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Sonny Reynolds Chat 1/31/01

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Sonny and Sharon Reynolds of the RCL!

Driftr-  Welcome Sonny Reynolds !!!!!

BigBird[MI];-  hi sonny

curt-t-o-  hey sonny

river king-  welcome sonny and sharon

Chairman-  I was at the FLW last week sonny. neat

chatman-  Well Sonny, all is set in stone I assume? Where do we want to go tonight?

sonny reynolds-  looks like a full house tonight

ETT-  sonny & Sharon show, hey that sounds familiar

Den-  lol

Stacker-  hahhhahhaha

jerry-  lol

eyefish(mi);-  lol

WalleyeWiz-  lol

Juls-  lol ETT

sonny reynolds-  FLW are cool

FishinJoe-  let's start with finding out when the entry forms are going to be out

Stacker-  shhhhh

Stacker-  lol

Chairman-  Had dinner with David and Paul Elias, nice people. (this is Bruce De Shano)

sonny reynolds-  details are being finalized this week should go to print in 7 - 8 days

2bjign IL-  what's this years RCL schedule look like

Chairman-  We are all waiting.

Juls-  great !

sonny reynolds-  hi Bruce known them for 20 years

bullfrog-  Bay City Times said RCL was no cull. True?

FishinJoe-  online registration????

BigBird[MI];-  are you gonna send them to the people from the last one

sonny reynolds-  go to web site OPERATIONWALLEYE.COM

sonny reynolds-  tournaments are no-cull only when required by state law

Bigfoot-  Michigan is a cull state

Chairman-  That's a relief sonny

sonny reynolds-  anybody that fished the RCL will be mailed a brochure

Stacker-  Mich. is a cull all u want

WalleyeWiz-  Sonny, what are my chances if I only sign up to fish only 1 tourney as a co angler?

sonny reynolds-  only tournaments that will be a no-cull will be devils lake and lacrosse

Jason Przekurat-  if any of the tournaments fill, will certain anglers get priority?

sonny reynolds-  make the top 35

FishinJoe-  how confident are you in filling all spots, all sites??

Bigfoot-  Wiz is that for the RCL Championship

sonny reynolds-  there will a priory for fishermen that enter all four

WalleyeWiz-  no the Erie tourney

sonny reynolds-  very confident

jerry-  Is that true for co-anglers and pros Sonny?

jerry-  priority

sonny reynolds-  yes

jerry-  Good

Stacker-  sonny excuse me but what will the cash pay out be for each tourney

sonny reynolds-  total cash 390,750.00 plus a rigged boat

Juls-  wow!!

FishinJoe-  rigged just with hp, or all the bells and whistles???

Stacker-  the winner gets?

sonny reynolds-  first place 50,000.00 plus rigged boat

sonny reynolds-  all the bells and whistle

Stacker-  what kind sonny

sonny reynolds-  what ever the winner is running

sonny reynolds-  co-anglers payback all cash

FishinJoe-  will you have all RCL on display at each site?


sonny reynolds-  pays 60 places

sonny reynolds-  we will try too

CRANKER-  Hopefully within 2 weeks. 

Chairman-  60 cut to 10 sonny?

chatman-  That is a great payout...

sonny reynolds-  60 cut to 12

sonny reynolds-  pro & co-anglers

sonny reynolds-  we will pay 60 places

Stacker-  and just to clarify only original owners of RCL boats are eligible?

Chairman-  any TV for the qualifiers?

WalleyeWiz-  how many spots to fill the tourney?

jerry-  Can co-angler, once they qualify for championship, fish pro side if there is an opening?

Rickt-  will this circuit be around for awhile or just long enough to promote boat sales

sonny reynolds-  we are here to stay

R238-  how's the weight carrying over

sonny reynolds-  60 place will get entry fee back minimum

Jason Przekurat-  sonny, explain qualifying for the championship

Sheila-  When do applications need to be sent? 

jerry-  COOL

Bigfoot-  any owner of RCL 

ETT-  after 96 right

chatman-  Kinda slow the questions a bit, give Sonny a moment to answer them......:-)

Juls-  good to hear that Sonny!

FishinJoe-  TV coverage for all days in qualifiers + champ?

Bigfoot-  no ETT

sonny reynolds-  top 15 ranger and Lund and top 5 Crestliner and top 35 co angler's from each event will be eligible to enter championship

R238-  why only 5 Crestliners

FishinJoe-  they're the underdog

jerry-  Can co-anglers take a pro spot for championship if spot is available?

