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Glyde Ryde Chat 

chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome John Estes of Glyde Ryde!!!

Driftr - Welcome John!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap....Welcome John! ;-)

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!

John Estes - Thanks. Glad to be here!

SCOTTduncan - Hi John & Judy!

T-Mac - Hi John... Terry in Montana here.

??~TaN~Chick~?? - HIYA!

chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!

Swat1 - Welcome aboard John!

WalleyeWisdom(IA) - So what's the discussion tonight?

chatman - So John, why don't you tell us a little about Glyde Ryde?

??~TaN~Chick~?? - So John, who are you? (sorry I have no idea) (is that an OK thing to ask?)

John Estes - First started playing with this 1992 a tractor seat it evolved from there.

John Estes - Glyde Ryde is a suspension that fits between your boat seat and the boat

chatman - So, you were dissatisfied with the comfort of boat seats in general?

??~TaN~Chick~?? - Oh cool! I want one!

??~TaN~Chick~?? - Once I get a boat.

John Estes - It uses counter wound suspension springs and a shock absorber.

Juls - ;-)

John Estes - It has adjustable spring tension for different weight riders.

chatman - Anglers up to how heavy John?

Swat1 - They sure do take the bumps out of the ride. Great for us older folks. :-)

Juls - It has saved my back and neck in many tournaments....thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I'm a Glyde Ryde gal, for life!

John Estes - Yeah, my old Lund was killing me!

SCOTTduncan - John, your seats make a 19" boat feel like a 30 footer.

John Estes - Maximum weight ?? Mark Brumbaugh is a Glyde Ryde, for example.

Juls - I almost got bounced out of the boat once, because the tension was set for a heavy man....hahahah Whew! That was fun...;-) stopped and adjusted it and all was well.

Swat1 - Marks not exactly little either!

chatman - Eric Olson mentioned you were working on a Gorilla Glyde, for big apes like me. I am no lightweight, to be sure!

Juls - Yeah, what's up with the Gorilla? What's that going to be like? What's new with it?

Juls - How is it different?

John Estes - The current Glyde Ryde is manufactured for Marine purposes from a Fork Lift Seat system made in Spain.

Driftr - It has giant springs.

Swat1 - I go about 215 and I run the tension about 2/3 the way up on the scale.

John Estes - The new Gorilla will be all Stainless Steel.

John Estes - With larger springs.

Juls - Cool!

John Estes - Just as much comfort, but won't have to work as hard as current version with smaller springs.

chatman - A seat for me!! Weeeeee!

Juls - How much will those run the consumer?

Swat1 - Will they still adjust down for smaller folks John?

Juls - LOL, Ralph!

chatman - I also have a bad back and those long runs will be much better!

John Estes - Totally adjustable more expensive but less than $500.00

Juls - Good deal.

Swat1 - I ask because in the Pro Co-angler type circuits you never know who or what the body type of your partner is going to be.

chatman - Still, as a one time expense, your back will thank you the first time out.

Juls - Is the Gorilla Glyde on the market yet?

Juls - I was amazed the first time I rode on one...loved it!

Swat1 - Once you ride in one Ralph, you will not want to ride without them again. I guaranty it!

John Estes - Having to go stainless for saltwater use. Aussies & Israelis have them in snake river jet boats!

Juls - Talk about putting a smile on a gal's face....lol!

Juls - Cool!

SCOTTduncan - Ditto Juls, the 1st time I rode on one I had to have it.

John Estes - Alaskan Charter boats and other public sector applications as well.

Swat1 - The originals have a stainless coating on them though don't they John?

Juls - Is the gorilla on the market yet John?

John Estes - Yes, stainless coating and stainless nuts and bolts Swat.

John Estes - No not on market yet.

Juls - OK thanks

SCOTTduncan - John, will you be heading north to promote your seats at any tourney's this year?

John Estes - Tried to do them in aluminum, but we had to go to stainless and caused delay.

Juls - I see.

chatman - Do you have a release date for sale of the Gorilla, John?

John Estes - Hope to go to PWT New York and Green Bay.

chatman - Two highly likely rough water locations!

John Estes - Chatman I have given released dates for the last 6 mo. I'm embarrassed don't want to give any more.

