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Gary Gray 5/9/01

Rob Ensor - We have a great guest host tonight . Please welcome Gary Gray!! 

Rob Ensor - I spoke with Chatman a few minutes ago He's caught in traffic and he will be here as soon as he can.

Trollin ND - Hello Gary!

Swat1 - Hi Gary!!!!!!!

Gary Gray - Hello.......

Gary Gray - I just got off the phone with Chatman, he is tuck in traffic, an may not make it....

Swat1 - So, Gary, what do you want to talk about tonight?

Gary Gray - I'll let that up to you's........

shawn - Gary, what's the best system to work when running boards and you get a fish on the outside line?

Trollin ND - Gary, can you run bottom bouncers on boards?

Gary Gray - Shawn, I usually let the inside board free spool, then reel the fish in.

Swat1 - I assume you are fishing the PWT again this year right?

Gary Gray - Trollin ND, yes, you can.

Gary Gray - Yes, all 6 PWT events.

Swat1 - And still with Yar Craft right?

shawn - Great job on the first PWT Gary!

Gary Gray - Yes, I am still with Yar Craft.

Swat1 - What model are you running this year

Gary Gray - How's the fishing been on Sakakawea?

SUPERTROLLER - Do you ever allow your boards to slide down almost to the baits and stop at a sinker or speedo bead?

Gary Gray - 1895 Storm TSC

Gary Gray - Never, I put the boards on tight. 


Trollin ND - There were bigger ones caught through the ice than ever before.

Trollin ND - They are concentrated in this low water.

Swat1 - Does Yar Craft have anything new on the horizon Gary?

Gary Gray - I just hate the thought of the board slapping the fish in the face!

shawn - What do you think of the gas prices Gary? Do you use premium?

SUPERTROLLER - Gary, that's why I asked about bead stops.

SUPERTROLLER - Six feet up the line from the lure.

Gary Gray - Lots of new ideas, just need to have them materialize.

Gary Gray - No, I run regular gas.

Swat1 - I still think a board sliding down the line to a stop shocks the fish and will help them get off.

Gary Gray - I agree Swat.

Driftr - What motor on regular gas, Gary?

SUPERTROLLER - There is not much leverage, that far away.

Gary Gray - 225 EFI, Driftr

SUPERTROLLER - I still do that for salmon sometimes.

Driftr - Is regular fuel recommended?

shawn - I have heard there is a lot of bad gas....

Gary Gray - I think the bead idea is great for Salmon, or Muskie's

SUPERTROLLER - Walleye do tear loose more easily.

Gary Gray - Bad prices on gas!

Juls - For sure!!!!!

Juls - I hope gas prices don't go as high as they are predicting....ouch!

SUPERTROLLER - Do you have favorite styles of baits for clear or dirty waters?

Swat1 - What I did was to take the new red release, the one with the pin, and put it on the back of the board. I leave the black, lighter release on the front. That way if the board releases it stays there on the line but you aren't fighting it to the boat anymore.

Gary Gray - Dirty water: Lots of color, Clear water: Lots of flash

shawn - On the last pre fishing day, what is usually your plan Gary?

Trollin ND - Gary, I am fishing a local tourney on Saturday. I fished last Saturday, and did no good. The water temperature is 55 degrees, what do I need to do?

Driftr - Premium gas in PA., where I am located, is $1.57 premium and 1.39 regular, today.

SUPERTROLLER - I mostly use boards with the snapper releases now anyway. I just wondered about Gary's preference.

Gary Gray - Trollin ND, where at?

SUPERTROLLER - Shad raps, Thundersticks husky jerks ????

Trollin ND - North Dakota.

Gary Gray - Which lake?

Juls - That is really low Driftr, two days ago I paid 1.87! And that was down from two days before, at 1.94!!!!

Trollin ND - Devils Lake.

SUPERTROLLER - Or do you decide by depth ?

Driftr - I am pulling my boat out tonight just to fill it.

Gary Gray - Get in the wood, near the creek mouths, and pitch jigs

Swat1 - Gas is still 1.89.9 here today.

#1 saugeye - Gas is $1.95 on peck.

Trollin ND - Are cranks too much?

SUPERTROLLER - When do you change to open water trolling, Gary?

#1 saugeye - Gary, what cranks do you use in cold water?

Dan(oh) - Gary you still running a Yarcraft?

Juls - Good luck at Mille Lacs Gary....just wanted to say that before I forgot to..;-)

shawn - With the high water do you think the more fish will come back to Winnebago sooner?

Gary Gray - Yes, this time of year on Devil's Lake, use live bait or jigs. Stay near where they spawned..

