Kristine Houtman (MWC) Chat 10/17/01

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Kristine Houtman of the MWC!!!!
Driftr - Welcome Kristine Houtman !!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Kristine Houtman - Gracias!
Chairman - Good evening.
sonja pinkert - Thanks for joining us this evening Kristine..
Kristine Houtman - You're Welcome, my pleasure.
Chatman - Yes, this is another Live Chat! Coming to you tonight from the MWC Championship at Red Wing MN!
jigmup - Hello everyone!
Chatman - Although, you two seem to be on separate computers. Are you in the same place though?
Kristine Houtman - I suppose the first question you have is about next year's schedule. Yes?
Chatman - Oh, I would guess so. Tell us about next year if you will.
Driftr - How about telling us about yourself too!
Kristine Houtman - I can do that, too. Driftr.
Chatman - You're stealing my questions Jim! LOL!
Driftr - Hahaha!
Driftr - That comes from years of teaching!
Kristine Houtman - I have been managing events for over ten years. Some trade shows, both large and small, and tournaments. I have worked for the NAFC for seven years.
Chatman - What is your official title Kristine?
Kristine Houtman - Events Director.
Chatman - Would that be for the NAFC or the MWC, or both?
Kristine Houtman - That is for both, and more!
Chatman - That sounds like a busy job!
Kristine Houtman - What else did you want to know Driftr?
Kristine Houtman - Shall I just jump to the 2002 schedule? And I'd like to talk about a few changes.
Chatman - Well, let's talk about next year, where are the tournaments, and how many are there?
Kristine Houtman - We will have four qualifying tournaments in 2002. The first will be at Spring Valley, March 23 & 24th.
Kristine Houtman - The second will be on Big Stone Lake, Ortonville, MN. May 18 & 19.
Kristine Houtman - The third will be on Little Bay de Noc, Escanaba, MI. August 24 & 25th.
Kristine Houtman - The fourth will be on the Mississippi River and Lake Pepin, at Lake City, MN. Sept 21 & 22nd.
Driftr - Do you ever fish any of the events?
Kristine Houtman - I fished my first Pro-Am today at the WWC. It was fun and I enjoyed it a lot.
sonja pinkert - Do we have any dates, or location for the championship next year?
Kristine Houtman - I would never compete in a tournament that I organized, though.
rick - Kristine why haven't there been any tournaments on Saginaw Bay that is a great fishery!
Kristine Houtman - The championship has not been determined yet. We worked hard and fast to get the circuit schedule out ASAP. We promised that, by Nov 15th, and we're way ahead of schedule. We hope to have the WWC (World Walleye Championship) dates and location set by November 15th.
Chatman - Okay. Thanks.
sonja pinkert - Tell us some of the new items for the 2002 season.
Chatman - Any significant rules changes? Entry fees?
Kristine Houtman - First of all, all early bird registrations will have the luxury of sending in only 50% of the fees at the time of registering. The balance will be due April 1st. We hope that helps manage the entrance fees.
Chatman - Great!
Kristine Houtman - We will also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
Chatman - Even better!
wallguy - What's up with the Liveleader board? I need to know!!
Kristine Houtman - The entry fee has been raised to $600, so that we can get the purse to about $100,000. That makes first place a $25,000 check!!
Kristine Houtman - This way, even 35th place would be over $700!!
Chatman - Wallguy, we will be (Scott) posting on the message boards what is going on, there is a server problem, completely out of our control.
sonja pinkert - The Liveleader Board server was switched from a land line to a satellite and had some problems. There will be a board tomorrow. Scott promised.
Chatman - Actually Sonja, Scott was promised that by the people with the servers.
wallguy - Thanks!!
Chatman - Hold it a second Kristine, 25,000 for first place?
Chatman - Wow!!!
Kristine Houtman - Yes, We hope that will be very compelling for anglers to enter.
wallguy - $600.00?
Kristine Houtman - Yes, $600.
Chatman - Even the 35th place prize is incentive for a team to enter! For a long time there was grumbling how that slot didn't even pay back your entry fee. The anglers have to like the new payback!
sonja pinkert - All I have heard is great news about the 2002 MWC!!!!
