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Steve Worrall / Tuffy Boats Chat 8/8/01

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Steve Worrall of Tuffy Boats!!!

spampy - Clap, clap!

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!

Steve Worrall - Throw 'im a fish!

Chatman - Well Steve, where do we want to go tonight?

Juls - Hi Steve, everyone. It's nice to see ya around again Zach...;-)

Steve Worrall - I am at your pleasure, gents!

Steve Worrall - Hey Juls!

Zach Boudreau - Thanks Juls.

Chatman - Let's talk a little about Tuffy. What's new with the world of fiberglass boats?

Steve Worrall - Lots of things, materials, mostly.

Chatman - Can you describe, basically the construction materials used in the hulls etc?

Steve Worrall - Sure.

Chatman - I know your flooring is somewhat special.

Steve Worrall - The hull is a multilayer hand laid laminate incorporating Kevlar, 20/40, 18 oz. and composite materials.

Steve Worrall - Yes, the liner is totally composite, Chatman.

Chatman - Is any wood still used in a Tuffy?

spampy - Hand laid?

Steve Worrall - Only in the transom, and mine this year is totally Coosa Composite.

Steve Worrall - Yes, hand laid.

Chatman - What is Coosa?

Juls - What is Coosa...

Steve Worrall - Coosa is a brand name, tough stuff, carbon impregnated fiber.

spampy - What is hand laid?

Steve Worrall - All the layers of fiberglass are hand rolled.

Chatman - Do you use chop mat as well?

Steve Worrall - Hand layup, on the otherhand, is different.

Steve Worrall - Yes Tuffy uses chop as binder, between the layers of woven glass.

Chatman - That also brings up a good point, can you briefly explain the difference between hand laid and hand layup?

Steve Worrall - All the big brands do, Chatman.

Steve Worrall - Hand layup is TOTALLY hand done with layers of woven and mat.

Steve Worrall - Bullet/Allison are the only ones doing it that way, at this point.

spampy - Steve, is that a good thing?

Chatman - I think the stigma with the use of wood and chop is grossly overrated. When used right, the boats are always a better product for using it.

Steve Worrall - Can be if you only want a FAST boat.

Chatman - IMHO.

Steve Worrall - Very light, less resin.

Chatman - That is another great point Steve. Tuffy boats are fast for their size, yet they are not flimsy. How is that achieved?

Steve Worrall - Yes, and that has been the accepted way to build a boat for 25 years.

Steve Worrall - The laminate is coupled with composite construction, less weight and no rot.

Chatman - Nothing to eventually absorb water either?

Steve Worrall - The bottom of a 1990 is over 1 and a half inches thick, but light.

Steve Worrall - No, Chatman.

Steve Worrall - 'cept Zach!

Chatman - Yow!

Chatman - LOL!

Zach Boudreau - I heard that....

Steve Worrall - Of course!

Steve Worrall - Any questions?

Steve Worrall - About boats, fishing, the industry?

Chatman - Feel free to jump in anytime people...

spampy - What outboards do you factory mount ?

Steve Worrall - Mercury and Suzuki

Chatman - Whats new in the Tuffy product line?

Steve Worrall - The Esox Deep V line of boats.

Chatman - How does that differ from the 1990 etc....

Steve Worrall - The Liner/interior is designed for muskie fishing, 'cept for some of the walleye boys!

Chatman - Similar or same hull designs?

Steve Worrall - Ralph Diercks loves his.

Steve Worrall - Chatman, they are the same hulls.

Chatman - I was impressed with the one I saw this spring. I really liked the interior. It lends itself to a jig boy such as myself.

Zach Boudreau - I may go to one next year.

Steve Worrall - Muskie guys need LOTS of room!

Steve Worrall - Fast, too, Zach!

Zach Boudreau - For a change of pace.

Steve Worrall - Not that you like THAT!

Chatman - So do relatively buoyant types such as me..LOL!

Steve Worrall - Yup!

Steve Worrall - I am no little fellow, either!

Chatman - Room in a boat! Herecy!! I thought people liked tripping over stuff while fishing!

Steve Worrall - Not this kid.

Chatman - On the interior subject, what are your deck lids made of?

Steve Worrall - Muskie anglers need room for the Frabill net, and over 100 BIG baits!

Steve Worrall - Deck lids are 50/52 welded aluminum, Chatman.

Chatman - Or 60 lbs of jigs!

Steve Worrall - Yes, they count too!

Steve Worrall - I've been with Tuffy since 1975.

Steve Worrall - Old guy.

Steve Worrall - 'cept for three years with Texas.