SCOTTduncan - Cool, I've entered PWT New York as a Pro, We'll have to hook up.

Driftr - Barcelona is not as rough as the rest of Erie

John Estes - Norb Wallock and Rick Olson, were original Glyde Rydes and have fished Saginaw and Erie and Green Bay With Eric Olson and Jason Prezekurat.

chatman - How long has the Glyde Ryde been on the market?

John Estes - Since 1998.

chatman - Can the average angler install one him or herself?

John Estes - Absolutely!

chatman - About how long will it take, and is it very complicated?

John Estes - We are reducing the overall height's of the Gorillas with shorter pedestal and different construction.

Swat1 - Took me about 15 minutes a seat Ralph.

John Estes - It takes about couple hours average or less depending on the boat.

chatman - Will the seat slip onto an existing helm seat base? If you have the right type?

SCOTTduncan - I've installed 4 this year, I'm down to about 10 minutes per.

John Estes - Bass and Walleye Boats Magazine is going to run an installation article when Gorillas are ready.

chatman - Sounds simple enough.

John Estes - Yeah the overall height of most pedestals needs to be reduced to about 5 to 7" overall.

SCOTTduncan - I like the new pedestal base's you sent along for the Lund

John Estes - Yes Scott, they are excellent.

Swat1 - All you do is bolt the seat to the Glyde Ryde and the Glyde Ryde to a pedestal base on your boat depending on the seating system you have.

John Estes - Judy is in W. VA. tonight.

chatman - In a nutshell, can you describe a typical installation, the Cliff notes version?

SCOTTduncan - I've never bothered to ask John, how long do you warrantee the seats for?

John Estes - Most of our Glyde Ryde installations are with pro and semi pro fishermen in larger Walleye boats.

John Estes - Lots of big names are going to be able to compete with younger guys and extend their career.

Driftr - John, you did say that the existing seat is used in conjunction with Glyde Ryde?

John Estes - 1 yr. warranty, but we watch after them longer!

John Estes - Yes, Driftr.

SCOTTduncan - I know that Eric Olson say's he probably wouldn't be able to tourney fish without them.

chatman - Do you have a Pro Staff, John?

John Estes - Adapter plate comes with suspension, adapter plate bolts to seat, and seat and plate bolt to suspension.

Driftr - Will the seat still swivel?

chatman - If John has missed any questions, please feel free to ask again.......

John Estes - Chatman, I can't really call it a Pro Staff but a lot of top name pro help me, nut can't afford the cash payment for endorsements.

chatman - I understand, I know Eric Olson and Jason Przekurat sure spoke highly of the seats.

SCOTTduncan - If any of you have not talked to John in person give him a call, he's always willing to chat about his seats and or fishing.

John Estes - Driftr, if the pedestals swivel so will your seat and Glyde Ryde.

Rod (nd) - John, have you got a smooth ride for a 290# full figured man?

John Estes - You bet Rod!

Rod (nd) - Maybe I missed it but - how much per seat?

chatman - Is there a weight capacity with the Glyde Ryde?

John Estes - The current model lists for $340.00 I give a discount for competitive fishermen.

John Estes - Chatman, I don't put a weight limit on them the big guys keep their feet under them and get give it some help.

John Estes - I see Chris Gasser is on here - trying to get Chris to use a flasher. Got it going yet?

Chris G - I don't know, that X-15 is really the cats butt!

SCOTTduncan - What's a flasher? Don't you need a trench coat for that??

John Estes - A guy using a flasher for finding fish is showing his age.

John Estes - Chris can also find fish.

SCOTTduncan - LOL!

chatman - Now, now, I'd still have one on my boats if I could.....

John Estes - You folks need to come walleye fishing in KS and MO and get away from the hatchery fishing up there.

Chris G - We had them going but something went haywire. Glad to have the Glyde Rydes on Sunday in the 3 footers and 30mph winds!

Chris G - There are no walleyes in Kansas! :)

chatman - I know too well about the eyes down in your parts, got a real education on Truman Reservoir a few years back.

Driftr - I like the Erie hatchery :)

Chris G - Green Bay John! Green Bay!

chatman - A buddy of mine caught a 7 pounder with a beetle spin!

