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 Ranger Boat Chat 9/5/01 - Live From Devils Lake RCL

Chatman- Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome for George Liddle Jr. and Frank Owens of Ranger Boats!!!!

Juls- Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Welcome George and Frank, and Sonja!

Carol Nelson- Hey! How's it going all?

harry stiles- Howdy everyone!

Kaz- Hello George and Frank.

Chatman- Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!

Ranger Boat guys - Hi Kaz!

Chatman- Jeez it is like old home week in here tonight!!!!

Juls- LOL!

Ristroapper(ND)- My favorite Ranger man is sitting in third place, go Jeff Taege!

harry stiles- Hi George! I would rather be there!! Look out next year!! By the way, there are a lot of pheasants here!!

Chatman- By the way, tonight we have another remote location. George, Frank and Sonja are all at the RCL tournament at Devils Lake! I am here at my regular location and Sonja is providing the computer and typing for Frank and George.

Ranger Boat guys- Frank has not joined us yet, he is still working on trolling motors , but he will try to join us soon.

Chatman- Let's start out tonight with the Ranger guys telling us who they are.

Juls- I could of figured Frank wouldn't be done yet. He's the best!!

Chatman- Frank has bailed me out a time or two. George too, for that matter!

Ranger Boat guys- George Liddle is the regional sales rep for Ranger boat company and Frank Owens is the support technician at walleye events.

Ranger Boat guys- Frank Owens is one of the best we have and we are lucky to have him on our team!!!!!

Juls- ;-)

Chatman- I understand there are some changes in the 2002 line up George?

Chatman- Can you tell us a little about what's new, what's changed and so on?

Ranger Boat guys- There are very few changes, but the 620 has some interior design changes.

Chatman- Such as? What are you doing to my boat? LOL!

Juls- I hear Ranger is changing the position of the gas tanks on the 620's, can you tell us about that? Why the change, and the advantages it will have?

Ranger Boat guys- Such as, the gas tank being moved from the bow of the boat to the mid-ship area, allowing for larger and deeper rod storage.

Chatman- Does that change anything else, physically, in the interior?

Chatman- Other than the deeper rod box?

Ranger Boat guys- Yes, the interior also changes by making the storage boxes behind the driver and passenger seat 2 inches shorter in length.

Juls- Is that for making room for the factory installed Glyde Ryde seats?

Ranger Boat guys- I would think so. 

Juls- Does moving the tank make for better boat handling in big waves? I would think so.

Ranger Boat guys- We will also gain a small amount of overall performance with the movement of the gas tank.

Juls- I think it's great that Ranger is making them an option. Great seats! Saved my back and neck a few times! ;-)

Ristroapper(ND)- Ditto Juls!

Ranger Boat guys- Shortening the storage boxes will allow room for Glyde Ryde seats and also more floor space in the cockpit area!

Stacker- Yup

Juls- George, do you know how many Rangers are currently using Glyde Rydes? there? A guess?

Chatman- Does that also lengthen the front deck? I hope?

Ristroapper(ND)- Taege has them.

Ranger Boat guys- Along with moving the running rod rack from the console position to underneath the passenger console.

Ristroapper(ND)- One for passenger too!!

Ranger Boat guys- No Chatman, it doesn't lengthen the front deck space.

Juls- Will the Gorilla Rydes be available for installation at the factory also? Or just the regular Glyde Rydes?

Chatman- Dang! LOL! Although I found the deck big enough to begin with, but being a jig boy, more deck is better!

Ranger Boat guys- The boat (620) is now available as a dual or single Console!

Ranger Boat guys- More deck is always better!!

Juls- Have you seen the Gorillas? Jason Przekurat and Rick LaCourse are using them there now at Devils Lake.

Chatman- So the consoles are now like they are in the 617 and 619?

Ranger Boat guys- Yes.

Chatman- Okay, thanks George.

Juls- Will the rod locker in the new 620 still have the step in it or will it be a straight cut like the 619?

Chatman- That just may keep me from buying a bass boat next time...LOL!

Ranger Boat guys- All the new models will have modular consoles, not dependent on species-specific layouts.

Chatman- So, it is an all-new liner then?

Stacker- Modular, as in bolt in consoles?

Chatman- Has the new configuration been water tested yet? How does the weight re-distribution affect the handling?

L. Ecklor- Will these new boats be ready to see at the PWT Championship?

Ranger Boat guys- Unfortunately, not at the championship, but there are boats Out there already.

Ranger Boat guys- The boat still has full liner, modular meaning a part that is added after the mold is completed.

Stacker- Ok.

Chatman- Bolted in and epoxied in place Stacker.

