Chris and Gina Gasser Chat 10/10/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome for Gina And Chris Gasser!!

Driftr - Welcome Chris & Gina !!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

river king - Welcome!

perchjerker - Clap, clap!

Jeff - Hello Chris and Gina!

Ryan Johnson - Welcome!

jerry - Hi Chris and Gina, all!!!

John Estes - Kansas calling, glad to be here!

L. Ecklor - Hi Chris and Gina!

Chairman - Good evening!

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Welcome Chris and Gina!!!

Chris & Gina G - Hi everyone!

ShadMan (wis) - Chris and Gina!! How have ya two been?

Chris & Gina G - Good, Shadman.

Chairman - Hi you two and congrats on your accomplishments!

Jeff - How are you two tonight?

Chris & Gina G - Hi Jerry!

Chris & Gina G - Hey, you didn't do too bad at the RCL!

jerry - I did okay, I think I just screwed up on day two.

Chatman - Well guys, why don't you start of by giving the room a little background on yourselves?

Juls - Congratulations on your winning Husband and Wife Team of the Year!

Chris & Gina G - We fish the MWC, WWA and about 18 tournaments each of the last three years!

Chris & Gina G - Very busy.

Chris & Gina G - We take our three kids along when we can, as Bill knows.

jerry - In the RCL, I left my fish for what I thought would be better fish.

Jeff - Do you have any up coming tournaments?

perchjerker - What profession are you two in?

Juls - Wow! That's a lot of tournaments! How do you do that and still have such great kids?? LOL! 

Chatman - Yes, congrats that is a great honor! And a hard task to accomplish!

Chris & Gina G - One last club tourney at DePere for the Sheboygan Walleye Club, on Sunday.

Chris & Gina G - Thanks!

Jeff - So it will be on the waters of the bay?

slickster - Hello people.

Chris & Gina G - We owe a lot of people a lot of thanks!

Jeff - Hey, hey!

Chris & Gina G - We have great sponsors!

Juls - Who are your sponsors?

Chris & Gina G - And a lot of really great friends that have taught us much over the years!

perchjerker - Yes, what boat do you run?

Chris & Gina G - We run a 193 Warrior.

Chris & Gina G - Our sponsors are Warrior, Mercury, Offshore Tackle, Crown Battery, Lowrance, Glyde Ryde, Frabill, National Sports Supply, Navionics.

Juls - That is a long list!

perchjerker - LOL!

Chris & Gina G - Oh, and Owner Hooks!

Juls - A good list...;-)

JonWI{} - How did you get sponsored? Did you win some tourneys, or just put your name out there?

perchjerker - I love Offshore's products!

Chris & Gina G - Contact them with a good plan.

Chris & Gina G - And be willing to work for them and promote there products at all times.

Chris & Gina G - Us too Perchjerker!

Juls - What do you like about your boat vs. other boats Chris and Gina?

Chris & Gina G - We can't wait until next years MWC, Looks exciting!

Bill - I hear you've been working on your jigging techniques?

perchjerker - I fish the thumb area, and have been to Offshore's place there.

Chris & Gina G - You know the answer to that one Bill.

Juls - For sure on the MWC, television coverage and everything! It sounds good.

Chris & Gina G - Hey Gina didn't fall this year!

Juls - Hahaha, way to go Gina!

Chris & Gina G - We really like the open layout for trolling with in our 193. No boxes taking up corner room!!

Bill - Have you heard what locations they'll be fishing for the MWC?

RangerK - Hello walleye chatters!

Chatman - Falling is okay, as long as it is not into the water late in the year......LOL!

perchjerker - Hi RK!

Chris & Gina G - Not yet Bill, Just rumors

Juls - Hi Ranger, Chris and Gina here are our hosts until the top of the Hour.

Juls - What was your best tournament this year Chris and Gina?

Chris & Gina G - The MWC is going to allow half down for the early birds for next year.

Juls - Oh, that's cool!

Chris & Gina G - Our best was at Spring Valley, 14th place.

Bill - Rumor or fact Chris and Gina?

Chris & Gina G - In Dubuque, we took 19th place.

Juls - Good job!

Chris & Gina G - Fact Bill, we got it from the lady herself!

Chatman - Half down? That will allow a lot more to take advantage, especially local anglers that want to branch out!!

RangerK - Did any of you fish the RCL last week?

Chris & Gina G - Half up front and the other half by April 1st, is what she said.

Juls - That would be for those that are fishing all of them, I take it?

Chris & Gina G - You got that right.

