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Ted Takasaki 2/21/01

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest Host, Ted Takasaki!!

Driftr-  Welcome Ted !!!!

saugeye king-  what color they hitting on now

Driftr-  clap clap clap

Ted Takasaki-  This year is a great year

Scott R-  Hi Ted!

Eyeman (IN)-  Clap clap clap

#1 saugeye-  Welcome Ted

Juls-  clap clap clap clap..

detroit nick-  clap

saugeye king-  clap

bobeyerite[wa];-  welcome Ted

chatman-  Well Ted, where do you want to go tonight??

Ted Takasaki-  I'm wide open ..hit me with your best shot

Juls-  How about telling us what circuit(s) you will be fishing this year Ted

Ted Takasaki-  PWT all the way

river king-  you fishing RCL and PWT Ted???

Ted Takasaki-  Maybe an RCL

chatman-  Well, anything new and exciting with Lindy this year

Ted Takasaki-  Always exciting

Juls-  Best of luck to you this year Ted...

Doc (wi)-  new no snagg stuff very exciting

Ted Takasaki-  NO-SNAGG, NO-SNAGG, Nitro, NO-SNAGG, gloves, NO-SNAGG, Steelhead floats, NO-SNAGG, EZ Wind Marker Buoy, NO-SNAGG

EARLY RISER-  Ted on lake Erie do you usually drift or troll?

Ted Takasaki-  Well I think the reason NO-SNAGG is exciting is because it works

Ted Takasaki-  Troll on Erie...jig in the Spring

Juls-  for sure...and the Timb'r Rock jigs are no snag too...- -) I just love those jigs!

scumfrog-  Ted, I just want to say that it is always a pleasure to watch you on TV. The reason being that you always seem to enjoy yourself and have fun!

EARLY RISER-  I'm going there may 19

Ted Takasaki-  What's kind of amazing is that I have received more positive responses from the Timb'r Rock than I would have ever imagined

saugeye king-  is pink a good color Ted

Ted Takasaki-  Thank you very much for your compliments.

Ted Takasaki-  May 19th you'll be trolling

scumfrog-  no problem , you've earned them 4 sure

river king-  pink is good to some lol

Ted Takasaki-  Pink is good in dirty water

Juls-  that's excellent...hey, its not hard for me to believe..they are great!

saugeye king-  I agree

Doc (wi)-  We caught a lot of Crappies in the wood on those jigs this fall

Ted Takasaki-  Now come on there's got to be some good questions out there

EARLY RISER-  Ted any particular speed, lures, etc...

Ted Takasaki-  There's going to be a lot walleye caught in the Dakotas on those jigs

Doc (wi)-  I was surprised at how well they hook up on the fish..How'd you do that and keep them so snag free

Mr.Pike-  Ted, Lake Minnetonka for the Minnesota opener. Any ideas? I've never fished the lake. Thanks.

detroit nick-  OK Ted, what jigs do you like for the detroit river?

chatman-  Ted, what is your take on the RCL and their introduction into a tournament circuit?

Ted Takasaki-  Lake Minnetonka..never been on it.

detroit nick-  and what color for dirty water out there

scumfrog-  Ted, what are your preferences in regards to jigging lines. Mono or braid?

Ted Takasaki-  I use as you know, Jumbo Fuzz E Grubs on Detroit

Ted Takasaki-  Walmart still be worked on

NPAA265-  Heard a pro was broad sided at the championship.. who was it?

chatman-  Minnetonka is a series of natural lakes, many have clear water and lots of weeds...

Ted Takasaki-  I use mono almost all of the time. I'm kind of looking forward to trying the new Power Lokt from Remington

saugeye king-  fuzzy grubs good for saugeyes

Ted Takasaki-  There won't be many weeds on opener though

Ted Takasaki-  Ask any of my roommates on the circuit, Fuzz E Grubs rule

Juls-  lol

scumfrog-  OK ,thanks , it's always a topic in much debate here

ggg-  Ted, Ever troll on Lake Winnebago ?