Stacker- Is that how they were before?

Chatman- The 620 consoles were molded in. But that limited the configuration options a bit. The 620 was only available as a dual console.

L. Ecklor- I thought a couple might show up at a local dealer, up that way.

Ranger Boat guys- Bolted and epoxied in, is the correct installation of the Consoles. Once they are installed, they cannot be removed.

Ranger Boat guys- The boats will be in Bismarck within a month after the PWTChampionship.

Ristroapper(ND)- At Moritz Marine?

Ranger Boat guys- Yes, at Moritz Marine and also Dano's in Pierre.

Chatman- Another question would be, will the new 620 be seen at the RCL Championship in Green Bay this year?

L. Ecklor- Where will we probably see them first over here in Wisconsin?

fish4eyes- How about at the MWC Championship in October?

Ranger Boat guys- Unfortunately, a boat will not be at the PWT championship, however, there is an excellent chance that one will be on display at the two other championships!

Chatman- Goody! The RCL is only 50 miles from my house!!

Juls- Cool! ;-)

Ranger Boat guys- We will also be introducing our Ranger, Chevy package 620 at the RCL!!!

Chatman- That ought to be pretty cool!

Bubba- With the fuel tanks moved back on the 620, are you getting more bow lift?

Ranger Boat guys- Yes, the bow lift will be improved.

Stacker- Will the last 6 at the RCL be using Rangers this year instead of Lunds?

Chatman- Better throttle response, like the 619?

Ranger Boat guys- The format will remain the same as last year's. The contestants will fish out of the boats they qualified in.

Stacker- Oh.

Ranger Boat guys- The throttle response will not significantly change in the new 620. The overall weight is not different, just the layout.

Chatman- Just a quick note for new arrivals, the Ranger Boat guys are George Liddle and Frank Owens. Although frank is still out working on boats, he will join us momentarily. We are also bringing the Ranger Guys to you from the RCL Tournament at Devils Lake! And Sonja Pinkert is there with them, working the laptop.

Chatman- Has George missed any questions so far?

Kaz- Harry Stiles! I remember you! Just kidding.

L. Ecklor- I bet the center tank will make a great big water boat, even better.

Ranger Boat guys- I have very good help here!!

L. Ecklor- Hi Sonja!

Ranger Boat guys- We hope the boat changes will make the final product better. And from the small amount of boats in the field, we have had great success to this point!

Kaz- George, when I was at the Ranger plant recently, I really liked the Cherokee, Crappie boat.

L. Ecklor- Juls I thought you would be at Devils Lake, fishing?

Chatman- Let's talk about the Cherokee line a bit George.

Juls- I wish I were, Lawrence! No vacation time from work. Dang!

spampy- Are the Cherokee boats aluminum?

Ranger Boat guys- The new Cherokee Crappie boat, is just one of the new models offered in 2002!

Chatman- Yes they are Spampy.

Kaz- The line was good, but I'm really impressed with the new models.

Ranger Boat guys- These boats will range from an 18 foot bass style with a 150 Rating, to an 18-foot deep v walleye boat, all the way to Jon boats!

Chatman- How well received is the Cherokee line in the walleye world, George?

L. Ecklor- What is the approximate length, depth and width on the Crappie boats?

Ranger Boat guys- The Cherokee line is in its infancy stages in the walleye World.

L. Ecklor- I have always liked the looks and the way the Swanks' Cherokee rides!

Kaz- The fit and trim on the Cherokee is second to none.

Ranger Boat guys- Now that we have our own factory in Junction City, Kansas, we are ready to start a marketing campaign specifically to increase the sales of the Cherokee.

spampy- What is the price range?

L. Ecklor- The Cherokee line might be a better river choice for me then, George?

Ranger Boat guys- As far as pricing goes, the Crappie Boat at about 9 grand, up to 25 grand for the Walleye Boat. The Jon Boats will remain under 1000!!

Kaz- Believe me, they're excellent boats.

Juls- How does the Cherokee stand up as a big water boat?

spampy- Are they riveted?

Chatman- All welded Spampy.

spampy- Okay.

Ranger Boat guys- No rivets! The Cherokee is welded. And they are foam filled, just like the fiberglass boats.

Dan(oh)- Is anything coming in a higher free board size walleye boat?

Ranger Boat guys- We also have a fiberglass transom and zero wood in the boat!

Ranger Boat guys- We also offer a 20 year warranty!!

spampy- What is the hull thickness?

Ranger Boat guys- There is no higher free board boat, at this time.

Ranger Boat guys- Aluminum used is .125 on the bottom and transom. The sides are .100 thick.

spampy- That sounds nice!

