Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm Walleye Central welcome for Jenny Pawinski and Ginny Frank!!!

Slip_Bobber(MN) - G-J do I have to play nice?

Driftr - Welcome Ginny & Jenny

T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap!

Tracy - Clap, clap, clap!!

Eyez - Clap, clap!

Ginny & Jenny - thank you!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

Ginny & Jenny - Yes you do slip!

Lucky ( ONT) - Ya hoo!! Welcome gals!

T-Mac - *

Chatman - Weee! Clap, clap, clap!

Slip_Bobber(MN) - Clappppppp!

Chatman - So, where would you ladies like to go tonight?

Ginny & Jenny - let's talk fishing

T-Mac - Aww, ok.

Tracy - Well it's too soon for Huron, LOL!

T-Mac - LOL!

Ginny & Jenny - T-Mac, behave!

Eyez - LOL!

Driftr - You're my kind of ladies! :)

T-Mac - ;-)

RattleTot - Are you gals fishing the RCL Championship?

Lucky ( ONT) - Tee hee!

Ginny & Jenny - No, Ginny has a Triton and I can't get time off of work for the RCL. I have to save time for the MWC championship. We are hoping to qualify for this year's championship

Chatman - So, Jenny and Ginny, what are your respective home waters?

Ginny & Jenny - Ginny lives on Lake Winnebago. I am in a suburb of Milwaukee. But, really, with all the tourneys we have fished this year, it feels like we don't have home waters. Mostly because we're fishing all over the Midwest.

Tracy - How many?

RattleTot - If you fished all seven events, you're in the championship, no doubt about it.

Ginny & Jenny - Not necessarily rattle tot! LOL!

T-Mac - Jenny, have you still got your Lund?

Ginny & Jenny - We fished all seven MWC events together. Ginny fished a couple other tournaments with her husband. 

Ginny & Jenny - Besides the MWC events, we've done local tournaments on Winnebago. Both the Fleet Farm and the Merc. National on Lake Winnebago.

Eyez - Busy summer?

Ginny & Jenny - Yes T-Mac, I have a Lund Pro V. I'm selling it though and going to get a new one this winter.

T-Mac - Thanks Jenny.

Ginny & Jenny - Yes it was eyez, but I have to tell you, it was completely awesome!!

Chatman - Jenn and Ginny, you have to have at least 70 points! LOL!

Ginny & Jenny - No we don't fish saltwater.

RattleTot - LOL!

Ginny & Jenny - LOL, Ralph! But no, we are in 30th place right now, with 240 (something) points!

T-Mac - Do you ladies Motel it on the road, or pull a camper?

Chatman - 30th is good, 30th is in the Championship.

Ginny & Jenny - Well T-Mac, we do a little of both. This year started off with the hotels. Then as the year went on we did the camper thing. Now it's tents. And, with the money running out, we are staying in tents for the rest of the season.

T-Mac - OK.

Ginny & Jenny - Walleye.

Ginny & Jenny - Last weekend, we were too beat to set up the tents and we stayed in our trucks, LOL!!

Ginny & Jenny - Yes Chatman, right now 30th is in. But we still have Red Wing this weekend.

RattleTot - How many do they have signed up for Red Wing? Do you know?

Ginny & Jenny - There are 109 teams as of last week. That we know of.

T-Mac - More like the zander you have in the UK.

Chatman - What bodies of water do either of you prefer to fish? Rivers or Lakes? And which place is your favorite?

RattleTot - Who are your sponsors?

Ginny & Jenny - Jenny here, I'd have to say my favorite bodies of water are rivers. I love the structure and finding the current breaks, etc.

Chatman - Yes the muskie and the northern pike are cousins, much like the walleye, zander and sauger are.

Ginny & Jenny - Although with doing the tourneys the past couple of years, I have grown to like lakes too. I don't really have a location of preference.

Ginny & Jenny - Ginny here, I prefer fishing lakes. I often fish on Lake Winnebago and enjoy fishing there. I have also fished a few PWT's, as an amateur, on many lakes and enjoyed them.

Ginny & Jenny - Our sponsors? Jenny has M.W. Marine in Hales Corners WI, Lund Boats, Mercury Motors, Motorguide, Lowrance, Northern Battery, Richter Anchors, Offshore Tackle, Beckman Nets, and Lindy Little Joe.

