them or release em??

Stacker-  Where do you fish Brad?

Jiggereye-  Release them

chatman-  Jeff said, his bass picture is in an article on my pro page if you wanna check it out, 

Double LLs-  Eat the small one and release the big ones

slip-bobber(MT)-  That a boy Jiggereye

Jiggereye-  Mississippi with dad

slip-bobber(MT)-  Way to go Double LLs

Stacker-  What pool jigger?

Jiggereye-  Brad and Brian are jiggereye's boys

slip-bobber(MT)-  Hi Brad and Brian

chatman-  Jeff says- we put them all back to grow up, but I like to eat fish from the store

Jiggereye-  They caught the fish

eyefish(mi);-  Its good to practice CPR

slip-bobber(MT)-  CPR??

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol

Double LLs-  One of my Grandpas likes cracker crumbs and one likes shore lunch

eyefish(mi);-  Catch Photo and Release

slip-bobber(MT)-  I like that photo idea

slip-bobber(MT)-  Any kids know what a replica mount is??

Littlefoot- Ii like to eat them to!

Stacker-  So, Slip-bobber, what's the topic tonight?

slip-bobber(MT)-  Me toooo foot

Stacker-  Kids Chat?

#1 saugeye-  Tell them a little about the program you do for kids while pre fishing for PWT tourneys

SUPERTROLLER-  Stacker, it's kids night

Double LLs-  No, what's a replica mount?

Scott Richardson-  Is there a kid's corner on Walleye Central for pics and such?

Littlefoot-  Yes Fiberglass

Double LLs-  No, I don't know. Dad knows what they are.

Scott Richardson-  Maybe basic how-to stories?

bonda007us-  They use them for Muskies

bonda007us-  Plastic Fish?

chatman-  Jeff says yes,

chatman-  We have a Kids Korner page Scott

Scott Richardson-  cool...

Scott Richardson-  I need to visit it

chatman-  Send in Kids Photos and short stories and we get them posted there

slip-bobber(MT)-  Jeff ever see one??

chatman-  But upon a second question he does not....

slip-bobber(MT)-  Your dad is a smart man double LLs

Double LLs-  lol

chatman-  Yes, Jeff has seen several, however tonight he just thought a replica mount was a big photo like a poster

Juls-  lol...

#1 Saugeye-  Kids, when Doug isn't fishing PWT tourneys he teaches school and guides fishermen on Fort Peck

slip-bobber(MT)-  A replica mount is a mount of a fish taken from a picture

Driftr-  A fellow named Driftr happens to make Replica mounts....

Double LLs-  Then the fish stay alive, right?

slip-bobber(MT)-  That way you can still have a mount of your "BIG" fish and 

still let it go

slip-bobber(MT)-  Right, double lls

slip-bobber(MT)-  So someone else can catch that big one then.

slip-bobber(MT)-  Who wears a life jacket when they are fishing??

Double LLs-  Where can I get a picture of a big one?

slip-bobber(MT)-  Come fishing with me double lls

Double LLs-  I always have to wear a life jacket unless its a calm day and were stopped

Scott Richardson-  I do...:)

chatman-  Jeff told me again it was important to let the fish go back and grow up, most of the time...

ETT-  Bring a camera to Lake Erie Double LL

slip-bobber(MT)-  Me too, double ll

slip-bobber(MT)-  Right Jeff

Juls-  Since there are kids here Doug..I would like to say that I do wear one all the time but the fact is I only wear it when I'm running to a spot or if the waves are 4 foot or bigger...- -)

Double LLs-  My dads typing this for me

slip-bobber(MT)-  I fish just about every day in the summer and wear it all the time

chatman-  I Guess if all our fish need to grow up, I need to put Jeff on bigger fish,,,LOL

Juls-  lol

Benito11686-  Dad and I wear one when moving at a tournament

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol chatman

slip-bobber(MT)-  Smart, Benito

chatman-  Jeff has to wear his life jacket all the time in the boat. Actually if anyone cannot swim, the life jacket stays on! No matter what age.

slip-bobber(MT)-  Me too Jeff

slip-bobber(MT)-  Life Jackets can't save you if you don't have them on

Juls-  When I know my balance is effected by the waves I wear one all the time

slip-bobber(MT)-  When you ride with #1 Saugeye--It's smart to have at least one life jacket on!!