SCOTTduncan - Have you been out much John? Have the eye's been cooperating?

Chris G - If anyone is wondering Gina and I are on year three with the Glyde Rydes and still love them!

John Estes - You guys definitely have more fish up there!

chatman - Is there a good trolling pattern down on the reservoirs John?

SCOTTduncan - More fishermen too.

Chris G - John, A guy on the walleye list was wondering about Oklahoma, did you see that?

chatman - Bigger fish down there though, John.

chatman - Longer growing season.

chatman - Erie holds it own though, not bad for an up north type fishery... ;-)

John Estes - Our MO record fish 21# 1 oz!

Driftr - John, where are you located?

John Estes - Osawatomie KS south of Kansas City about 40 miles

chatman - Lots of really good water within a few hours of your home then.

Driftr - John, do you have moderate weather there all year?

John Estes - Hi Terry has your wife let you ride her Glyde Ryde yet?

Chris G - John, Are you going to be at the Mercury National at Winnebago this year?

T-Mac - She loves it John!

John Estes - Usually we have open water at Stockton, all winter. But it froze this year and there was a big shad kill!

jenn - Terry, do you have those seats on your pro v?

SCOTTduncan - John, if anybody from N.E. Illinois calls you and needs a test Ryde, you got my number DAD.

T-Mac - Have one Jenn...Love it!

John Estes - Thanks Scott!

SCOTTduncan - I leave 10:00 tomorrow night gotta be at Lund at 7 am Fri.

John Estes - About trolling - beginning in May I go to bottom bouncers and spinners and have 25 hp kicker.

chatman - How fast with the spinners John?

John Estes - .9 to 1.2 mph, chatman.

John Estes - My home lake Stockton, MO quite clear but I get them right under the boat!

John Estes - Mostly 3 pounders, and smaller.

chatman - Stockton is really known as a smallmouth reservoir, isn't it?

SCOTTduncan - Didn't the PWT guy's have a rough time down there a few years ago?

John Estes - If anyone wants a peek at what the Gorilla looks like e-mail and I will send an e-mail photo.

chatman - At least that was the talk when I was at Truman, if you wanted smallies, go to Stockton or Pomme De Terre.

Chris G - What's the Gorrilla?

John Estes - Yes but now the walleyes have taken over.

T-Mac - John...how did the Israeli commandos like your seats for their attack crafts?

chatman - Got a spare room for the summer?? LOL.

John Estes - Chris it is the new Stainless Glyde Ryde.

Chris G - Wow, send a picture. I'll give you a call.

John Estes - T-Mac haven't got one yet I've been too slow on the project.

T-Mac - Oh, oh! Don't get those Commandos mad !!!

T-Mac - LOL!

John Estes - Yeah, they have 13 of those 11 man inflatable boats and I'm dragging butt.

chatman - Two minute warning!

Driftr - :)

T-Mac - OK, John....

John Estes - Thanks for your support! You can get more info at, www.glyde-ryde.com

TJD - John - Ranger 619. Q: Do I have to modify my seat bases or posts to mount Glyde Ryde's?

Chris G - Good Job John! I'll give you a call about the Gorrilla!

T-Mac - Thanks John!

Cuke - My neighbor is a barracuda, but no gorillas here! LOL!

John Estes - TJD, most Ranger installations require a set back of the pedestals 4 to 6".

chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for our guest host tionight, John Estes of Glyde Ryde!!

Swat1 - Great Job John!! Time for me to go here folks have a good night. Get a Glyde Ryde Too! They are simply awesome!!!!

jenn - Thanks John!

Driftr - Thanks John

SCOTTduncan - Clap, clap, clap, clap!

Driftr - Clap, Clap, Clap!!

Juls - John, thanks for taking the time to visit us tonight...you have a great product! Keep up the good work...;-) g'nite!

John Estes - I will send you a note (e-mail) tomorrow and tell you how it is done 

Rod (nd) - Great chat John!

T-Mac - Thanks...John...good chatting! Clap, clap, clap, clap!

John Estes - Thanks again and Good Night.

T-Mac - OK.

chatman - Great job John! Feel free to stay as long as you'd like!

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