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MWC Chat 3/14/01

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Pete Wuebker of the MWC!!!

Driftr - Welcome Pete

MWC PETE - (bowing)

Den - Welcome Pete!

Driftr - clap clap clap

T--Mac - Hi Pete!

jerry - Welcome Pete....clap, clap. clap

Juls - Hi ya Pete......

#1 saugeye - Welcome Pete!

mmillelacs - Pete, hi!

MWC PETE - I'm here for Maura this evening........

Chatman - So, Pete, where do we want to go tonight?

Den - Fishin'!!!

MWC PETE - Thanks. Is everyone as anxious for the season to get going as I am?

Den - Yep....

T--Mac - I want the ice off!

mmillelacs - Tired of ice

MWC PETE - I thought there might be plenty of questions, there's certainly a lot of rumors.....

Chatman - I am gonna miss not being at Spring Valley this year Pete.....

MWC PETE - I just talked with Bill today, water is dropping about 3 inches a day.

MWC PETE - So, even though it maybe cold, the fishing should be darn good.

Chatman - Until this weekend that is, Pete. Bad weather coming, lots of rain and snow should keep things interesting...

MWC PETE - Oooooh - don't talk about snow.

MWC PETE - It's shaping up to be a good year for the circuit, entries are moving along about like last year.

Den - Where is your first tourney Pete?

MWC PETE - Maybe a tad better at the established sites?

Chatman - On that note, what was the number of circuit anglers this year? Those who signed up for at least five?

MWC PETE - The first tourney is Spring Valley IL, the weekend after next. (March 24 & -25)

MWC PETE - The fromer eraly bird entry are called VIP (very important angler) this year. There about 66 teams.

Driftr - :)

MWC PETE - Down from last year but I think that has a lot to do with there being seven tournament sites.

Chatman -Still that's not a bad number, how is the open entry progressing? Is Spring Valley a full field?

MWC PETE - And points based on a maximum of 5

MWC PETE - 200 boats is a full tournament and we have 205 in Spring Valley

Chatman - 205?

MWC PETE - Yep...

MWC PETE - There is a good pile of entries yet to be input for the other sites, so I don't have any hard numbers there.

Chatman - How have the new sites been received so far Pete? Any comments from the anglers signing up?

MWC PETE - No comments delivered to wildlife forever, but Dubuque is looking pretty good. They're really rolling out the red carpet for the anglers!

Chatman - Dubuque always used to put on a good show.

MWC PETE - I'm very excited about what we'll all find down there....

Juls - It's good to hear that Pete..I'm looking forward to fishing Dubuque..I've never been there before.

Chatman - I fished in my first MWC Championship there.......

MWC PETE - They've arranged for great accommodations and rates.

MWC PETE - I'd heard the mwc had been down there some years before.

Slapshot1 - Hang on to your rod Juls. I think I remember you loosing one about a year or so ago on a river?

Juls - lol...oky doky

Den - lol

Den - Just 1 so far?

Slapshot1 - lol

MWC PETE - Entry pace for Erie is, frankly, a little slow. But, it's 5 months away.

Juls - Yep..lost it out of a rod holder...tree monster took it!

Chatman - Dubuque was a consistent destination for some time I guess, they even hosted a Championship or two...

Slapshot1 - lol

matt - Is there any criteria for getting in MWC tourneys?

Chatman - Just sign up Matt....

MWC PETE - You must be 12 and older

T--Mac - Pay the entry fee....

matt - That's easy enough....

Den - Matt may not qualify then, lol...

MWC PETE - lol

T--Mac - lol

??~Tan~Chick~?? - lol

MWC PETE - I suppose, you could even fish from shore?

Den - What's the entry fee, Pete?

matt - Close, but I just made it...

MWC PETE - The entry fee for each tournament is $400 per team.

T--Mac - Good point...Pete.. do you allow folks to go to shore during tourney hours?

MWC PETE - However, part of that is a conservation fee....

MWC PETE - In keeping with the MWC tradition and Wildlife Forever's reason for being.

MWC PETE - We leave a hefty conservation grant at each site.....

MWC PETE - Tournament anglers can not leave the boat during tournament hours unless its an emergency or bad weather.

T--Mac - Yes... what I thought thanks

MWC PETE - That's pretty standard....