Juls-  lol

Benito11686-  We have seen people fall out in the Mississippi and had to be rescued

Double LLs-  I go to the Mississippi, I know

slip-bobber(MT)-  Were they wearing life jackets Benito??

chatman-  Jeff said when I am racing he has to wear one so I can come back and get him if he falls out of the bouncing boat...

Golden-  Most if not all tournaments require you to wear one when motoring above trolling speeds

Benito11686-  No, they weren't

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol chatman

eyebanger-  :((((((((((((((((((

#1 Saugeye-  Did you have one on when you stepped off the side of Saugeye's boat?

slip-bobber(MT)-  They were lucky they got rescued huh Benito

chatman-  I think Jeff thinks I am Evel Kenevil with a boat!

slip-bobber(MT)-  Should have!!

Benito11686-  Dad's tournaments require life jackets to

Larry(WI);-  It used to be that I only wore one for tourn's. Now all the time

Swat1-  Depends on conditions, who is with me, or rules if I wear one or not.

chatman-  I am gonna invest in one of the new auto inflating vests and wear it all the time too, I proved I can't stay in a boat, or on a dock when it is cold out....

slip-bobber(MT)-  Hi Swat--Good answer

Thadd-  A life jacket shouldn't be considered a nasty piece of equipment.

#1 Saugeye-  Doug is doing a seminar for kids at a show in MT in March

slip-bobber(MT)-  How about bait kids?? What is your favorite and why??

Benito11686-  Crank baits on three ways

Juls-  lol Ralph...I remember that

Double LLs-  night crawlers, because I can play with them when the fish aren't biting

Juls-  - -)

Golden-  LOL at Double LLs

Benito11686-  'Cause Dad does all the work

slip-bobber(MT)-  Did you ever see the green ones double lls?

Ness-  Teach them tricks, eh, double LLs :-)

slip-bobber(MT)-  Dad let you help?

Benito11686-  Yah, but they put green on my fingers

Scott Richardson-  ick

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol Benito

Swat1-  I used to have one of the auto inflates when I was in the Navy. The one time I really needed it, it didn't inflate. :-((

Benito11686-  I tell him were to catch them

slip-bobber(MT)-  Fluorescent green crawlers should make your dad's boat really look nice!!!

Ness-  Scratch the inflatable idea....

Larry(WI);-  Are they pretty buoyant?

Golden-  Lindy has the bedding out to make the green worms, just have to buy the bedding, pretty neat stuff

Benito11686-  The carpet is already green

SUPERTROLLER-  I sweat too much to wear auto-inflating preserver,,, lol

Swat1-  Yes they work great when the are inflated

slip-bobber(MT)-  Does it shine in the dark??

Benito11686-  Not yet

walleyeguy-  Do you guys where life preservers when you are fishing?

slip-bobber(MT)-  I do

Swat1-  Work similar to a Buoyancy compensator used for Scuba Diving

Benito11686-  too far from the power planet

walleyeguy-  Or just when driving the boat

slip-bobber(MT)-  All the time

Golden-  Nope, just turns the worms that fluorescent green color - no radioactive ingredients

Juls-  - -)

Ness-  Cool, Irish worms - -)

Swat1-  Usually just when driving except if I'm out with the kids then I wear one all the time

slip-bobber(MT)-  Any kids use leeches??

Benito11686-  Green Bay walleyes like them

Double LLs-  Why won't the walleye eat the green ones?