Chatman - Back when the line was a roustabout in 2 interior configurations??

Steve Worrall - One, at first, the 154.

Steve Worrall - My first load of boats sold for $900 each!

Steve Worrall - not anymore!

spampy - How much?

Chatman - Tuffy has had some really great boats through the years. I was partial to the Esox, and then there was that scary fast boat...LOL! (The bass boat)

Steve Worrall - 1989.

Steve Worrall - It depends on which boat.

Steve Worrall - You can spend $9000, or $39000.

spampy - Nice price range.

Driftr - What is the $39000 dollar tag attached to?

Driftr - :)

Steve Worrall - We try to fit the demands of the angler.

Mckoz - Does Tuffy make those boats here in Wisconsin?

Steve Worrall - Driftr, that tag would be on an Osprey Pro, 225 Opti, 9.9 EL 4 stroke, GPS, sonars, and more.

Steve Worrall - Yes, Tuffy is in Lake Mills.

Driftr - Ok, that is motors too, thanks Steve.

Eye' Hound - What does an 1800 Esox deep v run?

Steve Worrall - In the mid 20 range, with an Opti.

Driftr - Steve , What is the longest hull in Tuffy's lineup now?

Steve Worrall - 20'1"

champ - What is the biggest motor you can use?

Steve Worrall - 225 hp.

Steve Worrall - The hull is unlimited. We can mount whatever horse power you'd like. However, we rate for 225.

Driftr - Why is it unlimited Steve?

Chatman - Maybe this is a better question to Zach, but how well do the boats handle in rough water?

Steve Worrall - The horse power rating has to do with length. Over 20 feet is a free shot.

Steve Worrall - Zach backtrolls!!

Steve Worrall - LOL!

Driftr - Steve, is that for any manufacturer?

Steve Worrall - Yes.

Zach Boudreau - They handle rough water very well, no problems in the big stuff at Big Bay de Noc and Green Bay MWC tourneys this year.

Steve Worrall - Those are the Coast Guard regulations.

Chatman - I knw my last question sounds silly, but there is always a lot of talk on the message boards about how to handle big waves. And whose boat is better.

Driftr - I wonder why I have a 200 limit on my boat?

Steve Worrall - It's the builder, Driftr.

Driftr - Chatman, and safely :)

champ - Can they handle water like Warrior?

Steve Worrall - They are being conservative Driftr.

Chatman - I know I get passed by a few, Schoenecker and Balliu as an example....

Driftr - Crestliner Phantom, Steve.

Steve Worrall - Yes, they can, and do!

Steve Worrall - And that, Chatman, was a 17'6" boat!!

Steve Worrall - MUCH faster than a Warrior, though, champ.

Driftr - I have to check in on that HP limit.

Steve Worrall - It is coast guard regulations.

Chatman - Yup. Can't miss Eddie's boat, stands out in a crowd!

champ - I'd have to see that Steve.

Zach Boudreau - It is impressive the way Schoenecker can handle that 1760 Osprey in the big stuff, it blows my mind!

Steve Worrall - Where you from, Champ?

Chatman - He is a good boat pilot, no argument there.

Steve Worrall - Scary

Zach Boudreau - That's what it takes, definitely!

champ - Nebraska. But I fish SD.

Steve Worrall - I'll be there in a Month, I can give you a ride champ.

Driftr - Steve , will the 20 Osprey do 70's?

Steve Worrall - Both are good boats, we just look at the speed thing differently.

champ - I have 19ft 3in, tough to beat.

Steve Worrall - Yes, with a light load.

Steve Worrall - Good boat.

Dan(oh) - Fiberglass boats Steve?

Steve Worrall - Yes.

Zach Boudreau - Mine will doe around 67 with a very light load and a 225 EFI. It will run 62-63mph, fully loaded.

Steve Worrall - That's 'bout right.

Driftr - Dan(oh). do you have a HP rating on your boat?

Steve Worrall - Get that Panther off, and you will go alot faster!

Dan(oh) - Yes, 200 hp.

Zach Boudreau - But, conditions to run that fast on the Great Lakes don't come very often.

Steve Worrall - That is for sure!

Chatman - That is a very good point Zach.

Steve Worrall - Big V takes the water well.

Driftr - Once this year for me Zach.....mostly 25 - 30.

Chatman - Is the Esox deep V in the same ballpark, speed wise Steve?

Steve Worrall - Faster, the load is in the rear.

Dan(oh) - Is it more important to handle rough water than speed?

Steve Worrall - The boat does both, very well!

Driftr - I like both Dan.