Tracy - Is it true that you cannot troll in Wisconsin?

T-Mac - You need a Motel sponsor girls, think about it.

Ginny & Jenny - No that is not true Tracy, you can troll in Wisconsin.

Ginny & Jenny - Ya, big time T-Mac! That would be awesome!

RattleTot - No Tracy, it is only on some northern Wisconsin lakes where there is no trolling. Usually because of the trophy muskie waters.

T-Mac - Try it, go for it!

Ginny & Jenny - Yes you can troll walleyes Tracy. It is very effective on many of the waters we fish here in Wisconsin.

Ginny & Jenny - We are hoping to this year, T-Mac. Just as soon as we are done with the season, after this weekend.

Tracy - I had heard that trolling was not legal.

Ginny & Jenny - On some bodies of water it is not legal Tracy.

Tracy - Oh, ok.

Ginny & Jenny - Type name here, it really depends on the body of water we are fishing. In some areas it may be a 9-12 lb walleye. Whereas, on other bodies of water we are happy with 2 lb fish.

Ginny & Jenny - Like 2 weeks ago in Dubuque, we would have been happy with a 1 lb fish, 15 inches!! But we couldn't get them to go!

Ginny & Jenny - LOL!

chaunc - Ginny & Jenny, thanks for doing so much work for the kids at the tourneys!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks chaunc, we enjoy doing it. It is great seeing them get excited with fishing!

Ginny & Jenny - We've been able to start some other kids things too. Either locally, or Jenny with kids at the school where she teaches. 

T-Mac - Are you both typing??

Ness - It's great that you are doing that! :-)

Ginny & Jenny - No T-Mac, Jenny is typing, Ginny is speaking to me! LOL!!

chaunc - In what area do you guys do most of your work?

Ginny & Jenny - We had to get together tonight to plan for the upcoming Tournament, this weekend anyway, so we figured on doing this on the same night.

T-Mac - OK. Yah, you type fast Jenny!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks Ness!

Chatman - Just watch out if you help with teaching them how to cast. You need a helmet and safety glasses for that!!!

T-Mac - LOL!

T-Mac - Hmmm, that sounds familiar!

Ness - LOL, Chatman, and body armor too!! Especially if you're on a boat with them!

T-Mac - Next year, what circuits are you gonna try for?

Chatman - I love doing the casting lessons. It was better than teaching my son while fishing, as my son was using hooks!!

Ginny & Jenny - We are planning on doing the MWC together next year, Ginny will also do the Merc. National, Fleet Farm, and maybe some others.

Ginny & Jenny - Jenny will do the MWC with Ginny and also do 3 of the PWT on the Pro side. As well as some other ones that fit in.

chaunc - What area do you do most of your work with kids, outside of the tourneys?

T-Mac - Cool!

Ginny & Jenny - I teach at a high school in Brookfield, WI. a suburb of Milwaukee. I have started a fishing club with the kids, and I am having them teach younger kids as well, and put on fishing clinics!

Chatman - That is great Jenny! Gotta give those urban kids a lesson about what fishing really is about. Not let them here propaganda from the anti types!

T-Mac - I am easy 2 confuse!

Driftr - Who is confused here???

Driftr - LOL!

Chatman - Huh? Wha?

Ginny & Jenny - Exactly Chatman!!! They really aren't into fishing that much and unfortunately a lot of their parents aren't either. So they are getting the 
opportunity to learn it at school. We're even teaching the special ed kids! It is a total blast!!

chaunc - Do you have any plans to come to the Lake Erie tourneys, in the future?

Ginny & Jenny - Yes, we fished Lake Erie in August for the MWC. Also, we have both fished there previously with the PWT. Lake Erie is a fun body of water that we both enjoy fishing, and are hoping to get back to soon!

h20 bug - Hey, you fishin' chicks??

Ginny & Jenny - Hi waterbug!!

h20 bug - Hi!

Slip_Bobber(MN) - Are you gals ready for Lake City?

Ginny & Jenny - Oh yes we're coming!!!!

Ginny & Jenny - LOL!