Juls-  It's the food in the bedding that turns them green...takes about 4-6 days to get the real good color

slip-bobber(MT)-  They will

Benito11686-  I can never get the leeches to hook

Juls-  so do perch benito...- -)

Double LLs-  Yes, we use leeches. Their fun to play with too!

slip-bobber(MT)-  How do you hook them Benito??

chatman-  Jeff said he liked taking care of the leeches with Daddy last year and he liked holding them and talking to them

Larry(WI);-  Does anyone think that you can use too large of crawlers?

Benito11686-  Through the sucker

slip-bobber(MT)-  Not me Larry

slip-bobber(MT)-  That is right Benito. What kind of hooks?

Double LLs-  Larry Wi, can you use to big?

walleyeguy-  Who has caught the largest walleye in here?

Smallie-  Leeches are good for largemouth

walleyeguy-  ???

Swat1-  Usually No Larry but there have been days when the smaller ones worked better

Larry(WI);-  I used some last yr. that were about 12" long, not much success

Benito11686-  On Winnebago, we use the whole thing on a Slo-Poke...

Juls-  lol

slip-bobber(MT)-  Ask #1 Saugeye about the biggest Saugeye---World Record holder

Double LLs-  Larry Wi, My dad always try's to get the jumbos

Juls-  cool..congrats #1

chatman-  Good question, what is your kids largest walleye, anybody??

walleyeguy-  Me and a friend go fishing at a pond and catch huge largemouth off of bluegill

Juls-  You can always make a big crawler smaller, but you cant make a short one longer...- -)

slip-bobber(MT)-  14 # 6 oz walleye here

Larry(WI);-  Thanks Double LLs

Double LLs-  I caught a 22" in lake Erie when I was 4

#1 Saugeye-  I was fortunate enough to catch a 15.66# Saugeye in Jan. 95

Swat1-  On Erie when we cast weapons we only use a piece of a crawler and it works a lot better than a whole one

Juls-  Wow...that's a huge saugeye!

Swat1-  Wouldn't you say Little Foot?

Double LLs-  Last summer in Mi I caught about the same size, in the Ludington area

#1 Saugeye-  Biggest one made Juls

Larry(WI);-  I have a source that save the jumbos cause he can't sell them at his location

Juls-  - -)

slip-bobber(MT)-  What do the kids think is the best boat??

#1 Saugeye-  One that floats?

Benito11686-  The Rangers are the best boats

slip-bobber(MT)-  I have an answer for that---- The one that ALWAYS FLOATS!!


Double LLs-  Lund boat like my dads

Swat1-  My sons Largest is in the Kids Corner Ralph. 11lbs 4 oz

chatman-  Jeff says, "Daddy's Ranger is the biggest boat there, and the best ever." (Jeff has been in 3 of my boats, 2 different brands)

Benito11686-  My dad sold his

slip-bobber(MT)-  Dad going to get another one Benito??

Benito11686-  He better

chatman-  My son's largest walleye barely would make a nice perch, but you'd think it was a 10 with the look on his face....

Juls-  I'm still a kid at heart...does that mean I can answer too? lol

slip-bobber(MT)-  We have Lunds and Rangers, any others????

Golden-  That is a great picture of him on the Kids Korner Chatman

slip-bobber(MT)-  Right Chatman--That what fishing is supposed to be all about

#1 Saugeye-  Large is in the eyes of the beholder, Chatman

slip-bobber(MT)-  Yes Juls

Juls-  lol

Benito11686-  Dad wants to fish the RCL

Larry(WI);-  What do you kids think about trolling?

chatman-  In the photo on the Kids Korner, Jeff had to be coaxed into the tiller/kicker position, he thought the 2 footers on Pewaukee were really rough...

Benito11686-  It is fun if you catch something

slip-bobber(MT)-  RCL has some pretty good fisherman Benito

Double LLs-  I like to troll the best

Golden-  But it's called fishing not catching Benito

Double LLs-  When we jig, I lose more hooks

Benito11686-  My dad is a great fisherman

slip-bobber(MT)-  Great

Golden-  I bet he is

slip-bobber(MT)-  Does he teach you how??