Bill - That sounds great, especially for the husband and wife teams!

Chris & Gina G - I think so Juls.

Chatman - That's the early bird Juls.

Chatman - But that is purely objective, right Bill and Barb? LOL!

perchjerker - Gina and Chris, have you two been over to the Michigan waters of Erie this year?

Chris & Gina G - I just hope the price doesn't go up!

Juls - Ok gotcha Ralph.

Chris & Gina G - No, on the Michigan waters.

Chris & Gina G - I heard the MWC might go to Saginaw Bay again next year.

perchjerker - I was just curious, that's my hangout!

Juls - Really? That would be cool!

Chatman - Without going into rumors, there is only supposed to be 4 next year, which will make the circuit even more affordable.

Chris & Gina G - Where PerchJerker?

perchjerker - that would be cool

Juls - Unless they up the price Ralph.

Chris & Gina G - We are just glad it looks like it is coming back!

Chatman - Or so I hear.

perchjerker - From around Monroe, Brest Bay and the Detroit River.

Chris & Gina G - We are looking for a good year from the WWA also.

Juls - How many events are there for the WWA, next year?

Chatman - Compared to other Big Circuits Juls, it still is the best chance to be the most affordable, I think.

Chris & Gina G - There should be more entries depending on the USFA.

Chris & Gina G - We haven't heard Juls, I think they are adding ND.

Juls - True, true. I won't tell you what I had heard. I can only hope it doesn't go that way. That would be too expensive!

Juls - ND would be awesome! Are we talking about Sakakawea?

Chatman - A lot of gray area right now, not too many circuits have officially announced anything, and with current world events, who is to say that everyone will be able to fish?

Juls - I love Sakakawea!!

Hntr - Gassers. How is it going?

Chris & Gina G - Good!

Chris & Gina G - Bill, ready for the Championship?

Bill - We're leaving Saturday.

Chatman - I know several who are being called up to ship out, none are tourney anglers, but there are some military people that do fish.

Chris & Gina G - Good Luck!

Bill - If only the eyes cooperate!

Juls - Good luck Bill!

Bill - Thanks much!

Juls - Is that Barb and Bill?

Chris & Gina G - Can't control the future Ralph. Just keep fishing!

Bill - Yes. Actually, Bill can't type this fast, so I'm here too!

Chris & Gina G - We believe that!

Chris & Gina G - Hi Barb!

Chatman - True....but it might make long-term commitments kind of iffy.

Juls - LOL! I Guess so!

Bill - Yep.

Chatman - Hi there Bill and Barb!

Chris & Gina G - I hope everyone hasn't put there boats away yet!

Bill - What do you consider to be your favorite method of fishing?

Chatman - What boat?? LOL!

JonWI{} - Good fishing is still to come!

Juls - I have one more tourney to go, Spring Valley. Then it's off to Huron for some big fish fishing! ;-)

Chris & Gina G - LOL!

Driftr - There isn't ice yet, can't put it away! :)

Chris & Gina G - Are you doing the Governors Cup?

Chris & Gina G - Right Driftr!

Juls - No, not me. It is just a club tourney, with a gal who emailed me and asked if I would like to fish with her.

JonWI{} - Juls, what kind of boat do you run?

Hntr - Gassers, do you ever put your boat away?

Chris & Gina G - We like trolling spinners or cranks best Bill.

Juls - The tourney sounded like fun and it was on my way out to Huron. LOL!

Juls - I don't have a boat this year Jon, maybe next year.

Chris & Gina G - No, the Warrior stays at the ready all winter! :)

Juls - LOL!

Juls - You diehards! ;-)

Chris & Gina G - After this year though we are getting partial to using three way rigs.

perchjerker - My boat is brand new. I have lots of fishing left this year, I hope!!!

Chris & Gina G - And lead core too.

Chatman - I didn't winterize my last 4 boats. Never stopped using them for more than a month straight...mild enough winters and road trips.

RangerK - are there any ranger users in here

Juls - They're my favorites Rangerk!

Chris & Gina G - we had the chance to see the new Gorilla Glyde Rydes at Red Wing. NICE!

RangerK - That's good to hear, I am on the tournament support team for Ranger.

L. Ecklor - I wish we had had them for that Sunday ride back!

Chris & Gina G - If anyone hasn't seen them yet you WILL be impressed

Juls - Is that you Frank? Hahn, couldn't be Frank. He's too busy to come in Here, LOL!

Bill - We're seriously considering them for our next boat.