Ranger Boat guys- Yes, and it is a nice boat!

Ranger Boat guys- We are excited to offer our dealers a full line of product!!

spampy- Does the Cherokee qualify for the RCL?

Chatman- Is the fiberglass transom made from the same pulltruded board as the glass models?

Ranger Boat guys- Yes, the transom is the same as the pulltrusion on other models, along with foam core.

Ranger Boat guys- Spampy, absolutely they qualify for the RCL.

Ranger Boat guys- What other questions do you have?

Ranger Boat guys- Frank is still working on the boats, but he is expected soon.

Kaz- George, I just ran a local tournament down here. A fun deal for the locals. We had 41 bass weighed, between 20 and 25 inches!

Chatman- What are the warranties with Ranger?

Chatman- How long, etc.?

Ranger Boat guys- Our warranty is a lifetime warranty, to first owner of the boat.

Ranger Boat guys- All boats in the 2001 line up, carry this warranty!

Chatman- Is there still anything transferable to a second owner?

Ranger Boat guys- The warranty is transferable, and will carry 10 years after the sale to the second owner!

Bubba- I'm assuming the warranty is lifetime on the hull and not the whole boat?

Ranger Boat guys- It is a lifetime warranty on the structure on the boat, including top and bottom. And includes three years on the accessories installed by Ranger!

Ranger Boat guys- This includes upholstery and carpet as well!

Ranger Boat guys- The Ranger Trail trailer also carries a three year warranty!

Ristroapper(ND)- How many Ranger Boats are involved in the RCL at Devils Lake?

Ranger Boat guys- There are 71 Rangers here at Devils Lake!

Chatman- Wow!

Irish- Who would I contact regarding an electrical problem on a 1997, 692 model?

Ranger Boat guys- Irish, you can call 870-453-2222 and ask for customer service.

Irish- Thanks!

Ranger Boat guys- In addition, you can call your local dealer for any electrical issues.

Ranger Boat guys- Who is your local dealer Irish?

Irish- Frankies.

Chatman- If Frank is able to get here before we wrap up, maybe he can help ya here a bit, Irish.

Irish- That sounds good.

Chatman- Oh, Frankie's Marine is practically in your backyard, Isn't it George!

Irish- I'm trying to get it all dolled up, to be sold.

Ristroapper(ND)- Are you getting a new one Irish?

Irish- I need, yes need, a 620!

Chatman- I went from a 692 to a 620 Irish, you will be amazed and love the change!

Ranger Boat guys- Frankie's will be happy to help you with the new 620. The new model is arriving this month!

Irish- What effect has moving the tank had?

Kaz- George, they don't know what the Fisherman series is here in Georgia.

Ranger Boat guys- Relocating the fuel cell has helped bow lift, also given more storage, and more floor space!

Ranger Boat guys- Hey Kaz, we are counting on you to bring walleyes south, it is a little warmer there in January!

Irish- And what about the tendency to spear waves?

Kaz- Actually, I've had requests to run winter walleye tournaments down here.

Ranger Boat guys- It will help with the weight forward, however, the boat is still a heavy boat, and does take some getting used to.

Chatman- It is all in the driving Irish, the boat will definitely handle differently than the 692 did for you.

Irish- I'm confused. Weight forward? Didn't the tank get moved back along the centerline?

Chatman- Irish, by "weight forward" George meant that relocating the fuel cell would help by keeping the weight down in the nose. There by helping with bow lift.

Mike Curto- George, I am looking to get into the boat sales business in the future. Besides a sales/marketing background, what other type of background should I have?

Chatman- I spent a lot of time on Winnebago, Green Bay and, both, Little and Big Bay de Noc. It is impossible to avoid rough water at these locations. I've never speared a wave with the 620!

Ranger Boat guys- The 620 is much more forgiving in big water than the smaller 690 series was.

Irish- This is good! We had a rough outing recently!

Ranger Boat guys- Mike, you have to be good at public speaking, single and be willing to travel. And a good financial understanding/degree is necessary.

Irish- I think it might have convinced mama to get a new ride!!

Ranger Boat guys- I have a question for you. How many people here, prefer white boats over polyflake???

Juls- Me!

Bubba- Not me!

Mike Curto- George, how did you end up in the boat sales industry?

Chatman- Not me George. I don't like going snow blind while fishing!!! LOL!

Irish- That's gonna be the color on the new one. It looks awful sharp!

Ranger Boat guys- My history is too long, but I started in the fiberglass repair Business. I went into tournament fishing and then was sponsored by Ranger. One thing led to another and now I'm employed there. That's the very short version!