RattleTot - Which division will you fish next year Jenny? East or West?

Ginny & Jenny - Ya slip, we are totally excited to fish Lake City!! It is a gorgeous area to fish! We were there last weekend and are looking forward to the tourney this weekend!

Ginny & Jenny - Because I teach, I can't take off work. So I can only do the PWT's in the summer. I am hoping to get into two PWT tourneys in the east and one in the west. As long as it works out around our team MWC schedule.

Chatman - The Pepin area is my absolute favorite place to fish. Especially in October!

Ginny & Jenny - Ya Ralph, it is hard coming back to Milwaukee, to work, after leaving Lake City! LOL!

Slip_Bobber(MN) - I sort of like it too, in the fall.

Ginny & Jenny - Ya, I bet you do slip!!

Ginny & Jenny - LOL!

Chatman - LOL!

RattleTot - What was your best tournament this year, Jenny and Ginny?

Ginny & Jenny - This year as a team, it was the Big Stone MWC tourney. We finished 23rd there, we were in 6th on day one. Then the storm came in and canceled the competition in the middle of day two. We didn't get our fish to the scale in time, and had to stand on day one's weight.

Ginny & Jenny - Then we did pretty well at some tourneys we didn't fish together! 

Chatman - Big stone has been good to you hasn't it Jenny and Ginny?

Ginny & Jenny - Ginny and Dale, her husband, were 21st at the Fleet Farm tourney, held on Lake Winnebago.

Chatman - Or was this year your best finish there?

Ginny & Jenny - I was 35th at the Merc. National with someone and did decent in some PWT tourneys, as an amateur, too.

Ginny & Jenny - Yes it is gorgeous out there, fun fishing Chatman.

Chatman - My type of water, more so over a river!

Ginny & Jenny - And yes, this year was our best finish there Chatman.

Ness - You two did great this year. I'm looking forward to seeing next years performance. I'll bet it'll be even better.

Chatman - I had my best MWC finish there too, 6th place!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks Ness, we'll keep trying. We're having a heck of a good time doing it! :-)

Eyez - Big stone is a pretty lake, and has lots of walleyes, makes for a nice tournament.

Ginny & Jenny - There's nothing like being out there pre-fishing and fishing the tourneys. We both love fishing and thrive on the competition!

Chatman - Do you think there is a breaking in period as partners, you know, work into a rhythm? Get to really know what the other is thinking/doing?

Ginny & Jenny - Actually, I think we really clicked right away.

Ginny & Jenny - We have both fished the PWT in Sault Ste Marie last year, and I gave Ginny a call this winter to see if she wanted to fish the MWC.

Chatman - You did very well there too, Sault Ste Marie, didn't you Jenny?

Ginny & Jenny - The first time we met, we went to Ted Takasaki's, Walleye Masters Institute in Chicago. We then went and pre-fished the Illinois River. Both were fun.

T-Mac - Jenny did real well in the PWT at da Soo last year!

Ginny & Jenny - And we really, seriously, have had an absolute blast fishing every tournament. We shoot ideas off each other and are not afraid to try things.

Ginny & Jenny - Ya Ralph. I took 2nd there in the Sault

T-Mac - That's a great team then.

Ginny & Jenny - Ya T-Mac, I think we are really lucky!

T-Mac - Me too!

Chatman - I said it before Jenny, but Congrats on that one!

Ginny & Jenny - Ginny's talked me into going sturgeon spearing at her place this Winter. LOL, I can't wait!!

Eyez - Good partners are hard to find.

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks Ralph.

T-Mac - LOL!

Chatman - Do you and Ginny like different methods of fishing? Casting vs. Trolling, etc.?

Ginny & Jenny - Yes, we think that is true Eyez.

Ginny & Jenny - And we are very fortunate, it feels like we've been fishing together for years.

Ginny & Jenny - LOL!

T-Mac - LOL!

Ginny & Jenny - Well Chatman, Ginny loves trolling. We both feel there are different times and places for different techniques and you have to be versatile.

Ginny & Jenny - We really don't eliminate something just because we have a certain preference. We'll try what has been working or try new techniques to find out what the best tactic is, for that place and time.

Chatman - That's a great mindset to have!

UP Pro - Have they let out the MWC schedule, for next year?