Kristine Houtman - Thank you, Sonja, and Chatman, we are excited about it too.
wallguy - Good for Kaz!
Kristine Houtman - One big change will be the TV coverage.
Chatman - TV coverage of the tournaments too?
sonja pinkert - Don't forget a great looking trailer and score board that will travel the circuit!
Kristine Houtman - We have a couple of shows, and will put some of the qualifying events on The Outdoor Channel. The Championship will be on North American Outdoors on ESPN2!
Chatman - That will be great to see!
Kristine Houtman - Due to the TV coverage, we need to have a really dynamic stage environment. So we will be rigging out our own trailer to pull onsite with stage and electronic monitors, etc.
Chatman - So the same scales etc, will be at all the tournaments?
Kristine Houtman - We will also expand the coverage of MWC in North American Fisherman magazine.
sonja pinkert - And who will be the voice on the stage?
Dr. David A. Johnson - Have we added additional sponsors for 2002?
Kristine Houtman - Yes, we will have one scale that will travel. The local sites will provide a back up in case of malfunction, though.
Kristine Houtman - Kaz will be onstage as Master of Ceremonies. And he's looking forward to it.
Chatman - But even so, that brings total uniformity to the weigh in set up.
Kristine Houtman - We are in the process of contacting additional sponsors for next year and expect that, indeed, we will have some new additional sponsors!
wallguy - It is certainly good to have Kaz back!!
Chatman - Kaz is back? Great deal. Although that means we will have to listen to his jokes again.....LOL!!!
wallguy - Hey, there ain't nothin wrong with a bad joke!!
Kristine Houtman - Kaz will not only be on stage, but he also has been hired as a consultant to us. Bev too. So, their input has been a part of everything we are doing.
Chatman - Oh I know that wallguy! I have known Kaz for over 20 years. You ought to have him in the boat with you for several hours.....heee heee! Just kidding Kaz, Ol' Buddy!
Chatman - Speak of the devil!
Chatman - Hiya Kaz!
Kristine Houtman - Speaking of.... hello Kaz!
Dr. David A. Johnson - Can you tell us more at this point about the television coverage?
Kaz - Kaz here ...Just reading.
Kristine Houtman - The Championship will definitely be covered. Tentatively 3 of the 4 qualifying events too, although I will try for all 4. However I can't make any promises on all 4 being covered.
Waliwz - I hope there will be Canadian coverage for a change!
wallguy - Hi Kaz!!!
Kristine Houtman - Also, about the TV coverage, it will more likely be on the water and being with the anglers, over a lot of stage time. It won't be news coverage of the tournament because our shows are tape delayed and it would be old news by the time it aired.
sonja pinkert - Hi Kaz, say hi to Bev for me!
Dr. David A. Johnson - Will the TV coverage be "real time" or will it be delayed as is the PWT coverage?
Kaz - This Kaz is from MN.
Kristine Houtman - Any other questions?
Chatman - Okay, right name, wrong Kaz!! LOL!!
wallguy - Where in Minnesota?
Dr. David A. Johnson - Kristine, are you able to tell us at this time where the four qualifying sites are?
Kaz - Minneapolis and LOTW.
Kristine Houtman - Yes, I'll list the schedule again.
Chatman - Yes, please run them down again please for any late arrivals.
Kristine Houtman - 1 Spring Valley, March 23 & 24th.
Kristine Houtman - 2 Big Stone Lake, May 18 & 19th.
Kristine Houtman - 3 Little Bay de Noc, Aug 24 & 25th.
Kristine Houtman - 4 Mississippi River and Lake Pepin, Sept 21 & 22nd.
Dr. David A. Johnson - Kristine, Thanks, I appreciate that!
Kristine Houtman - There are really no big rules changes, but there are a few small ones.
Chatman - Such as? 
Kristine Houtman - We will be allowing a cell phone instead of a marine radio as long as the phone number is left with the Tournament Director.
Kristine Houtman - You must sign up as a team, but if one of the team becomes ill one could fish alone. It's not ideal, for safety reasons. We will try to hook up an observer just for safety. But in the case of such situations, one angler could fish alone.
wallguy - Kristine, how was the fishing today?
wallguy - And, don't lie!