Chatman - Another great thing to mention are the Kids Clinics Dick and Keri and a bunch of the anglers put on at every tournament site, on Thursday night....

T--Mac - Yup

Den - That means don't fall overboard Terry!

MWC PETE - Yes, I just got off the phone with Keri and her father a few hours ago...

MWC PETE - They put on a kids clinic the Thursday before each tourney...

MWC PETE - Great stuff!

Chatman - I had lunch with Dick last week, they are raring to go this year again....

Juls - Are they doing the Thursday nights again for the kids workshops?

Juls - They do a great job.

Juls - Oh sorry ..see the answer above....

Den - lol

MWC PETE - I did some newspaper interviews yesterday and they're going to pump them up in the papers this weekend.

MWC PETE - It should be a good turnout.

Chatman - This is Bill's last year for running the Spring Valley event isn't it?

MWC PETE - Bill's been doing the MWC down there for 15 years and this is his last one.

MWC PETE - But he's promised to work behind the scenes for next year, for a smooth transition.

Juls - Cool!

MWC PETE - "Barge traffic does not stop!"

Juls - ;-)

Den - lol

Juls - They will kill you... -)

Chatman - My favorite is' "This is not a question and answer period!"........as Bill says at the start of every rules meeting

Juls - lol

MWC PETE - lol

Chatman - This chat however, lives for questions!!!

MWC PETE - This will be my third Spring Valley tourney.

Chatman - I'll miss hearing that.....

sheila - Bill's not here, fire away!

Chairman - Everybody ready for Spring Valley?

Juls - Yes sir!

MWC PETE - ---I'm ready-----

capt nick - When is the MWC going to come to the east?

MWC PETE - We're in Geneva Ohio this year fishing Erie....

Chatman - Pete, are there any rules changes this year, that we'd need to know?

MWC PETE - No big changes in the rules . . . marine band radio requirement is required now though....

Driftr - Geneva, at the State Park launch?

MWC PETE - Yes, it is a great site.

Chairman - That should be a good bite.

Driftr - Yep, nice launch....

MWC PETE - We researched where the walleyes go during that time of year and Geneva was the spot.

Juls - There should be good weather in August too!

capt nick -Have you guys ever been on Saginaw or Detroit river or St.Clair?

MWC PETE - Looking at that river for next year.....

Driftr - Yep, ya want my last years numbers? :)

capt nick - Good sign me up! Make sure you guys do it, like mid April, when the fishing is good!

MWC PETE - When wildlife forever acquired the MWC, one commitment we made was to grow the number of sites.

MWC PETE - You got it Nick......

MWC PETE - We're hoping to have a total of 10 sites next year with 2 divisions.

Chatman - That answered my next question Nicely Pete....are you psychic?

MWC PETE - Naw, just a little intuitive.......

MWC PETE - And, I'm working on a TV deal as well!

Driftr - Will you come more east from Geneva?

sheila - wow

Juls - wow

sheila - jinx

Juls - lol

Chatman - Can you give any site names? Or hints as to where the added 3 tourneys may be Pete?

MWC PETE - One I've already mentioned, I also like devils lake ND.

MWC PETE - And, we're open to suggestions.....

capt nick - Saginaw Bay!

mmillelacs - Mille Lacs..............?

Chatman - LOTW?

MWC PETE - I would like to go more east but the feeling at wildlife forever is that we must grow outward from the base.

sheila - Columbia River? hehe

matt - Have you ever thought about any tournaments in Canada?

Slapshot1 - Lake Sakakawea

Juls - Yeah!!! Sakakawea!!!

MWC PETE - All great ideas, good thing I print a copy of this out later......

Chatman - Lac La Belle??

sheila - I like that place too!

Chairman - Lake of the woods is nice

Slapshot1 - One of Juls Favorites

Chatman - LOL

Juls - lol Ralph!

Juls - you betcha mike.. -)

sheila - Yes, LOTW is great resort.

capt nick - Two on Saginaw Bay!

MWC PETE - I'd like to get into new states. We already have two sites in MN

Chairman - I like it even with 1 rod

capt nick - lol

Juls - Ok..then ND it is..heheh......

mmillelacs - Question- do you rule out sites that have slot limits for tourneys?

capt nick - No slot limits!