Ted Takasaki-  There were a lot of pros stuck on sandbars but none that I heard got T-boned

Ted Takasaki-  Lake Winnebago is a walleye factory

scumfrog-  Remington named their line after their bullets huh?

Juls-  Hey Ted..have you ever fished Spring Valley?

Ted Takasaki-  I've probably trolled the entire shoreline of Winnebago at least twice

NPAA265-  Heard while trailering there rig to the arena

Ted Takasaki-  Fished Illinois River many, many years.

detroit nick-  OK Ted have you heard anything about Ranger coming out with a 21 foot walleye boat?

bobeyerite[wa];-  what is the name of the best live bait jig ???

ggg-  Using Thundersticks ?

Ted Takasaki-  Not sure

EARLY RISER-  Ted I have had good luck in the past on Erie Dearies and spinner rigs have yet to do any trolling can you give me a few pointers/

Ted Takasaki-  Rumor has it that there is a larger boat but no promises

Ted Takasaki-  I troll a lot of baits...whatever works

river king-  there was a wreck at the intersection by the ramp at RCL championship

detroit nick-  what do you think do we need a bigger walleye boat are is 20 big enough

Ted Takasaki-  Boy that's kind of tough in the time we have. Precision trolling book is a good place to start

Ted Takasaki-  I'm just glad it wasn't my boat


Juls-  - -)

Ted Takasaki-  I feel that no boat is too big as long as I can control it

scumfrog-  Ted, have you experimented with the fluorocarbon lines much? they seem very stiff.

Ted Takasaki-  Fluorocarbon is not ready for prime time.

saugeye king-  do fuzzy grubs work for saugeyes

scumfrog-  OK

Ted Takasaki-  I don't like the knot strength nor the memory

Ted Takasaki-  It's probably okay for some leader material

Ted Takasaki-  Fuzz e Grubs rule for all species

saugeye king-  lol

ggg-  Good Luck this year, Ted. 

Ted Takasaki-  thanks

chatman-  Fuzzy Grubs work on any Jig and catch any type of fish you chase....

saugeye king-  thanks

scumfrog-  it would seem to me that knot strength would be more of a factor in a 

leader, it being short

Ted Takasaki-  Just my opinion

chatman-  Just make sure the knot is wet when you tie it Frog and it will hold...

Ted Takasaki-  knot strength is critical

scumfrog-  yes very, thanks

NPAA265-  Getting ready to put a Genesis on the boat, Ted to you use one.

Ted Takasaki-  It holds, but it would always break at the knot , even with palomar

Driftr-  Who are you sponsors Ted?

scumfrog-  that's been my experience exactly!

Ted Takasaki-  I like the Genesis, not sure if it is ready for tournament rigors though and 72 pounds of thrust is not enough

scumfrog-  thought it was me!

Ted Takasaki-  I use the Maxxum 101. It's awesome

ranger690-  Ted have you tried the new Genesis from Minn Kota? Looks greatdetroit nick-  you like the maxxum

Ted Takasaki-  Ranger, Merc, Lindy, Flambeau,

waliwz-  It uses 3 batteries right?

NPAA265-  I agree on 72 would like to see more but it will be great at Detroit

Ted Takasaki-  Pinnacle, Stren, Aqua Vu, Tempress Fish on

NPAA265-  No back and forth

saugeye king-  awesome

scumfrog-  you use pinnacle rods Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  I believe the Genesis is 24 volt

Ted Takasaki-  Maxxum 101 is 36 volt

NPAA265-  yes

waliwz-  the Maxxum is 36 volts?

Ted Takasaki-  Merc 115 2 x 2 has always been a unique and good motor

Ted Takasaki-  the Maxxum 101 is 36

Ted Takasaki-  I love my Pinnacle TriWing rods

waliwz-  I will stay with 24 system

Ted Takasaki-  the new Matrix Bait caster is great for bottom bouncers also

Ted Takasaki-  It's got the flippin' feature

NPAA265-  Is Lindy going to expand on its components, Big Hatchets..

saugeye king-  I have done well even using a shad Rapala for those saugeyes surprised me

Ted Takasaki-  The hatchets are selling extremely well

Ted Takasaki-  I have used a lot of Floating Raps for sauger on the Illinois River

NPAA265-  Big one will they be in the 6 through 8 s

EARLY RISER-  Ted do you still use cannon riggers?

fishstyx-  How deep will the tail dancers dive on 10# Fireline ?