R238-  not for long

ETT-  Sonny is there a age limitation on the boats?

sonny reynolds-  based on % that fished RCL

Bigfoot-  Joe just the RCL Championship will be 

sonny reynolds-  no and you do not have to be original owner

FishinJoe-  just champ TV coverage? 

sonny reynolds-  possible all

ETT-  an 89 Ranger is OK right???

bullfrog-  what year boat to enter?

Bigfoot-  that's what I understand

sonny reynolds-  1910 boat will be ok

Juls-  lol

jerry-  lol

ETT-  LOL got it

Stacker-  lol

FishinJoe-  but, pros have to own RCL?

Bigfoot-  yes

Chairman-  will non RCL be allowed to fill the field?

sonny reynolds-  yes

FishinJoe-  on both pro and co angler

sonny reynolds-  no

Bigfoot-  no Bruce

Chairman-  just wanted to bring that up!

sonny reynolds-  co anglers don't have to be owners

jerry-  Can co-anglers fill pro spots for championship?

Stacker-  so this is a owners only tourney?

eyefish(mi);-  Sonny can you qualify for the championship from outside tournaments

Bigfoot-  that's right

ETT-  on the pro side only stacker

jerry-  yes eyefish

sonny reynolds-  no you qualify as a pro or co angler

jerry-  okay

sonny reynolds-  on pro side

chatman-  Sonny, With the recent troubles with OMC, can you fill us in on the motor sponsorship information?

sonny reynolds-  yes

sonny reynolds-  format is being worked on

FishinJoe-  and??

WalleyeWiz-  how many entries in each division per tourney? 

Bigfoot-  175

sonny reynolds-  see press releases on walleye central

WalleyeWiz-  thanks

sonny reynolds-  what divisions

bullfrog-  some of the yes & no answers are confusing.

WalleyeWiz-  pro and co angler

R238-  Sonny what are pre fishing regulations

sonny reynolds-  do you mean boats per tournament or qualify events or outside events

WalleyeWiz-  per tournament

capt RON-  If you don't fill each event will prizes stay the same?

sonny reynolds-  no off limits to per fish off water noon registration day

Jason Przekurat-  any boundaries for any of the qualifiers?

Slapshot-  Hello All!

sonny reynolds-  no

bullfrog-  no what?

Jason Przekurat-  no boundaries

R238-  Canadian waters aloud

sonny reynolds-  if weather forces us to we may restrict an area

sonny reynolds-  no-boundaries period

Stacker-  Sonny..for those with out cable.. will we expect to see a magazine

Chairman-  RCL was covered in this months FLW bass magazine.

Tracy-  stacker means will I see a magazine lol

Chairman-  even showed planer boards!

R238-  sonny is there going to be any outside qualifiers

Stacker-  Bruce we don't bass fish..lol

sonny reynolds-  the magazine is being worked on, several things are thought about 

FishinJoe-  what about coverage available for each guys' sponsors?

Jason Przekurat-  Bruce, how can we get a hold of the magazine?

Slapshot-  Do the bass guys even know what planer boards are? lol 

R238-  RCL owners through other circuits

jbfishmon-  sonny what are the pay outs based on

Bruce-  Sonny...take good care of the Dixie boys, Mark Brumbaugh and Rick LaCourse

FishinJoe-  as a pro, what can I tell my sponsors about media coverage at each tournament?

bullfrog-  where is HQ at Devils Lake? 

jbfishmon-  how many boats

Stacker-  lol

Stacker-  Dixie boys...lol

John-  Joined late, when are forms available?

Stacker-  sonny just a question... why do you think the RCL will be better than the PWT

Bigfoot-  Yes 

Jimmy-Hughes-  sonny, is the format for this year similar to last year where there will be opportunities to qualify for the championship by fishing other tournaments? Sorry if this question was asked earlier 

ETT-  Sonny BIG QUESTION, Titled owners only or sponsored pros w/ memo invoices

ETT-  Great

sonny-  PWT is a great program, each will stand on it's own merits

FishinJoe-  I understand titled boats. many delayed bill people are owners.

sonny-  all you have to be is a RCL owner to enter on pro side

ETT-  Sonny, titled owners only?

joe-  Sonny when can you sign up

sonny-  registered program boats are ok

ETT-  thank you

FishinJoe-  were you satisfied with the ratings and TV play of the champ?

sonny-  yes you can qualify through other tournaments

Jimmy-Hughes-  thanks 

sonny-  ratings are great

jbfishmon-  when tournament begins all boats will be r c l true or false

FishinJoe-  when are all the tournament sites, specifically going to be out???

jerry-  you okay Driftr?