Chatman - I was the observer-toting Pioneer in the MWC I guess, at the last championship.
Kristine Houtman - We caught a couple fish, not too big though. The guys wouldn't take me to their BIG FISH spot!
Kristine Houtman - We had a great day, it was just too short. We would have gladly stayed out much longer than 1:30pm.
wallguy - Maybe next time Kristine!!
sonja pinkert - Have all the current sponsors stayed on board for 2002?
Kristine Houtman - Sponsorships will be handled through our publishing Department, and Rich Sundberg has been working on that.
Kristine Houtman - I know that the sponsorship contracts are now done and getting into everyone's hands. I have heard only good things from existing sponsors, so we expect everyone will be on board. But some new companies are also interested, too.
sonja pinkert - That will be great.
Chatman - Just a quick note, Kristine and Sonja are coming to you live from the MWC Championship at Red Wing MN!
sonja pinkert - Will we see a new logo for the MWC?
wallguy - How's the mood??
sonja pinkert - The mood is good. They have been catching fish. Some big, but still lots of fish.
Dr. David A. Johnson - Kristine, has any consideration been given to using marine band radios for releasing flights and for checking boats in after fishing?
Kristine Houtman - We previewed the new MWC logo at the Pro Am today. I think it looks great. Wish I could show it to you through the chat room! What did you think, Sonja?
wallguy - What's wrong with the old logo?
Kristine Houtman - I'd be happy to discuss that with Kaz and see his take on that. He's the one with many years experience with the MWC, so I will lean on him for details. 
sonja pinkert - I thought it was a very clean and great looking logo. Easy to put onto shirts, etc.
wallguy - Kinda grew on ya!!
Juls - Hey Sonja, who is leading the championship after day one? Sorry if this was asked already.
sonja pinkert - No leaders, just pro am today.
Chatman - Pro am today Juls. But Kristine, can you tell us who won the pro-am?
Juls - Ohhhhhhhhhhh, ok.
Kristine Houtman - We are a new organization managing and new MWC. So it was time for a fresh new look. I think we have a great logo that you will like on patches, decals, shirts, hats, etc.
sonja pinkert - I don't know who, but there were two fish over 8 lbs each that took 1st and 2nd place.
Kristine Houtman - I know the size was 8 lb 7oz. I don't remember who brought it in. Do you know Sonja?
Juls - Cool!
Chatman - The new logo should be on the MWC web site soon, right Kristine?
sonja pinkert - Team 2 had one of the big fish don't know the other team.
Dan(oh) - Are there any tournaments around the Ohio area?
minnesota - Are they finding fish up in the river or down on Pepin?
sonja pinkert - About half went up and half locked through.
wallguy - Good deal that we have new leadership! It was time for a change!! Thanks!
Kaz - When the new logo is on the hats etc, can they be purchased on this web site?
Kristine Houtman - With only four tournaments, we chose not to go to Ohio for now.
Juls - Kristine, can you repeat the sites for us that got here late?
minnesota - From what you know, are the pullers or the jiggers having more success?
Kaz - I should have asked where??
Kristine Houtman - We will make the hats available through North American Fishing Club and MWC for sure.
Kristine Houtman - Here are the sites and dates again....
sonja pinkert - Some of both is what I am hearing, minnesota.
Kristine Houtman - 1 Spring Valley, March 23 & 24th.
Kristine Houtman - 2 Big Stone Lake, May 18 & 19th.
Kristine Houtman - 3 Little Bay de Noc, Aug 24 & 25th.
Kristine Houtman - 4 Mississippi River and Lake Pepin, Lake City, MN. Sept 21 & 22nd.
Juls - Thank you!
wallguy - I love that schedule!! thanks!!
Chatman - Can you also run down the entry fee and the new entry process?
minnesota - Are you going to fish spring valley next spring Juls?
Juls - I would like to.
wallguy - Keep sending it out to us!!
geo - May 18 & 19 is the same time as the Cabela's team championship!