Carol Nelson- White looks really sharp...if I could afford one, I would go White!

Chatman- Nah, Red deck and gunnels, silver Hull and gray bottom. But then I am partial to that layout for some reason....LOL!

FishJB- Sounds like mine, except for gray interior.

Chatman- My carpet was gray

Irish- Have any of you guys run full glass?

Chatman- Sharp lookin' combo, easy to keep clean.

Chatman- Full Glass?

Irish- Full windshield.

Ranger Boat guys- The 620T is another good addition to the walleye lineup! And it has had great reviews with, the small amount of tiller boats we have out there.

Chatman- I had one on the 692, for a while. Functional as it was, I prefer the dual windscreens over the bulky full glass.

Kaz- The 620T is as big as a dance floor.

Irish- I love it in the fall up here, but you do lose some area.

Ranger Boat guys- Full walk through windshields are available on all models, except the tillers.

Chatman- I really like the tiller version of the 617, sharp looking boat.

wea- How long and how wide is a 620?

Ranger Boat guys- Yes, the 617 tiller is a very well laid out boat!

Ranger Boat guys- There are also splash guards available for the 617T!

Irish- Why does Ranger manufacture the 619? It seems awfully close to the 620.

Mike Curto- George, I am not yet in college, but I am wondering how to go about getting summer internships w/ boat companies. I have already been talking to Steve Worrall about this, but would like to hear your opinion as well. Any help would be appreciated!

Carol Nelson- Ralph, have you driven a tiller?

Bubba- Does the 617 have the set back transom?

Ranger Boat guys- The 620 is 19' 10" long and 92.5" wide. 

Ranger Boat guys- The 619 is 19'3" long and 90" wide.

Chatman- I played around in the 617 tiller, early this year. But I haven't owned a tiller boat in over 14 years. I seriously considered the 617T for my next rig. However I am still not sure. Especially with the new 620 and the Cherokee line!! Decisions!!

Ristroapper(ND)- Max Hp rating for 617T??

Irish- Is that variance noticeable?

Ranger Boat guys- There is a tremendous amount of difference between the 620 and the 619. Size does matter!

Chatman- Irish, 2 inches might as well be a foot in boat building. Both the 620 and the 619 are very different boats! Just ask anyone who has driven both (me) or anyone who has owned both.

Ranger Boat guys- 617T is rated for 80hp

Carol Nelson- More stable in the 620?

Chatman- How does Ranger come to their horsepower ratings George?

Ranger Boat guys- Mike, contact any boat manufactures that you can commute to and talk to their human resources division.

Ranger Boat guys- Horsepower is rated on the coast guard standards. All boat companies should follow the Coast Guard ratings.

FishJB- Is the 619 available in a single console, with a removable second seat?

Ristroapper(ND)- Why aren't the tiller models in the brochures this year?

Ranger Boat guys- The 617T has a setback transom with splashguards as options.

Chatman- I have talked to people who complained that the Ranger tiller ratings were lower than competitors. Is there really any truth to that? And can the respective boats actually handle more? Is it possible to get a higher Coast Guard rating than the one used?

Ranger Boat guys- The 2002 catalog will carry all our tiller models.

Mike Curto- George, will you be at any boat or fishing shows in the Chicago area this winter? Maybe we can talk?

FishJB- I had a 681T for years, an awesome boat!!

Irish- So other than Walleye Central's Classified Ads, where can I find a good place to set the sale price on my 692?

Ranger Boat guys- Chatman, the rating is set by the coast guard. We follow it as printed.

Chatman- Okay, thanks George.

Ranger Boat guys- I will not be attending any shows in Chicago this year Mike.

Mike Curto- What about Wisconsin shows?

Ranger Boat guys- Walleye Central is the best place to sell a walleye boat.

Chatman- Talk to your local dealer Irish, they are often an excellent source of information and help.

Irish- I agree guys. I sold my last boat through the ads here.

Irish- Frankie's. Mr. Dusanka where are you?

geo114- What are the changes from 2001 to 2002 on the 619?

FishJB- Is a removable second seat available on the 619?

capt- Ranger Boat guys, what causes the small stress cracks on the 620 & 619?

Ranger Boat guys- The 619 has minimal changes, mainly switches and locks.

Ranger Boat guys- There are two removable seats on the 619.

Dan- Is the 690T history?

geo114- I just bought one and I was told only the locks are different.

Ranger Boat guys- Stress cracks can be caused by many things, sometimes abuse of the boat, sometimes structural problems.

FishJB- Friends of mine have a 619, they rave about it's performance and ride.