Chatman - What about Merrit reservoir in Nebraska?

capt nick - Yeah! Rule them out........

slip-bobber(MT) - How about Montana?

MWC PETE - lol, I don't like slots either, but they are not ruled out....

Juls -  -)

capt nick - More luck, no skills......

MWC PETE - Montana would be good.....

Chairman - Early, when the fish are at the dam, before the Governors Cup in Montanna.....

sheila - T-Mac would like that tho.....

Driftr - Kinzua , in Pennsylvania & - New York.

Chairman - Slots are OK, it is the no cull that is tough!

Driftr - Nice walleye water too.

MWC PETE - I hear the nations largest walleye club is in N.Y.........

Chairman - Southtowns......... Great people!

slip-bobber(MT) - Actually Bruce, before Governors Cup, you can go to Dry Arm or WAY east.....

slip-bobber(MT) - How many walleye folks in Club in NY?

Chairman - That's why I have a Ranger slip

MWC PETE - More like, better than 1000!

Chairman - Over 3000!

Slapshot1 - You betcha!

sheila - It'd be like going home.....

slip-bobber(MT) - Just about 4000 in MT Walleye Unlimited

Slapshot1 - lol

slip-bobber(MT) - WOW must be a heck of a meeting!!

Slapshot1 - Not that Lake it is a tough one.

Juls - Sigh..wish I could too Pa...not enough vacation time this year to do it....:-(

MWC PETE - We get a lot of questions about the conservation work that the MWC and Wildlife Forever does for fisheries.

MWC PETE - So I'd like to take this opportunity to direct people to the MWC web site were there is a listing........

Chairman - Isn't that a series of clubs united?

Chatman - Can you list some of the recent items where the MWC has helped out local fisheries Pete?

Driftr - Juls, good walleye water here too!

slip-bobber(MT) - Yes Bruce, it is.

Chairman - Has the MWC ever thought about observers on the boats like the MWT?

MWC PETE - Up in Little Bay de Noc, Wildlife Forever has been funding a huge walleye stocking program.

MWC PETE - In the past it was matching grants with the MWC, now we do it outright.

Chairman - Southtowns is one club and one meeting place. Awesome. If they call the Governor he flies in........

MWC PETE - I've never thought about observers, the MWC was built on the honesty policy, and that's nice.

MWC PETE - Must be a heck of meeting room!

slip-bobber(MT) - lol

Chatman - Well, The MWC provided observers for one guy...once....

T--Mac - Heck of a meeting!

Chairman - It is.

ETT - Pete , ever hear of NFA Nat'l. Fisheries Association or something like that? Salt water guys.......

MWC PETE - We did during the championship...........

Chairman - I think it adds credibility to team fishing

MWC PETE - Not me, there is another guy here at wildlife forever that handles the grants.............

MWC PETE - and projects stuff, he knows more than I do.............

Chatman - That was a nice deal for me though.......I still thank the MWC for allowing me to compete, sans partner....

T--Mac - I agree ...Bruce

MWC PETE - But that observer was more for safety than any thing........

MWC PETE - and Ron still talks about it Ralph!

Chatman - lol, I showed him where to catch just about everything but walleyes as it turned out!

Juls - hehehe

Chairman - I think it stops some of the background rumbling.

Den - lol

Chatman - I'd wonder about the logistics involved with finding an observer for every boat though, Chairman...

MWC PETE - I was up at the PWT championships last year and talked to a couple of observers

MWC PETE - They have no trouble finding them.

Chairman - MWT does random the first day Top 10 day 2 Writers, helpers, club members.

Chairman - It would be good for some of the teams to have a writer for a day. Great promotion for them.

Slapshot1 - I hear you on that one Bruce.

Juls - That would be cool Bruce!

MWC PETE - We'll have writers going out during the world walleye championship.

Chatman - Is the championship structured the same as last year? Same boundaries, Location etc.??

Chairman - They would like to go all year and the sponsors would love it I know that!

MWC PETE - Same boundaries and location, registration will not be at Walmart though.......

MWC PETE - That is a good idea chairman, I'll look into it.

Chatman - I tell you, that was one hot day during the registration last year!

Chairman - Thanks Pete, Enough said!

MWC PETE - Could you believe that weather?

Chatman - It was fine until we stood around on an asphalt parking lot for a few hours! ......LOL....