Chatman - Hachaa!

Steve Worrall - Hoochie?

Chatman - No Hachaa, as in Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!! As the boat thunders past!

Dan(oh) - Me too Driftr!

Steve Worrall - I love to open mine up, when I can.

Chatman - The Esox Deep V, would be an excellent river runner!

Driftr - Does that hurt the motors? To run full throttle?

Steve Worrall - With the full composites, I am 200 pounds lighter, so faster, too!

Steve Worrall - Not at all. Mercury wants the Optis at 5600, lots. It keeps things from carboning up.

Chatman - I ran my 225 for a year and a half, according to the tech, I spent the 2nd longest amount of time at 5000 rpm or over.

Steve Worrall - Mine runs most of the time at 5600.

Driftr - I often wondered if it hurt to run WOT..

Chatman - He said my motor checked out like a bassers motor.

Steve Worrall - Not at all Driftr. Motors love it!

Chatman - I have 2 speeds, WOT and fishin!

Driftr - Other than the fuel tank :)

Steve Worrall - Perfect. You will not have a power head problem.

Driftr - LOL, Chatman!!

champ - Gas station.

Steve Worrall - If one worries about the gas, one cannot run fast.

Chatman - I used a bit of fuel to be sure, but with the Opti it was still better than an EFI.

Driftr - Steve, my beast loves his food too!!

Steve Worrall - Oh yes, the OMC 200 is very fast, but hungry.

Zach Boudreau - I am running an EFI this year, the fuel economy is much better than I expected, but not like my Opti was.

Steve Worrall - Yes , the EFI is not bad at all, and is a great power head.

Chatman - You get a little more umph then Zach?

Zach Boudreau - It's hard to tell because I went from a 200 to 225 Chatman.

Steve Worrall - I'd beat him. Less lead on board!!

Chatman - LOL, Steve!

Steve Worrall - All those jigs, and so little time...

Driftr - Hahaha!

Chatman - Unless ya dump a jig box, then you have to make time to pick up that mess. LOL!

Steve Worrall - Well, anyone who fishes for walleyes with catfish...

Chatman - Oooh, the colors! The colors!!

Steve Worrall - Yellow ones.

Zach Boudreau - Believe it or not I don't have a single jig in my boat right now.

Steve Worrall - I believe it.

Driftr - Scott don't like those catfish baits!

Steve Worrall - Bay de Noc will do that to you this time of the year.

Steve Worrall - I do, it worked for me.

Chatman - Hey now Steve.....I have been known to have a few of those catfish in my bait well too! LOL.

Zach Boudreau - Are there walk-through windshield plans for 2002 Steve?

champ - LOL!

Steve Worrall - Sticky little buggers!!

Steve Worrall - Yes, an 18'9", and the 1990.

Chatman - Just a little bit o ugly....but the eyes love em up!

Steve Worrall - Yes.

Zach Boudreau - Steve, is the 18'9" a new hull?

Steve Worrall - Not sure, we may re-do the 1800, best rough water hull out there

Chatman - Change it how?

Chatman - And why?

Steve Worrall - Make it longer, more horsepower, make it pretty. It is not pretty , at this point.

Steve Worrall - I am gonna MISS those guys!

Chatman - Will that effect the boats handling?

Steve Worrall - No, should be about the same, as it is a wedge hull.

Chatman - Can you explain "wedge hull" ?

Steve Worrall - Has no dead rise, the hull goes down to a sharp V from transom to nose.

Steve Worrall - It is an off-shore design.

Juls - Can you believe it? I have been in every walleye tourney boat out there EXCEPT for the Tuffy....:-( haven't had the chance yet)

Steve Worrall - Juls, you need to hook up with a Tuff team Member!

Chatman - Very good in the bumpy stuff. But does that make the boat draw more water at rest than the remainder of the line?

Steve Worrall - No, the 1800 floats in under a foot of water.

Chatman - And fast?

Steve Worrall - No

Steve Worrall - It will do 53 with a 150 hp.

Chatman - Hey, that isn't bad.

Deano - Does it then drift more evenly in the wind ?

Steve Worrall - No that is not too bad, but not a quick as a 1760 is.

Steve Worrall - Yes, it drifts really well. It makes a heck of a Muskie Boat, too!

Deano - OK!

Chatman - Yes Steve, but if a guy was fishing primarily bigger waters, the 1800 would be the way to go.

Steve Worrall - Can run 45 in 4 footers and drink a pop!

Steve Worrall - Yup, just is not a 'pretty' boat. That is why we need to re-tool.