Juls-  lol driftr..I hear you

Tracy-  Sonny will you fish the tourneys also

jbfishmon-  cool

sonny-  they are all out a schedule is posted on walleye central and our web site

Carol Nelson-  Great Question, are you going to fish any tourneys Sonny?

Jason Przekurat-  sonny, what happens if you need to borrow a boat after a breakdown. Does is have to be RCL?

sonny-  when will I have time but would love to though

Juls-  - -)

sonny-  yes Jason

Jason Przekurat-  thanks

John-  Will first remain at 50k plus boat with less than 175 entries?

FishinJoe-  with the right motors, right? 

Stacker-  sonny what is your main function with the RCL

Juls-  any motor you want but the sponsor money will be in the right motor

sonny-  yes will be 50,000.00 + boat 60 place 1500.00

chatman-  Motor or Motors? 

Carol Nelson-  Hey Sonny, heard a rumor rules are out...is that just a rumor?

sonny-  motors have nothing to do with qualifying tournament prizes

FishinJoe-  With the right brand of motors, yes plural.

Carol Nelson-  Oops...I mean published...

Sheila-  No way, does that mean you'll have applications soon? hehe

jerry-  Can one fish two events as a co-angler and two as a pro-angler?

joe-  Besides Walmart have other sponsors stepped in?

sonny-  as I said motors have no effect on payback at qualifiers

John-  Any benefit to fishing all four versus one or two?

Juls-  will they at the championship sonny?

sonny-  yes you could but you can only qualify on one side or the other

R238-  who are the sponsors on board so far

bullfrog-  How do RCL owners qualify from other circuits? 

jerry-  thanks sonny

joe-  Will there be an angler of the year?

chatman-  We will post press releases as soon as Sonny send them to us, so watch our updates page as well as The Operation walleye web site.....

ETT-  WE HAVE BEEN !!!!!!!!

jerry-  lol, ETT

sonny-  entry priority and possible angler of the year

Stacker-  sonny.. can u do us up north a favor..no south talkin MC's...lol

FishinJoe-  what does entry priority mean?

Bruce-  Stacker....LOL

Stacker-  we aren't bass boys

sonny-  I can't help how I talk

joe-  Will there be a random draw for takeoff or by entry time?

Juls-  I like those southern accents...- -)

Carol Nelson-  Hey Stacker, does that mean they should say the "Big Basket" award not the "Big Bass" Award? LOL

sonny-  random draw

Carol Nelson-  They're not talkin bout the way you talk, Sonny-you have a great accent!

U.P. PRO-  Is the only tournament that has sponsor bonus money going to be the championship and what year or newer do they have to be 

Carol Nelson-  Big fish is good!

bullfrog-  Doesn't Scott Glorvigen get #1 priority to take off first in the first tourn?

FishinJoe-  so, if I own a RCL and fish USFA and finish dead last, could I qualify? 

Tracy-  Sonny are you sweating yet!!?

Carol Nelson-  Good question does Scotty Glorvigen get first boat out?

joe-  Is there an electronics sponsor?

sonny-  no priority take off is random

chatman-  That's funny Carol, I hear the people in Sonny's neck of the woods think we have the accent!....lol...

sonny-  Garmin

John-  Any culling on final day? 

Stacker-  the green bay thing was cool

sonny-  no accent Ralph just talk funny

Tracy-  I can hardly keep up just reading lol

Carol Nelson-  Hey Sonny, it is so much easier being the one asking instead of answering!

scumfrog-  lol

Juls-  - -)

U.P. PRO-  to get the bonus money at champ. what year boat and motors do they have to be?

chatman-  LOL.....

Stacker-  but felt like a bass tourney

sonny-  yes

FishinJoe-  so, one more time. if I fish any other tournament, where do I need to finish to qualify for the championship? 

Carol Nelson-  Did y'all notice that you can't notice his accent as much online, though, eh?

John-  Will money for all four be due up front, or a week or two before each tourney?

Carol Nelson-  Nope

Juls-  and the championship of course..- -)

sonny-  be in the top 2 of there over all standings

FishinJoe-  thanks

sonny-  better yet give me a call and I'll explain it to you

FishinJoe-  OK, thanks again

Stacker-  nobody has asked so far what will pro entry be on the 4 qualifiers?

bullfrog-  Is that top 2 in the tournament or top-  2 of RCL boat owners in non-RCL events?

sonny-  deposits with balance due deadlines

U.P. PRO-  what's the deposits going to be?

jbfishmon-  will there be any sort of points , for fishing all events

joe-  Any thought to reducing the co angler checks and beefing up the pro checks?

jerry-  1250 per tourney for pro, 500 for co

sonny-  pro entries are 1250.00 co anglers 500.00

Stacker-  thank you

sonny-  non RCL

sonny-  pro checks are beefed up pretty good

Bigfoot-  the best co-angler payback out there also

ETT-  Yes indeed sonny, that's why all the interest

joe-  Will you televise the qualifiers?