Ginny & Jenny - LOL! Ya that is one of the things to do, but you want to try to find locations that are not community locations. And try something different than everyone is going to be doing

Ginny & Jenny - But I still agree, local anglers are a great starting point and source of information.

Ginny & Jenny - Nate, they haven't let out the MWC schedule yet. I'm not sure what's going on with that yet.

Ginny & Jenny - No we don't use that line, I've never heard of it.

T-Mac - Jenny and Ginny, do you guys try to pattern fish?

h20 bug - Jenny, what is your favorite Rapala for deep, dark water?

Chatman - I think I have seen it, but it may be more popular in the UK.

T-Mac - LOL!

Slip_Bobber(MN) - I'll be there.

Ginny & Jenny - Ya, definately T-Mac. We try different techniques and try to develop a definite, confident pattern for the tournament. With a few backups in case things fall through during the tournament hours.

T-Mac - Yah, good plan!

Ginny & Jenny - It is hard to pattern fish in tourneys like the upcoming one, when we have to pre-fish on the weekends before. And then come back to the tournament a week later. But I guess we have to work, so we deal with it and hope for the best!

T-Mac - I use Trilene, made by Berkely.

Chatman - Jenny and Ginny, some of my best finishes have come with no practice at all, unless you count the year before!

Ginny & Jenny - Waterbug, our favorite Rapala for deep, dark water is using the orginal floating Rapala. In the orange and gold or chartreuse and pearl colors, on snap weights or lead core.

Ginny & Jenny - Also, at other times it may be shad raps on lead core or snap weights. Or even the new Taildancers!

Ginny & Jenny - But then, we also use a lot of Thundersticks. Either the deep or the deep jr.

h20 bug - Good answer!

h20 bug - Do you prefer, artificial bait over live bait?

UP Pro - You try the new shad raps?

h20 bug - Did I tell you, I caught two 10 pounders in a row!

Ginny & Jenny - We think live bait and artificials both have their place. Jenny here, I love live bait jigging and this year we both have come to love spinner fishing, with live bait.

Ginny & Jenny - Which ones Nate? The new jointed? Or the rattle? Or the holographic finish?

h20 bug - Ok, I only got to net 'em!!! But I was there! :)

UP Pro - The jointed model.

Ginny & Jenny - Cool, waterbug, better that than nothing! Just being on the water is great. Where did you get them?

Driftr - I noticed holographic spinner blades worked well on Lake Erie this year.

Ginny & Jenny - We tried those down in Dubuque, in the crawfish pattern. But they didn't produce anything. We really haven't put enough time into trying the jointed lures, in different situations, to make a decision on their effectiveness yet.

h20 bug - Black Oak Lake , in Land O' Lakes WI.

Ginny & Jenny - Oh Driftr, those holographic blades are awesome!

Driftr - They did do better.

Ginny & Jenny - We bought a bunch up at Bayshore Resort in Little Bay de Noc. Connie and Naomi have a great assortment of them up there, in all different sizes!

Ginny & Jenny - Those holographic blades have become a favorite this year.

Chatman - I tell you, if you are up in Gladstone you do yourself a disfavor not to stop in by Naomi and Connie. Their selection is fabulous!

h20 bug - Man! Jenny, holographic?? This is way beyond me, but I am trying!

Ginny & Jenny - They are cool waterbug, in crankbaits and in blades. I'll show them to you some time.

h20 bug - OK! Great.

Ness - I can see I need to go shopping again!

Ginny & Jenny - We also like the Mack's smile blades.

Driftr - Ness, they were give aways at last years get together.

Ginny & Jenny - They, at times, seem to have a similar effect as the holographic blades do. But you can use smile blades at slower speeds than the metal blades!

Driftr - How do you like the smile blades?

h20 bug - Wait. I have a good question. Is it a tuff deal breaking into a "men's" world of fishing, for you gals?

Ginny & Jenny - We really like the smile blades!

Ginny & Jenny - We like the scale pattern usually, and different colors in different bodies of water.

Ginny & Jenny - We really have come to use them a lot this year, and often times will pick them over metal blades.

