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Fishing Hot Spots Chat 5/2/01

Chatman -  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest host, Mike Michalak!!!

Driftr-  Welcome Mike Michalak !!

ge1953-  Well hello!

mrgman-  Hello there Mike........

walleyehuntr(Oh)-  Hi Mike!!!!

Juls-  Mr. Hot Spots if our man tonight...welcome Mike..- -)

colin-  Hello Mike!!!

Chatman-  Whooopieeeee! Clap, clap, clap........

jerry-  Hi, Mr. Hotspots!!!!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak -    Thanks!

NightCrawler-  Yes indeed, welcome to the world of Internet chats! Hehe...

Todd_NE-  Hi Mike

jerry m-  Hi Mike!

Chatman-  Why don't we get started with a little history about Fishing Hot Spots, Mike....

Mike (mapguy) Michalak -   We've been around for 26 years...mapped over 1700 bodies of water, in 39 states and Canada. And the numbers are still growing.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  The Walleye Central board has seen plenty of activity lately surrounding the digital data for GPS units too.

Chatman-  I really like some of the changes being made, more easy to read maps, more updates and adding GPS coordinates etc.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  We're just keeping up with the times...and all you guys!

Chatman-  I especially like the Hot Spots Navionics Maps being done...

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  They're doing a great job, and it's only going to get better.

RICKT-  Yeah, they won't blow out of the boat!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  LOL

Chatman-  I dunno Rick, I know some guys that have almost lost GPS units overboard from rough running...

Driftr-  Mike, is there any thoughts on Hot Spots being put on an IMS Smart Map chip?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  That's up to Lowrance, there's no industry standard yet and each company has their own format.

RICKT-  So the Navionics from Lowrance are actually hot spot maps?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Yes, they license our data.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  At least for inland, freshwater.

RICKT-  Do they have all the marked fishing areas, like the paper Hot Spots maps?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Exactly

Driftr-  I doubt that will happen then, they have pretty much changed the new units.

Chatman-  That would be the Navionics Hot spots maps only , right Mike?

Chatman-  Or is that all the map details offered by Navionics?

Juls-  I'm not to talkative tonight...I'm sick...so I'm just going to read along if that's ok..;-)

Chatman-  Did Mike miss any questions so far?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  For all you Midwesterners...we're headed back up to WI/MI/MN!!!

jerry-  Mike, are there plans for your company to come up with a Devils Lake (ND) map soon?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Sorry Juls...feel better.........

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  None, unless the lake stops growing!!

Chatman-  Mike, what is new and exciting in the World of Fishing Hot Spots??

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Take a look at www.outdoorintel.com It's an affiliate company that will be handling our digital data...............

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Lots of maps...new CDs...new states...a new smallmouth book and a WALLEYE book coming out in July.

slip-bobber(MT)-  Mike, The PWT tournament got moved from Red Wing to Mille Lacs. You have a good map for there?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Killer map of Mille Lacs!

RICKT-  What have you got for lake Shelbyville, Illinois?

slip-bobber(MT)-  What is the fastest way to get one Mike?

Chatman-  Are there maps now that replace much of the old Mississippi River book series Mike?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Any dealer in MN or 1-800-ALL-MAPS

slip-bobber(MT)-  Thanks.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  The Mississippi is tough right now, but we are returning to rivers.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Rick, our Shelbyville map is brand new!

slip-bobber(MT)-  You have any plans for any maps in Montana say FT Peck??

RICKT-  Is the map digital or paper Mike?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Ft Peck is on the drawing board.

ge1953-  Mike, are we taking the fun out of fishing with detailed maps?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  No topography...all water with the Mississippi maps.

slip-bobber(MT)-  Great!

jerry-  Anything in the works for Devils Lake (ND)?

ge1953-  Shouldn't anglers explore on there own? To a certain degree?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  The fun's still there...we can't make 'em bite.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Jerry...that was just posted earlier...

ge1953-  Mike, I agree partially with you.

ge1953-  But is anything really secret anymore?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  It is always fun to explore, but a map will help as a guide. Always has, always will.

ge1953-  Oh sure.

Chatman-  I also find the other information on the maps more valuable, bait, gas, marinas launches, fishery information...

ge1953-  I agree Chatman.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  The value added items are always popular and helpful

RICKT-  Is Shelbyville digital or paper?

ge1953-  You hit it right on the head.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Shelbyville will be both, Rick.

slip-bobber(MT)-  I'll be right back--I'm going to order that Mille Lacs Map!!

RICKT-  Mike, when will it be out?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  That's up to our digital partners, we have no control there.

ge1953-  Mike, your maps are excellent!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Thanks.

ge1953-  Well done, and very informational.

ge1953-  I was just throwing out some food for thought.

RICKT-  They help me eliminate a lot of unproductive water.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  There's so much I wish I could give out here, we have a lot of plans for you guys and Gals!

jerry-  What about Great Lakes, Mike? Anything new coming out?

RICKT-  Mike, just post new updates on Walleye Central every so often.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  We're heading back to parts of Green Bay first.

jerry-  Cool!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Rick, I will.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Keep an eye on our site too, we update it nearly every day!

Chatman-  Green bay??? Cool.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  There's so much water out there and we have to do these things one at a time.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  We've expanded our production and research to handle the load.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  The 2002 catalog should have about 20 new maps!

Chatman-  That brings up an idea Mike, how do you go about mapping a new lake?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  That's a big process...verifying existing info, countless interviews, and geez, we gotta fish 'em sometimes too!!

Juls-  Lol!