Kristine Houtman - Sure, the entry fee is $600 per team, per tournament. That allows the purse to jump up to about $100,000 for each qualifying event! And $25,000 for first place!!
minnesota - The MWC?
Juls - Yep.
Kristine Houtman - For early bird registrations (prior to Jan 31) they only need to send in 50% deposit. The balance will be invoiced and due April 1. We hope that makes it easier to say yes to all four tournaments.
minnesota - 600 bucks?
Kristine Houtman - We will also accept MC, Visa, Discover card & American Express.
minnesota - If I understand correctly, each MWC event will be a $600 entry fee?(not complaining)
Juls - Yep.
Kristine Houtman - The anglers at the Championship we excited about the $600 entry fee. It makes the purse bigger which makes it more worth-the-while.
minnesota - Ok.
sonja pinkert - Gun dog says hi Juls!
minnesota - I was just wondering.
Juls - Hello gun dog! ;-)
Kristine Houtman - Are there any other questions, anybody?
minnesota - Is the Spring Valley guy gone who always says "The barges do not move"? Or will he be there this year?
Chatman - Are there any other rules changes Kristine? The MWC requires marine radios now too don't you?
Chatman - That is Bill Guerini, he is retired from running the Spring Valley tourney.
minnesota - Shoot, he was nice!
Juls - Yes, he did a good job.
Kaz - Since I didn't copy all the dates down, are they posted somewhere else too?
Kristine Houtman - We changed it to requesting marine radios. A second option is to have a cell phone in the boat with the phone number left at the Tournament Director.
Kristine Houtman - Sonja, will you post the dates as news?
Chatman - Yes, I liked Bill too, he was probably one of the best known and liked tourney directors. Err, except for that red-haired lady that ran Ortonville for a few years, right Sonja??? LOL!
Driftr - Freighters don't move either :)
sonja pinkert - Yes we will post the dates and the new logo!
Chatman - Watch the updates page on Walleye Central, and we will get them on the MWC web site as soon as we have the info!
wallguy - I hope the logos out soon, so we all look good for 2002!!
minnesota - Juls, who is your partner for Spring Valley?
Chatman - I don't know wallguy, I fished the MWC for 11 years, some of the guys need more than a logo to look good.....LOL!!! Just kidding, really!
Juls - I don't know yet.
minnesota - Me either.
minnesota - Good luck though.
Chatman - Kristine, what is the weather supposed to be like for the remainder of the championship? And are there concerns about morning fog?
Juls - Does a person need a partner to fish an MWC event? Or can they enter alone? That question was asked the other day and I didn't know the answer.
wallguy - Chatman, you know I look good even without logos!!
Chatman - LOL!
minnesota - Are you that good Juls?
Kristine Houtman - I am not sure about the weather the next few days. It was quite cool this morning, with no significant fog.
sonja pinkert - This week, gun dog wants to know were you are?
Juls - LOL minnesota!
minnesota - If you need a partner, I am down for it.
sonja pinkert - WA is Juls best partner!
Juls - I'll keep ya in mind minnesota! ;-)
Juls - WA? I'm bad with initials. ;-)
Kristine Houtman - I want to say thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm for MWC. Please stay in touch. On behalf of everyone at the NAFC/MWC, and of course Bev and Kaz, thank you!
sonja pinkert - Bob Crow.
Juls - Ohhhhhhhhh, gotcha. Yeah he was pretty cool! And I had fun fishing with him...;-) ok, so gun dog is Mark Courts, right?
sonja pinkert - Yes.
Juls - Heheh, I thought so! ;-)
Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen a round of applause for Kristine Houtman of the MWC!!!
minnesota - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
Chairman - Thanks!
minnesota - Bye, see ya all on the h20!
Driftr - Thanks Kristine !!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap!! Thanks Kristine and Sonja!!
Kristine Houtman - Thank you. We'll have more details in mail in just a few weeks.
sonja pinkert - Thanks Kristine and everyone for joining in tonight!
Kristine Houtman - Thank you, and good night.
minnesota - will you mail all former participants?
Driftr - C-ya Kristine!!
Chatman - Thanks for taking time out of your busy MWC Championship schedule, to be our guest tonight Kristine!