Benito11686-  When I'm not teaching him

slip-bobber(MT)-  You will be great then to!

Golden-  grin>

Double LLs-  Also, when we troll were usually back in Mi and I like Mi

slip-bobber(MT)-  That a boy

Benito11686-  Dad says I jig better then most men

slip-bobber(MT)-  That would make you a very good jigmiester

chatman-  I liked trolling but we did not catch any fish!

chatman-  that was Jeff typing that, takes him a while....

Benito11686-  Yep, that's me!

slip-bobber(MT)-  Jeff---you need to troll with someone else??

Swat1-  Tell your Dad to bring you to Erie Jeff we will wear you out...LOL

slip-bobber(MT)-  I will take you if you ever come up to Montana

Benito11686-  Three ways work best

chatman-  Thanks, I want to fish with daddy and someone else like Uncle Boo.....

Larry(WI);-  Besides your dads, who are some of your fishing idols?

Ness-  And he isn't kidding, Jeff. believe me I know... - -)

slip-bobber(MT)-  Three ways are good all right

Double LLs-  We watched Ron Seeloff but I don't know him

slip-bobber(MT)-  OK Jeff--Bring him to MT with you

chatman-  Jeff said noooo when I said he could catch walleyes on Lake Erie almost as big as he is...

slip-bobber(MT)-  Nice guy double lls

Benito11686-  Juls is my idol

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol

Juls-  lol

Benito11686-  Will you teach me the hand line?

Double LLs-  We watch guys on In-Fisherman they catch huge fish

Golden-  She can catch walleyes, beat me in the MWC tourneys last year. She is a fishing gal

slip-bobber(MT)-  Yes she is

Juls-  OK, you got me blushing now Benito...lol! Of course I would teach you...It'd be my pleasure

eyefish(mi);-  Juls you have a fan club....................I can see you blushing from here

Den-  A lot of huge fish can be caught on tape, lol

slip-bobber(MT)-  You watch In-fisherman a lot double lls?

Juls-  heheh

Double LLs-  Every time my dad does once a week

Double LLs-  He likes to watch the PWT

chatman-  We watch fishing on TV too, Mommy doesn't.

slip-bobber(MT)-  If you kids could take ANYBODY fishing---Who would it be??

slip-bobber(MT)-  Do any of you know any other kids that don't get to go fishing?? If you do, do you suppose it would be a nice idea to ask them to go with you next time??

Benito11686-  Steve Poll if he would go

chatman-  Yes, Daddy will take me and my friends fishing too

Swat1-  Hi Jerry

Benito11686-  Dad say's he is the best fisherman that he has fished with

Juls-  He would probably go Benito..nice guy

Double LLs-  My dad took our cub scouts out fishing and we made homemade rods

Double LLs-  we caught a huge crappie

Benito11686-  Second would be Larry Erikson

Juls-  I caught my first fish on a homemade rod...a stick with some mono tied to it...34 long years ago...lol

#1 Saugeye-  Last summer Drew helped Doug find his glasses when they fell in the lake-- Doug took him fishing in thanks.

#1 Saugeye-  Caught some big fish too

Juls-  Cool!

Double LLs-  That's how we made the rods, Juls

Juls-  - -)

Double LLs-  My dad is going to fish his first MWC with grandpa this year

slip-bobber(MT)-  Hope he does well double lls

Juls-  Good luck to them double ll's

Double LLs-  Thanks slip-bobber

chatman-  Jeff has been all over the area here, either wading or bank sitting and in the boat

slip-bobber(MT)-  You bet

chatman-  Maybe Huron this fall??

Den-  Huron?? Is there fish there?

Juls-  For sure Ralph..bring him along!!