RangerK - Nope Juls, Frank is on the road. This is Kirk.

perchjerker - I'm not familiar with that product.

L. Ecklor - Chris and Gina, I need some Central Wisconsin Eye info.

John Estes - A guy from Oregon e-mailed me today, he's chasing Halibut forty miles out.

Chris & Gina G - You mean that next Warrior 20ft tiller Bill?

Juls - Hiya Kirk! I don't think I have ever met you, yet. ;-)

Bill - This is Barb writing, NO TILLER!!!

Chris & Gina G - Sure Larry, we'll help you, if we can.

L. Ecklor - I'll be in Wausau for three months where do I go?

Juls - LOL! Barb.

RangerK - No, I haven't met you. I am brand new on the tourney scene.

Chris & Gina G - Barb, you and Gina are CHICKENS!

L. Ecklor - Except for Green Bay and Winnebago.

Chatman - I chase Halibut 7 miles from here John. The local supermarket frequently has fresh halibut in the fresh fish case. LOL!

Bill - I prefer calm water, dual consoles and lots of hungry walleye!

Juls - Good luck Kirk! We all love you guys!!

Driftr - LOL! Ralph.

RangerK - Thanks Juls! Hey, were any of you in Green Bay for the RCL Championship?

Juls - Yes, I was there Kirk.

Chris & Gina G - Larry, try the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir.

Bill - We were there for Saturdays weigh in as well.

L. Ecklor - The Dam end or the river end?

John Estes - Didn't get the chance to say this yet, sincere congratulations to Gina and Chris for taking the top honors in the MWC, Husband and Wife, Team of the Year race!

Chatman - I was at the rules meeting on Tuesday, just to say hey to all my friends. 

Juls - I was the tall gal, with a lot of yellow on! ;-)

Chris & Gina G - I like the dual consoles also. Call me what you will.

Juls - LOL! Chris.

Chatman - And a hat, with lots o scribbling on it....LOL! Right Juls?

RangerK - You would think that I wouldn't miss all that yellow. But I guess I did!

Chris & Gina G - Thanks John, We owe you a lot of thanks, especially for the advice early in the year!

Juls - LOL! I only wore that hat for one day, Ralph! I had my Offshore hat on most of the time. ;-)

Juls - LOL! Ranger.

John Estes - I was there several days, pre-fishing at Green Bay.

Chatman - Hey John, I rode in Bruce Deshano's Ranger. He has the Glyde Ryde seats, pretty nice!

Juls - It was nice to finally meet you in person John. ;-)

Chatman - I should have tried to find you to say Hi.

Chris & Gina G - We never got that flasher John, but our Lowrance X15 was really the ticket this year! What a unit!

Juls - Aren't those cool? I am impressed with that unit!

Chatman - In my next boat, I will definitely need the Gorilla Glydes though!!

Driftr - Has anyone used the new x16 ci?

Juls - LOL! Ralph.

Chatman - I have Jim.

Juls - The X15 is the color one, right?

Driftr - It's time for me to do an upgrade. I think I will go back to Lowrance.

Chatman - The X-16 is color unit Juls.

RangerK - Green Bay was my first walleye tourney. And I have to say that you guys are a lot nicer than the bass people!

Chatman - We try Kirk...

Chris & Gina G - Another nice change we made this year, that really made things Nice, was going to the Snapper Clips on the Offshore Boards.

Juls - Ohhhh, ok. That's the one! Bruce has that in his boat. That's where I saw it.

John Estes - Slightly opinionated at this end, but you are running over fish and fish food relying on liquid crystal for search and destroy!

Juls - LOL! RangerK, that's a given. ;-)

Chatman - I was completely sold on it, using it just one day on the water. And I too was in Bruce's rig Juls.

Juls - Does the X-15 also have the GPS in it? Or is that only the X-16?

Chris & Gina G - Yep.

Chatman - Did you figure out how to use/release the Snappers with one hand Chris?

Juls - Oh ok.

Chris & Gina G - Oh yeah Chatman! Man, they are nice!

Driftr - There is an X-15 color unit and an X-15 black and white.

Chris & Gina G - We have yet to put the Hot maps in our 15 from Navionics yet but it should be a nice touch.

JonWI{} - Does anyone here use Pinpoint?

Driftr - I have a Pinpoint.

JonWI{} - What's your opinion, good or bad?

Esox Maniac - Hi! I really am a multi-species angler. I just like Muskies. But then, I also love catch'n big eye's! Of course I CPR them too!