Ginny & Jenny - Well waterbug, the guys have been great to us. We both fished as amateurs on the Professional Walleye Trail, and the guys were extremely helpful when we had questions on fishing techniques and tactics.

Ginny & Jenny - They continue to be great and, in our circuit, have been helpful.

h20 bug - That's good to hear!

Ginny & Jenny - We think we really get treated just like one of the fishermen. And really, we are just out there because we absolutely love fishing for walleyes and love the competition.

h20 bug - Excellent!!

h20 bug - Now, I came in late, how many tourneys do you do in a year?

Ginny & Jenny - There are other women out fishing too! As part of a husband and wife team or a part of a father and daughter team.

T-Mac - Yah Jenny, eh? One of the guys, fer sure!

h20 bug -I guess I asked a good one, hey, Jenny?

Ginny & Jenny - Waterbug, Ginny & Jenny fish the 7 MWC events. Ginny also fishes some with her husband as well. The Merc. National, Fleet Farm and some other local tourneys. Jenny also fished some PWT tournaments as amateur, the Fleet Farm, Merc. National, and WWA.

Ginny & Jenny - LOL! Thanks T-Mac.

T-Mac - 10-4!

Ginny & Jenny - Waterbug, if we didn't have to work, we'd be out there fishing more!!

h20 bug - Work?

Ginny & Jenny - Ya!!

h20 bug - You work?

h20 bug - Hehehehehe!

Chatman - Have Ginny & Jenny missed any questions so far?

JC.WI - Hey Ginny & Jenny, don't bring any of your little, Erie friends this weekend!!

Ginny & Jenny - Oh my God!

T-Mac - Gobeys??

Ginny & Jenny - That was hilarious!!

Chatman - I have one, do you find it difficult, as a team, running two different brand boats?

h20 bug - Ok, back to the subject you guys!!

Ginny & Jenny - When we went to Lake Erie, we had a heck of a time getting out there due to some axle problems on the trailer.

Ginny & Jenny - Well, we finally get out there and are camping out, every night we had skunks at our site!! Including in our screen tent!

Ginny & Jenny - Ginny was cleaning up their mess one morning, and found a tooth that they broke off! It was on the picnic tab leg!

Ginny & Jenny - It was a complete riot! LOL! We told you we had fun.

h20 bug - Geeez, you guys, I like night walleye fishn' and then a hot shower and a Jack D!!

Ginny & Jenny - No problems Ralph. Jenny is on the Lund, Pro Team. We fish out of her boat in most conditions. We have used Ginny's Triton on bigger water like Lake Erie.

Ginny & Jenny - By the way, I'm selling my 1775 Pro V, and hoping to get a 2025 this winter.

T-Mac - Jenny's boat is a 1775, kinda small for Lake Erie!

Ginny & Jenny - Ginny's selling her Triton this winter and she and Dale aren't sure what they'll get next year.

Ginny & Jenny - Ya T-mac, just a little.

Ginny & Jenny - But the 2025 will do just fine!

Chatman - Big boat.

Ginny & Jenny - Actually, it will do awesomely! I love the new storage set up on the Pro V's this past year too. It's awesome!

Ginny & Jenny - Waterbug, night fishing is fun. However, we don't do it much on the tourney trail as the tourneys are during daylight hours.

Ginny & Jenny - The 2025 Ralph? Ya, but I love it!

h20 bug - Oh sure, I knew that??

Chatman - Bigger is better. I loved my 620, that is another big boat.

Ginny & Jenny - Ya, nice boat!

Ginny & Jenny - Ginny is considering that one.

h20 bug - Are you always on BIG water?

Chris K - Nothing on the water has more floor space, storage and is more fishable that that boat.

Ginny & Jenny - No Waterbug, we have tournaments on inland lakes and rivers, in addition to the Great Lakes.

h20 bug - Do you have any tourneys on smaller lakes?

UP Pro - What 2025 style are you thinking of getting?

Ginny & Jenny - Ummm, Big Stone Lake is 30 miles long and only about 4 miles wide.

Chatman - Most big boats will handle smaller water and rivers very well, they don't draw much more water than their smaller cousins do.

Ginny & Jenny - Nate, I'm considering the, dual console, 2025 w/ a 225 Merc.

RattleTot - SE or LE?