Gary Gray - Yes, I am running a new Yar Craft.

Driftr -- -Swat1 - would you ever use regular in your boat?

Gary Gray - I'll need all the luck I can get!

Trollin ND - Supertroller, Devils Lake just opened, but Sakakawea has been open a couple of weeks now....

Gary Gray - They're back in the lake already.

Gary Gray - Have I missed anyone so far?

SUPERTROLLER - Open water........meaning suspended fish

#1 saugeye - What cranks do you use in cold water Gary?

Trollin ND - SUPERTROLLER, that is defiantly the case now.

Gary Gray - Small cranks, like baby Thundersticks, or # 5 Rapala's


Trollin ND - Snap weights or lead core?

shawn - I realize they're coming back, but in the last few Merc. National tournaments everybody fins more of them up river. Is it going to be different this year?

Gary Gray - I think you will see more people slip bobbering.

shawn - That's my bread and butter on deeper humps!

Rob Ensor - Gary, when does the cane bite start Winnebago?

Juls - ;-)

Gary Gray - When the canes turn green, new growth..........

Rob Ensor - I have always wanted to try it. Never seem to have the time.

shawn - Gary, is it time to change line because of the zebra mussels?

Gary Gray - The cane bite lasts all summer.

SUPERTROLLER - What line do you use ,Gary ?

Juls - Gary, do you know a fella by the name of Dan Rubin? He fishes the Winnebago chain....

Gary Gray - Trilene, Tournament Strength, in green.

Gary Gray - I know him very well, good stick!


Gary Gray - Why do you ask?

shawn - Do you and Bill Klotzbucher still fish together?

Juls - Cool...its weird..I just got an e-mail from him...just wanted to make sure it wasn't a joke. He wants me to call him about fishing the chain...

Juls - He has info for me...that was out of the cool...;-)

Gary Gray - Bill no longer fish's. He did fish Spring Valley this year, but told me he is officially done.

Gary Gray - Dan is a guide, and does so trips for me, now and then.

shawn - Why isn't the MWC filling up?

Gary Gray - I don't know.

shawn - Did you hear what weight won the WWA tourney on Winnebago this weekend?

Gary Gray - 21 1/2 lbs.

Juls - Gary, is that a two day weight?

Gary Gray - Yes.

Gary Gray - 19.8 was 2nd place.

shawn - Did you fish?

Gary Gray - No.

shawn - Gary, what was the report? Where were the fish found?

Gary Gray - Out on the reefs, Shawn.

shawn - Is it true about no wake from the Pioneer to 41 bridge for the Merc National.

Gary Gray - No.

shawn - I didn't think so.

#1 saugeye - Gary, do you have a favorite line counter reel?

Gary Gray - 27lc Diawa

#1 saugeye - good, this is Mary Beth, I just bought two and haven't used them yet.

Rob Ensor - Gary what new equipment have you discovered this year?

Gary Gray - Smile blades, by Mack lures

#1 saugeye - In fact I haven't run cranks much, and am just learning...hope to get good at them this summer!

Trollin ND - Gary, is a lot of wobble in a bait, bad this time of year?

shawn - So, you think the Merc. National wont be like last year where 90% of the field went up river? 

Gary Gray - No, if it is slow.

Rob Ensor - Gary, can you tell us about the smile Blades and what you like about them?

Gary Gray -Smile Blades pull so easily, and create a lot of flash.

Trollin ND - Are they for super slow speeds only?

Gary Gray - You can use them whenever you would normally use spinners.

Gary Gray - However, they do work better slow.

SUPERTROLLER - Do you ever use spin-n-glo's ?

Gary Gray - They work great!

Trollin ND - Smile blades vs. spinners under normal conditions?

shawn - What did you think about the Merc National going to all Mercury power?


Gary Gray - Yes, I use spin-n-glows a lot.

SUPERTROLLER - I like the float ability....

Gary Gray - It's OK.

Gary Gray -Mercury owns the Tournament.

Juls - ;-)

Trollin ND - What's your favorite jig for cold water post spawn?

Gary Gray - Did everyone know, that the beads from Ben Franklin are all floating beads?

shawn - What boat are the Keenan boys running this year?

Rob Ensor - Will you be fishing the Merc. National, Gary?

Juls - It should have been like that from the beginning if you ask me...but who's

SUPERTROLLER - I didn't know that.

Juls - Really? I will have to check them out ..thanks for the tip Gary!

Gary Gray - Yes..

SUPERTROLLER - Gary, do you like faceted beads or smooth ?

Gary Gray - I don't know......I think they are running Ranger again.