Bill - Congratulations Chris and Gina on the Husband and Wife Team of the Year.- We'll keep in touch, gotta go for now.

Juls - Nite, Barb and Bill!

Chris & Gina G - Bye you guys! Kick but at the Championship!

Juls - ;-)

Chris & Gina G - We will be watching!

Bill - We'll try our hardest.

Juls - Chris and Gina, you said you like to troll. Do you prefer using fireline or mono on your trolling rods? And why?

Chris & Gina G - Let Barb Drive for luck!

Juls - LOL!

L. Ecklor - Congrats on husband and wife this year!! 

Bill - As long as it 's not rough waters, no problem!

Chris & Gina G - Gina said stop being such a chicken!

Juls - LOL!

Chris & Gina G - Thanks L!

Chris & Gina G - We use mono Juls, except when using three way rigs. Either in deep water or in faster current.

Juls - No problem.

Chris & Gina G - We're trying to compete with the hand-liners!

Juls - ;-)

Juls - Well, why don't you just hand-line then? LOL!

Chris & Gina G - A matter of principle, but don't tell Bruce! :)

Juls - Hahahahaha, oh man!

Juls - What principle??

L. Ecklor - Great answer!!!

Esox Maniac - Is that like using suckers for Muskie?

Juls - LOL! Don't worry, I wont tell! ;-)

Chris & Gina G - You're not going to get me to go there Juls!

Juls - Well, now I won't teach you either, LOL!

L. Ecklor - LOL!

Juls - Hahaha, ok.

Chris & Gina G - We would have, if we would of got beat by them at Spring Valley! :)

Juls - We almost got you. But we screwed up the second day! Oops! ;-)

Chris & Gina G - You know, tourneys are more about decisions than anything else!

Juls - That's for sure!

Chris & Gina G - Well, most of the time.

Juls - I agree.

Chris & Gina G - Except when you have as much to learn as we do!

L. Ecklor - Gina, my wife wants to know what it's like to fish a whole series with your husband?

John Estes - Chris and Gina, what are your plans for next year? This winter also? I have open water down here all winter. Not bad huh? Better come down!

Chris & Gina G - Actually we fish two circuits. And several independent tourneys as well!

Chris & Gina G - She says every one is an adventure!

L. Ecklor - LOL!

Chris & Gina G - Sorry, everyday is an adventure!

Juls - Heheh!

Chatman - It can be fun either way Chris! LOL!

Chris & Gina G - Yeah, OK!

Chris & Gina G - We do have our "DISCUSSIONS." That's for sure!

L. Ecklor - Nancy says an adventure would be fine, but with me a nightmare is more likely!

Chris & Gina G - But they discussions are usually about tactics and such. Never anything petty!

Driftr - I need a fishing woman, wife, girl friend! :)

L. Ecklor - Nancy's available!!

Chris & Gina G - Stuff like, why the tackle box wasn't closed or where the clippers are!

L. Ecklor - Sorry LOLOL!

Chris & Gina G - But they usually come when the fishing is slow, imagine that:)

L. Ecklor - The same for us too, and also when I try something new.

Chris & Gina G - Did anyone do any good with taildancers this year?

Chris & Gina G - Or the new thundersticks?

Chatman - Chris and Gina, have you been out on Winnebago lately?

L. Ecklor - I'm having a lot of trouble with the plastic bill breaking off.

Chris & Gina G - Not lately, we usually don't get there much after the Mercury National.

Chatman - For me, the new Thunder sticks have worked okay, same for the thunder bug(?) I lost one taildancer to a pike and the other 35 feet up in a willow tree. (Don't ask)

Chris & Gina G - Green bay on Sunday though, Maybe Little Bay in a few weeks.

Chris & Gina G - LOL! Ralph.

L. Ecklor - I troll wing dams with them though so they take quite a beating. (new thunderstick)

Chris & Gina G - Which pool do you mainly fish L?

L. Ecklor - I fish pools 9,8,7,6,5 and 4. I fish mostly on pools 9 and 4.

L. Ecklor - I guide on pool nine.

Juls - Hey Chris, did you catch anything yet, on that special color I gave you? ;-)

Chris & Gina G - Just to let you all know, this was our third year on our 200hp Optimax and not a lick of trouble! Just in case anyone was considering one.

ryan - This is a first for me, Jerry told me about this site.

Chris & Gina G - Not yet Juls, I am waiting to use that to regain the trophy!

Chatman - That's good to hear Chris.

Chatman - Welcome Ryan!