Ted Takasaki-  Our largest is in size 8

NPAA265-  gold plated and ham

Ted Takasaki-  Yes I use Cannon. Will need them on Erie/Central basin this year

scumfrog-  OK

ranger690-  Ted, if you were fish the Illinois for recreation, where would you start?

Ted Takasaki-  Gotta check the new version of Precision Trolling for that question

chatman-  When did the new version of precision trolling come out Ted?

scumfrog-  Ted, have you had a chance to try the rap. Taildancers yet?

Ted Takasaki-  It will be out at the end of this month

Ted Takasaki-  The tail dancers have a neat action

Ted Takasaki-  neat action

EARLY RISER-  were can I get the precision trolling book?

scumfrog-  are they much different in action from the Wally Diver?

chatman-  how does the action compare to a shad or Risto Rap Ted??

Ted Takasaki-  Wider wobble

scumfrog-  good one TED!

Juls-  he fishes the In Fisherman's Professional Walleye Trail Tan Chick

Doc (wi)-  Ted, could you explain the Flip'N Harness

Ted Takasaki-  The flippin harness a weight forward spinner with a leader/spinner on the back end

scumfrog-  SURPRISE!

EARLY RISER-  about this precision trolling book can I purchase it online?

chatman-  Just out of curiosity, why the name Flipping Harness Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  It will probably be available on Walleye Central

saugeye king-  do you use two lead head jigs same time two different colors

Ted Takasaki-  Jim Fofrich, Erie Charter Capt., named it.


Ted Takasaki-  I try a lot of different colors. Until one is successful

NPAA265-  Ted put some floats on those flippin Harnesses there in the mussels to much without one

saugeye king-  what's your favorite color Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  They were designed primarily for casting like weight forwards.

chatman-  That brings up a good point Ted. How do you think the Zebra Mussels have affected harness fishing?

EARLY RISER-  fire tiger

Ted Takasaki-  Hot yellow glow Fuzz E Grubs are my favorite with orange/yellow close behind

Ted Takasaki-  I believe the Zebra's have made it better. Put em on boards

chatman-  Blue Jig head, Purple / white fuzzy grub in shallow clear water....- -)

Ted Takasaki-  That's an interesting color combo

NPAA265-  Root beer works great north of the border. Tough to find that color. Using nail polish to get a match

Ted Takasaki-  Another neat color combo

chatman-  I thought so too, but the eyes seem to like it....who am I to judge....LOL..

Ted Takasaki-  Fuzz e Grubs come in a crawdad/root beer color

Swat1-  Favorite color is the one that works today...lol

saugeye king-  with that yellow grub what color is jig head with that

Ted Takasaki-  That's my favorite color also

Ted Takasaki-  jig head is hot yellow that glows

chatman-  Dynamite on smallies or anything banging crayfish....

Ted Takasaki-  yes sir

saugeye king-  cool thanks

Ted Takasaki-  Come on ...there's got to be some tough questions

chatman-  The Root beer and Orange color is

gertzie-  is their a way can use mayfly on a spinner

NPAA265-  Stores don't stock them its usually orange/black with craw tail

Ted Takasaki-  All the discussion on RCL, slots, conservation, something

chatman-  What do you think the introduction of the RCL format will do to influence the future of tournament fishing as we know it Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  We don't make em that way now

Ted Takasaki-  It's great. RCL will continue to bring walleye angling up a notch

#1 saugeye-  what's you favorite lake?

Ted Takasaki-  Fort Peck with Erie right behind

Doc (wi)-  How can fish get past the no snagg guards, I thought hook ups might be tough until I tried them

scumfrog-  Ted , why PWT instead of RCL?

Juls-  what makes Ft. Peck your favorite?

Ted Takasaki-  The no snagg snag guards are adjustable

EARLY RISER-  Ted how long have you been pro?