MWC PETE - lol, I got tar all over my new W.F. fishing shirt........

Chatman - Are the boat slips going to be available again for the Championship anglers this year?

ETT - Pete at Erie observers are the fisherman's responsibility, then you draw observers......

MWC PETE - Yes, boat slips will be available.

MWC PETE -That was a pretty nice perk for the competitors.

ETT - Writers could be worked into that system.

MWC PETE - I believe Treasure Island has improved the boat launch too.........

MWC PETE - Writers would make great observers.

Slapshot1 - TV guys and radio too...

Chatman - That will really be nice.....the launch wasn't too bad last year, but certainly not as good as it could be for bigger boats...

MWC PETE - I only have a bout 10 minutes so don't hold back on MWC of Wildlife Forever questions! Fire away!

Chatman - As to taking writers out, that can be done now. I have always snooped around and found out the local papers etc., and invited them...

T--Mac - What is furthest west tourney Pete?

ETT - Pete are you aware of a national fish protection group that is mainly involved in salt water?

Juls - Big Stone, I would imagine?

MWC PETE - The furthest west tourney is Big Stone.......

T--Mac - hahaha

MWC PETE - But there's plenty of good water west of there..........

Chatman - Furthest from where, T-Mac?

Juls - lol

T--Mac - Thanks Pete.

Slapshot1 - lol for me yes.....

Chatman - Big Stone is the closest one for Scott though....

Juls -  -)

MWC PETE - Wildlife Forever does some work with a tag and release program for marlin but I don't know the name of the organization.......

ETT - NFA or something close?

Juls - I don't think he is doing big stone this year...Dubuque, Oconto and Pepin are his three this year.

Chatman - Correct Juls....

Chatman - But Big Stone is still closest to his front door....

Chatman - lol

Juls - Sure, sure, true enough.. -)

T--Mac - Ever think about having east and west divisions...Pete?

MWC PETE - As far as west goes, I think some of those reservoirs in SD might be interesting water.....

MWC PETE - The plan is for divisions next year and we're working to make it happen.

Chatman - Still have a few Minutes....there have to be some questions waiting to be asked? Were there any missed?

T--Mac - Lots of good water west of Missouri River even......

MWC PETE - I'm always available through e-mail through the MWC site here on WC

Chatman - Pete, if a person or group wished to volunteer their time to help out at a tournament, what is the best way for them to find out who to talk to?

MWC PETE - They can get in touch with me to start and then we might put them in touch with the tournament director.

T--Mac - Pete who are the Major MWC sponsors this year?

Chairman - I know how he feels!

mmillelacs - Heres one for you- Do certain ,possibly unscrupulous types, ever hire a guide before a tournament to learn water?

MWC PETE - The major sponsors are North American Fishing Magazine, Lindy Little Joe, Mercury, Motorguide,

MWC PETE - Ranger Boats,

Chatman - There is a time restriction to fishing with a guide as I remember....

MWC PETE - and Lowrance

MWC PETE - Plus, of course, Walleye Central!

MWC PETE - and Panther,

MWC PETE - and Berkley Trilene

T--Mac - Off-Shore? lolol

MWC PETE - The Spring Valley tourney with the NAFM tournament and Steve Pennaz, the Editor in Cheif, will be competing!

T--Mac - Gotcha.....

Chatman - Walleye Central will have the live leader board at all the MWC tourneys this year, including the Championship...

Chatman - Last call here, we have about1 minute left....

slip-bobber(MT) - Thanks Pete, You did a great job.

MWC PETE - you're all welcome, feel free to call me at Wildlife Forever when ever you have a question........

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Pete Wuebker of the MWC!!!

sheila - THANKS Pete!!!

MWC PETE - (bowing again)

Driftr - Thanks for the chat Pete!

mmillelacs - Thanx!!

Cuke eh! - Thanks, eh!

Slapshot1 - Thanks Pete!

Juls - clap clap clap clap clap clap...thanks for the chat Pete

ETT - Clap, Clasp, Clap

MWC PETE - Bye all see ya down in the valley?

#1 saugeye - Thanks Pete

MWC PETE - I've sure enjoyed this, I think I'll come back just for fun

Chatman - Come back anytime Pete!!!!

T--Mac - Careful Pete..it is addictive

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