Juls - Glad to have you here Ryan! Welcome!

ryan - I'm from Manitoba, Canada.

Juls - Cool.

Juls - LOL! Chris. I'm looking at that trophy right now! Heheh!

L. Ecklor - Ryan how did those last two tourneys go north of Winnipeg?

Chris & Gina G - I bet you are, isn't it Jerry's turn yet? :)

Juls - Pretty soon, pretty soon. LOL!

ryan - The tourney at Selkirk was won with a 10lb walleye, I think.

ryan - And the Pine Falls tourney, I hear, was pretty slow fishing.

L. Ecklor - My son and I almost came up there.

Chris & Gina G - Sorry we missed you at Green Bay John. One of these days we are going to have to hook up!

ryan - My uncle Jerry and, cousin fished the pine falls tourney and weighed in at 6 lbs 3 oz.

Juls - Do you have the Glyde Rydes or the Gorilla Rydes in your boat Chris and Gina?

Chris & Gina G - Does anyone use Owner, Cutting Point Hooks on their crawler Harnesses, like we do?

Chris & Gina G - We have the regular Glyde Rydes Juls.

John Estes - I was at Geneva, in August, pre-fishing with Steve Balliu. But I didn't see you.

Juls - I haven't tried those Chris and Gina. Do you prefer them over the Gamakatsu hooks?

L. Ecklor - I haven't heard of them Chris and Gina. Where do you get them and what style hook do you use? 

Chris & Gina G - I guide there once in a while for Tom Billings.

Juls - Have you tried the Owner, Circle hooks on your harnesses Chris and Gina?

L. Ecklor - We use the chartreuse Gamakatsu's.

Chris & Gina G - Try,, real strong points! We have had great luck with them!

Juls - I'll check them out.

Chris & Gina G - Pretty cool t-shirts also! :)

Juls - LOL!

slickster - What type of jigging technique would you suggest for this time of the year?

Chatman - Have Chris or Gina missed any questions so far?

Chris & Gina G - Slick, we are not real big jiggers.

Chris & Gina G - But most people say go big in the fall.

L. Ecklor - Slickster, have you tried blade baits?

Chris & Gina G - We like pulling cranks.

slickster - No, I haven't tried blade baits?

L. Ecklor - We use one-eyed shiners a lot in fall and spring. They're basically a thick jigging spoon.

Chris & Gina G - Slick, when we do jig we like Lipstick or Fireball jigs or I also make our own.

Chatman - Chris and Gina, are you going to be working sport shows again this winter and spring?

John Estes - Chris & Gina what are your plans for next year? Are they the same as this year? Chatman beat me to it.

L. Ecklor - Chris and Gina are right though, with all the different presentations for cranks, they are nearly year round thing on the river now.

Chris & Gina G - We will probably, so Milwaukee for Lowrance and a Christian Sportsman's show in Kiel WI. for Frabill and anything else that comes up.

Chris & Gina G - Nothing is cast in stone yet.

ryan - Hey Chris and Gina, if I were to use leeches in waters that do not have any, do you think I'll still get hits?

slickster - I don't use different jigs too often, I pretty much use the old fashioned types. I've thought of trying others.

slickster - I just get mine for a good deal.

Chatman - Thanks, I know it is kind of early to have show schedules cemented in stone.

Chris & Gina G - Ryan, It always pays to try.

ryan - True, but I hate wasting time!! Ha ha!

Chris & Gina G - Sometimes different presentations will get a reaction strike.

Chatman - Wow! Well the hour is gone already.

Mark(Wi) - Hey Chris and Gina, Congrats on your Husband and Wife team on the year!

Chris & Gina G - We get so much of Winnebago, early in the year, that we welcome a break from it this time of year.

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Gina and Chris 

Gasser, current reigning MWC Husband and Wife, Team of the Year!!

Driftr - Thanks Chris & Gina!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

Chris & Gina G - Thanks everyone!

bob g - Thanks!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Thanks Chris and Gina, great chat!

L. Ecklor - See you down the road, Chris and Gina!

slickster - Thank you!

Chris & Gina G - You bet L!

Chatman - Wahoo!!! Clap, clap, clap!!

Juls - Good luck to you both next season!

ShadMan (wis) - Congrats to you both!

Driftr - Come to Huron on the 8th guys!

Juls - Yes, for sure! Then you will crack 10 pounds! ;-)

JC.WI - Clap, clap! Thanks Chris and Gina, keep smiling!!!

Chris & Gina G - Thanks Shadman! We owe a lot of people thanks!