Doc (wi)-  you said a tough one

Ted Takasaki-  PWT because In fish is in Brainerd and good for my sponsors

Ted Takasaki-  Can't do both

scumfrog-  OK

Ted Takasaki-  Ft Peck scenery

Ted Takasaki-  11 years

jerry m-  Ted I'm putting together a 17 ft alum walleye rig for w Erie what's the best advise you can give me sort of new to the trolling game

Swat1-  Where did you win the championship Ted?

chatman-  89 was your first year?

Ted Takasaki-  Get a longer boat...just kidding

colo dave-  why not both, wife or work won't let you?

Ted Takasaki-  be careful though

jerry m-  lol

Juls-  lol

EARLY RISER-  precision trolling book

Ted Takasaki-  Bismarck ND

Ted Takasaki-  89 was my first year

jerry m-  got it

Ted Takasaki-  Get a marine radio and life vest

Ted Takasaki-  work

chatman-  Jeez I still remember that.....

Jeffro-  Has anyone out there ever fished Totomenai Lodge on Whitefish lake in Wawa Ontario

Ted Takasaki-  98 was a very good year with 89 a long time ago

Driftr-  Ted, where was your first tournament you fished?

saugeye king-  what's the best time morning or late evening for saugeyes, Ted?

gertzie-  what do you think about the lake Oahe limits for this year

Ted Takasaki-  Ill River...Mud bowl I

#1 saugeye-  best presentation on ft. peck?

Ted Takasaki-  Nope.

chatman-  I remember Newton and I and you and John Racing up the Miss. towards 

Castle in 1990....and that Fog!

scumfrog-  LOL

Ted Takasaki-  That barge almost got us!

Ted Takasaki-  Oahe limits are good 14 fish ...DNR suggests it

chatman-  We never saw that barge, we thought it was the Bishops up on the bank!!!

Todd_NE-  Will we see some high quality Pinnacle Line counters?

Ted Takasaki-  Spinners and BB on Peck

Ted Takasaki-  I've been trying to get them to into line counters

saugeye king-  in the morning or late in the evening Ted to catch the fish

scumfrog-  CHATMAN, been there done that, Ohio River!

Juls-  lol

Ted Takasaki-  all day ...PWT puts on during the entire day

Scott R-  is the walleye masters institute full?

Juls-  this will be the first one I'm attending...I am looking forward to it

Ted Takasaki-  Yes it is full. taking names and numbers for waiting list

Juls-  heard good things about the institute

Swat1-  Earlier you mentioned Down Riggers Ted how do you use them for Walleye?

Ted Takasaki-  boy good question,...I'm going to a meeting to discuss limits next Monday

Scott R-  it is awesome, absolutely the best way to speed the learning curve

Ted Takasaki-  Down Riggers on the central basin

Ted Takasaki-  to get down deeper than 50 feet

Swat1-  Yes how do you plan to use them?

Ted Takasaki-  It's been a good forum for walleye anglers wanting to learn more

EARLY RISER-  what about the western?

Ted Takasaki-  Not sure yet. I'll have them on my boat though

scumfrog-  Ted, do u use stick baits behind down riggers?

fishstyx-  Do the Shakespeare line counters that clip on the pole work good ?

Ted Takasaki-  Probably harnesses

scumfrog-  OK


Ted Takasaki-  Haven't tried the clip on line counters...Daiwa 27LC's

saugeye king-  how do I turn myself from a farmer to a pro angler, sell the farm LOL

Ted Takasaki-  Farmer to Pro Angler...one of my best friends is a farmer.

Ted Takasaki-  Probably better to stay a farmer

saugeye king-  cool

detroit nick-  Ted what kind of gear do you wear on cold rainy days

EARLY RISER-  Ted do you ever use live bait?

Ted Takasaki-  Bass Pro 100 MPH is the best I've found

Ted Takasaki-  Live bait a lot

Ted Takasaki-  Lindy Rigs

Juls-  hey that's what I wanted to ask ya Ted......I'm deciding between the Bass Pro 100mph suit or the Cabelas Guidewear...what do you recommend?

chatman-  Since it is right around the corner Ted, where would you go for your best shot at a trophy walleye this spring?