Ranger Boat guys- Captain, any Ranger that has stress cracks should be looked at by the dealership, or a factory representative, to determine the origin of the problem.

Chatman- Do you mean stress cracks Capt, or Gel coat crazes?

capt- Gel coat crazes.

Ranger Boat guys- Once again, crazes are to be examined by the dealership or factory representative.

Ranger Boat guys- Well, Frank is here now, any technical questions?

Chatman- Can you briefly explain the difference between crazes and stress cracks George? I'd ask Frank, but he is not here yet.

Chatman- Oops, welcome Frank Owens!! Okay, I'll toss that one to Frank!

Ranger Boat guys- Yes, Frank is here!!

Juls- Hi Frank!!

Irish- Howdy Frank!

Chatman- Heya Bud!

Kaz- Frank, my thing a ma jig isn't working. LOL!

FishJB- Frank is the best, I appreciate all of the help he has given.

capt- Don't get me wrong Ranger is the boat for me

Juls- LOL, Kaz!!

Ristroapper(ND)- Give Frank your electrical problem Irish.

Ranger Boat guys- What was the specific electrical question you have Irish?

Irish- Frankie!! Joe Mchale here!

Irish- I replaced the running light anchor switch and may have turned around some of the wires. I am not having much luck using an ohmmeter.

Ranger Boat guys- Irish, you'll need to get the schematics from the inside storage lid or from your dealer.

Irish- Been there done that. The diagram only indicates the black and white leads. I am having trouble with all the leads, which are not Shown on the diagram. 

Irish- Is Mike good with this stuff?

Ranger Boat guys- Mike Meyer?

Ranger Boat guys- Where do you live, Irish?

Irish- Yes, Mike Meyer.

ETT- Ranger Guys, any comment on the recent JD Powers rating as reported in Bass and Walleye Boats Magazine?

Irish- I live in Coon Rapids, MN.

geo114- Guys, how long are the screws that secure the grab rails, supposed to be?

Ranger Boat guys- Irish, just buy a new 620!! LOL! The tech support truck will be in Red Wing Sept. 21 and 22.

Chatman- LOL!

FishJB- Frank, my jack on the trailer is slipping out of the groove and gouging the metal shaft. It still works, but tough to crank. Should I be concerned? Or should I replace it?

Ranger Boat guys- The JD Powers rating, Ranger Boats was rated number one in customer satisfaction!

Irish- I am gonna buy the 620 from Frank.

ETT- That's what I wanted to make sure everyone knew!!

Irish- I have to fix all the little things first, on the 692, so she can be sold.

Ranger Boat guys- Replace the jack.

Ranger Boat guys- For the record, I was just kidding about buying a new boat, but we want to make sure you are taken care of!

FishJB- How do I fix the speedometer to read correctly?

Ranger Boat guys- Goe114, the rail screws should be about an inch long, not through bolted.

Ranger Boat guys- Your speedometer needs to be replaced.

FishJB- Can I do that myself?

Ranger Boat guys- Are there any final questions? We also recommend taking all gauge issues to your local dealer.

geo114- My dealer put them on and used 1/2-inch screws. I thought that was a little short.

Ranger Boat guys- We would like to do this again at another time, we have another appointment right now.

capt- Is it very easy to put a shoot thru puck, transducer, in the 620?

Ranger Boat guys- Yes.

Chatman- Lets wind her down then. Any last questions for Frank or George?

Carol Nelson- I would like to say thanks for fitting a chat into your busy schedules. I know how much everyone appreciates it!

Chatman- Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Frank Owens and 

George Liddle Jr. of ranger boats!!

Ristroapper(ND)- Great chat George, Frank and Sonja!!

ETT- Sorry I was late, Thanks guys!!!

Ranger Boat guys- Thank you all for a wonderful evening! We appreciate all your Support!!!

Carol Nelson- Just a quick Hi again to Frank Owens. I hope to see you at Lake City!

ETT- Clap, clap, clap!

L. Ecklor- Thanks for taking time out from the hectic schedule at Devils Lake, George. I hope to see you at Green Bay!

Juls- I have to go. Have a good night all! Thanks George, Frank, and Sonja for stopping by tonight!

Irish- Clap, clap, clap! Thanks again!

Chatman- Nice to be able to get you two at the RCL Devils lake tourney, it was fun doing a remote site with you!

Kaz- Have to go (clean my golf clubs). See y'all.

Ranger Boat guys- We will be signing off now, thanks to all!!!

Chatman- Great job George and Frank!!

Carol Nelson- And, Sonja!

Chatman- And, as always, Sonja!!!

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