Gary Gray - I like both types of beads.

Rob Ensor - That's very interesting about Ben Franklin

SUPERTROLLER - When do you change ?

Gary Gray - Smooth for all the colors in dirty water, faceted in clear for the flash they give.

SUPERTROLLER - Trial and error ?

Gary Gray - You bet!

Gary Gray - Every day is a learning experience.


Juls - ;-)

shawn - How's that new crank from Rapala? The Taildancer, I think.

Gary Gray - I haven't used it Shawn.

Driftr - Gary, are you fishing Dunkirk?

Gary Gray - Yes, Driftr.

shawn - On the last day of pre fishing, what is your normal game plan Gary?

Gary Gray - Go with what's best.

Gary Gray - And stick to it.

phil wilson - That's cool! Congrats!

SUPERTROLLER - Gary, do you re-hit known areas or still look for a fallback spot or two?

Trollin ND - Spinners or Cranks?

Gary Gray - I look for a place to myself.

shawn - Gary, did you get a Sturgeon while spearing?

Gary Gray - These days, that's hard to find.

Gary Gray - We had 7 out of 8 this year Shawn.


Gary Gray - Bruce, are you coming up to Mille Lacs?

Juls - Gary, do you have any new sponsors this year?

Gary Gray - No, just less.

Juls - ;-)

Chairman - No, I am just going to be at RCL and MWT sites. Maybe a short visit to the Sioux.

Gary Gray - But, they are good ones, right Bruce?

Chairman - Only the best Gary.

Juls - ;-)

shawn - What changes, as fisherman, are we going to change because of the zebra Mussel's on Winnebago?

Gary Gray - It will only get better!

Gary Gray - Just look at every system that has them, they are all great fisheries!

shawn - Are you using different lines on the reefs?

Gary Gray - No.

SUPERTROLLER - Your weeds will grow deeper.

Juls - What line are you using on your jig rods Gary?

Gary Gray - Just tie more often.

Gary Gray - 8 lb. tournament strength Trilene.

SUPERTROLLER - Just fish more vertical, less contact with the bottom?

Gary Gray - Yes

shawn - I filled up with 6# . I hope its not too light.

Gary Gray - It's one's personal choice Shawn.

shawn - A lot of nice fish on Winnebago.

SUPERTROLLER - It also depends on your usual size fish.

Juls - What's your favorite jig on Winnebago Gary? Let's say if your fishing the west shore reefs...

Gary Gray - Simple, round 1/8 oz.

Chairman - How do you catch fish there when the mayfly hatch is on?

Gary Gray - Pitch the shorelines.........

Mckoz - Gary, is it too early to troll in 54 degree water?

Juls - What live bait to you prefer to use with your jigs?

Gary Gray - Where is the water 54 degrees?

Chairman - Never to early eh, Gary?

Gary Gray - I had 63.8 today.

Juls - ;-)

Gary Gray - Never to early.

Mckoz - Waukesha County

shawn - Where did you fish today?

Gary Gray - Nice fish here, this year. 18-24 inch are common!

Gary Gray - Off Paukatauk reef.

shawn - 5-8 ft.?

Mckoz - All I'm getting so far are white bass and northern. I'm trying all different colors etc., but I am also keeping speed down to 1.6 or so.

Gary Gray - I did try trolling up in Butte des Morts, but all white bass.

Driftr - Time to get any last questions in for our host!

Juls - McKoz has a question...see above....should he be trying to get below the white bass?

shawn - The mud bite for me has been slow on Winnebago the last 2 years.

Gary Gray - It will get better.

Driftr - Gary , would you like to list your sponsors for us

Gary Gray - Off Shore, Mercury, Yar Craft, Trilene, Northern Batteries, Mack's 

Lures, Lowrance, Pepsi, Catch Cam............

Gary Gray - Dodge, and Integrity Trailer

Driftr - Ladies & gentleman, a warm round applause for our host, Gary Gray!!!

SUPERTROLLER - Thanks for your time Gary G. !!

Rob Ensor - Thank you Gary, Good night see you at the Sioux!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap....Thanks Gary! boy, that hour went fast!

Driftr - Thanks Gary!!!!!!!!

Mckoz - Thanks Gary!

Trollin ND - Thanks for the time Gary!

Gary Gray - You bet..........

Gary Gray - Time fly's when your having fun!

Gary Gray - See you all again!

chatman's note - I'd really like to thank Rob Ensor, Dan Wyma (Swat1) and of course Jim Hall (Driftr) for stepping to the plate when I could not. And thanks to Gary Gray for taking the unplanned changes in stride!

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