Ted Takasaki-  Bass Pro hands down

Ted Takasaki-  Awesome gear

Juls-  OK..cool..thanks!

Ted Takasaki-  Erie in April, chatman

Todd_NE-  Ted, I haven't talked you into making smaller Jumbo style fuzz e grubs yet have I?

Ted Takasaki-  Not yet


Ted Takasaki-  The BP suit just keeps me drier than any other.

Todd_NE-  I can dream

Ted Takasaki-  Just got sent a new Cabela's and will try that one this year

Ted Takasaki-  It's a great style jig head

detroit nick-  Ted, does Cabela's have a suit, like the 100 mph? Do you know?

chatman-  Has Ted Missed anyone's question so far?

LIL-SHRIMP;-  TED, does Lindy offer pre tied snells in a bulk form? 25/50 Rigs?

Ted Takasaki-  I don't know for sure

Todd_NE-  Have much of a plan for Frances Case in SD yet?

Juls-  I was thinking since I'm thinned blooded and get cold easily that I should get the insulated guidewear...is the BP suit insulated?

EARLY RISER-  DO you prefer crawlers, minnows, leeches, etc...

Ted Takasaki-  No Rigs bulk yet

Ted Takasaki-  Trolling and jiggin' ,on Francis Case.

saugeye king-  Where's the best place to hold a 8 pound saugeye when taking out the hook?

Ted Takasaki-  I don't believe that the BP suit is insulated, but you can't then wear it in the summer

chatman-  Ted I know this was asked before but who are your sponsors?

Juls-  That's a good point...I' sold..thanks!

Ted Takasaki-  The PWT casting combos are good...they do what they were meant for

Ted Takasaki-  under the belly, saugeye king.

saugeye king-  cool tired of getting spiked by them

Ted Takasaki-  Ranger Mercury, Lindy, Flambeau, Stren, Aqua Vu Tempress Fish-on, MinnKota, Bottomline

fishstyx-  Any suggestions for Ft Peck in late July ?

Ted Takasaki-  Pinnacle

Ted Takasaki-  Ft Peck ...BB and spinners on the points

chatman-  How durable and fishable have you found the Tempress, Fish On rod holders to be Ted?

EARLY RISER-  Ted what kind of GPS do you use?

Ted Takasaki-  The Fish-On's are the best...ask anyone. They are soft durable and swivel easily

fishstyx-  Got any good way points you care to share, ha ha?

Ted Takasaki-  Pinnacles rods Tri Wings are excellent and I do like the Deadbolts

Ted Takasaki-  They're all in my unit. Wouldn't mind sharing them if I had em

Juls-  - -)

rip some lip-  Ted, did you sell your 620 Ranger?

saugeye king-  would you mount a 12 pound saugeye if you would catch one and what your largest walleye caught

Ted Takasaki-  Pinnacle's new Matrix reel is awesome for bottom bouncers...its got the flippin' feature

Ted Takasaki-  my ranger 620 is sold from last year, but my 2001 is not spoken for yet

Ted Takasaki-  12 pound saugeye is an awesome fish

saugeye king-  would you mount it

Ted Takasaki-  No circle hooks yet..not a believer

rip some lip-  What are you going to ask for it

Ted Takasaki-  35K fully loaded ready to fish and champion certified

saugeye king-  what's your largest fish ever caught Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  52 inch muskie

Juls-  wow

saugeye king-  largest ? Wow! What a pig!.... lol

Doc (wi)-  You do any ice fishing Ted??

Ted Takasaki-  I have done more ice fishing this season than ever. it's kind of relaxing

EARLY RISER-  To hard on the boat.

Ted Takasaki-  Monument and Larsen's then was really hit and miss

saugeye king-  did you mount that muskie?

saugeye king-  lol....

Ted Takasaki-  Too hard on what boat?

Ted Takasaki-  had some good perch on Mille Lacs.....