Juls-  lol Den

slip-bobber(MT)-  Great chatman--You going to teach your dad everything you know about fishing Jeff?

Swat1-  Huron in the Fall is something everyone should experience at least once in their life

chatman-  Jeff said, "Yes."

slip-bobber(MT)-  Any of you kids like stinky plastic bait??

Ness-  I hope I haven't used up my once in a life time... :-)

Benito11686-  Hi! I'm Benito's sister

Larry(WI);-  Juls, are still going to show me hand lining this spring?

Juls-  You got that right swat

slip-bobber(MT)-  Hi eyeboy

Driftr-  Linda insists we come the whole week this year :)

Den-  It may be a good experience at Huron, it can spoil you though!

Benito11686-  I like walleyes

Ness-  Huron was fun :-)

chatman-  One time, Daddy caught a big turtle and it peed on him!

Double LLs-  lol

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol Jeff

Golden-  LOL at Jeff, that is funny

jerry-  lol...lucky Ralph!!

slip-bobber(MT)-  Was it a smart turtle??

Golden-  Sounds like a smart turtle to me..

Double LLs-  lol! (at smart turtle)

Benito11686-  Juls, the trolling run is open on the Mississippi

chatman-  No it was a naughty turtle.....

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol

chatman-  We saw a big snapping turtle there two, by the dam...

Larry(WI);-  Great, gotta go. Kids, have a FUN year and hopefully a FUN lifetime of fishing!

slip-bobber(MT)-  Any kids like to use stinky plastic baits??

chatman-  I use crappie nibblers that are real stinky ...daddy doesn't use them

Benito11686-  Banana scented Mister Twisters

Double LLs-  sometimes stinky, mostly in the Mississippi River

slip-bobber(MT)-  Ever taste em??

Benito11686-  And black lichorish leeches

Double LLs-  No way!

chatman-  Nope, not me.....

Benito11686-  No!

Double LLs-  They stink!

slip-bobber(MT)-  If you were a fish, would you eat them???

SUPERTROLLER-  kinda salty

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol

Double LLs-  If they looked good, I might try it

Den-  I wouldn't eat a lot of things that fish do

chatman-  The ones I catch eat them. Daddy's fish don't eat them.

slip-bobber(MT)-  Even if they stink double lls??

chatman-  Daddy uses lures, I use nibblers a lot

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol den

#1 Saugeye-  Not bad if you forget your lunch!

chatman-  It is me again,

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol saugeye

Golden-  It was you last time Ralph, don't be trying that one on us

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol

Driftr-  what is the password Ralph :)

chatman-  The password is, "I have the kill button!"......LOL....

Double LLs-  Well, its my bedtime goodnight everyone

chatman-  Any more questions from the kids to Doug as we wind down tonight?

Ness-  :-)

slip-bobber(MT)-  Nite, thanks

chatman-  And, I said it was me...

Golden-  goodnight DoubleLL's, visit anytime

Double LLs-  OK, we'll visit again. Thank you

chatman-  I also have been typing for Jeff, or we'd be here all night!! LOL

Juls-  - -)

chatman-  Ladies, Kids and the rest of the motley crew assembled here, a warm round of applause for tonight's guest, Doug Komorowsky!!

#1 Saugeye-  Good job Slip!

Juls-  clap clap clap clap thanks Doug and all the kids!

eyefish(mi);-  Great job Doug

jerry-  Thanks Doug

Den-  clap, clap, clap

jerry-  clap...clap....clap

Golden-  Thanks Doug, that was a great chat and a good idea. We should make a "kids" place on the website somehow

slip-bobber(MT)-  That was fun

Den-  They are the future

slip-bobber(MT)-  Would like to do this again sometime

Den-  Of course, there are a lot of old kids here now!

Juls-  - -)

Golden-  I just get older, I don't grow up

chatman-  The only difference between me now and when I was a kid is about 180 lbs., and the price of my toys!

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