FishinJoe-  when are complete rules going to be posted?

sonny-  being talked about joe

sonny-  within a few days

sonny-  payback and some other info should be posted by Friday

FishinJoe-  sonny, what do you see as your biggest hurdle this first year out???

John-  If 100 boats, still top 60, then 12, then winner?

joe-  Did you say the payout was guaranteed?

chatman-  Has Sonny missed any questions yet? If so, please re ask and he will answer them....

FishinJoe-  what is your biggest hurdle this first year?

bullfrog-  Devils Lake take-off & weigh-in site?

John-  If 100 boats only, is it still top 60($1500), then 12, then winner (50k) and boat)?

bullfrog-  who's next Wednesday's guest?

Denise-  Juls....Sonny use to run a trail I fished....he is good

FishinJoe-  So, chatman, who can we expect in the next few weeks?

chatman-  Jim Kalkofen, bullfrog...you can see all the upcoming chats on the 

Chat schedule page here on Walleye Central....

ETT-  Great job Sonny, not easy to do this, It's getting later to order boats

FishinJoe-  Sonny, what is your e-mail, in case we want to reach you?

sonny-  The biggest hurdle has been the timing of the OMC thing. It's got us way behind

John-  If only 100 boats, is it still top 60($1500), then 12, then winner ($50k) and boat)?

sonny-  e-mail is sonnyr@opbass.com

sonny-  Yes John. 1st place is 50,000.00 + boat

joe-  What will be the policy on safety / i.e., high winds?

sonny-  We can go past it a little bit

John-  Is second through twelfth guaranteed also?

sonny-  as far I know all places are guaranteed

Dave Randash-  to Sonny, are the RCL tournaments in divisions? Or are they all one group??

Jason Przekurat-  sonny is 2nd through 12th guaranteed of field does not fill?

sonny-  all RCL's are 4 tournaments no-divisions

sonny-  as far as I know payback is guaranteed

Jason Przekurat-  thanks

sonny-  with 390,750.00 per-event I'd say they will fill

Sheila-  Thanks a bunch Sonny. Good info. Looking forward to walleye fishing in 

RCL - -) as a co angler

sonny-  glad to have you Sheila

Sheila-  Spring is just around the corner....

chatman-  We are gonna go a little longer tonight, has Sonny missed any questions? Or are there any you may have for him?

joe-  Will you rest to zero day 3 and 4?

sonny-  by the way did I mention the co angler payback is all cash

Sheila-  Spring is just around the corner....

sonny-  after day 2 cut to top 60 start fresh

chatman-  And First place as a Pro is 50,000 and a Boat, correct Sonny?

sonny-  after day 3 cut to top 12 start fresh

FishinJoe-  sonny, will you be at any shows this spring?

sonny-  rigged boat and yes chatman

John-  Can you use two rods where available? or only one rod on last day?

sonny-  each man two rods

Dave Randash-  sonny, do entrants receive priority the more RCL's they fish??

John-  Final day two rods?

sonny-  yes Dave and enter all 4 top priority

chatman-  Sonny as we wind down, do you want to tell everyone where to find RCL info on the web?

sonny-  info should be posted by Friday about the RCL , payback etc.

Den-  great sonny

chatman-  at www.operationwalleye.com correct?

sonny-  sure chatman www.operationwalleye.com and on Walleye Central

ETT-  Great Job sonny ,... Thanks

chatman-  Any more questions For Sonny Reynolds tonight?

Dave Randash-  sonny, sorry I turned in so late, I really appreciate you taking the time to inform us

joe-  Good job Sonny

John-  Thanks Sonny

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for our guests tonight, 

Sonny and Sharon Reynolds of the RCL!!

FishinJoe-  thank you sonny

Den-  great job sonny

Driftr-  Thanks Sonny!!!

sonny-  plus all the thousand 5 phone calls I had

Carol Nelson-  Sonny, you are, as always, wonderful! You done good! Thanks for your time!

Juls-  clap clap clap clap..thanks Sonny and Sharon!!

Jason Przekurat-  Thanks Sonny

sonny-  thanks for having us everybody looking to see all of you on the water

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