Chatman - How is the side to side stability at rest?

Chatman - Typically true V hulls tend to be more tippy..

Steve Worrall - As good as an Esox Magnum, Chatman.

Chatman - Outstanding!

Steve Worrall - The boat has sponsons at the chines.

Driftr - Steve, how are the Tuffys stringers made?

Steve Worrall - Trim it down in 4 footers, open it up, and throw water to the sides 50'!

Chatman - Why then isn't this style more popular on big water walleye boats?

Steve Worrall - Stringers are a hybrid Composite/fiberglass/wood, Driftr.

Steve Worrall - Because it is UGLY!! LOL!

Driftr - I can't say I have ever seen a Tuffy on Erie.

Chatman - LOL!

Steve Worrall - There are 3 out there, and I know of quite a few that visit Erie.

Chatman - Is there info on the 1800 on Tuffy's web site?

Steve Worrall - N, uh, not yet.

Steve Worrall - There will be, Zach and I are working on it.

Chatman - Is that hull new this year?

Steve Worrall - No.

Steve Worrall - 1895, I think.

Steve Worrall - With the spanish Galleons!!

Steve Worrall - That's what it looks like, anyway.

Chatman - Does a parrot and an eye patch come as standard equipment then?

Steve Worrall - Yup!!

Chatman - LOL!

Driftr - Are there any Tuffy dealers in the east, Steve?

bill brown(Ind) - Driftr, you just got a new boat!!!

Steve Worrall - There will be. I am headed out there this fall.

Chatman - What's on the horizon for Tuffy?

Driftr - I'm not buying Bill, just asking.

bill brown(Ind) - LOL!!

Chatman - The more boats a man has the happier he is Bill!

Steve Worrall - We have new boats planned, new graphics, new seats, and more.

bill brown(Ind) - LOL!

Driftr - LOL, Chatman.

Steve Worrall - Yes, I have 3!

Chatman - His wife may want to kill him, but he will die happy!

Steve Worrall - VERY happy!

Chatman - New graphics? I can't wait to see them.

Deano - Steve, is there a better post to floor plate hook-up design ?

Steve Worrall - Pretty cool, look 21st century!

Steve Worrall - Springfield, best we can get.

Driftr - When will they be marketed?

Steve Worrall - The 2002's started coming off the line this month.

Chatman - Another 50 dollar question, any talk of going to a full liner cap? I get that one at shows a lot. I never know what to tell people, and have not heard.

Steve Worrall - No

bill brown(Ind) - Steve. I'm planning a Muskie trip next summer. July or August. Can you give me the best place to go for a chance at a 50? Wisconsin or Minnesota? It is a 2 week trip, thanks.

Steve Worrall - We cover our gel coat for 5 years, so no full liners.

Steve Worrall - Leech Lake or Bemidji, Bill.

bill brown(Ind) - Thanks.

Steve Worrall - Leech is really, really good!

Steve Worrall - Not as good as the Goon, but..

Driftr - Casting or trolling Steve?

Chatman - Makes sense. The boats seem to hold up just fine. I saw my old Esox a few months back. Still looks pretty good, and that was a late 80's boat!

Steve Worrall - Casting, or trolling.

bill brown(Ind) - I wanted to go to NW Angle, but horror rock stories scare me!

Steve Worrall - Yes. A full liner flexes at a different rate than the hull, causing crazes.

Chatman - Any questions Steve missed? Now is the time to ask.

Steve Worrall - No, NW Angle is fine.

Steve Worrall - Far away, but fine.

Steve Worrall - A full liner is cheaper to build though.

Chatman - How so? You'd think it was the other way round? More material and such.

Steve Worrall - Not at all. We build a full interior liner and add a cap, all out of woven. The lined boats are primarily chopped strand, and laminated to the floor. Usually wood or foam composite, just two pieces.

Chatman - So a Tuffy is basically 3 pieces?

Steve Worrall - No, the inner liner laminates to the hull, giving us a one piece, watertight hull and deck!

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Steve Worrall of Tuffy Boats!!

Driftr - Thanks Steve!!!!

Steve Worrall - Thanks, anytime!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap !!!

bill brown(Ind) - Thanks for info Steve!

Steve Worrall - You bet, you are welcome.

Brian/MN - Thanks! I got here late, but I'll be sure to read the whole thing in the archives...

Steve Worrall - Cool!!

Chatman - Look for the chat in a day or so, maybe sooner, Brian.

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!

Chatman - Thanks to you as well Zach!

Zach Boudreau - You bet, anytime!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap. Thanks Steve and Zach!

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