Ted Takasaki-  I released the muskie...Leech Lake.....

saugeye king-  cool

detroit nick-  when will you start fishing the detroit river this year Ted

bobeyerite[wa];-  is that a joke? Ted ice fishing?

EARLY RISER-  catch and release baby...

Ted Takasaki-  The wind blew during the tourney...wouldn't have been able to get to them.

saugeye king-  that fish by now is probably eating people lol

scumfrog-  ha!

Ted Takasaki-  I like ice fishing

Ted Takasaki-  PWT this year ...maybe on RCL

Ted Takasaki-  maybe one RCL

Juls-  ice scares me..but I'm going tomorrow..gotta face the fear head on...- -)

EARLY RISER-  Ted are you going to be on any other chats in the future?

Ted Takasaki-  Ice isn't too bad when it's 30 inches thick

Juls-  lol...its the noises it makes...its a brain thing I think...

scumfrog-  or 3 inches!

chatman-  As for me if they aren't drivin' on it I am not walking on it...

Ted Takasaki-  I'm sure Ralph will have me on sometime soon

Swat1-  The ice isn't bad it's the water under it that will get you...lol

Ted Takasaki-  Lots' of wind

Ted Takasaki-  They closed off the bay

Ted Takasaki-  Could only fish the river

chatman-  Sure Ted, right after your first win this year will be cool.... - -)

Ted Takasaki-  That would be a good thing.

Juls-  - -)

EARLY RISER-  what's the story on eyes in Lake Michigan?

Ted Takasaki-  Hurt a lot of guys

Ted Takasaki-  I like rivers

chatman-  Yes, so make the wait a short one, win the first one out of the box!

Ted Takasaki-  Little Bay, Manistee, Green Bay

T-Mac-  Do you have an opinion on sand bars in rivers, Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  I know, but you wouldn't have been able to get to them

EARLY RISER-  what about southern lake Michigan?

Ted Takasaki-  Sand bars can be a good current break for walleyes to hang around

jigsta-  Ted what's your favorite mono/superlines & lbs test for jigging walleye?

Juls-  Why do you guys keep teasin' him about sand bars? Did something happen at Bismarck this year Ted? What am I missing here?

Ted Takasaki-  Port of Indiana,

Doc (wi)-  What about the effort to plant Walleye in the lower end of Lake Michigan

NPAA265-  Ted been to Tobin?

Ted Takasaki-  I'm not sure...didn't land on a sand bar at Bismarck

Juls-  ok...lol I don't get it

T-Mac-  LOL

saugeye king-  lol

EARLY RISER-  I'm just a few a miles from the port Michigan City Indiana.

chatman-  Juls had a blonde moment!!!

Ted Takasaki-  8 pound Magnathin

Juls-  guess so...lol

Ted Takasaki-  haven't been on Tobin yet need to though

Juls-  this chat is moving way to fast tonight for this slow poke..lol

saugeye king-  lol

EARLY RISER-  Michigan City is the Coho capital of the mid west.

Ted Takasaki-  Trying to keep up

chatman-  Did you get a chance to see the 620 Tiller at the Shakopee Expo Ted? Any thoughts??

Juls-  I meant me Ted...lol

Ted Takasaki-  the 620 tiller was cool. They're selling a lot of them right now

Ted Takasaki-  lots of room

Ted Takasaki-  laid out right with the flat transom for splash guards

chatman-  Just wish Ranger allowed for a larger Hp rating....

Ted Takasaki-  Liability issues as I understand

saugeye king-  what's the best way to get a Rapala out of your hand , Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  Bolt cutters

Todd_NE-  come to my medical clinic

saugeye king-  lol

Juls-  lol

Juls-  ouch

detroit nick-  lol

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for our guest Tonight, 

Ted Takasaki!!!

Todd_NE-  clap clap

scumfrog-  yea!!!!!!!!!11

detroit nick-  clap clap

Doc (wi)-  clap clap clap clap

Driftr-  Thanks Ted !!!

Ted Takasaki-  thank you

T-Mac-  clap clap clap

fishstyx-  Thanks Ted

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap...great chat tonight Ted..thank you!!

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