Chatman-  Do you base the maps, to some extent off existing maps available?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  A little. We have to start somewhere. We've always taken steps to develop our own products independent of existing maps.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  That process is going to change big-time in the near future!

Chatman-  How so Mike, Satellite imaging?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Satellites don't give you any depth info. Unreliable. We use them to verify shorelines. Then we go on the water.

Chatman-  I guess you gotta have the outline to start....

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Exactly. It's the whole GPS thing.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Without shoreline integrity, lat/lon grids are useless.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Wait till you guys see our new Walleye book...top waters...good stuff!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Do all of you use GPS and/or computers for mapping/fishing?

Chatman-  I also know, from personal experience, that your staff will talk to local anglers, guides and Pro's to get better info and missed topographic features...

RICKT-  I cant wait!

ge1953-  However, I find it changes a bunch.

ge1953-  But really helps.

j.h.-  Hey Mike, how many lakes in Canada does fishing hot spots cover? And is one of them lake Wawang in Ontario?

slip-bobber(MT)-  Tell us a little about the book Mike.

ge1953-  I use your Lake Michigan map a lot.

slip-bobber(MT)-  New Lowrance Map here!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  It's difficult to work in Canada...we offer maps for - 

LOTW, our new Rainy Lake map set is out...and Eagle.

j.h.-  Thanks.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  The book covers the top lakes and rivers for 'eyes on the continent, a great read.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Which Lowrance map?

slip-bobber(MT)-  XCT 15, with smart map CD........

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  There are some issues..but it's good stuff.

RICKT-  What are the Navionics maps that LEI sells

J. 1. M. C.-  What are the issues Mike?

colin-  How's the walleye book coming along Mike?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Due out in July...and I want to thank the guys on Walleye Central who've submitted photos that will be used...instant celebrities!

Chatman-  You eluded to some issues Mike, what are they?

colin-  I was just at Mel's and saw the smallie book. Is the walleye book the same format?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  We've got a great shot of a 19# 14oz eye that was weighed TWO DAYS out of the freezer!!! It could've been a record!!

Driftr-  That is a big fish!!!!

Chatman-  Here Piggy, piggy!!!! What a fish Mike!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  It's the same format Colin...it's part of our new "Destination Series" of books.

Driftr-  Where was the walleye from?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Dale Hollow lake........

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Lowrance has some conflicts with the software and the need to reset...and, some of the posts on Walleye Central can give you more info.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  The unit has been through several tournaments now and is proving itself.

J. 1. M. C.-  Thanks Mike!

bob oh-  Have you looked at the new Gamin units?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  You guys should see the new Garmin Map Source, Fishing - 

Hot Spots programs for the 162/168 Garmin's...outta sight!!

Chatman-  I am putting one (X15) on the new boat....

J. 1. M. C.-  I sure like mine!

RICKT-  Lowrance shipped my x15 today............

bob oh-  Mike, will the x15 match the Garmin?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  It's a great unit...I'd recommend upping the ram on the MMC chips though.

Chatman-  How would a guy, or gal, do that Mike?

slip-bobber(MT)-  Buy new cards at any digital camera store.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  How's this for being impartial...I run Garmin in the dash...Raytheon and Lowrance for more depth/GPS,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  MMC carts are pretty standard, Slip Bobber's right.

RICKT-  Best Buy sells them too

Driftr-  I guess my Global Map 2000 is now a dinosaur - (

slip-bobber(MT)-  Seriously, I bought mine at a camera store.

Chatman-  The MMC Cartridge/chips are available at many electronics and photo stores as well as any Lowrance dealer.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  The industry needs to standardize this stuff so we don't have to hunt all over the place.

bob oh-  Walmart, Best Buy, Staples.

J. 1. M. C.-  I think it's like the 2000 and the 350 in one.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Since all the 'eyes are migrating out of the west basin of Erie...we're in the process of finishing a two map set of the Central Basin - 

around Cleveland.

Driftr-  Do you have anything on paper for that?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  We will, Driftr.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  For every map we do, our digital partners get the data

bob oh-  CB around Cleveland should be easy Mike - one artificial reef and a bunch of flat bottom! - -)

Chatman-  I think it is a great deal for the anglers as your info is compatible with most new units, and not brand specific...

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  I want to reinforce how important these chats and the services of Walleye Central are to Fishing Hot Spots. It's a wonderful way to get feedback and info from all of you, that's why my e-mail and name go out on the site.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  10-4 on the CB Bob!

bob oh-  - -)

Driftr-  On your paper maps, do you have GPS coordinates?

Chatman-  Many do have GPS Driftr.

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  I'm ready for - }}}}}}}}}}' how about you guys?

Chatman-  What is the Fishing Hot Spots web site address Mike?

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  www.fishinghotspots.com Open 24 hours! - 

Chatman-  Come early, come often!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  I want to check to see if we got that Mille Lacs order yet...

slip-bobber(MT)-  I ordered it 15 minutes ago Mike.

Chatman-  Has Mike missed any questions so far, now is the time to ask....

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  For all you tourney guys...best of luck out there!!!

Chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central round of applause for - 

Mike Michalak of Fishing Hot Spots!!!


slip-bobber(MT)-  Thanks Mike!!!!!

bob oh-  Clap, clap, clap!!!!!!!

spampy-  Clap, clap, clap!

colin-  Thanks Mike!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Thanks everyone...keep in touch!

Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  Get better Juls!

Eyesrfn-  Thanks for the info, Mike!


Mike (mapguy) Michalak - -  I can stick around if there are more questions.

Chatman-  Great chat Mike, you're always welcome, and stay as long as you want.

bob oh-  ;-)

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