Chatman - Big stone is less than a mile wide, for the most part. Not much wider than a mile at it's widest.

Ginny & Jenny - I have not decided that yet, Rattle Tot.

Chatman - But, Big Stone gets as rough as Winnebago when the wind is right!

Ginny & Jenny - Ok Ralph. I thought some places widened out on it.

Ginny & Jenny - Ya for sure! It sure got rough there on day 2 this spring!

Chatman - Yes, but around a mile or so wide at the widest point.

Ginny & Jenny - Winnebago too, on day 2 of the Merc. National. It got a bit rough, but not as bad.

Ginny & Jenny - They are both shallow lakes, so that contributes to it.

Chatman - Stuffed the only wave I ever stuffed in a Ranger (My 692) at Big Stone!

Ginny & Jenny - Shallower lakes will make the waves get closer together, bigger and faster than on deeper waters.

Ginny & Jenny - Oh, we did that on Green Bay Ralph! LOL!

Chatman - I heard the term "Sharder" waves for bodies of water like that. Nasty buggers.

Rob - Ralph you and a whole lot of others that day on Big Stone!

Ginny & Jenny - Ginny was dry the whole way! We were driving as fast as we could, to make it back on time. We took the waves a little rough I guess, and we speared a good one at the end! LOL!

Ginny & Jenny - It was fun though, LOL!

Chatman - My wave stuff was arrogance at play! 

Chatman - I was looking at my fishing partner, Max, bragging about how well I was handling the waves. Well, I took my eyes off the water and the next wave dropped out! I looked up to see 3 1/2 feet of water coming over the bow!

Chatman - Took a bath, had a drink and went wading all in one second!

Ginny & Jenny - LOL, Ralph!!

Ness - Hahahaha!

Ginny & Jenny - Did we miss any questions so far?

Chatman - Well, the hour has shot past again. Are there any final questions for our guests tonight?

h20 bug - Okay, I have a real question. Do you use mostly lures or live bait in the tourneys?

T-Mac - Hey Gals, keep up the good work! You are Pioneering, ya know?

Ginny & Jenny - Waterbug that depends on the body of water and time of year. We will use whichever is most effective at the time.

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks much T-Mac.

Chatman - They are in a very small group for sure, T Mac.

Ginny & Jenny - Well the important thing is we are having a blast and we are having fun teaching other women, and kids too!

h20 bug - Ok, now go do your home work!!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks to everybody, for your support! We really appreciate it!

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, let's have a round of applause for Ginny Frank and Jenny Pawinski!!!

chaunc - Thanks for sharing your time with us, keep up the good work. You're an inspiration to all, children and adults alike! Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet you guys on Erie, next year. Bye-bye, chaunc.

Driftr - Thanks Jenn & Ginny !!!

Name already in use - I gotta go folks, it's been a pleasure! Good night and tight lines all!!

h20 bug - Applause, applause!!

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!

Ness - Clap, clap, clap!

h20 bug - G'night!

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!

JC.WI - Clap, clap, clap!

Ness - Great chat, ladies and best of luck in the future.

Name already in use - Clap, clap!

Eyez - I gotta take the kid out to play for a bit before it's dark, it's been nice chatting with you ladies, and good luck at Red Wing!

T-Mac - Jenny, you gonna come back to chat with us old farts in the chat room? Now and then, like you used to?

SlipBobber(MN) - I've got to go, great job girls!!!!!

Eyez - Nite everyone!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks everyone!!!! Good luck fishing out there everybody!

Name already in use - Clap, clap! (From the UK!)

T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap!

Ginny & Jenny - Yes I will T-Mac! The tourneys are winding down and I am just getting back to school. So, I will come visit!

T-Mac - Good deal!

Ginny & Jenny - I'll get Ginny to get in here more too, LOL!

T-Mac - Yah you too Ginny!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks slip! See you this weekend!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks eyez!

Ness - That would be nice. That'd even the ratio some!

T-Mac - LOL!

RattleTot - Good luck this weekend at Pepin!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks!

T-Mac - Good luck ladies!

Chris K - Good Luck ladies, make some money for the 2025!

Ginny & Jenny - Good night everyone!

Ginny & Jenny - Thanks, bye!